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  1. I'm playing this on PS5 and I get frame drops every time but only on the outside bit of the Moscow map. I just don't go outside.
  2. Watched a Blu Ray for the first time on my PS5 last night. Sound worked fine in the PS5 home screen but once I played the BR, I had no sound. Ended up fixing it buy unplugging the HDMI and re inserting it back in and worked fine then. My TV is a LG OLED C9. Just in case anyone else has the same issue.
  3. It’s only started to happen once I got my PS5 as worked perfect before, but yeah, it was because everything no presets to 5.1. I watched the first episode like that too!
  4. Just actually tried it here on my work computer and it plays fine. I knew it was strange, and I struggled for the full hour with it and thought, this is shit!' but it must be some setting on it?
  5. I can barely hear the voices and its like when someone is under water but when the music kicks in it normal. Cant be Netflix as I loaded up something else and worked fine.
  6. Cant really read through the thread or go online because I think there are spoilers but can someone answer me this: Is the sound all strange in this? As in, you cant hear the voices and some stuff is very muffled? Watched the first episode and found it hard going. I have not read or seen anything about this until I seen it on Netflix last night. So started to watch but have a hard time hearing it. Just tell me that is supposed to be like that or I am stupid!?
  7. @Uncle Mike You can change that in the sound options ( as its pre set to 'all audio' - you can change it to chat only.
  8. You can use the controller (no mic or anything) to party chat and the voice will come from the speaker and you just speak and the pad picks it up. Press the button so the orange light comes on to mute, when light is off, its a mic. I think that is what your asking?
  9. Titanfall 2 never played it in the PS4 but on the PS5 it looks amazing and plays flawlessly. In some places you could tell me it’s a launch game and I wouldn’t doubt it - not bad for a 4 year old game
  10. Can anyone confirm if Everybody's Golf works on the PS5? Thinking of getting it but seem to remember someone mentioning that it wont work on the PS5?
  11. Completed this last night. Can’t say I’ve played a better game this year (even though it’s short) and it’s easily Nintendo tier if not better. Really enjoyed it and never wanted it to stop. Still want to go back and get all the extras etc. spent a while doing the TT too on Jet Pack Run which is addictive!
  12. Well, after not securing my Pre-order months ago, I spent all day in work (and before) smashing the F5 Button like a loon all to no avail! But did end up securing one last night thanks to @Jei who helped me out big time and I finally laid my hands on one! Really happy with it after the initial set up. I’ve been into games for a long time, and as a friend put it, ‘this feels like a real step up’ and I have to agree. I bought an LG C9 last year and even just playing Astro, it’s the best thing I’ve seen the tv do. Young me, who was blown away by an 1994 Ridge Race
  13. Game was a waste of time. Knew I couldn't trust them!
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