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  1. Had this at launch on PS4 and whilst I could see it was really good I couldn't help but feel some disconnect between it. Bought it on Switch (minus the DLC bundle) whilst it was still on sale the other day and it's been the perfect "pick me up, play till I die, do my next job around the house" kind of game. I'm woeful at it though, I think the longest I've lasted is about 15 minutes and always die in the sewers
  2. Wouldn't a simpler solution be for teams to present daily/weekly/whatever testing results to the Premier League and the Premier League deciding if a tie should be postponed rather than letting the teams making requests, like Micah Richards has said, currently what Arsenal did is in the rules and the Premier League have put themselves in a position where any club can try to take advantage and point to other fixtures as an example. By keeping track of test results, theres less chance of a team taking the pisz (though someone will always find a way)
  3. wev


    Baloguns gone out on loan too
  4. wev

    The Expanse

    I've only read the first book so I'll join in with the "the books don't exist" group. However, I read the Laconia stuff as if to say that the protomolecule is still in existence and working its work elsewhere. I'm fine with threads being left open when you've had a multiple season show, because life and the world doesn't always tie everything up nice and neatly
  5. wev

    The Expanse

    I'm wondering if that whilst this is the end of The Expanse it's not the end of a streaming series set in that Universe? Like The Expanse could end with But a new "spin-off" (but really a continuation) focusing on Dog Planet, Duarte and could be next on the cards.
  6. "Two Oruguitas" is beautiful, my 7yo loves it and keeps finding it on YouTube to sing along to, makes me cry.
  7. Add in drunken rants, shouting at Qui-Gon, Anakin etc
  8. Obi Wan should be just Ben in his little cave going stir crazy for 19 years
  9. I mean yeah, the scooter gang were a bit cringey but the amount of "worst thing in Star Wars" kind of complaining is over playing it somewhat when Attack of the Clones still exists. The gang themselves were fine, the scooters were a garrish and didn't look like they belonged and the chase was dull, it was a typical "middle of first season" episode really.
  10. wev

    The Expanse

    All caught up. I'd been putting it off, Charly and I were watching this together and it's tough finishing it without her. In ep 5 when Drummer I do love how many strong female characters this show has too, including Rosenfeld. Can we please have a fight between her and Bobby?
  11. I agree, some of Forests players were really good to watch against Arsenal. Alot has been made of Arsenal not turning up to that tie, but Spence controlled that side of the field. As for Arsenal, I see Xhaka is up to his old tricks again
  12. Except, from what I remember, the fans on either side don't really care about each other, both focused on a joint hatred of Derby
  13. I know. Somebody tells Nick Knowles that. For someone who's worked in media for decades he doesn't seem to know how media works.
  14. Better controls would be a godsend! Blades are available in AC games, I had a mate who was an absolute arsehole at being able to boost in and use melee when playing arena modes.
  15. Haven't they all spent the past 6 weeks or whatever it's been doing nothing but provide their opinion?
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