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  1. Maybe he can also tell people to not have their picture settings set to sport or something absurdly bright.
  2. Fitzcarraldo

    The Thing

  3. Fitzcarraldo

    The Thing

    I don’t believe so, but the Arrow release is so good it doesn’t matter. Unless you’re 4K UHD or nothing?
  4. Fitzcarraldo

    The Thing

    Looking at that top 100 list, if it's ever done again, hopefully we can get more female directed films on there. I'm sure I didn't help at the time.
  5. Fitzcarraldo

    The Thing

    The Blu-Ray from Arrow is faultless. Looks identical to the 35mm prints I’ve seen.
  6. Fitzcarraldo

    Favourite acting performance of all time

    David Thewlis in Naked.
  7. I hope they put Renegade Raider on the store as well. The tears will fill Loot Lake a million times over.
  8. Fitzcarraldo

    Perfect Films

    I find it hard to think of any film I'd call perfect - maybe I'm too picky because even my favourite films have qualities that I could see not going down well with other people. I adore McCabe & Mrs Miller more than anything, but the sound mixing isn't great and I can see why some might find the ambling plot off-putting. I think Sherlock Jr. is about as close to perfect as it's possible to be. 40 minutes and I don't know what else you could do to make that film better. It's funny, heartwarming, fast-paced, beautifully shot, incredible stunts, surreal, innovative.
  9. Fitzcarraldo

    Your unearthed gems

    I could probably just say 'Elaine May' and be happy with that (I had a quick look and don't believe she's even been mentioned on this forum once), but I'll go with The Heartbreak Kid. It's one for people who like Woody Allen films and The Graduate. It's as good as any top tier Allen and has an ending that is as brilliantly enigmatic as the latter.
  10. I'm not big on JRPGs but I'm enjoying this. Not sure why I bought it, to be honest - I think I've been in the mood for a slow paced game to sink time into in between all that life stuff. I will echo what others have said: the soundtrack is not good. Compare it to games like Skyrim and BoTW where the score adds so much to each area, the music in this game is nauseating by comparison. I've got it turned down to one at the moment.
  11. Under the Skin. I'm blown away by its brilliance every time I watch it.
  12. I enjoyed all the action but every time they showed a classic Evo SFIV match during breaks it just reminded me how much Ioved watching competitive SFIV.
  13. Play 50 vs 50. Down an opponent and finish them with the sniper.
  14. Am I the only one to die thinking you could jump off that new waterfall?
  15. Fitzcarraldo

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    This Belgian front three in a parallel universe is the Chelsea front three. Maybe with Salah in there somehow.

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