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  1. This final boss talk talk is worrying me lol, I had one go at him last night before I went to bed and didn't get very far, and I don't have any healing items or AED batteries left. I'm going to be restarting the chapter aren't I?
  2. Mario Is Missing 2 H7S-GTQ-5YG Another little puzzle one, this time you can move back and forth off screen and control things like moles and icicles. Probably my last one for a while as the wife is having a baby tomorrow! Rainbow Rush 2 did about 90K plays in the end, so not too shabby It actually spent more time at no.1 than the first one, but I guess the playerbase is a lot smaller now.
  3. Rainbow Rush Galaxy 2 MC5-60P-MTG A straight up sequel to my 147K plays mega-hit, I seriously doubt it will do as well, but I had a lot of fun making it.
  4. Mario Is Missing L35-B3L-TMG Bit of a puzzle level this one, but nothing too tricky. Let me know if you manage to break it or get stuck, that's my main worry with it! Probably my last level for a bit, Astral Chain is out Friday
  5. The Secret Of Cold Cold Mountain LPS-FNH-4BG My first level in a while, it's more about exploration and narrative than difficult platforming. *edit* Put the right code...
  6. Thanks I'm still waiting for them to call I think I really do need to take a break for a for a few days now though, I'm pretty sure I'm getting tennis elbow from holding the Switch too much!
  7. Poison Pipe Panic QHN-RMS-C7G If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, so I've done a speedrun! It was actually quite fun to make, but I don't think I'll do another one. It's 20 seconds of the most obnoxious sensory overload I could manage, enjoy!
  8. Thanks I see you've already got one of your indestructible world records on it too.
  9. A Mario Between Worlds P72-L9V-FYF This was absolutely gruelling to make! It's a sort of re-imagining of one of my best levels from MM1, but apart from the central gimmick and the name, it's quite different. I expect it will be a little too long and obtuse for the general crowd, but I'm happy with it. I think I might have to take a few days off making levels now, I'm getting some unpleasant pain in my left elbow from holding the Switch too much!
  10. Colour Crash Crisis! FM2-VKC-YBG Rainbow Rush Galaxy, Out of the Frying Pan and Reflected Dreams have all had a baby! This is a very short single-screen level, with a lot going on. I'd be interested to see if anyone can shave much off my clear time!
  11. Thanks Yeah the symmetry problem can't be helped on the last screen, it drove me mad! I've re-uploaded Switchblock Palace with the softlocks fixed and some difficulty tweaks, if anyone wants a go. The code is 1YB-215-VLF.
  12. Reflected Dreams CQX-SV8-8FF I do like to make a rod for my own back. As if it wasn't hard enough making a level with only red and blue objects, I also made it symmetrical and downwards scrolling vertical...I think it might be a little on the short side, but that's because it was a massive pain to make! The real gimmick here is the music, which changes between the red and blue sides.
  13. Yeah, and the thing to remember is that moderate to you and I is almost impossible to the average player. Rainbow Rush Galaxy has had a rock solid 40% clear rate over 80,000 plays. It's a very, very easy level and still people die at least once on average.
  14. Yeah you do. The original had a very low like ratio, so there wasn't much to loose! If a level has been badly booed, your score can actually go up when you delete it. I played your Chernobyl level, really quite good! The only bit I didn't like was the jump from the little conveyor belt to the claw, after the locked door. It was a bit fiddly and easy to mess up, and because of where the checkpoint was you have to go up and down to get the red coin every time before you can try again.
  15. Out Of The Frying Pan 59Y-YT4-MGF I've re-jigged my old level Out Of The Frying Pan and put it back up, if anyone fancies a go. I've made the start a little easier but made the end a bit tougher, hopefully this will encourage more people to give it a go. I also tweaked the timings on the moving parts so it's possible to do the first 3/4s of the stage very quickly if you really go for it, and jazzed it all up with some sound effects, because why not?
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