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  1. Just played this on the Switch without really knowing anything about it other than it was supposed to be good, and my jaw is on the floor. Just stunningly brilliant. I'm a big fan of magic realism and this felt like the gaming equivalent of reading One Hundred Years Of Solitude. I assume it's not a coincidence that there's a copy on one of the bookshelves.
  2. Headgear Havoc N9J-9VX-76G I just kind of threw this one together for this week's Nintendo UK contest, the theme is the new powerups in 3D World style. I think I may have made it too difficult... For an extra challenge try and get all 3 50 coins, it is doable but the timing is very tight!
  3. Frog Force XTN-6TD-79G I finally found a use for the both the frog suit and the castle night theme! It's a vertical scrolling shooter, but without any shooting...
  4. Turns out you can't manufacture success, this bombed hard haha.
  5. I've been playing this quite a bit on the Switch. Clearly I suck as I've never beaten the second boss and have no idea what an Ascension is! I might have to try getting rid of cards, as a natural hoarder I'd honestly never considered that less could be more!
  6. The Rainbow Box SHN-BB0-LKG Eye catching thumbnail : Check Impossible to die: Check Snazzy sounds and effects: Check Complete in about 15 seconds: Check I'll be honest, this is a fairly shameless attempt to make something that will stick in the charts! It did take me a few hours to make though, and hopefully it's a fun 15 seconds.
  7. Cloudy-Cloudy Panic! WKB-R9K-XDF I can't tell if this is a clever idea or an abomination, do let me know! It's definitely a button masher. I've tried to use the music and general layout to give it the feel of an old arcade game. I'm curious to know if the 3rd section feels unnecessary, as I was originally going to finish the level where the 2nd checkpoint is.
  8. Nope, it's just super tedious. You could probably make things easier by taking a photo of the stuff you need to copy, wish I'd thought of that when I made a level like that called Downside-Up, where the second world was not only mirrored, but upside down as well.
  9. Spikeball Fortress FV6-76C-VMF This is a bit of a strange one for me in that it's just a straight action platformer, with no weird aesthetic twists or anything! I started making it back after the Link update which is why it's spikeball themed, I did try to add some of the new elements in but nothing seemed to fit. I can't make my mind up if I'm happy with this level or not, I worry it might just be a bit dull. It's probably at it's best if you're trying to get a fast time. I didn't think it was particularly difficult, but my wife died about 20 times when I had her pla
  10. Valley Of The Ancient Ones 1GM-CN1-TPG This is a bit of an odd one! I actually started it months ago, I think it was the first thing I did after Rainbow Rush Galaxy, but it was lacking something. That something turned out to Mechakoopas, so I've finally finished it. It should be really quite easy, it's more about atmosphere and a bit of story-telling. Hopefully it works!
  11. I can't break 37 seconds, I must be missing something. Is it possible to get to the coin inside the plant before the plant surrounds it?
  12. Not much really. The plays just come through like normal notifications, but you can get a sense of how far people are getting by which levels get a spike in plays. I'm pretty sure the ninjis are a count of how many people are currently at that stage, depressingly the count is maxed out at 999 on the first level so most people just give up! Anyone stuck on Icefall Peak, that's probably the hardest one, so don't give up!
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