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  1. Faded

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Doesn’t flag in the normal tests. Sounds like he has been getting away with it for a while.
  2. Faded

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I think considering what Herb is able to see from where he is it’s understandable why he stopped it. I don’t think Lawler was out and I’d like to see it run back but I suspect that’s not going to happen. I think the Robbie Tyron rematch probably makes sense at this time. There’s not a lot of other fights to make for Woodley.
  3. Faded

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I have a weird feeling about smith. I’d still be shocked as hell if he won but I feel like he might do better than some people expect. I expect I’ll be laughing at myself reading this back later when he gets obliterated. Askren Lawler is the interesting one for me, can Robbie actually manage to touch him up at all or just get wrestlefucked over and over. Im a huge Lawler fan, it’s tough to know what he’s got left at this point. I suspect you’re going to know how the rest of that fight goes a couple minutes in.
  4. Faded

    Amazon Prime Video

    There’s nothing as irritating as adverts before every episode of a show you’re watching on a service you pay for. Thing is prime has always been a bit shit on the interface side of things, but it really seems like they’re trying to make it worse. Why get rid of categories?
  5. Faded

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    That’s why it’s funny. Jeff has said he watched all of laid back camp with his wife and really enjoyed it. It’s been inferred that he quite likes a lot of slice of life stuff since giving anime a try.
  6. Finished it earlier today. Can’t decide if I think it’s actually good but I was consistently entertained. I liked a lot of the performances and I’d forgotten how watchable Sheehan can be.
  7. I can never be arsed playing with others so I usually quit for the season around GR90. The joy for me is just trying to hunt down a complete set of gear for a build and seeing the way they all synergise together. Replacing it all with ancients/primals is too much of a grind. I’d like to hit GR 100 this season. Will see if I lose steam before that. Right now this consists of speed clearing XIII normal rifts for masses of death breath and rift keys with my barb and then switching to my wizard to reforge spare legendaries and push GRifts. It’s slow incremental progress and not for everyone.
  8. Furnace is a nice one. Tends to be the cubed weapon of choice for a lot of builds. Ive been playing less this season and only just got my free primal for GR70 It was useless obviously.
  9. Faded

    Devil May Cry 5

    It’s not something that actually bothers me or will dampen my enjoyment at all, but the environments in Capcoms games of this type always look so empty and sterile. Like fighting in an empty movie set.
  10. Demon hunter and monk are still classes I’ve never hit 70 with. I’m sure I’d find something to like if I gave them a chance but it’s not on the cards so far. I think I’ve done 2-3 endgame characters of every other class over the years.
  11. In addition to what others have said, firebird specifically struggles with survival at medium rift numbers. You need to have elites ignited to get your maximum mitigation but they die to quickly sub GR 90 or so. Once they have sufficient health you can ignite an elite and kite it around keeping your 20 stack bonus active to clear everything else. Tal rashas meteor build isn’t as good at high levels but does better in the 60-90 range. This season I’m messing around with wizard and barb. Haven’t done whirlwind barb in so long, the absolute best when you want to get through some podcasts without dying.
  12. Faded

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I always thought that Brad more than anyone else was never really the same after Ryan went. Maybe that’s all in my head and his flaws just became more noticeable when he was forced into the position of host. Nobody bothered me much this year. I suspect it’s because I wasn’t overly invested in what won. I’m willing to give Alex a pass as he’s always been the quickest to concede his favourites in previous years.
  13. I can’t remember this clearly but iirc two weapons aren’t cumalituve you’ll alternate attacks with each one. You get a 15% Attack speed buff when dual wielding. Generally this means faster attacks but lower damage range. It also means if there is a significant damage difference every second hit will be noticeably weaker. A big upside is you can use two weapon gems, a second emerald nearly always works out as more damage than using a two hander if the weapons are of compatible quality. This is is all stuff I remember reading as I’ve never really played a two weapon character. It might also be incredibly out of date.
  14. https://youtu.be/lhUtXKzMeTM

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