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  1. Yeah but can they do Macau on one wheel?
  2. Car? Oh... Coz I'd have picked Schwantz's RGV500
  3. He needs Frank Lampards illegitimate son to get injured
  4. I mean that looks like an American attempt at an early 90s F1 car. It super chonky
  5. NeoElite will never walk alone, not with the shadow of Liverpool's none Scouse fan base following him everywhere
  6. I agree, I wouldn't show it to my 9 year old even though she's obsessed with "creepy" videos on YouTube. Though I don't think she'd sit through it anyway
  7. Re the mudguards, how will they be fitted? Would the be a part of the hub of the wet rear wheels? Or are they fitted prior to the session? What happens if the track dries out? Or if one gets damaged? I'm sure they're considering this (hahahaha yeah fucking right)
  8. Halloween doesn't really show much though, it's more the chase of an unstoppable monster than it is anything else. Modern episodes of Scooby Doo probably show more
  9. Though on The Race the guy responsible for this initiative and Pirelli are saying they need to figure out how much spray is from the diffuser, but drivers have also been saying the ground effect cars throw up more (which makes sense)
  10. 50 is a bit drastic, always thought 151* was the perfect number
  11. Or if you have money you can pootle around and get in other people's way.
  12. That's a shame, I'm still looking forward to playing it with the kids though and they probably won't give a fuck about assets and frame rates and all that.
  13. If the assests are low quality why would the performance be so poor? Is it just poor optimisation? Can it be fixed in patches?
  14. Bought 2 copies of each as our main Christmas gifts, my youngest and eldest have bagged the copies of Violet (though they don't know theyre actually getting them) so that's me and the middle one with Scarlet. Actually really looking forward to playing a Pokémon game as I've not really played any properly since Silver and Gold (I played a bit of one of the 3DS ones but not much), especially looking forward to all of us starting at the same time come Christmas day
  15. The number of times he mentioned being able to "feel it through your bum" was a bit disconcerting
  16. I took my Dad for a lap of it last time he visited, he was telling me what corner was coming up next and was nearly giving me pace notes
  17. I haven't listened to it yet but was worried about Pete Tong narrating it
  18. Mercedes and Hamilton have been more dominant than Ferrari and Schumacher
  19. Also, why? They don't carry the gear box and power unit over till next year do they?
  20. Well that nap was needed
  21. Doesn't he always? Tired of him tbh
  22. Mercs going backwards
  23. Which is stupid because the team get one anyway, four trophies are handed out on the podium, let the drivers keep theirs
  24. Coulthard on the channel 4 coverage genuinely said that Checo owes his career on F1 continuing to Max (with the implication that he should shut up and do as Max says)
  25. Going to see Touts in Bedford tonight, not been to a gig since I saw Slaves in Leicester 6 years ago!
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