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  1. Anyone know when the review embargo is up for this? Seems as if it’s going to be a last minute thing like Kena: Bridge of Spirits was earlier this week.
  2. A fiver really is excellent. Did you hear that, Ghost of Tsushima? Surprised to see that PS4 save files will also carry over to the Directors Cut.
  3. I’ve got a really good feeling about this one.
  4. It’s a strange one this. I certainly feel compelled to go back and keep playing, but my opinion of it feels very much aligned with @Moz. The combat is really easy, to the point where I simply don’t need to use any of the powers. It might be ‘fun’ to use them, but unless they’re essential, I feel that’s a bit of a failing of the games design. Also, so far at least, I haven’t had to figure anything out for myself. As an example, I needed to find out some information in order to identify one of the visionaries and at one point I entered a room and suddenly Colt said something to the effect of ‘ok, I’ve got what I need’ and it turns out some enemies had had a conversation telling me what I needed to know. Well, I didn’t even hear what they said! And suddenly I’ve completed my task. At this point I can’t even be bothered trying to follow what’s going on. Someone else mentioned Outer Wilds earlier in the thread and I think it’s a good comparison. That game forces you to be invested in the story in order to proceed, and I think that’s what made it so successful. This just feels like a long series of checkpoints. For those that have completed it, does this change at all?
  5. Just had my first scripted fight with Juliana on the roof outside my flat. Once I killed her it said to check her remains for a slab, but I’ve checked everywhere and can’t find anything. Bug or am I missing something?
  6. Patriot - Amazon Prime I’m not sure how this managed to slip past me as the pilot was first released 6 years ago, but I hoovered up both seasons in a few days. I can quite comfortably say without any sense of hyperbole that this is the best tv show I’ve ever seen. It follows John Tavner, an intelligence officer, who goes undercover at an industrial piping firm to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear capabilities. Brilliantly written, darkly comic, an amazing ensemble of characters played by a stellar cast. Slick, funny, heartbreaking, tense, inventive and interspersed with a selection of off-the-wall narrative folk songs. Overall it feels like Barry or Fargo if they’d been directed by Wes Anderson. Unfortunately cancelled by Amazon after its second season, but tied up nicely regardless. 5/5 Cool. Very cool.
  7. I find your example interesting given the topic name. As you’ve quite rightly pointed out, hate is a strong word. So do you really ‘hate’ 12 Minutes? I agree with all the criticism you’ve levelled at it, but I’m not sure I could ever say I ‘hate’ it. I can still see merit in the effort the dev put in trying to achieve something, in my mind they just missed the mark. I do think people are too quick to say they hate something. I’m guilty of it myself from time to time, but really it’s just a quick and lazy way of communicating that you didn’t like said thing.
  8. Christ, ok then 3 minutes, I didn’t time it, sorry! Either way, it was one of the longer showings. And yeah, I think I’d have taken those short and sweet trailers over something I’ve already seen a dozen times and is out next week.
  9. I’m certainly not raging about it, but I do think at an event where people are eagerly waiting to see what Sony have up their sleeves, it’s a bit much to be dedicating a good 5 minutes to a game which we’ve already seen multiple times and is out next week.
  10. Caught this at a cinema in NYC yesterday before heading home. Thought it was excellent and really appreciated the slow burn of the whole thing. Love the way that David Lowery messes with the expectations of a typical fantasy film in the same way he did for haunting movies in A Ghost Story.
  11. Excellent deduction, cheers! From the search I did it seems I’m not the only one that got stuck on this one.
  12. Gonna need some help on this one, it’s doing my head in! What am I missing?
  13. Both currently on their cinema release! The Hunt is on Prime right now though, and it’s excelllent.
  14. Been on a Mads Mikkelsen kick over the past couple of weeks… Another Round (2020) Mads plays a history teacher who, along with a group of his work colleagues, decides to experiment with low-level alcohol consumption on a daily basis in order to increase his confidence and become more successful. Needless to say, things progress and get a little out of hand. This was easily one of the best films I’ve seen in a long while. It’s funny, heartbreaking and has some really great performances. Written and directed by Thomas Vinterberg, who also directed the excellent ‘The Hunt’ (2012), which also had Mads Mikkelsen in the lead role. 5/5 Riders of Justice (2020) Mads plays a soldier deployed overseas who has to return home when his wife dies in a tragic train accident. He gets approached by a man who says he was on the train with his wife at the time, and convinces him that it wasn’t an accident at all. This was another absolute belter. It’s been sold as a black comedy, and it certainly has it’s funny moments, but it’s also a cracking thriller with some pretty hard hitting violence. The ensemble of off-kilter characters in this one is what really makes it shine though, brilliantly written, and a number of knockout performances. 5/5
  15. Even if there were only 10 available, millions of people trying to get one at the same time is still going to make it fall over.
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