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  1. Edit, actually, I know it's "the character" being horrible and bitter because of his grief, feelings I don't share, but I've remembered why I'm not a fan of Gervais generally, he punches down. All. The. Time. There are enough moments that make me want to watch it though, it's the process of grief being on screen, and he's captured that.
  2. I'm not a fan of Ricky Gervais, neither of us were really, I keep trying to see what the fuss is about, bounced off The Office, Extras, Derek. I dunno why, he just hasn't clicked with me. This has though. I'm 4 episodes in, and so far, hes captured everything I've felt so far (even his relationship with the dog, though I've not hired a sex worker to clean and not let the cupboards to empty), I'm literally crying and laughing, often at the same time, through every episode.
  3. I have Netflix (monthly sub), Prime Video (part of my phone contract but I don't get other Prime benefits) and Disney+ (yearly). Disney is due for renewal in March I think, and I'm kind of on the fence about it, on the one hand we don't use it as much as Netflix but when we do use it it's often a whole family thing, plus my 7yo is obsessed with Encanto right now.
  4. A third viewing this weekend and it's really grown on me, I think I prefer it to Moana, that bloody caterpillar song has utterly broken me every time.
  5. Listened to all 3 Bat out of Hell albums plus I Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself and cried throughout, so many little memories where his music was playing in the back ground all flooding back.
  6. It's a Lego game, it'll have something in it that breaks, they always do. Still want it though
  7. Was one of Charlys favourite artists and we had Bat out of Hell play at the end of her funeral. A shame she never got to see him live. Such an amazing voice.
  8. I've been playing FFXIII since the end of last year, it holds up really well. I don't mind the linearity for the first 30 hours, but I do mind how hand holdy it is. And yes, it's still utterly stunning
  9. Also, iirc, Catherine is all adults? Though I also remember the way Erika was treated was really shitty
  10. To be fair, if Xhaka being suspended was the deciding factor, Arsenal would be applying for games to be postponed far more regularly
  11. Me, everytime someone posts a wall of text from The Athletic. I wouldnt be surprised if there was a recipe for banana bread at the end of their articles.
  12. wev


    If there was any intention for him to do something like that he'd still fuck it up
  13. Thanks both. And yes, I've been mostly using it as a prompt to dodge, I assumed I'd need a shield to parry, I don't tend to carry them that often
  14. So, beat this guy last night after the Ramparts. Do the yellow exclamation marks work as an alert to get you to parry? If so how do I do that? Not found this other ability that's been mentioned yet, im guessing it's a wall jump? As there's been lots of walls to do that on, or something to activate those little statues that buzz when you touch them.
  15. Can a mod/OP put "NSFW" in the topic title please?
  16. I haven't figured out how to tell what routes to take, I struggle with Ramparts too tbh. I think I just tend to get more aggressive the longer I'm alive until I find myself dead
  17. Had this at launch on PS4 and whilst I could see it was really good I couldn't help but feel some disconnect between it. Bought it on Switch (minus the DLC bundle) whilst it was still on sale the other day and it's been the perfect "pick me up, play till I die, do my next job around the house" kind of game. I'm woeful at it though, I think the longest I've lasted is about 15 minutes and always die in the sewers
  18. Wouldn't a simpler solution be for teams to present daily/weekly/whatever testing results to the Premier League and the Premier League deciding if a tie should be postponed rather than letting the teams making requests, like Micah Richards has said, currently what Arsenal did is in the rules and the Premier League have put themselves in a position where any club can try to take advantage and point to other fixtures as an example. By keeping track of test results, theres less chance of a team taking the pisz (though someone will always find a way)
  19. wev


    Baloguns gone out on loan too
  20. wev

    The Expanse

    I've only read the first book so I'll join in with the "the books don't exist" group. However, I read the Laconia stuff as if to say that the protomolecule is still in existence and working its work elsewhere. I'm fine with threads being left open when you've had a multiple season show, because life and the world doesn't always tie everything up nice and neatly
  21. wev

    The Expanse

    I'm wondering if that whilst this is the end of The Expanse it's not the end of a streaming series set in that Universe? Like The Expanse could end with But a new "spin-off" (but really a continuation) focusing on Dog Planet, Duarte and could be next on the cards.
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