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  1. Williams Honda?


    Also Red Bull are crafty fuckers (and the sky is blue) with their "we need more time on the engine freeze now we're independent engine manufacturer" whilst basically running a Honda and then a Ford.

  2. Oh and


    eh, should have gone with a red livery with black and white trim and play on having that 27 on the car (I swear that's why Hulkenberg keeps coming back, to stop a more exciting driver having that number)



  3. After watching the 97 season I'm now watching the 98 season. Murray seems to be enjoying sticking the boot into Williams, he's said how much Hill must be enjoying holding Frentzen up, he's made some catty comments about the Mechachrome engine and said the livery is a mess.


    He's not wrong and maybe it's because Hills Arrows season was poor (not including one race) so now he's in a Jordan he can cheer Damon on more but it's been quite amusing


  4. On 31/12/2022 at 12:31, wev said:

    After chatting with @Vorgotthis morning, I'm gonna get in on this too, will take some planning. I need to look through my libraries and look at what I really want to play, and I have a few games that I tend to dip in and out of. 


    My biggest problem is I regularly check sites like the humble store, cdkeys and fanatical, see something and go "ooh, *buy*" and don't necessarily get around to it. I've just got a shiny new PS5 and a years worth of Premium + but I'm a nightmare for not really using those services much, that being said I do intend to do so at some point.


    So, my current Backlog I daren't even look at, but a quick glance and a totting up of digital things I want to play rather than them just being a part of my collection is, these are games that are either unplayed/started but not touched in a long time.


      Reveal hidden contents

    Persona 5 Royal

    Persona 5 Strikers



    Final Fantasy Type/0

    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

    Final Fantasy XIII

    Elden Ring

    Persona 4 Golden

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    Yakuza Like a Dragon

    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

    Nier Replicant

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Yuffie DLC

    13 Sentinals Aegis Rim


    Yakuza Kiwami

    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD

    OlliOlli World




    Which is currently 20 titles.


    Ongoing titles that I wont include as backlog games, these are all games I either dip in and out of as the mood strikes me or are ongoing titles with regular updates and/or multiplayer titles.


      Reveal hidden contents

    Monster Hunter Rise

    Final Fantasy XIV

    Halo Infinite

    Gran Turismo 7




    Lastly, Playing Currently, so these are games with a clear end goal, usually story driven titles.


      Reveal hidden contents

    Pokemon Scarlet

    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    Final Fantasy VIII


    Future Purchases


      Reveal hidden contents

    Final Fantasy XVI

    Armored Core VI

    Tactics Ogre Remaster


    My Pledge


    To not buy anything in a sale on a whim, to not add to that Currently Playing list until I either complete a title or have had my fill, and to not add any more Service/Multiplayer/Infrastructure based games to what I currently play without leaving one of those currently there. The only caveat is expansions/battle passes can be bought as/when I feel I want them (so I still dont own the Monster Hunter Rise expansion, for example). I'll also be keeping track of all of this via my blogsite as it gives me incentive to start writing again (but will also keep track here, obviously) 




    And that's one game down, finished Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order today, posted my thoughts in the games thread, was an excellent place to start.


    Going to restart Yakuza: Like a Dragon next.

  5. And finished.


    Thoroughly enjoyed that, another piece of Star Wars media that shows the best stuff is now firmly away from the big screen (even as someone who doesn't dislike the prequel and sequel trilogies). 


    Had to knock the difficulty down to Story Mode for two fights as the pace of them was beyond my capabilities.



    Who was random Jedi dude on Dothomir? Is he in anything else?


  6. 4 minutes ago, The Fox said:

    Boehly readying another £90m as we speak.

    And a 10 year contract before that loop hole closes

  7. Thought Turned did really well too, not much he could have done about the goal, was a good finish just the defending was soft. I liked that he really put himself out there to try and prevent shots being taken 

  8. 52 minutes ago, wev said:

    Why does Haaland look like he's running through tar?

    By this I don't mean he's slow, he's not, it just looks like he's running slower than he's actually moving

  9. Agreed, though I think the yellow was a bit soft, theyve both been wrestling each other all match, but it does feel like it could go the way of the Son-Holding battle of last season.

  10. I can see ESR going into the Xhaka role in future, he's good at carrying the ball, has alot of determination etc probably better disciplined than Xhaka and more creative than Elneny

  11. I only had one season of Sky Sports, just found the style of their coverage exhausting, I'll put up with DC gargling Red Bull instead, at least I'm not paying for that 

  12. It's prevalent on so much too, and the sound mixing in general now is overwhelming.


    I had a day yesterday where I was feeling over stimulated, nothing had triggered it but when the kids got home and wanted the TV on the constant need to fill any silence with just anything (they were watching some baking show on Netflix) had me really irritable, clenched jaw and just needing to switch off from everything.

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