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  1. Ben killed ranking of fighters for me. I really hate to be part of a pile on, the guy is almost certainly a decent dude. He’s so fucking shit at this part of his job though, so fucking shit. He’s an entertainment vacuum.
  2. To be as kind as possible, I think a lot of the community can relate to Ben.
  3. I was planning on maxing it out, and then going through fighter mage and sorc to pick up augments, but I honestly don’t know if I can turn in my magic shield now.
  4. Most of the games on my all time list are big intimidating bastards that I bounce off on my first attempt and go back and fall in love with. Speaking of intimidating, i’m completely ignoring the combining items stuff for now and just storing everything. Am I shooting myself in the foot?
  5. Yeah seems amazing that, that wasn’t fixed between versions. Makes me almost relieved eves I can’t dress up as guts in this one. MK seems to be the lad for me. I’m not going to try and maximise stat growth or anything like that. I will try and put some time into other classes to get some useful augments seems like it would be pretty easy to go down the rabbit hole of making the best character instead of enjoying playing the game. I’m bad for stuff like that.
  6. The only real complaint I have so far - it seems like a massive oversight that the warrior only gets three active skill slots.
  7. I bounced off this when I originally played it on 360. Seemed good but I think I got distracted by something else. I’m hoping the ability to play it in bed and on the toilet will make a difference. The combat feels lovely. The variety in the classes is brilliant, I’m a tank at heart so I’ll be playing a fighter or MK for the most part methinks.
  8. Ah yeah doh I’m mixing visual things up in my head. I blame going in the morning after a night shift. I look forward to a rewatch at some point as I’m pretty sure I’d forgotten some of the things I really liked by the end of the film.
  9. Isn’t it one per person per trip? They used the two they planned to use to return to go further back in time and thus had to grab more so by the end had used three each for their trip. So much happened it’s all a bit hazy now so it’s quite possible I’m talking bollocks.
  10. Surely 4 vials are because cap needs to visit three separate points in time and then one to come home? or am I being dumb?
  11. Someone brought a <6 month old to our screening. Interesting choice.
  12. Hulk was a bit weird. He’s never been quite as well used as he was in Avengers 1 imo. Overall i I really liked it. There are things to pick at, but pulling together that many threads into a decent conclusion must have been incredibly difficult and they did a pretty good job.
  13. Doesn’t flag in the normal tests. Sounds like he has been getting away with it for a while.
  14. I think considering what Herb is able to see from where he is it’s understandable why he stopped it. I don’t think Lawler was out and I’d like to see it run back but I suspect that’s not going to happen. I think the Robbie Tyron rematch probably makes sense at this time. There’s not a lot of other fights to make for Woodley.
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