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  1. wev

    The BTCC Thread

    Pity they stick all of it on ITV4. I know they show the whole days events, but it would really boost viewers if they stuck a highlights package + the feature race live onto ITV1
  2. wev

    art of rally

    Watching that back it genuinely looks like I was trying my hardest to hit as many people as possible
  3. wev

    art of rally

    Those saying it controls poorly, have you tweaked the steering assist? it jumps in 10% increments and makes the world of difference to play with it, I have it set to 70% at the moment. Also, dont go straight for the Metro!
  4. wev

    art of rally

    Not sure why people are saying its hard to control... its utter sublime imo, its amazing flicking through a snake like section of a stage, dabbing the throttle, applying just a touch of brake to control the slide then tapping the handbrake to let you flick the car the other way I'm in love
  5. The lack of Nomura is the Best News
  6. Isn't that just how they turn up for home games?
  7. wev


    It looks like something from a 90s arcade racer!
  8. I didnt get on with it. http://www.barharukiya.co.uk/bpm-bullets-per-minute/09/ Great concept, but I just didn't feel the execution was right.
  9. That last corners all about manual transmission
  10. It's produced by Yoshi P and developed by the Heavensward team, I thought the city they were in looked a hell of alot like Ishgard There's also a Dragoon in there, which everyone knows is the best class. Though considering its ties to FFXIV there has to be a reference to both Estinian and Floor Tank
  11. wev

    Formula One - 2020

    They should run a reverse grid at Monaco
  12. 100% Honestly, when I was playing on Normal I kept thinking of that F1 karting game on PS3/x360 just minus the power ups, then changed to Had (then Expert) and the jump in just how much more fun it is banished those thoughts
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