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  1. Probably done before but am intrigued. Less and less do I watch BBC or ITV Always C4, E4, more 4, and the +1 variants nowadays
  2. WesT

    Sous Vide

    Did look into it,but last thing I need is anything that'll take up room in our kitchen. You can buy a bespoke temperature controller for sous vide cooking Here. An interview with Heston here seems to allude to the fact he may bring out an affordable water bath? Idea appeals to me though.
  3. WesT

    Food Blogs

    I read a variety of UK based food blogs, don't bookmark them as such, rather click links from one to another, one thing has started ti irritate me though. The number of restaurant / food product reviews that have eaten 'as a guest of'' the establishment they're reviewing, or have been sent products for free. Seems restaurants / PR people see it as cheap advertising, but i don't like it.
  4. WesT

    The Boxing Thread

    Hope they behave if he loses, looked some right pissed up idiots on the entrance
  5. WesT

    The Boxing Thread

    Edit : to MK If you split it with a few mates, it's fine, if not it's a rip off. Would the fight have been Setup without the PPV money tho? If you have a dish with a motor it's FTA on RTL (german) Tbh it's worth investing in a cheap b and q sat system just for the fights
  6. Really? that's pretty grim. Id bang the wine in personally, sure itll be fine, especially as you'll be cooking it off
  7. fuckers, i want a Chinese as well now On topic, I usually have a steak sandwich, with some nice fresh bread, and slowly cooked caramelized onions. (My wife is vegetarian, so rarely have this as I can never be bothered to cook 2 separate meals)
  8. Noticed it didn't have any yeast in it, just flour, water, olive oil and salt. i'll stick to the usual method then. still maybe one to try on a week night. that's the nature of his 30 minute meals I guess so Ive kind of answered my own question!
  9. In fairness, But yeah agree it doesn't mention them in the pictorial piece. As an aside, has anybody tried the Jamie Oliver 30 minute meals pizza base? where he cooks it in a pan, slaps his toppings on, and finishes under the grill? might replicate the crispy, charred base that's so desirable?
  10. Its just Dominoes Pricing model surely? Nobody actually pays the 'proper' price, rather use deals/vouchers and get a perceived bargain. It work though, wasn't it Dominoes posting MASSIVE profits? FWIW, I think they're gross, processed rubbish at its finest. Interesting Link
  11. You're a Blackpool fan right? Hope the FA don't make our fixture mid week like they have done in recent history. I like a trip to the seaside (Derby) EDIT : @ ODB
  12. Any Forest fans see davies on East Midlands today last night? (grits teeth) He actually came across OK. Was quite impressed he'd made the effort to greet fans off the official coaches to thank them for their support, he seemed pretty gracious in defeat, and avoided slagging off any of his players, I was gob smacked.
  13. All the Swansea fans in this thread scared of getting stabbed lol will be able to go to wembley now
  14. It was a brilliant game in fairness, Forest gave it a good go, and were unlucky to a certain extent.. You Welsh lot are drama queens, stabbed? Keep yourself to yourself and you will be fine, don't miss a game as big as this because some idiots will be wanting to kick lumps out of each other.
  15. Marcus tudgay is a ram..... You will see Billy Davies true colours in the post match interview, he's an utter cunt, egotistical wanker. He will blame anyone but himself Mark my words
  16. The FA have no reason to care, why would they? Anyway, Swansea were good for the point, you would have to be happy at that if you were a Swansea fan. 88 minutes with 10 men, So why can't I help thinking it's forests year? Wonder what the odds are?
  17. I have a lot of friends in Swansea, me and a mate came down from derby when we played you earlier in the season, think it ended 0-0 IIRC, and we got looked after in town after, loads of drinks and a brilliant night. It's no denying you lot hate Cardiff and I'm sure it's nit a family picnic when you meet, but to think the FA would tap a ref (refs?!) up to avoid an all welsh final is laughable. (and paranoiid / you'll end up in the looney bin thinking like that) It's no bigger to them than the Manchester derby last month, very similar
  18. Mate, don't be a prick. Why would the FA even care about a policing issue? The only people who would have even considered it are the MET. you believe that the FA have tapped up the ref? Really? lol You Are joking yea?
  19. Even as a derby fan I've got to concede that the sending off was fair. Damn my stubbornness for not betting on forest to go up via play offs, it's their year. Guess most participants of this thread are at the game.
  20. lol at the Forest fans playing it down. This is your year, it's obvious, - stop being coy about it.
  21. And take your lasagna out of the oven 15 minutes before serving so you can cut a nice square, rather than slop it onto the plate. (Don't worry, it'll retain its heat)
  22. To say I was pissed when I wrote that would be somewhat of an understatement. Does read a bit OTT Still don't like Savage, sober, or not.
  23. Trying to recall when forest 'properly spanked' derby Oh yeah, cus it never happened. Derby were fucking rubbish today, still robbie savage has gone, good riddance, prick
  24. I went to watch us (Derby) at Norwich, was chatting to a few of their fans in the pub before the match and told them I thought we were improving gradually and might get a draw, which we very nearly did. Can't begrudge them the late winner in retrospect but I was bloody pissed off at the time, as said above the place went mental when that goal went in (as you would expect) ticket price scandalous FWIW, £49 for myself and 6 year old lad.
  25. Good stuff. I do liove keema Always hard to know what to serve with it though as with rice feels too refined. Tend to go with a chunky mushroom pilaf Was it lamb or beef mince? Edit - u ate it as is, ignorre
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