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  1. It is! Anyone ( @kiroquai) know of any other motorcycle champs who have driven an F1 car? Obviously there's Surtees, Rossi switched with Hamilton for a promo thing and I think Doohan had a go in a McLaren?
  2. Pity they haven't made these available for Switch
  3. Those sidepods are definitely the 92 Ferrari or maybe 96?
  4. I echo really liking Becky Chambers' Wayfarer books too. She's very twee but her books are a bit like a warm blanket.
  5. You know what I loved about this? Oh and
  6. I'm sure there were arena specific titles? Maybe I'm misremembering. Im thinking of Formula Front
  7. Bought my youngest the Battle Academy for her birthday, just played our first game together, it was really good fun, I've never played a card game before. She particularly enjoyed managing to get her Raichu onto the board and beating all of my team (well, 4 Pokémon) How do the GX tokens/moves work? Do you have to earn them? (I suppose that's covered in the advanced rule book+Mew Two deck). Hopefully the local Geek Retreat will continue their kids Pokémon club on Saturdays in the new year
  8. I reckon the production crew have a guess on how the scores will pan out for each task and build episodes accordingly but that Greg's actual scoring is done as he see's them. Or at least I'd like to think how it's done, he definitely seems to sometimes take into account studio comments in his summaries
  9. Agreed. Still can't believe Kane skied that, if you were to come up with anything to happen in this match you wouldn't have come up with that
  10. Oh, has anyone heard from Ronaldo yet?
  11. Agreed Saka shouldn't have been the one to come off There's been alot to complain about
  12. It was supposed to be Lloris who spursd it
  13. Oh my fucking hell how was that not a foul!!?? Hernandez wasn't even watching the ball, only had one thing on his mind
  14. Well thats been coming from Giroud
  15. That was a high foot from Upmencano Wish Frank Lampard Mason Mount? 🙄
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