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  1. Mystacon

    Ad Astra

    Completely agree.
  2. Mystacon

    Ad Astra

    This fell really flat for me. It’s not a terrible film by any means but I just didn’t feel that engaged with the story and just ended up a bit bored. Nothing that visually amazing going on considering the setting either.
  3. Yeah, I feel like a bit of a doofus for my knee-jerk reaction off of one listen. I still stand by my disappointment of it not being a braver departure from the regular DC sound, but it's a solid effort.
  4. I may have been overly harsh on this with my previous post. Having listened a bunch more there’s definitely some cool stuff on there, I even quite like ‘Phillip and Steve’s Furniture Removal Company’. Overall I was just hoping for more of an all-out synth pop effort, a bigger shift in tone, whereas I feel as if it’s more of a regular set of DC tunes with a bit of synth included here and there. Can’t get enough of ‘Infernal Machines’ though, that’s more of the sound shift I was hoping for.
  5. I think this might be the first Divine Comedy album ever that I’m just not feeling. I was really hoping for a more full on synth pop record, but there’s a bunch of filler and slow plodders that don’t really go anywhere. ’Infernal Machines’ is great though.
  6. I’m hoping ‘The Mandalorian’ will be the thing to do just that.
  7. Not bothered about no zombies, even though I’ve loved it in the past. Really think it’s run it’s course. What I really want is a battle royale mode.
  8. Mystacon

    Outer Wilds

    Is there any way to save in this? I’ve played for a bit and need to stop, but when I go to quit it says ‘All Progress will be Lost’.
  9. I thought it was amazing, we had some chat on it in the Netflix thread. Also worth checking out his other show ‘Detroiters’ if you enjoyed this. It’s more of a regular sit-com format but I loved that as well.
  10. Anyone watched ‘I Think You Should Leave’? A friend of mine recommended it last night and it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s a sketch show and each ep is only 15 mins. Probably best suited to those that enjoy stuff like Tim and Eric.
  11. Apologies if someone has already asked this, and also if it’s a stupid question, but why didn’t Vision return?
  12. I may be wrong (I’m not sure how the tech works), but I imagine they need to use an actor that hasn’t aged too badly in the first place to make the younger version look half decent. It’s reasonably impressive but let’s face it, it still looks like CGI.
  13. Looks great. Was really hoping it would be called ‘The Rebellion Strikes Back’ though.
  14. Maybe, just maybe, it really is good and that’s why people are talking about it? Has anyone actually said it’s better than anything before it? Although, even if they did they’d be entitled to their opinion.
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