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  1. Why does Eurosport keep playing this long Jackie Chan racing advert!
  2. Demon's World / Horror Story cool, 80's arcade game made by Toaplan
  3. I just paid £6.99 (pm)for the Eurosport streaming app. working a treat on the ps4
  4. ridgeracer

    SNES Mini

    Most likely the same size as the original, just like they have the NES Mini and SNES Mini.
  5. Competed this last night. Have to say it was absolutely amazing to play and with so many cool touches throughout made the game really charming. Even though I found quite a few moons on the journey, it seems that there is still tons of content to do and find, but the main game took me approx 12 hours to do I’d say. Can’t wait to go back and try and find what I missed. The game reminds me of Mario 64 but also a lot like galaxy in the way the worlds are laid out and you travel between them. Im not sure if as an experience for me it beats Mario 64 as it came with the time and age for me and that game plays a big part of my love for games today but as a Mario game, it’s easily the best they have ever made and is such a massive thumbs up to fans of the series imo. Regarding the controls, I played the lot on a normal controller through the tv (no waggle) and the only time I waggled the pad was when it fell out of my hands drinking a coffee. So don’t let that put you off. Hope everyone has a great time playing it as it’s so cool, and an amazing gaming experience because it reminds you just how fun games can be.
  6. The bottom one is the US release version
  7. I have a huge pile of SFC carts, all good stuff that I can sell in a bundle or alone, to suit budget etc. give me a pm and I'll sort you out a decent deal
  8. ridgeracer

    SNES Mini

    Famicom came with two pads as standard. They were hard wired to the console unlike the US/PAL versions and they actually lived on the console in special areas to each side.
  9. My guess: No one will make another open world game again as all the other developers will throw their toys out of their prams and do the same thing as the Seinfield gif where he waves his hands and gets up off his cinema seat.
  10. Been dipping in and out of here while in work but since release, I've got home every night and played for about 6hrs and did a 14hr session on Sunday. Nothing special you might say but get this... i have only now just realised that I had Stasis ability you get at the start!!!! All this time, I thought that the symbol for it was a padlock and it was something I would get further in the game (as in I had not unlocked it)!! What an idiot I am!!! haha
  11. Not a game, but a film. In the late 90's I used to live with my Nan. It was just me and her and she was still quite young at 64 and it was great to live there as she was just so nice to me and on reflection, pretty cool and down to earth. Anyway, one night, my friends and I went to see Scary Movie. It was a pretty funny film at the time and enjoyed it. Headed home, and my Nan was knitting on the couch watching TV. I spoke to her for a few minutes, even though I had not seen or spoken to her all day an I just came in, said hello and went bed. Later that night at about 4:30 AM, something woke me (not sure what to this day), and I just went in my Nan's room to find her on the floor. I tried my best to help her but unfortunately, I couldn't do anything. She died that night and I never really got to say goodbye. I just never thought it would happen I guess. Point of the story is, I have never watched another Scary Movie film or any type of film like that (hate them all) even to the point that if its on TV or someone is watching it, I won't watch it at all. They just instantly remind me of that night and the time I wish I had spent at home instead.
  12. Just got to work, checked on Argos, did a click and reserve on a grey switch and Zelda, can collect now! If your feeling desperate, try Argos!
  13. I have both a JPN and PAL MD so that's not an issue. What I mean is, are the JPN versions more expensive or is it the other way around.
  14. Thinking of getting a few boxed games for my mega Drive. Whats better to get? The JPN or PAL games. Just want some of the classics all boxed and nice to go with my SFC collection. Not looking to get all the games just titles like: Super Hang On Road Rash II Jungle Strike Space Harrier II Sonic Quackshot Super Monaco GP Truxton/Tatsujin Streets of Rage II/Bare KnuckleII Twin Hawk What sort of prices would I be looking to pay for complete, good condition versions of these (both JPN/PAL). I have rough ideas but would be nice to clarify or if anyone has these games for sale.
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