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  1. As the resident vf fanboy of this forum I don’t think vf taught newbies especially well. The thing it did brilliantly was put as much emphasis on defensive technique as combo practice. Also I’m still so shit at this game. Hit me up for free wins.
  2. There’s no spoilers. It’s all predictions so far.
  3. Fuudo or problem. Happy with either.
  4. Winner.
  5. Hello friends, I was getting drunk and watching Disney movies with my lovely wife yesterday. Any particular matches from day 2 I should check out?
  6. David isn’t at evo this year iirc.
  7. highlight of today was Valle’s blanka for me. Aside from the vf5 side tourney though it it breaks my heart to see ohsu there taking pictures and not playing vf
  8. Faded

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Im not convinced Aldo has lost as many steps as some people think. Holloway is genuinely magnificent and aldo looked good against him for a while. He hasn’t fought someone not on the very top for a long time, Stephens is really good but he’s a class below the guys that have beaten Aldo. Fully prepared to eat my words if Aldo looks old and slow and gets run over.
  9. I still play virtua fighter 5 FS online every now and again. The only people still playing that are absolute monsters.
  10. Mvc infinite is quite cheap too. Im staying up late watching ceo. I’m one of those people that enjoy SFV but it’s nowhere as entertaining to watch as 4
  11. Faded


    Attempted #3 for our first 3 player game. Unfortunately I made some bad decisions near the start and the crucially forgot that I could lose two cards from my discard pile to avoid damage as I didn’t have any in my hand at that point. So brute was down relatively early and mindthief and spellweaver carried on respectably for a while but the numbers were against them. On the plus side I hit level two and I’ve got the money to go back in with armour on. My my wife and I will probably attempt other scenarios and leave that one until we can attempt it as a three piece again. Even in failure its its an enjoyable experience.
  12. Faded

    Your Gaming Youtube Videos

    @graemandius :D
  13. Faded

    Your Gaming Youtube Videos

    Many years ago, before all your inbuilt fancy streaming nonsense and while I was too poor to afford hdmi capture equipment we used to film our virtua fighter sessions on camera. Behold grown men getting angry at each other over a fighting game they aren't that good at. Warning, lots of bad language.
  14. Faded

    Frightened Rabbit - Scott Hutchison missing

    That album came out when I was falling apart mentally. I really don’t have anything to say
  15. Faded

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I don’t really mind Abby but I think the problem is she genuinely wants to be a comedian despite having very little talent in that area. She also comes across as not really wanting to be there most of the time. Ben is bothering me less of late. I think as long as he doesn’t mention dota we’re cool.

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