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  1. He'll take down a jet whilst in a flat spin triggered by stalling the prop
  2. @Vorgot Try and pop back on next week for an hour as the Starlight Celebration starts on the 18th, as ever the content probably won't take long to get through.
  3. wev


    I'm surprised it was only 3
  4. 01 - Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - End of Suffering 02 - Petrol Girls - Cut & Stitch 03 - Fever 333 - Strength in Numb333rs 04 - Dave - Psychodrama 05 - Baroness - Gold & Grey 06 - Fontaines D.C. - Dogrel 07 - Circa Waves - What's It Like Over There? 08 - Riskee and the Ridicule - Body Bag Your Scene 09 - The King Blues - 38 Minutes 10 - Sleaford Mods - Eton Alive
  5. wev

    Football Kits 2019/20

    It's not white enough for this electorate
  6. https://barharukiya.wordpress.com/2019/12/12/throwbackthursday-final-fantasy-ix-playthrough-part-17/
  7. He made Burnley look like Arsenal
  8. wev


    Literally just bookmarked it in the Shonen Jump app (running out of space for books)
  9. wev


    Finished S1 of One-Punch Man on Netflix earlier today, can't find any details of them getting season 2 over here though
  10. I didn't make it much further than after my previous post on this, I just really struggle to get on with this series as a whole, though there were some ideas in what I played of this that I did like, as ever I've put my thoughts up on the blog https://barharukiya.wordpress.com/2019/12/05/throwbackthursday-resident-evil-0/
  11. wev


    Still so sleepy in defence though
  12. wev


    This ref definetly doesn't want to give any penalties
  13. wev


    Arsenal look like the away team here
  14. wev


    Witholding judgement on that line up, I like that Torreira is starting but it depends what his role is going to be tonight, if he's to sit in front of the back four then great. If not, then no point including him.
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