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  1. I still wouldn’t have gone with ‘3’ though.
  2. BG was always fairly faithful. Turn on detailed combat logs and it’s basically adnd with characters resorting to auto attack if not given instructions otherwise. So if you take baldurs gate as a dnd game trying to be true to the source material starring a character that is in some way becoming something other/greater than he starts as, set in the forgotten realms then I think it’s worth the name.
  3. This helps a lot thanks. I understand that thaco is very unintuitive but bigger armour numbers being better than smaller is one of those old man things I can’t shake not getting.
  4. I like it a whole lot. Played ten hours. Runs beautifully. One crash, one buggy conversation and a few camera wobbles. I wish it would explain the math that goes into hit percentages a little more rather than just show the end possibility. Then again I’m not sure bg2 did that either, I was very fluent in 2nd edition adnd and I have no clue about 5e so it might just be that. Combat is very toned down from dos2 in a good way. I was concerned about making a sequel to a series of games that was very much about one story that ended it but they’ve come up with
  5. I’m uncomfortable when things start feeling like a pile on but I think the part that troubles me is that their confidence has grown but their ability has not. I have never really watched any of the subscriber content regularly. I was happy to give them money just for the amount of work time the bombcast has helped pass for me. Nowadays it feels like it makes time go slower.
  6. Thanks for this. I have a dark core se that I’m quite happy with now but I’ll remember this for the future. I’d struggle to do without Qi charging on a mouse now going forward.
  7. The only thing that bugs me about modern pc gaming is that it seems very difficult to find a mouse with 4 and 5 on separate sides like the old intellimouse design.
  8. I honestly don’t know why I bothered. I have everything copied to a 4tb external usb3 drive. I should have just copied my photo folder to a thumb stick for extra safety and for rid. Why I think I still need access to mp3 files I downloaded from Napster 20 years ago is a mystery to me.
  9. I would have had a RIVA TNT2 around that point. Brand loyalty never dies. Come to think of it i I don’t think I’ve ever owned a non Nvidia gpu.
  10. I have a 2tb HDD in the machine just for backup of old pics and what not. I even hate the sound of it spinning up when I have occasion to access it.
  11. Yeah I understand that the 2080s is still a fine card and I’m not maximum settings obsessed. Being able to just set stuff to max and not worry about it sure is nice though. I am also failing to get excited about new consoles so that’s money I could spend on a card without feeling too guilty about it. This machine is my first using an ssd though. I never realised what a dark age I was living in. That’s the upgrade that anyone who hasn’t should make before anything else. I understand that I am the last person to realise this.
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