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  1. So Piquet Salazaar Schumacher Anyone else?
  2. wev

    Red Dwarf

    "It's a state of the art sarnie" "It's the state of the floor I'm worried about"
  3. wev

    Inktober 2019

    Lacking inspiration tonight, or I should say the ideas I had I knew I wouldn't be able to pull off so stuck to something boring and I think it also shows, but this is about establishing a habit. Gonna pick up a new sketchbook each month I think
  4. Watched this today (the music is fucking awful btw) https://watch.amazon.co.uk/detail?gti=amzn1.dv.gti.aeb61382-bcd2-50cd-f829-3ae5531b73e5&ref_=atv_dp_share_mv&r=web This was the season I started to idolise Kevin Schwantz (I was 4/5 in 89) but I didn't know much about racing then, it's great going back and seeing how crazy some of the racing was though, especially Suzuka and it. Amazingly I think every race Schwantz finished he was either first or second but as he kept binning it (he never ever did things by halves) he only finished about half the races that season nice seeing a bit of Rocket Ron too, especially as I spent quite a bit of time in the paddock with him, James Haydon, Scott Smart (among others) in the BSB support races in the early to mid 90s
  5. wev

    Red Dwarf

    "Stop your whining you filthy piece of distended rectum"
  6. 1. What makes Fortnite so addictive? I dont play it nearly enough to consider it an addiction. Though certainly I can see how people get to that point as its now so huge and people are making such a lot of money from it that everyone thinks that they only need to sink in the hours to get to that stage. Add in the unlocks and that the rounds don't really outstay their welcome all adding together to really scratch an itch. 2. Is it easy enough for you to pull away? If not, why not? I have no problem pulling, I think I play a few weeks of every other season, I've not been a part of the big closing events at all and only "buy" the battlepass when I've earned enough V-Bucks through playing the game. 3. Do you have a different reaction to Fortnite than you do other games Not really, I've never been much of a competetive gamer so it doesnt bring that out of me like it does so many other people, its also probably why I'm not very good at it. 4. If you have children, have you noticed any change in them since playing Fortnite? I have kids but only my 15 year old daughter plays games, she mostly prefers single player games and if its multiplayer she prefers Minecraft or Overwatch. 5. Do you feel forced into spending beyond Battle Passes to get the skins? Nope, like I said above, I've not actually bought a Battle Pass using anything other than V-Bucks earned whilst playing. 6. What are you overall thoughts on the game? How does it make you feel? Is it something unique to Fortnite? Or the genre? I wouldn't say its unique, at times it reminds me of playing Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow, sneaking around being cautious, listening for footsteps, using cover, just wrapped up in a brightly coloured package. Maybe if I was any good at building it would feel different
  7. To some extent you make your own luck, Rosberg had the mental aptitude to fuck with Hamilton's head, keep the team on side in a politically charged season that theyve not had to deal with since. He's a very different prospect to Bottas whos only consistency has been his lack of consistency which goes back to his Williams days.
  8. The thing with Piquet, and I guess Prost and Lauda too, is that people don't tend to like clever drivers. Mansell makes a distinction between drivers and racers, he places those three in the drivers tab and the likes of himself and Senna in the racers. The same applies to Schumacher and to some extent Nico Rosberg (whilst is Dad was more of a racer) who would often upset Hamilton (a Racer) by understanding the technical and political sides of the sport more, I think the competition between Hamilton and Rosberg (who is without doubt not as talented as Hamilton) really helped Hamilton mature as a driver and become much more intelligent and rounded, we dont see any of the shit he'd get up to in his latter McLaren years since he lost that championship to Rosberg.
  9. wev

    Red Dwarf

    Except Queeg? Do me a lemon
  10. Night 3 part 2 I show the dice to roulette boy Gregory and I are thrown into a game of "hell's roulette". I have to spin the roulette wheel and beat Gregory to the goal to start I spin a 7 and get to go first. Oh my second spin I land on a bomb tile which explodes and depletes my mental guage, third turn I get a 10t weight dropped on my head and have to sit out a turn but I'm comfortably ahead of Gregory at the moment, though I end up losing due to being hit by 10t weights too many times and my mental guage depleting. My 2nd attempt I also lose, though its very close. Roulette boy saying "hurry up and spin me" every single turn gets tired fast. I lose a third time and begun to think it's fixed as Gregory keeps getting items that double the number of times he can move. A fourth attempt is also unsuccessful. Finally on the fifth attempt I'm successful but even so, apart from getting a Change card, the items favoured Gregory and it was only due to landing on a bomb square and getting a 10t weight dropped on him that I was able to carve out a lead. Winning results in roulette boy giving me his soul as a prize. Apparently I can play hell's roulette any time I want but I'm not sure I'll do so unless it's needed for something else. I decide to go back to my room as my mental state is pretty poor, though I get chased by cactus gunman on the way. I also see Neko out of her room. Next up is, I think, TV Fish, whom I think the "Dead Remote" will work on. However I can't equip it so maybe I need some batteries first? So I gather up some items from my wardrobe and visit Gregory's Shop and exchange them for a battery. When used it changed the "Dead Remote" to "Remote Control" I peep in on Neko Zombie who is dreaming of her revenge on Gregory. Now to head to the third floor of the basement where I saw TV Fish previously. After continuously firing the remote at TV fish in the basement but getting nowhere I actually resort to a guide which tells me to visit the bar and knock on the jukebox to attract him to there where j should be able to use the remote on him. This works and I'm not sure how anyone would have worked that out on their own but there you go. Ran out of time to figure out Hell's Chef tonight.
  11. I've not seen king of comedy but will rectify that
  12. I wrote up my theories surrounding Joker on my blog https://barharukiya.wordpress.com/2019/10/20/how-the-joker-plays-his-ultimate-joke/
  13. Anything on there thats worth picking up?
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