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  1. I was just thinking the same thing. I may be wrong but I can’t see these flying off the shelves at that price point for a device that also requires a PS5 to function. Looks like a great piece of kit though, I imagine I’ll buckle and pick one up once it’s released.
  2. It’s fantastic, loved every minute of it. Soundtrack is beautiful as well.
  3. Might be worth keeping your expectations in check. I’ve always been a big defender of this remake, generally from the perspective of ‘if you think it’s too expensive, don’t buy it’, but having played through it I would say it’s predominantly a visual update. That isn’t to say they didn’t update other stuff, supposedly the AI is smarter now, but I can’t say I noticed it. Being one of my favourites of all time, it was always a no brainer for me, and if they were to release an 8K version in 5 years time to keep in line with The Last of Us Part 3, then I’ll buy it again, and enjoy it again, just as much as I ever did, but I won’t be under the illusion that it’s anything more than a nicer looking version.
  4. There are some bugs for sure, and I’m not keen on some of the design decisions (new gulag, ugh), but overall I’d say Warzone 2.0 is already a bit of a triumph. It looks incredible and the map is so big and chock full of interesting gunplay environments. Requires a bit of ironing out, but I’d say that was to be expected.
  5. I haven’t had any issues with menus. On PC so maybe different on console.
  6. Why do you think you’re the only one having all these issues? I’ve had one or two buggy things happen but for the most part it’s been absolutely fine. Must’ve stuck a good 15 hours into MP so far.
  7. Same here. Really looking forward to it.
  8. Speaking of which, what the hell is going on with Somerville?! Isn’t it still scheduled for a 2022 release?
  9. It isn’t so much that you have loads left, although to be fair it’s been a while since I played it so I couldn’t honestly say, it’s more that what you do have left is incredible. Well, I thought it was anyway. Genuinely one of the greatest games I’ve ever played.
  10. But the Quest Pro is predominantly aimed at the work space isn’t it? I can’t imagine they would have a price tag like that on a mainstream gaming device.
  11. Really? According to a quick Google, it was one of the 'best-selling PlayStation exclusive launches of all time', and has currently sold 10 million copies. I mean I realise that other big titles have sold a lot more, but it's a hardly a number to be sniffed at.
  12. It’s okay, there’s only one biome anyway.
  13. No they won’t. And looking at the current review scores, they haven’t.
  14. I’d be willing to bet good money that if you played it without having had that pointed out, you would be none the wiser. And I think you know I’m right.
  15. Has to be Death Stranding for me.
  16. Power Wash Simulator and Hardspace: Shipbreaker please.
  17. It’s certainly one of the nicest looking games I’ve ever played.
  18. Yep, the idea that this remake looks worse is laughable. Can’t wait for it personally.
  19. Cleaning a brick border with a 25 nozzle in one fell swoop. Right up there with Vault of Glass when it comes to memorable gaming moments
  20. It has arrived! Excited to play around with it this evening.
  21. According to Steam I’ve put the order in and it says it’s processing, but according to my bank they declined the payment and said to place the order again, which I obviously can’t do. As you say, I’ll try contacting Steam support, cheers.
  22. Well this is annoying. Just got my email through. Yay. Went through and put in my order, used PayPal which is linked to my bank account. Then I get a text from my bank saying that they declined the payment and to reply YES if it was actually me. Which I did, but then it came back and said ‘if you need to make the payment again please wait ten minutes’. Well if I follow the link I got in the email from Steam I just have to order a deck as if I’m putting in a new order. Not sure what to do. If I check my PayPal account it says it’s gone through, but if I check my bank it hasn’t come out of there, and I can’t imagine that it will if they say they declined it.
  23. Cool, cheers. Fingers crossed I’ll get that email soon then!
  24. Okay, so I know this has been answered a number of times but to save me having to go back through many pages… How long does it usually take between receiving your email and it turning up at your door? I’m literally moving to another country at the end of the month and it would be great to not have to faff about with having it delivered to a different region. There are only 8 minutes of orders left before mine and it was at 2 and a half hours last week so I’m guessing it’s imminent.
  25. I feel as if I should know this but it’s been a while…is this a full blown sequel or a smaller 1.5 kind of thing?
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