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  1. Caba vs Uzura in pools is a must watch. I've only recently started watching competitive SF again. What's the deal these sticks that only have buttons on them?
  2. I'd love to play this with my partner, but £50 is outrageous.
  3. Liverpool will comfortably sort this Madrid team out.
  4. City should have had this won in the first leg. No one to blame but themselves.
  5. Atletico players losing their minds over gamesmanship is just mwwwwaah.
  6. Learning a boss' moveset - when to dodge, how much you're able to block, and what windows you have to attack - has never been easier in these games because the runs back are so short. Margit, for instance, is literally outside the boss room. I had a few goes at him where my objective would be something like blocking all his attacks and seeing what I could eat and what I couldn't. Then going back in and figuring out which ones were easy to roll through. Until eventually putting it all together.
  7. Last night a boss killed me, but my two skeletons killed him during the 'you died' screen so I got the win.
  8. Re: Raya Lucaria you can stop the boulder permanently.
  9. If it's who I'm thinking of, he's at The Roundtable. In a room you may not have access to yet.
  10. Took me over an hour to kill her.
  11. I resent that I have to do anything else this week other than play Elden Ring.
  12. For any PS5 owners on the fence about which version to play, the PS4 version is real nice. Rock solid 60 and looks good to me.
  13. If it's true that you can take your save from PS4 to PS5 then I may opt for the PS4 version for the stable framerate and hope the PS5 is fixed/better at some point in the future.
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