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  1. wev


    It felt a bit odd that the first time I read an Asterix book in decades was around the time that Uderzo passed away, though it was purely coincidental, it had been picked as my comic book book clubs title for the meeting we were supposed to have had last week (which was canceled for obvious reasons). Anyway, that book was Asterix in Britain and I wrote about how it made me feel here https://barharukiya.wordpress.com/2020/04/01/asterix-in-britain-rene-goscinny-albert-uderzo/
  2. I read an Asterix book for the first time in decades for the book club I was attending (before we all went into lockdown), it was Asterix in Britain, I've written about it on my blog https://wp.me/pWXKT-tn
  3. Sorry I've not been able to join in the past couple of weeks, I don't like playing online when the kids are awake and as they're not at school, plus the clocks changing, their sleep patterns have been thrown out completely, we were in bed before they were finally asleep last night
  4. wev

    Pixar's Onward

    Disney released it digitally in the US yesterday and then it's going to be on Disney+ in April
  5. wev

    Peter Whitingham - RIP

    Was a key part of my FM2009 Cardiff squad
  6. 8/8:30 is always best for me, gives my younger two time to go to sleep, not always bomb proof and with them being at home all day after tomorrow, things may vary
  7. I liked the suggestion of a one night championship that someone came up with last night, four races in one car (be it the same grid or a mixed grid) the overall winner takes the championship till the following week (and gets to decide the class/car and circuits?)
  8. I've shared those on Twitter (and tagged you in), hope you don't mind, maybe it'll give our Mondays a bit of a signal boost
  9. I had a lot of fun in the Mazda round Goodwood, that and the Datsun are probably my favourite cars in the game. That Ferrari I went with before I had to bail suddenly was an absolute fucking liability, great fun through the chicane but everything else it's brakes either wouldn't work or it'd spin you into going backwards through the corner or it would snap on you, how many people did it kill in the real world?
  10. I'll see what I can do, got a very busy day doomsday prepping today
  11. I read The Colony by Nicolas Debon last week, I got a PDF of it from NetGalley and wrote a review of you guys don't mind giving it a read It's a French comic about Fortune Henry and his L'Essai colony https://barharukiya.wordpress.com/2020/03/15/the-colony-nicolas-debon/
  12. The FIA and Formula 1 have really shown the world how pathetic they really are (though obviously the fans already knew that)
  13. Apparently Sky are saying the opposite. It's really not a surprise that no one knows what the fuck is going on
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