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  1. GokouD

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    I love the team names, I just went up against The Salty Toxic Wrecking Crew.
  2. GokouD

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    I think that was when I was with a consistent team for a few matches! My wife has taken the Switch back now, only another 20-30 hours until she finishes Octopath...
  3. GokouD

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    Looking like 5 past 9 now, waiting for the wife to finish on Octopath!
  4. GokouD

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    I'm going to make a room for Team Retro at 9 and sit in it for about 10 mins if anyone wants to join
  5. GokouD

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    Forgot to mention, I'm team retro, can't be doing with any of that newfangled stuff
  6. GokouD

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    I prefer the new regular mode, it's a lot more similar to Splatfests in the first game. Anyone up for forming a team for regular mode about 9 tonight? Now that you don't need a full team of 4 it's a lot more doable.
  7. GokouD

    Nintendo Switch

    Unless the online play for Smash is significantly better than it was on the Wii U it won't be a must have for online play. Smash is much more of a local multiplayer game. I haven't played Mario Kart in a while, but Splatoon 2 is still packed online, I doubt that will change any time soon.
  8. GokouD

    Nintendo Switch

    Hollow Knight, if you don't have it. 20-30 hours, more if you want to be completionist, and it's easy on the battery life. Nice clean artstyle too so it looks great in portable mode. It's an insanely good game too, which helps!
  9. GokouD

    Do/did your parents game?

    My dad was obsessed with Llamatron and Doom back in the day. He died this year aged 78 and was still playing Call of Duty (the original PC game) online regularly.
  10. GokouD

    Nintendo Switch

    Honestly I think it's hard to compare them, they're both very different games and both do what they do to a very high standard. They're both essential if you have any interest in computer games at all, so it doesn't really matter which one is 'best'.
  11. GokouD

    Nintendo Switch

    I don't think NOS comes with any sort of infrastructure does it? Hence why it's only £20 a year. If it does Nintendo have kept very quiet about it. Splatoon 2 is P2P by the way.
  12. GokouD

    Nintendo Switch

    Not on the list, but Hollow Knight and Celeste are some of the best games on any system.
  13. GokouD

    Nintendo Switch

    I played it a bit last night, it seems pretty crappy to be honest, janky and not much fun, but I'll give it another chance tonight. I'm wondering if there's some sort of bots being thrown into the mix, I see you had a guy called Maario, I had a match with a Mario, Luigi and Lewigi all at the same time.
  14. GokouD

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 2018

    Haha, I knew K-Rool was going to be in when they showed that Klap-Trap assist trophy.
  15. GokouD

    Super Mario Maker

    I might have to dig out the Wii U and play it when it's finished, your levels were some of the best I played. I think the best thing about Mario Maker was that everyone already knows how Mario levels work and the various building blocks. Having that structure to work within frees you up to be more creative with your ideas, because you're not having to spend time and effort just getting it to play well. Even a crap Mario Maker level is usually fun to just bounce around in, because the base gameplay is so solid. Mario Maker 2 (or even a jazzed up port) would be my dream announcement right now.

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