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  1. You don't need to be a motoring journalist to know about/talk about cars. I imagine what my Dad knows about classic motorcycles could put some of the writers of Classic Bike to shame and even he will admit there's people who know far more than he does, most of my which he calls friends.
  2. I think alot of people forget alot of the shit stuff Clarkson and co actually put out. The transit/hovercraft? The India Special? The "carwash fire", the jingoistic beach landing in a Vauxhall
  3. Do we know Flintoff and McGuiness aren't car fans and don't know anything about them? Really enjoyed that, "just gonna adjust meself" I imagine they're gonna get complaints about bad language used pre-watershed.
  4. Do they stick the highlights up on YouTube?
  5. A little bit of rubbing there And I like that TVRs neon vomit livery. Hes doing an excellent job keeping Petrov (of all people!) behind him!
  6. Do they always start the race with a build up like that? More of a show than F1 before they'd even started the race!
  7. It probably has both Minecraft and Skyrim coz everyfuckingthing else does
  8. This series has been quite weak hasn't it? It's also difficult to laugh at how shit Paul Sinha is when he's just been diagnosed with Parkinsons
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