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  1. Well this has made an incredibly good first impression. The interface is beautiful. Astro’s Playroom is lovely. Overall it just feels as if I’ve got a super slick new piece of kit. In comparison, Xbox just felt like business as usual, with no way of really showing what it’s capable of, no first party launch titles of note, minimal update to their tired UI and a share button added to the controller. Yes, GamesPass is great value, but just look at what’s on offer in the PS Plus Collection and it’s very much a case of quality over quantity. And I might add I’ve always been v
  2. Depends what you do for a job. If you’re a nurse, firefighter or DPD delivery driver, I’d say it’s unethical, otherwise you’re probably ok.
  3. This is ridiculous. A bunch of grown adults, posting pictures of their delivery times, you lot need to get a life. COME ON ANGELO!!!
  4. Might be sooner than you think, they had 40 5900’s in this past weekend so you’ll probably be in the next batch... Got those drives as well btw, phew!
  5. So this has just had 120fps support added on Series X! Not available for PS5 though strangely...
  6. Having a lot of fun with this. I stuck the Campaign on ‘Realistic’ which is the hardest setting for a laugh, and it turns out it’s pretty easy. Weird. The multiplayer isn’t going to set the world alight, but it’s still fun. All in all, nowhere near as bad as I was expecting it to be.
  7. Erm, yep, quite enjoying this so far.
  8. Pretty sure last weeks Scan drop of FE’s was at 2pm. Might want to be alert for the next half hour or so in case it follows the same pattern.
  9. Does anyone still play this? I ended up down a bit of a YouTube rabbit hole today watching some great games of it and it’s really made me want to play it again.
  10. Hmm, wonder what’s causing it? If transferring it back to the external drive doesn’t work then I’ll guess I’ll reinstall it overnight. Ta. Edit: Transferring back to the external seemed to do the trick...
  11. Unfortunately not, it had already finished an update prior to me transferring it over to the local drive. I’m having a go at transferring it back to the external drive to see if that works but I’m not holding out much hope.
  12. Copied Modern Warfare over to the local drive and it won’t boot the game. Just takes me back to the Home Screen after a few seconds every time. Tried restart, power cycle etc. No joy. Disappoint.
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