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  1. I’m assuming ‘all the flaws’ actually just means ‘I didn’t like the combat’, which is, of course very different.
  2. Please, please, PLEASE stop playing it.
  3. Funnily enough, there was a poster or book in one of the shops (can’t remember which) that said something along the lines of ‘What’s next? Space’ or something like that. I wondered at the time if it was a clue to their next game.
  4. Never before have I been so concerned about a game that’s been rated so highly. The first is my favourite game of all time (just behind Dark Souls), so expectations are high, but there’s obviously a cloud hanging over this second installment. I’m assuming it’s to do with the level of violence or certain story beats but there’s no way I’m going digging at this point. I’ve steered clear of all trailers and footage post the first reveal.
  5. This is great. The couple of bits when he farts had me in stitches.
  6. For me hands down the scariest experience I’ve had, (and this includes games and films) was P.T. And I’m not even referring to the obvious jump scares (as good as they are), it’s the nightmarish never ending environment, the sound design, the sheer fucked-up-ness of the whole thing. Part of me is sad it never got fleshed out into a whole game, but a bigger part of me loves the fact that it stands as this perfect morsel of horror. In fact, I think the industry could do with more short but perfectly formed experiences like it.
  7. She could try Tiny Bang Story, I really enjoyed that.
  8. Would anyone be able to give me some basic battle tips? I’m on the mission really early on where you go to the cave and I’m having trouble. I’m finding it all a bit frantic. I’m circling around enemies and trying to select the battle arts as and when the exclamation marks pop up, is that right? Just finding it a bit tough to keep an eye on selecting arts at the same time as manoeuvring my character. Must’ve died about 10 times! Should I be levelling up a bit first? Or am I missing something fundamental with my combat strategy?
  9. Do you think it would work well as a couch co-op game?
  10. Yep, I thought it was great. You’re probably right about the trailer.
  11. Would love a code please! I’ve got an espresso maker and coffee cup I can donate as well
  12. Just added myself to the queue in case you’re still letting folks in now
  13. Am I being overly sensitive or should that be spoilered?
  14. Good to hear. I went upstairs excitedly to play it and it turns out my Quest needs an update. Grrr. Did you end up getting a new card for this?
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