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  1. Even if ITV offered a 4K picture with free beers delivered to my door, I'd still watch the final on the BBC so that I don't have to listen to Sam Matterface. He was on one last night. One of the worst commentary displays I've ever heard.
  2. In the event of an OG is the assist counted?
  3. Looked like a panic attack to me. If it was, can't imagine having one in that situation.
  4. Some of the negative reaction on Twitter to this is absolutely hilarious. Alien nerds in their droves wanting to keep political commentary out of their beloved sci-fi horror franchise. Someone should tell them.
  5. ITV should not be allowed to broadcast live football. Their player has been replaying the same corner kick for about ten minutes. Utterly terrible.
  6. Seems harsh that 2 yellow cards in 4 games puts you out of a potential quarter final.
  7. I didn't ignore it. I'd just already seen it mentioned on Twitter and Reddit 3,000 times before I saw your post.
  8. Our media's whipping up of the England-Germany 'rivalry' always makes me laugh. Germans probably don't even remember beating us in the Euro '96 semi-final. Too busy remembering the final, which they won.
  9. I think I know why the talks keep breaking down.
  10. My baseless, tinfoil hat belief is that Athletics cannot survive its poster child (who has almost single-handedly kept the sport relevant) pissing hot. So far that reason Bolt will stay clean.
  11. He's not. But Trippier isn't so much better that I'd leave out Shaw or Chilwell.
  12. Really enjoyed the beta but the lack of cross platform parties is a dealbreaker for me, unfortunately.
  13. Reddit and Twitter makes me feel like watching a film from start to finish, with no distractions, is now a dying art form. I've spoken to friends about this and most of them will jump on their phone for stretches of a film, which is something I can't get my head around. I guess it depends on what it is you're looking to get from watching a film. I'm someone who gets excited by a nice tracking shot, blocking or series of edits (visual storytelling over verbal), so the idea of not looking at the screen and missing stuff like that is out of the question. I recently rewatched The Limey (1999) and I can't fathom how anyone would go about half-watching that. I generally watch films by myself and rarely talk about them in person, so how other people consume this stuff has little impact on me. I just find it a bit strange.
  14. Pretty sure Kante is fully appreciated now and he's not some secret that only a select few have noticed. Everyone understands his brilliance.
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