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  1. Anime

    So I just noticed that Netflix now has Shinkai’s Garden of Words available. A solid 10/10 film for me, definitely worth checking out.
  2. Monster Hunter: World

    So Nerg down at the first try! I put it down to the range and mobility of LBG, I wouldn’t like to try fighting him up close. That said I have some real grinding to do now having triple carted in short order on the next chap.
  3. Monster Hunter: World

    Woot! Pinky down, now on the hunt for Nerg
  4. Monster Hunter: World

    Nice buff for me in the new patch, bowgun normal and elemental rounds do more damage. Light bowgun for life yo!
  5. Monster Hunter: World

    Diablos down and now into HR quests. All the new armour sets!
  6. Monster Hunter: World

    Blimey Diablos is a bit tough. My first triple cart in very short order.
  7. Monster Hunter: World

    Look at this Anjanath....... (shamelessly stolen from Niche Gamer Twitter)
  8. Monster Hunter: World

    Really getting to grips with the light bowgun now. I took out a Rathian and the big wyvern in the coral place solo. Massive sense of accomplishment, especially as I managed a tail sever and carve using slicing rounds. Worringly I got it this Friday evening and have put in 32 hours now........
  9. Monster Hunter: World

    Anjanath down! Th loudest I’ve shouted since beating DS1! If you’re on the fence about this just go and buy it now, forget your current game, forget your pile of shame, this game is the business!
  10. Monster Hunter: World

    Absolutely incredible game! I played Tri on the Wii and Ultimate on Wii U but didn’t really get on with them. Started this last night and am now 13 hours in HR4 just eating up all of the content. The bowgun is so much better now. Brilliant.
  11. Anime

    Godzilla ep.1 is up on Netflix now. Will check it out when I get home.
  12. Anime

    One down, hopefully the next is in there too! if this is successful enough I hope Uzumaki gets a good long form adaptation.
  13. What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    OK, I’ll join in this year. Jan 14 - Inside (PS4). Possibly the fastest update I will do in this thread. Done in one sitting today. I went in totally blind so no idea what was going on or what happens, still sitting here thinking it over now. Another great game, and one which could be considered in the “video games as art” debate. I would recommend to all without reservation. want to say more but don’t want to spoil anything.
  14. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Finished tonight, 128 hours and level 89. Loved every minute, even though the mechanics are janky in places, the VA hit and miss and the plot a bit nonsense. i loved the previous two games so this was the reason I bought a Switch, I suppose it will gather dust now until the new Shin Megami Tensei but worth it for XC2 alone. xenobia FTW! When she’s maxed out the damage numbers are silly.
  15. Anime

    Yep, Junji Ito was superb. Interested to see the Tomie story they choose to go with.

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