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  1. The Team Star Grunt theme is amazing too. I know Toby Fox wrote the main overworld theme, but I feel like this one has to be by him too. Just a shame that by the time it really kicks in at 1:02, you've probably beaten the puny grunt lol.
  2. She won't care, my 6 year old has been on it all morning and hasn't once mentioned LOD issues or stuttering. It is a bit on the rough side, but it's only grumpy old gamers who'll let it spoil the game.
  3. Nice. Looks like a new long range shooter, a super wide roller, and a multi-shot sniper rifle. One brand new level and Flounder Heights coming back. And a Splattershot with Splat Bombs, so I can finally hang up my trusty old Jr. Big Run at last too. The new shooter looks like an old Super Soaker, with the pump on the front, so I wonder if it has some sort of charge ability? Might be a variation on the Squeezer?
  4. I've trained her well I know you can attrition your way to both, but she's actually not bad considering it's her first non-pokemon game.
  5. Splat Zones has always been my favourite, I guess because it was the only ranked mode available at first in Splatoon 1, so it always feels like the 'main' mode to me.
  6. Whew, just had a 5-0 series in S rank Splat Zones! That was intense.
  7. What's the highest number of splats anyone's scored in a match? Mine's this from a few days ago. We then had this ridiculous match where I got 22 but one of the team had 32! We had 88 between us, I'm not really sure how there was even time to kill them that many times.
  8. It's called Pro because it calculates a power/skill level after a few matches and matches you with similar players, Nintendo publishes the top 100 Pro players based on power level at the end of the Splatfest so it's something to aim for for the really top players. I somehow engaged beast mode tonight and had 12 straight wins for Gear in the open queue, still haven't seen a bloody tricolour match though! We finally lost against those Team Fun bastards in a 10x match of all things.
  9. I could do pretty much any evening after 9, except when Bake Off is on lol.
  10. I'm hoping that there'll be some sort of option to play the dual stick controls with 2 joycons. The controls for for Sin and Punishment are heavily customized towards it compared to the controls for the other N64 releases, so it's the sort of thing that's possible.
  11. Players who really know what they're doing can be useful with pretty much any weapon in Turf War, but generally you want to stick to simple shooters like the Splattershot, Splatershot Jr, Aerospray, NZap etc, or rollers. Most of the weirder weapons have their niches in the various ranked modes, the .96 Gal is a murder machine in Tower Control for example, but not that effective in Turf War. Personally I just use the Splattershot Jr for pretty much everything though, at least until they presumably add the Wasabi/Tentatek Splatershoot with Splat Bombs in at some point.
  12. A nice detail I just noticed is if you angle the camera right you can see that the holograms in the lobby are actually being projected from projectors on the roof.
  13. Splatoon 3, and Pokemon Scarlet/Violet in November. I've been told that I'll have to get Bayonetta 3 for Christmas instead of at launch because of the cost of everything at the moment Thanks for reminding me about Mario and Rabbids, hopefully it turns out crap so I don't have to figure out how to buy that too haha.
  14. Yeah there's a load of totally made up stuff in there, e.g. a sprint button, open world single player, playable Callie and Marie etc. What an odd site.
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