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  1. My Oubliette level must have briefly charted yesterday, because it had 250-odd plays in a few hours. Only had 50 likes though, bloody philistines I think it probably got boo'ed too, because it was nowhere in the top 200, even just for Europe, when I checked, and hardly any plays since. In better news, someone from USGamer included Rocket Base Galaxy in his article. https://www.usgamer.net/articles/man-vs-mario-maker-2-the-superball-arbys-and-world-1-1-is-burning
  2. Heh, I spent most of my lunchbreak on this too, really fun. I was about to give up and decided to have on last try, the rest of the office probably wondered why I was silently punching the air when I did it!
  3. Yeah, what you can do is hold down on Mario in the editor, this lets you pick a power up state for him to start as when you test. I usually forget about it though and end up having to go back and make changes.
  4. This was really cool, some clever stuff like the goombas on conveyor belts with the scream sound effects. I liked how there was a steady stream of side challenges for the big coins. My only complaint would be about the bit near the start where you go under goombas locked into boxes, and hit the switch to free them. The ceiling was just a couple of blocks too low as big Mario, and it was very easy to bonk your head and fall into the holes. You probably had limited space to lay it all out though, with needing to keep the trapped goombas visible. Thanks for the feedback. I did think that the last couple of koopa jumps were bordering on too hard, but my last level was super easy and randoms rarely give it a like even when they finish it, so I thought I'd try a different approach! I actually came very close to not putting any coins in at all as I wasn't sure they fit the atmosphere, but I'm glad I did.
  5. I think I preferred the 100 Mario challenge in the first game to the endless mode in this, having all the amiibo costumes to unlock gave it a bit more purpose. There is a News tab somewhere in the UI that hasn't been updated yet, so that gives me hope that there'll be something to shake things up at some point. I spend most of my time making, so it doesn't bother me too much, but I do hope that the playing side of it stays interesting enough that other people keep playing, otherwise there's not much point making stuff!
  6. So, I was going to make a nice 3D World level, but it just wasn't happening, so I made this creepy thing instead. Mario goes for a nice hike in the mountains, but ends up falling into a dark and eldritch pit... I underestimated how much work it would take to do a vertically scrolling level without having the player bump their head on unseen obstacles, so it took hours to get right. I'd say it's moderately hard, shouldn't trouble anyone here too much but will probably end up with about a 10-20% clear rate. Oubliette H77-GJT-4PF
  7. If you manage to get out of D rank it improves a bit, you only need one person in the match with a shit connection to ruin it for everyone, and those people don't get very far. I'm in C rank and more matches than not are ok, and I've heard it gets better in the higher ranks.
  8. Not a stupid question, that's all pretty advanced stuff. The black is just ground blocks in the SMB Airship theme. Likewise the mushrooms are mushroom platforms but they look metallic in that theme. The pipe and flag are random surface decorations that you get on ground blocks, but you can copy and paste them once it spawns one. The creator has overlaid the mushrooms on ground blocks with those decorations so it looks like they're on the mushroom. The night themes are unlocked by placing an angry sun and switching it to its alternate moon form. You only need to do this once, then you'll have a night/ day switch on the theme selector tab. Edit* The bouncing flower is only in SMB style, and I think you have to 100% story mode to get it, I haven't done it yet though.
  9. Each to their own I guess, I've put in 50 hours in the last 2 weeks and I'm still having as much fun as I did in day 1. I'd give it a 10.
  10. Cool, I thought it had had a lot of plays. It seems to have dropped out now, trying to get likes out of the general playerbase is like trying to get blood out of a stone Thanks for all the nice feedback from everyone who played it, appreciate it!
  11. Wow, I ton of work went into this. I think a lot of it went over my head as I still haven't gotten around to playing Dark Souls, but I could still appreciate the design. Really clever, nice to play a proper puzzle level that isn't just bouncing a pow off a spring at the right time or something. I somehow managed to miss all your levels, so I went through and played them all, excellent stuff. All really solid platformers with nice design work. I tried my best to finish the hard route on Bussey Towers, it's fair but just to hard for me though!
  12. I finally got around to finishing off another level last night, staying up much too late in the process. It's a fairly straightforward platforming level using the pipe forest theme with some underwater bits, I was aiming for a 50% + completion rate so I've tried to make it pretty easy, but it's always difficult to tell! There's 8 big coins to find, 5 30's and 3 10's. The code is 84W-GYK-5HG if you can't see the tweet. I think for my next level I need to do something a bit more abstract and bouncy in the 3D World style, it's fun making heavily themed levels but it's a lot of effort! Going to try and play through the last couple of pages of forum levels tonight too.
  13. GokouD

    Nintendo Switch

    Wasn't it more like £230-50? I seem to remember my wife wasn't happy about the price!
  14. GokouD

    Nintendo Switch

    You can transfer your saves over to the new one wirelessely, along with your whole profile, but it's a one way thing, it all gets wiped from the old console. So if you're upgrading (?) to a Switch Lite you're fine, but if you want to keep using both for the same games at the same time, then you're screwed. Would you really want to do that though?
  15. GokouD

    Nintendo Switch

    It must have motion controls in the body of the console, the standard switch has gyros in both joycons and the main unit. It would totally scupper games like Splatoon and and Zelda is there was no gyro control at all.
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