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  1. wev

    Formula One - 2023

    I hold Sky in that regard too
  2. wev

    Formula One - 2023

    So see you on Feb 24th?
  3. wev

    Best New Music 2023

    Quite enjoying Iggy Pops latest album, seems to be a mix of different sounds, the verse on Comments feels very Turnstile like https://open.spotify.com/track/59QajhlzAmlJ1wIRwzLxv8?si=H97Kpk8sT1mR7MqY9LyZPw Also, it goes without saying that Duff Mckagans bass playing throughout the album is excellent.
  4. If course magnets have their own entry on Wookiepedia https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Magnet/Legends
  5. I wasn't aware that was a magnet but I suppose it is
  6. Wait. Are magnets a new thing in Star Wars?
  7. It's the same template every other piece of Star Wars media follows. Sure if you don't give a shit about Star Wars then there will be stuff that goes over your head and as someone who likes Star Wars but hasn't consumed every bit of media there is there is normally something mentioned I'm not aware of, but so far, it's at least not linked everything back to the fucking Skywalker's (I assume Tatooine will be in there somewhere though, for a planet that's the furthest from the bright side of the universe, everything important seems to fucking happen there)
  8. wev


    Changing Lokonga for Xhaka seemed to help Vieira I think
  9. wev


    Vieira and Lokonga causing Oxford no problems at all
  10. Re the spoiler, I doubt they even gave it that much thought. That holomap is fucking awful. Had to go back to the ice/greenery planet and trying to find my way to the is a proper ball ache.
  11. Don't worry about it, that probably came across as brash in hindsight. It's all about love (of adding to the totally doesn't count pile of shame) in here.
  12. Yeah, I meant it as I'm glad there's one there (and it being one I don't own)
  13. Ah been hoping thered be a Star Wars book on offer.
  14. wev


    https://www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11670/12780430/arsenal-and-adidas-launch-second-phase-of-no-more-red-campaign-with-mens-team-to-wear-all-white-kit-in-fa-cup-third-round Coz the Spurs kit worked out so well for them last year!
  15. Can we take a moment to appreciate the slap bass in this battle theme https://youtu.be/NinMCQhDsto
  16. Sad to hear about Vialli. It was hard not to like Chelsea during that era
  17. wev

    Formula One - 2023

    This is a few days old but I found it funny
  18. wev

    Formula One - 2023

    With how big and heavy the cars are now F1 seems like the perfect fit for Cadillac
  19. Forest looked alot better today, yeah I know it was Southampton, but it has to start somewhere. There was a pass from Scarpa (another new signing) that was just lovely. They've got a shirt sponsor now too https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/nottingham-forest-shirt-sponsor-marinakis-7957076.amp
  20. Watching again. Hangman is still "needs a smack in the face" smug, even when you know the outcome. Also, I've met a few RAF pilots due to my step uncle serving in the Gulf and they all think they're a Maverick or a Hangman but really they're actually Bob
  21. wev

    Formula One - 2023

    Threads 2 hours old and weve not had Bottas' New Year's tweet? Or this
  22. I've missed a couple of times when in other games I think an attempt would have counted, same with jumps, Cas's jump is comically short for a videogame character
  23. You don't remember that right away. I've only got two force powers so far Got past Last night
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