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  1. 6 hours ago, cassidy said:

    Finished Providence last night. 


    I thought it was fantastic all told. Loved the blurring of reality and fiction.  Really enjoyed the story it told as a whole and how crazily well researched it was. 


    I got quite unsettled by it when I realised what was happening to Robert and what Alan was saying again about fiction and words altering reality or itself being a work of magic. 


    Had a few nights of unsettling dreams even though the horror is underlying and not visually there on the page 


    Very impressed.  Will read it again 


    I had this when I was reading Junji Ito's No Longer Human, I've got Uzamaki to read after From Hell, I'll add Providence to my wishlist (and neonomicon)

  2. I used to go to BSB alot during that time (a friend of my Dad's was a sponsor of Ron Haslams young rider program), I remember them initially really struggling with reliability and my Dad would joke that the Boost was to help get then running.

  3. Oh those Hislop v McKenzie Boost Yamaha years 



    I never remember which circuit it was but I have a strong memory of them literally lifting each other up as they went through a chicane side by side.

  4. On 13/10/2021 at 20:00, skadupuk said:

    I got it in my head that those guys might be disappointing live, but then I found this:



    Probably cliche to say this but getting serious Kathleen Hanna and Kim Deal style vibes from this :wub: 


    Gotta love a groovy baseline and catchy chorus

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