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  1. They all seemed to bounce off each other really well this series, lots of piss taking going on. Fern was just absolute star of the series
  2. Ever since he grew that tache I keep thinking he's Keke Rosbergs illegitimate child
  3. wev

    Bass Guitar advice

    That's a good bass for the price, how old is she? What scale is the one she's learning on at school? As she's already learning at school it might be worth finding more about what instrument she's learning on there. That Squier has a single humbucker which will sound different to her ears (though not necessarily yours) if she's been learning on a split coil. The way she plays would be the same but it may be a little too different. The best advice is, if possible, take her to a guitar shop to have a play and see what she prefers. Also, check out Harley Benton who make some really well received basses that aren't as pricey as your Fenders etc (I'm eyeing up one of their Rickenbacker clones) https://www.thomann.de/gb/electric_basses.html
  4. I always thought Batty was just as good as Keane, though maybe not as consistent and not as much of a leader
  5. Whittingham was part of my Cardiff side on FM09, combining with George Boyd and Gabriel Overran to get them to 2nd in the Premier League (my highest ever finishing position on any FM).
  6. wev

    Great CD Revival

    I've only got wall mounted space. I've got four of these from B&M and have space for more, they're the perfect size and we're about £4 each iirc Nearly managed to get the first two Royal Blood albums for 10p each only to open the cases and find the wrong discs in there (and no matching cases for those discs), didn't have time to have a proper look through
  7. wev

    Great CD Revival

    You're a braver man than I with a steadier hand! Just here to post my haul from November, I now need more shelves (list in spoiler tags)
  8. So, why not just get rid of DRS then?
  9. wev

    Best New Music 2022

    Really enjoying the LS Dunes album Need to compress my albums of the year list too, so many good ones this year!
  10. If I have to have an F1 car it'd be the 412T2
  11. Yeah but can they do Macau on one wheel?
  12. Car? Oh... Coz I'd have picked Schwantz's RGV500
  13. He needs Frank Lampards illegitimate son to get injured
  14. I mean that looks like an American attempt at an early 90s F1 car. It super chonky
  15. NeoElite will never walk alone, not with the shadow of Liverpool's none Scouse fan base following him everywhere
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