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  1. wev

    Formula One 2021

    Also it looks like that Sauber livery from just before they turned into Alfa Romeo
  2. http://www.barharukiya.co.uk/throwbackthursday-final-fantasy-ix-playthrough-part-46/03/
  3. wev

    Formula One 2021

    I really like it too, I do think it's disappointing to lose the mostly pink BWT car though and hopefully Williams/Haas have something to announce regarding that, specifically Williams so that we don't have another white car on the grid. I'm still of the mind that teams should have to pick one colour at the start of a season that has to cover 65% of their car and no other team should be able to pick that colour for the majority of their car but they can do what they like with the other 35%
  4. Talk of Fujimi Kaido in the OP has made me reminisce about taking the 70s Skyline around it then trying to get that Hennessy thing to go around
  5. wev

    Formula One 2021

    I want the Petronas colouring to light up in some way. Like a car in Need for Speed Underground
  6. Does it have the Jason Donovan version of the Sector 5/end credits song?
  7. wev

    Formula One 2021

    All fair points, I for one wish Alonso would fuck off
  8. Guess what's back! http://www.barharukiya.co.uk/category/gaming/final-fantasy-ix/
  9. I did it in two months but I always take at least twice as long as everyone else (clocked in at 49 hours 42 minutes)
  10. You can find each characters combos in Stats>Character>Left on DPad to bring up their Master Skill (I think that's what it's called)
  11. I'm starting to get the jist of the combat, though those enemies that freeze you can fuck off as it's really hard to see that they're about to cast when they're surrounding by eleventy billion Jack O Lanterns. I did notice during the second mid-boss that quite often there's an AoE circle of cone on the floor before they attack though, so at least I know why I'm taking so much damage and now it's just a matter of dodging out at the right time.
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