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  1. Its very trashy, and sometimes you just think "oh for fucks sake" then Lucy Lawless gets her tits out again
  2. River's had a Princess Leia on Hoth thaing going on too
  3. wev

    Lego Harry Potter

    The missus is about 20 characters away from having them all now. She's also only a few crests short of the set and has a ridiculous amount of studs to spend. Today's the first day she hasn't been on it (so far), even though she's taken the day off from Uni (to revise, she says the lesson is a repeat of one they did last year).
  4. David Coulthard in Red Bull bias shocker. OK Kovaleinen's Lotus is alot slower, but Webber should also compensate for that. Cooulthard can suck my sweaty balls.
  5. wev

    Lego Harry Potter

    Right, the missus has finished the story now and is going through collecting everything else instead now, problem is she has her final nursing exam on July 89th!
  6. Ignoring the 4 pages between the above post and this one, I won't be watching Who till tomorrow night... Anyhow, I always interpreted the Cyberman marching scene's as a reference to Nazi marches, or even Soviet Russian marches, personally. Probably something to do with the removal of identity etc. Also, something else I wondered today, what happened with the Face of Bo stuff from Tennants last season? Was that mentioned at all in Torchwood or has it been abandoned thus far with some sort of possible further mention in the series' future?
  7. Just finished the first episode, perfect length really. Suprisingly well acted and developed too. Possibly over simplistic as it didn't provide any kind of challenge really but thats to be expected as no doubt the BBC wanted to make something thats accessible for all.
  8. Trinity Universe = NIS = SRPG?
  9. wev

    Lego Harry Potter

    Then why bother trolling the thread? Game wise, I think this ones shaping up to be the best of the bunch (but entertainment wise it'll never top LEGO Star Wars II)
  10. wev

    Lego Harry Potter

    The copy I have for review arrived Wednesday, the only time I've gotten on it to play it was a co-op session last night. She was on the second book so we played through that and started book 3
  11. Not dinner, but my breakfast this morning
  12. Chicken and Bacon Lattice Pie
  13. Scrap that, its not a bee's nest, its wasps. Huge ones at that, because of their size I thought they were bee's but just had to chase one out of the kitchen and it was definetly a wasp.
  14. Think some bloody weeds have spread their seeds which have reached our plant pots, may have to restart the herbs... I blame the bee's and their mass orgy on the Garlic Chives a couple of months back (that and the fact our deaf neighbours appear to have bee's nest in their loft which they haven't reported because they can't hear them and the housing association won't do anything until they report it, even though we reported it ffs).
  15. Potato Salad: 4 Tablespoons of low-fat Mayo 2 Tablespoons of Wholegrain Mustard Spring Onions (she used a whole bunch lol) Juice of half a Lemon and obviously New Potato's with the skins on (we used Anya because thats what Sainsbury's had on offer when we went shopping).
  16. Pork Chops with the missus' Potato Salad
  17. Was bought a few things for my birthday. V for Vendetta, Killing Joke, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters and rather oddly Mr Darcy, Vampire. All are on my reading pile down the side of the sofa...
  18. wev

    Moto GP

    Love watching Leon Haslam in the WSB, reminds me of all the time I spent in the paddock as a kid with my Dad with ron Haslam's "Team Great Britain" outfit.
  19. Meant to get pics, had Chorizo and Prawn kebabs (the skewer kind, not the "fallen out of a bar at 2am" kind) last night, they were rather nice.
  20. wev

    Star Anise

    So I've been back into the Chinese supermarket today, bought some more Oolong tea, Ramen and Pocky but also picked up some black beans (nom beef + pepper in black bean sauce), then I caught a whiff of the star anise and just had to buy a bag (about 89p so wasn't turning that down!). Only problem is I really have no idea what to do with it, so I need recipes people
  21. I'm guessing smooth peanut butter? Sounds real nice if so.
  22. I'm not a big fan of the graphical style either. Feels like a half way house between Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, two games which are visually worlds apart.
  23. Strawberry and balsamic vinegar? odd combination much? Should be replacing our blender soon, the last one randomly stopped working. Want to do milkshakes, thinking blueberry. Would frozen berries do the job or is it fresh all the way?
  24. wev

    Home made crisps

    We tried the tortilla chips but only had Flour Tortilla's, it worked out alright though, they were a little dry but with a Chilli dip were rather nice.
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