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    I'm sure its Gorden Ramsey that advocates letting turkey rest under foil for about 3 hours, definitely helps with oven space if so. Can see your point about things continuing to cook under foil, tbh 'Dinners' are my least favorite thing to cook, a logistical nightmare.
  2. WesT


    Its sometimes easy to forget just how long stuff will stay warm for under foil, which helps with getting timings right.
  3. By that logic http://www.decoratingdirect.co.uk/viewprod/b/BIRMETHS/
  4. The renaming of st James park is a fucking travesty and I hope Newcastle fans oppose it in every way that they can.
  5. Dunno, Vanessa is blatantly the 'best looking' but there's only one of them I'd love to rattle Men eh? Can't work um out
  6. Have been well into this since a work mate brought a load back from SA Any recommendations of brands? Or is it all much the same?
  7. That Sarah Marie is the sort of girl I (for shame) find sexy as. Rough, mouthy, brash, chubby, but I'd love her boss me around. Ahem. The cats on worktops made me gag, am on a diet, and had sat down yest with my dinner properly starving, and that alone put me off my eagerly awaited food. Totally agree the show is completely based upon the characters / conflict nowadays. To the point where when they all get on and have fun it's genuinely enjoyable (thinking the celeb rugby one)
  8. I'm in the market for a brown roller shutter door, let me know postage options
  9. 15 kilos of pork? Bloody hell Is there a specialist 'burying meat underground with a bonfire above it' forum? Can't imagine many people here have done it before. Would love to hear how it turned out though Heat rises though doesn't it? Can imagine it doesn't get as hot as maybe you may think it will.
  10. Because I used an American-English word? Yeah I see the irony. As for the British bastardising (see that looks wrong now) other cuisines, couldn't agree more, but the 'shepherds pie / turkey' thing was just a step too far for me.
  11. It's probably made worse by the fact that it looks gross to boot. I watch US cookery shows on the food network channel quite a lot and British cuisine isn't alone in being completely bastardized There's not a problem with it, but call it something else.
  12. what the fuck is this travesty? http://taste-for-adventure.tablespoon.com/2011/10/31/fall-shepherds-pie/
  13. Quick question for anybody with the physical book? Does he bother to include his sketch of his efficient desk arrangement plan or whatever he calls it?
  14. Mange tout? That sort of stuff (steamed, not fried)
  15. Anyone had the misfortune of trying one of these? They're basically bacon, scrambled egg, a potato rosti and sauce in a tortilla and they're absolutely disgusting. I don't eat mcdonalds apart from the breakfasts which are a guilty pleasure but they've got it so wrong with these, bland beyond belief. Binned it after 2 bites. They will be off the menu by the new year, no one in their right mind would buy one twice
  16. Chestnuts. Have been on walks with my daughter last 2 weekends and been collecting and eating them as we go, she's still disgusted that I'll eat something I find from the floor, 'squirrel food' she says. Asparagus a long way off though! Talk about getting ahead ot yourself!
  17. Hadn't noticed he hadn't said 'lynn' but now you mention it....her 'racist mother' however is namechecked regularly. Like I mentioned earlier in the thread, this takes partridge from 'insincere / misguided idiot' to 'complete and utter, calculated cunt' Over analysis aside, it's pure gold.
  18. I have no ideas who johnK is, but that's the closest I've ever felt to being under the influence of drugs without being under the influence of drugs. It's the bouncyness / low gravity
  19. I've read / listened to a lot of autobiographies, and love the way the writers use every single cliche going, whether its the writing style, language used, or stories told (some obvious, some very subtle). Partridge though being so crass. One things for sure, I have found it difficult in the past to decide whether I empathize with the character or not. Listening tot his though, he's coming across as a massive cunt
  20. Only about 15 minutes in, but what Ive heard is brilliant. (paraphrasing) 'I believe in the last 100 years, there have been more divorces than marriages' 'If my Dad had of said it, it would have been typical of him' The story of his birth was excellent, loved the accents he put on.
  21. I can never be arsed with stuff like this, despite undoubtedly Being a bargain, moping around tesco, picking out individual packs of herbs (correct weight? Included in the deal?) would do my head in
  22. Dreadful wasn't it? In addition to all the points above, I also noticed she didn't try any of the stuff she made, also sure she said 4 minutes for that pasta that looked wafer thin,, hmmmm. Also not sure why she (+ camera team etc) needed to go to Barcelona for a 90 second (max) segment. I try hard not to be pick TV shows to bits, but this was just shite. EDIT : Though I do think its a bit harsh to put her down because she isnt a fat bastard. You can still eat rich / fattening foods in moderation and have a great figure (obviously)
  23. WesT

    R.E.M. R.I.P.

    My dad hammered the shit out of his out of time and automatic for the people tapes when I was a kid / young adult, mostly in his car.nostalgic for me, can't really comment on the other 13?! Albums.
  24. Strongbow Super, a surprisingly drinkable albeit tramp strength cider. Well I used to miss it, not so much now I seem to have got to grips with my excessive drinking.
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