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  1. SuperBrother


    I collect on and off, got maybe 50 or so films and series. TBF with all the streaming services I resent paying big bucks for physical so only pick up in sales and that.
  2. SuperBrother

    Vocaloid games - Hatsune Miku, IA and others

    Gig done, it was surprisingly epic. Hell of a show and would go again.
  3. SuperBrother

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    Update for Rez
  4. SuperBrother

    PlayStation VR

    I have Skyrim and move controllers coming today. Third time buying this game now, damn you Todd!
  5. SuperBrother

    PlayStation VR

    Proper chance to get stuck in today after a quick potter yesterday. The new area in Rez reduced me to tears, complete sensory overload and I suspect what Mizuguchi was aiming for all these years. Utterly spectacular stuff.
  6. SuperBrother

    PlayStation VR

    I’m inside the game! INSIDE THE BLOODY GAME! This is what I dreamed about when I watched Tron as a nipper. Unbelievable.
  7. SuperBrother

    PlayStation VR

    Awesome, thanks. was looking at similar cases on Amazon at around £18 so this is a bargain
  8. SuperBrother

    PlayStation VR

    Great idea, thank you
  9. SuperBrother

    PlayStation VR

    Can anyone recommend a good storage solution for the headset (v2) please? its not even here yet but getting ready for setup and realised I will need to pop the headset away when not in use so a case would be good to avoid dust and scratches.
  10. SuperBrother

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    November - Red Dead 2 (PS4 pro). Done last night, totally rinsed all the side quest stuff as well. It’s too soon to be talking about game of the generation given we have Last of Us 2 still to come but we have a very strong contender here. November - Rez Infinite (PSVR). All time classic game elevated to next level awesomeness in VR. A must play, worth the price of entry for hardware alone. All modes done and the realistic trophies got.
  11. SuperBrother

    PlayStation VR

    I’ve caved and ordered a VR kit and Astro Bot. Looking forward to having a bash tomorrow.
  12. SuperBrother

    Nice games to potter around in

    GTA V once flying is unlocked, just bang on some music and pootle around. We need a new Pilotwings!
  13. SuperBrother

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs - Coens + Netflix

    Loved it. Wagon train was my pick of the stories. Also panshot needs to become a thing now.
  14. SuperBrother


    PSA, Batman Ninja has just popped up on Netflix
  15. SuperBrother

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    Updated for DQ11. Now for some lightweight arcadey shit before Red Dead 2 drops.

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