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  1. unf unf unf and another one bites the dust.

  2. I don't understand how I can go 33-1-6 in one game and then to something like 7-5-12 in the next. It just varies so much - it's ludicrous.
  3. I don't think he's ever failed a test, and it's not like he's looked like he does now for the whole of his career. It is very suspect, and he's long been accused of being a user.
  4. And that Mir will replace him. if he fights like he did against Nogueira he'll probably get destroyed. Anyway, that was a pretty good show. Hominick was majorly disappointing, there were some good, short undercard fights, Mir looked terrible until the fight went to the ground and the finish was gruesome - the xray is horrible to see, and Jones is looking fairly untouchable at the moment even though he was tested in this fight. It's a shame he's not a more likable guy though, there's something about both him and his team that winds people (and me) up - from thrusting the Xenergy can into his hand at the end of the fight, or ordering Jones to go and check on Machida "to get some fans".
  5. A bit late but I really enjoyed Point Blank. It's nothing special but absolutely fine.
  6. Friends was absolutely brilliant in the first two series, maybe three, and then it turned into a terrible parody of itself. Compare the Monica of the first series with that of the later ones, they aren't the same character. I still have issues with the affect it had on the way people speak, like, you know, err effecting this stupid way of talking, I mean, huh, could it be any more annoying? Rachel was the only reason for ever watching this in the latter years. The only show I've ever felt really attached to, and mourned the end of, was Lost. It was incredible, the way that first episode hooked me. I imported the US DVD set as soon as I could and finished it within days. I used to think up excuses to finish work early every week to get home early and start torrenting the latest episode, wait the three hours or more for it to download, watch it transfixed and then spend the rest of the night reading theories and looking at sites the poured over every little detail of every episode. Summers were hard, I'm sure I had withdrawal symptoms. I rewatched the first series numerous times. When I was travelling across America in 2008 I tried to make sure that I stayed in a hotel and not a hostel for when it was aired, so that I could watch the new episode in peace. When that wasn't an option I made sure to book the tv room days in advance, or befriend someone with a laptop and download it. I was obsessed. It ended badly, of course, but it's still the greatest series I've ever seen. I think I'm getting the blu-rays for christmas and I'm going to work my way through the whole thing again - and I can't wait!
  7. RobinTripp


    That was, as the commentator said, a beauty.
  8. I haven't played this since a few days after it came out. I'll go back to it, one day. The terrible horse and cart bit near the start, the rubbish puzzles on the island and stupidly high amount of falls from great heights were too much to endure.
  9. United need to buy Xavi and Yaya Toure in January. Problems solved.
  10. I'd like Batman: Arkham City. I'll PM you my address. Thanks mate!
  11. Mr bibbly-bibbly-bub-brrrrrrr-bibbly. He either needs a new mic or to get his own - regional - gaming podcast.
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