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  1. The thing about that statement is when you have to say-“the ship isn’t sinking”-it never sounds very reassuring. I like austin a lot. I hated waypoint.
  2. I think of anyone is going to stop Khabib at this weight it’s probably DP. If I gambled it wouldn’t be where I put my money though. I would expect DP to convincingly handle McGregor if that rematch ever happens, Connor does have a way of winning fights though.
  3. I spent 500 death’s breath yesterday in the hopes of getting an upgrade to my wand. I got jack shit
  4. Yes, I was tempted by the switch version, just couldn't imagine playing that way though. I spent more of my day off yesterday playing this than I care to admit. Paragons at 624 now, GR95, going to try and hit 100 before I start doing bounties to get mats for gear reforging. That's when my interest usually wanes.
  5. I’m back on this this season as I’ve had a shitty couple of weeks and Diablo is my therapy game. Managed to put somewhere close to thirty hours into a wizard somehow. Trying out archon for the first time and just hit my GR 70. I feel slightly guilty as there’s other games I’d like to be getting on with, but it’s just so easy to put a podcast on and click click click.
  6. Abby has grown on me a fair bit overtime but there’s definitely been a few moments where she’s shown disdain for the audience. Thing is though, I’m a massive fucking nerd and I fucking hate a lot of people that like the shit I like. We are talking about video game fans on the internet here, a sizeable chunk of them are bound to be arseholes.
  7. I worry I might have hit about twenty hours in that. I really did not like it very much, especially almost every character. I have so much love for my lovable gang of misfits from the Normandy. There was enough mass effect in the combat to string me along but I eventually realised I had long ago stopped paying attention to what was even supposed to be going on.
  8. I’m happy playing on normal and grinding away until everything is trivial. It’s not a game type I go into for any kind of challenge, just the weird satisfaction I get from seeing the numbers go up.
  9. I deeply suspect I will play all three eventually, so I just picked black eagle as it was first in the list. Units wise, blue lion seems more my kind of deal. Have held of on the season pass just now because I am skiiiiint. I wouldn’t mind the inclusion of silly grinding maps like the ones in the awakening dlc.
  10. I am having a hard time with the design of the main characters coat/sleeves. Otherwise this is brilliant.
  11. Another great thing about this game is that respecs are trivial so there’s no harm in messing around with skill points. It’s quite fun seeing your approach to the bandit camps at the start of the game on your second play through when you have all your skills as opposed to before. To think in play through one I was still using guns instead of using my axe to turn them into shiny meat bicycles.
  12. You have to export the save from within the PS3 version as far as I’m aware.
  13. Owned this on pc for years and barely touched it. Something just clicked when I started playing the PS+ version to kill time. Have now finished pt1 with Krieg, which had a fair few rough spots but as of level 31 I am an unkillable super mutant.
  14. They do have some weird choices for advertising. Though I think I recall Jeff saying at one point that it was important to him that they avoided video game based advertising as much as they possibly could so as to avoid anything that might look shady. I keep that in mind whenever they’re telling you where to go for online prescription dick pills.
  15. Just got around to watching the last episode of this. Amazing from start to finish, as harrowing and awful as it was to suffer through. It conveys how truly terrifying radiation is more than anything I’ve ever seen on the screen. The bit at the end with the fates of all the characters and that music. I started welling up, and I’m pretty much dead inside.
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