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  1. When I first heard about this project I was worried, I shouldn't have been. Brilliant.
  2. WesT

    Yes, Pet Shop Boys.

    Oh, topic from the grave, sorry
  3. WesT

    Yes, Pet Shop Boys.

    Always bugged me that in an age where pop stars are ripped apart for miming these pair get away with horrendous crimes against lip syncing. Just watched um on the hip music early evening slot of the Alan titchmarsh show and it was hilarious I know this style of music doesn't lend itself to live performances but why even bother pretending
  4. WesT


    .....is pretty disgusting Have been tempted to give it a try for a while as usually I will scrape it out of it's skin and bin it. Brought a 'culinary pumpkin' yesterday (not quite sure what the normal pumpkins sold are) Roasted it with garlic, salt, pepper and OO for an hr, Blutzed it and it was bland / a bit rank Was exactly How I expected it to taste tbh, like a poor mans swede. Any better recipes / ideas?
  5. WesT

    British Sea Power

    Supported the Manics at the assembly rooms.
  6. WesT

    British Sea Power

    Saw them in derby last night First time I've seen them live and was impressed Done about a dozen songs as well which was good for support band
  7. WesT

    The Bookies

    Anybody be kind enough to post up odds for todays match from oddschecker or wherever,.me and a few lads at work wanna have a flutter but everywhere blocked 3-0 england seems a popular shout. Not sure you'd get much more than 7's for that though?
  8. Really enjoyed this also. Thought the cast were fantastic, a real 'feel good' factor to it (excuse the cliche).
  9. WesT

    the brits

    They showed liam backstage on itv2 proper mess 'let's all go do some class a's his mrs ended up the same way by the end of the show and she was supposed to be presenting the whole thjng was pure CRINGE
  10. If you're going to edit the first post I'd make it explicitly clear that you have done. I'd be annoyed if someone edited a recipe I'd written without my knowledge. Shame davros doesn't post here anymore, I remember having a disagreement about how much salt to add to pasta water (lol) but have since learnt he was right and I was wrong! So If you still lurk about, I stand corrected!
  11. Sorry! Thought you were going from the 'proper fan' angle, which always gets my goat. Must admit it sounded an awesome atmosphere from the TV. Although it always would be with 9k Leeds fans there. Gotta give it to them it's always a decent noise when we (derby) play um edit: a Leeds fan pulled a knife on me mid 90s am worrying myself the fact I'm giving them so much credit.
  12. What's your point, not sure it's relevant unless matches are subject to some delayed computer adjustment and it turns out owen actually smashed that cut back into the top corner. Have we all been conned?
  13. agree to a certain extent but I just can't help but be impressed by his dogedness, he can out sprint a player that on paper is quicker just through sheer determination. It's hard to describe. He also laid up a couple of chances and shifted the play around hell of a lot more than owen who seemingly did nothing but squander decent openings. Of course owen wasn't on for the full 90.
  14. BOTH teams were shit?! Leeds were incredible, maybe without the technical ability you come to expect if you watch premiership games exclusively whilst donning yr blinkers to everything 'below' you. But I'm talking passion, effort and determination. Same goes for the support by the sounds of it. And that comes from someone who 'fucking hates leeds' apart from Rooney, he's put his all into every game I've ever seen him play.
  15. Liked His debut album, and some of the stuff he's put out since that and the chase and status track which also liked. So looking foward to the new stuff althought cba to click the link and listen as watching tv (which begs the question as to why I cba to write this...) wouldn't have him down as a scrote tho, always comes across as fairly intelligent.
  16. How long are you cooking it for? half a bottle of red wine would take a while to cook off the alcahol, especially with the lid on as Id imagine its not evaperating. guess thats more of a question, rather than advice? anyone up on the scientifics?
  17. There seems to have been a real slow cooker revival over the last 1-2 years. So much so ive noticed the price of 'cheap' cuts of meat increasing rapidly. Not suprised though as there's nothing better than soft, tender slow cooked beef or lamb IMO. Having said that, mostly use mine for vegetarian fat free recipes, curries, chillies, morrocan vegetables etc.
  18. Because of work I end up staying away from home a lot and it's expected we check ourselves into a travelodge type place. So after I've dismantled my trouser press and asked the local garage attendant out for a pint it's time to eat. Due to laziness and the fact I'm a borderline alchy I end up enduring the 'place next door' only unlike brewers fayre, toby, Etc the beefeater places are actually bloody good. Maybe I've been lucky but I've tried the pasta dishes which have all been tasty, pasta cooked perfect, and finished with Parmesan. The chicken and ribs which have also been succulent and juicy, and ive just had the best chargrilled rare rump steak i've ever tasted. This is after just getting back from the US / Canada where (if I'm honest) the steaks were dissapointing (and I'm not talking chain places unlike now). I know this sounds like an advert probably but credit where credits due and I wondered if it was just me?
  19. The papers are going to have a field day with this airport scene.
  20. Been Dodging the unwashed (whilst attempting to locate a cashier to serve me, ironically) and visiting my local aldi. Couple of recommendations, the 'spaten' oktoberfestbier being the best find 50cl so just under a pint, 5.9% and 1 19 for a lovely strong fizzy yet pallatable lager, can't reccomend this one enough, going down tomorrow to get a box. Secondly 'schofferhofer' is a decent pale wheatbeer. 5% vol and a decent alternative to hoegarden etc whilst being significantly cheaper at 1.19 for 50cl. I've drank some shit in the search for the good stuff from that shop so advise people to test these 2, especially the oktoberfestbier, only appeared recently, hope the name doesn't allude to it's shelf life.
  21. Milk = free is hardly universal to all, unless you live in the countryside and are a dab hand at cow molesting. I guess pasta is going to be the staple for cheap meals but I refuse to concede that anyone can't muster up a matter of pence to cook something at least half decent and varied, else it's unhealthy. Re prioritise If you can
  22. The 5 episode extraveganza starting now on more 4 is a classic. The Preston one with the alchy woman, compsive viewing (if somewhat tragic)
  23. I think you worry too much, it's usually the utter health freaks that drop dead out of the blue. Rather than somebody that ingested synthetic flavour enhancers every so often. And I promise I don't mean that in a twatish way, I admire people that make the effort to look after their bodies, but there's a limit, right?
  24. totally agree with you that it's harmless but i still feel guilty for cooking from scratch only to add a pinch at the end, it kind of goes against one of the reasons for avoiding jars / processed stuff.
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