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  1. Absolutely fucking gutted for Lando, he was an absolute hero today and I'm loving how much his stock has risen this season. 100 wins though, fucking hell!
  2. George Graham won't be happy with this new Arsenal
  3. wev


    ESR and Saka on the score sheet?
  4. We lose one game and we fall behind Its Always Pissing It Down In Wrexham...
  5. It's Friday then it's Saturday, Sunday (what!) Landooooooo
  6. wev


    @Twinbee If he wants to read One Piece and has a tablet it's worth subscribing to the Shonen Jump app. It's £2 a month and he has access to all of that, Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball and more
  7. Morgana Robinson was excellent I thought, mostly because of just how foul mouthed she was
  8. I'm surprised what happened with the ending hadn't happened earlier. I mean how many times do you have to be told "we're doing something vital, stay out of the fucking way"
  9. Just run some F1 cars on full wets all day long till Friday morning, should clear it.
  10. The Director of XVI was also involved in The Last Remnant which I seem to recall got favourable feedback even if it did set the world alight, didn't play it myself so can't comment
  11. Thanks. It's just a shame the bazaar only unlocks when it has items available and doesn't show you what you need to sell to unlock stuff. Unless I'm doing something wrong. Anyway, took down Diabolos today I think I need to work on my Gambits a little more as Vaan tends to stand still for ages topping up people's buffs and there's a bit of crossover on healing from time to time.
  12. I'd have like to have seen them elaborate a little more. We're all in agreement that the line that led to Nomura receiving more and more responsibility is the bad time line right? Amazingly XIV is dropping belts as a piece of equipment from Endwalker so I'm taking that as a sign that Yoshida has had enough of Nomura and that he also won't be involved in XVI
  13. Except when he covers Nottingham he has a habit of saying Bulwell, which is how it's written, but everyone from Bulwell pronounces it Bulwull
  14. Did the second stage of my Resistance weapon for Dragoon yesterday and now need to start the Recollection stage, will be the first time I've had any up to date gear since ARR launch!
  15. Anyone know if there's any loot I shouldnt sell? Other than teleport stones. Because I've loads of the stuff. Also can I sell it anywhere and gain access to bazaar items or does it have to be specific sellers for specific items? I've tried reading guides but they're all a little confusing.
  16. I'm not sure how accurate it is. Yasumi Matsuno was lead on FFT, Vagrant Story and (was at the very least heavily involved in) XII but has "only" written some scenarios for XIV (as Yoshi P is a big fan of his work) but wasn't on the VI team as he was at Quest working on Tactics Ogre games at the time, but he's not involved in XVI as far as I've seen. I'm intrigued by XVI because of Yoshi P's involvement, but I've never played any of his previous games so I've no idea what his approach will be to the gameplay side of things.
  17. I booted this up on PS4 (but using PSVita remote play) last weekend (maybe the weekend before), though my save file said I'd last played it in 2019! After spending an evening figuring out where I'm at (and having it pointed out to me that the map tells me that...) I've been chipping away at the Hunts to gain some experience and levels as story wise I appear to be at the point of no return. Doing all this is fairly passive and is a totally different experience to the previous entry in the series I was playing (IV on PSP) and my continued playing of XIV (though you can see Matsunos influences in that, even outside of the content he had a hand in).
  18. Some people can see what's going on, some people can't. There'll be a whole bunch of breakdown vids soon from the community. I main DRG and spotted there's little pips next to the Blood of the Dragon meter now and the very last attack looked new, but apparently in the Live Letter they said Blood of the Dragon will pop automatically now, meaning one less thing in the rotation (though in gonna kind of miss hitting that button)
  19. wev


    The bbfc page just says "language" https://www.bbfc.co.uk/release/count-me-in-q29sbgvjdglvbjpwwc01mzmxnti
  20. wev


    There's a bit of swearing in it from what I can remember, Taylor Hawkins likes to drop a few fucks and "ass"'s
  21. Oh and Placebo's new song (their first in5 years!);is like a warm blanket that feels like Every You Every Me whilst still sounding fresh
  22. The new The Death Set is predictaby fast, weird and punk infused. Oh, and excellent
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