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  1. Don't blow the buzz, compared to some of the complete shit we've had to sit through this season, we were awesome. Agree about Pearson, where that performance came from, I'm not entirely sure. Commons wasn't interested by the time he left, but I agree we miss some flair, I still believe in Robinson having more that he has shown us so far, but I know there are a fair few neigh sayers. As for Savage, utter wanker and I'll be glad to see the back of him, can't deny he was a decent player and holds the ball up well but he's a liability half of the time nowadays. What you gain in organisational skills you lose by cheap give aways, and ill never forgive him for that Leicester moment, which led to me getting into a post of bother post match all them years ago. @ IH As far as the owners go, I'm pretty indifferent. Every ones in football for money nowadays, so take your pick. Talk to some people who have been invited into see them following E-Mail concerns who come away reckoning they have big plans, others think they're a bunch of crooks. Truth's probably somewhere in the middle, i.e. they're in it to make some money, but know a decent proviso of increasing this is by being successful
  2. In fairness, I was working in Poland last week and kept getting corrected as to how I was pronouncing peoples names / places, even though it's pretty fucking impossible to do it correctly without learning complicated rules of their language. Such as zxvyvccz = f. So maybe they are overly touchy.
  3. Fair enough. He was present when you won the European cup so I guess a win scraped against a 10 man Burnley doesn't do much for him You got to learn to bite your lip when you're at the football, always some ill informed idiot that thinks that everyone else needs to hear their bull shit. The amount of bollocks they spout is almost always exponential to the volume in which its delivered.
  4. You looked a decent side on Saturday, until we got a goal from nowhere I thought we were going to get hammered. Then your confidence went.
  5. Derby were pretty awesome last night, deserved the win. Scoring 2 in quick succession like that straight after leeds tossers giving it the big un made it even better, bit tense at the end but our defence was dogged, only downside was doing Forest a favor, still they were shocking apparently? (Don't shoot the messenger, that's from the mouth of a Forest fan, this AM) oh and Savage hinting at extending a season after the game Still - good night was had by all (well, most)
  6. Maybe but 3-0 could easily have been 2-1 or even 2-2? Your keeper well deserved mom. Don't post in here cus I'm a derby fan, we were dire first half today but good for the draw overall I guess. Still forest fucking it up big style cheers me up
  7. Cheers. Re blog Yeah sound I'll do that no problem. If it's facebook however Im not on it so won't be able to (don't ask - long story!)
  8. I've been taking photos of my meals since the beginning of the year to try and improve on my presentation, some highlights :- (Linked as there are a load) Sirloin Steak With Mushrooms stuffed with leek and Canadian Cheddar. My link Chicken Pie My link Moroccan Vegetable Stew My link Tagliatelle Bolognese My link Lasagne My link Chciken Tikka Masala My link With the best Naan Breads ive ever made My link Meatballs with garlic roasted potatoes My link Tagliatelle with Dolcelatte and Mushrooms (with steak - I like Pasta with steak My link Roasted garlic and red pepper ravioli My link Mixed Pepper Risotto with Portobello Mushrooms My link Tagliatelle with Spinach & Mascarpone My link That's about the best of the bunch.
  9. WesT

    British Sea Power

    Really like the new album, why is the name annoying? IDGI. Went to see them in Notts last week, and I hate to say it but the 'other fella' on vocals isn't strong at all, the gig dipped when he took the lead. Has been the same when I've seen them previously too. Still, was a good show, they've got a strong line up now with the new album tracks they can fill a decent set.
  10. Cheers for the posts Decided to go with what I read here n cranked the heat right down and 'cooked' it rather than seared it, was maybe 2-3 minutes a side, and remained pink but rendered the fat. Melted Cheers all
  11. You see, that's what I remember reading.
  12. lol Rare for me would be searing hot pan, 90 seconds a side. You sure this will yield good results (you bastard)
  13. Always stuck with sirloin / rump and on the odd occasion, fillet. I know you need to cook rib eye for a little longer? on a lower heat. I eat steak rare,is that out of the question?
  14. Cheers for that always wondered what 'Auto' did myself.
  15. I just remember you were on a run, and playing confidently, but following that game (where you just didn't seem up for it at all) started playing badly, albeit still grinding out some results (I remember watching you against Swansea and being awful yet still winning with a last gasp winner) Fella at work who follows you reckons that's how you are playing at the moment. Dunno. Agree about the draw though, 'derby' games have a habit of ending in results that suit both teams, and I think at the moment we'd both take that.
  16. Direby, lol you're obsessed. Ipswich play us next game after we lose to play you on Saturday (Tuesday 1st February) Are you going on Saturday? Guess we haven't got much to lose going by recent form, then again you were on a run before coming to PP last season, losing to us fucked the rest of the season up for you. Fingers x for a repeat.
  17. WesT

    PS3 jailbroken

    Why not stop being inpatient and wait a couple of days, I really wouldn't risk doing it yet (unless you're proper bored, and have 200 quid to piss away)
  18. Haha, there are some strange people around. It was probably a veggie horrified at the thoughts of 'muscles turning into gooey goodness'
  19. WesT


    Thankyou for that, much appreciated Sounds right down my wifes street so going to make it v soon.
  20. WesT


    Cheers MW Gonna try that one
  21. WesT


    Just googled the recipe for the pie as it sounds lovely, it says boil broccoli for 2 minutes until tender but firm, surely itd be rock hard, ask your gf how she got on if you dont mind as im thinking maybe baking it after, is the reason why.
  22. WesT


    Parmesan isn't vegetarian, parmaggio regianna or however you spell it isn't anyway, but there's variaties of hard cheese very similar with some vegetarian versions. Agree about Porcinis, add 'meaty' qualities to dishes. at £2 for 25g the dried versions aren't cheap though, never seen fresh available outside of Italy. Made the mushroom Pesto Lasagne form here : http://www.italianfoodforever.com/ and would recommend it, plenty of decent veggie recipes there, especially if you like pasta as you say.
  23. Nope, still not unusual for comedians to 'borrow' jokes and pass them off as their own. He actually said 'queer' instead of 'gay man' thinking back, for a little extra shock factor I guess.
  24. When I went to see Jimmy Carr he reckoned he had made up the wolds most offensive joke, and obviously told it after teasing the audience. "How do you get a gay man to fuck your girlfriend?" "Shit in her Cunt" Not particularly offensive, more crude, but it got a good laugh.
  25. The things I'd do to that big titted blonde that got picked by the farmer. I cant watch this show with my mrs because I come out with lines like the above, I can't control myself.
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