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  1. Yep, I saw the Twitter announcement. If they put on a UK show I’m certainly up for another. Would be good to grab a beer with fellow MUKKERs prior to!
  2. Meh, new Blight league is tower defence. Not my cuppa so I’m going to dip out for a couple of months and maybe check the new Diablo 3 season.
  3. I spend too much time on this game.. Just started a contagion / essence drain trickster as well.
  4. I binged AoT season 3 part 2 today. Gripping stuff from beginning to end and more than made up for the crap first half. Allegedly season 4 is the end so I’m struggling to work out how it’s all going to get wrapped up in 20 eps or so.
  5. Cyclone build failing hard on T16 bosses. Trying out a super tanky champion build which seems far more durable so far.
  6. Still going strong with my cyclone zerker, level 88 now and into the red maps.
  7. If it’s not been mentioned already Path of Exile. This is the game Diablo 3 should have been and my favourite game at the moment by far. Free to play as well!
  8. 2 hand berserker cyclone is in effect now, crazy uptick in clear speed & XP gain. I did like 12 levels in a few hours last night
  9. You can play totally free, there are paid cosmetics and quality of life stuff like more storage but by no means essential.
  10. I’m rolling with the fire version of this (a few posts down the thread) PoE build Not got cyclone yet as I’m up to level 25 or so but versus my previous elementalist the tankyness is lovely. I face tanked the first couple of act bosses without worrying about mechanics, I’m sure this will change later
  11. Back from hols with an extra day off so 12 hours straight on my new league starter ice cyclone build. Melee is off the hook! I don’t think I will ever stop playing this game.........
  12. https://youtu.be/FpRk3m3Y-Zg Vinland Saga anime adaptation on the way. Looking great and I’m excited to get some more adult oriented anime.
  13. I only just found out that your stash is not imported when you start a new league! Goodbye to over 300 chaos orbs once the reroll happens Had my fun with getting a storm brand elementalist up to level 85, time to try a cyclone build when we’re back from hols.
  14. Has anyone been to the manga exhibition at the British Museum yet? Interested in views as I fancy a trip down to have a shufty
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