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  1. Ronaldo is such a prick
  2. That Portugal kit is really rather nice
  3. FFIV has casting times too (or it does on PSP)
  4. Alot of the female commentators/pundits seem to do that and it makes the shitheads who say they don't belong even angrier, I love it
  5. I'm making a joke that the guy with pink hair is Prompto from XV (it's not, looks nothing like him, but did give off the "light hearted sidekick" vibe that Prompto gives off)
  6. Why? The discussion around SNKs owners is relevant to this game.
  7. I think that passage of play summed up Scotland's afternoon to be honest.
  8. Even before the second goal I'm not sure how you Scots cope with Marshall in goal
  9. Wow you wouldn't think they Hampden is a quarter full
  10. I love Alesi, he was my favourite driver growing up, but I have no doubt in my mind that the universe would have still conspired against him being successful if he was driving the 92 Williams
  11. Let's also not forget that there was a very vocal (both from the community and the media) criticism of turn based combat around the time of Final Fantasy X. It was seen as an outdated battle system which, along with random battles, alot of people had begun to turn their nose up at.
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