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  1. wev


    More of that please Pepe (but with the ball ending up in the net obviously)
  2. wev


    Its not helped by the way Arsenal are going about trying to play it out from the back, just play shitty long ball to Pepe and Aubemayang
  3. wev


    It's gonna be a long afternoon if Arsenal think they can keep absorbing that kind of pressure
  4. Fingers crossed that the potential buyer turns out okay, do the football league still do their checks? (Not that that counts for anything as evidenced by Notts County's Sven Goran Eriksson & Sol Campbell era). Another draw, despite leading, for Notts County today
  5. That guy getting chopped in half by the closing doors was pretty brutal.
  6. They just need to use the Star Wars threads on here, steal every shit joke and bad pun, and there's the script
  7. Never played the Amiga version but adored Bubble Bobble on GameBoy, though I'd been lent the GameBoy and game by a neighbour which my Dad wasn't pleased with so I had to take it back, I looked after my stuff as a kid but we didn't have the money to replace it if something did happen to it.
  8. If they're like the ones on the 2009 cars, yes
  9. @Meatball wants in on time trialling, you're all screwed
  10. Looking forward to Celeste, not sure it's my thing but I've heard so much positivity around it and getting it free it would be ride not to try it
  11. I'm happy with that, I think they'd be earned back quicker than they can be spent? I'm gonna have to remote play this for the next few days as my other half has been playing State of Decay 2 for the past 3 days
  12. Was it true that there was somebody interested in buying but the current owner refused to sell up? Surely it's bad for him to let them die?
  13. We're of to steal the Supersoft this week, though that doesn't quite go as expected https://barharukiya.wordpress.com/2019/08/22/throwbackthursday-final-fantasy-ix-playthrough-part-7/
  14. You can indeed, I just don't like seeing it you can also choose from VGA, scarf or composite booted up Jet GrindSet Radio too but only to the title screen, the logo was a bit jaggy, but then I suppose it's running at higher res than the Dreamcast naturally outputs
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