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  1. Haha, those MOBA guys should have done a bit of research before splashing 4.5 million on that place, it's already in the process of splintering and falling apart and this will finish it off. Shame, it started with good ideals but it's just such a hellhole now. I've joined the new Nintendo focused offshoot https://famiboards.com/ and it's much nicer, for now at least...
  2. Daaaamn I just tried Sayonara Wild Hearts on the OLED, just insane...
  3. Couldn't resist setting it up, the screen is lovely. It's amazing how suddenly my perfectly ok old switch transformed into a scuffed up, wobbly old piece of crap once I turned the new one on! One slight design flaw with the new dock though, the old one has rubber feet to stop it sliding around, and the new one doesn't. Because of where everything plugs in, the wires are almost at full stretch and it wouldn't take much for one of the kids to catch them and slide the whole thing off. The old one had the same issue with the wires and it never felt like that was a risk. It was a bit sad going through my massive list of eShop games and deciding to what to redownload to the new Switch, I've spent a lot of money on stuff that's not even worth the effort of redownloading haha.
  4. Ivan from DPD has come through! Now, how much of my 'work' time this afternoon can I justify using to set it up...
  5. Woop, got my delivery slot for this afternoon now. Looks like I could have just gone to Smyths and bought one this morning anyway though haha.
  6. Yeah my Smyths order has dispatched too, just need my Metroid Dread to dispatch as well now haha.
  7. Ugh cmon Smyths, take my money already!
  8. Yeah I did but he ignored me. Probably thought I was only applying to take the piss!
  9. Gawd playing in handheld is a bit of a handicap lol
  10. This is great! Usually when I play a demo I go from wanting to buy the game to realizing I don't really need it, but this the total opposite. It wasn't really on my radar, but now I must have it!
  11. Christ that was intense! Time for this old timer to go to bed haha.
  12. I genuinely jumped for joy when I saw this on Twitter! I got my first job so I could afford the phone bills playing this on dial up back in the day, and me and my friend from school used to lug our PC's to eachother's houses to spend all night playing lan matches. It's crazy to think how complicated and expensive it was to build a PC and get it online in those days, and now 5 minutes after seeing the announcement I can be lying on my sofa gibbing it up online on a handheld the size of a DVD case (and even DVD cases didn't exist back then!). I love that you can turn off the fancy effects and play it all pixelly and jagged just as god intended.
  13. Ok, this really is the last thing I'm going to make this time! It's called Ikagura Arena and the code is G 006 LWB 7R4. This is loosely based on the Gamecube classic. Switch your sphere between black and white at any time. Collect matching colours to score and avoid the opposite colour, but the opposite colour will home in on you. Skim the opposite colour to build your charge, when fully charged unleash a powerful Flare Blitz or restore one hit point. Chaining collections builds a score multiplier, but as your score increases, so does the difficulty. Survive as long as possible and see how much you can score! Personally I can't get more than a few thousand, but I'm actually terrible at bullet hell type games so I'm sure someone else could do better. I'd be interested to know if it's actually fun to play, I spent so long making it I've lost all perspective!
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