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  1. SuperBrother

    Path of Exile

    Update time, I’m now up to level 62 lightning based elementalist. Almost done with the campaign then it’s onto maps and farming ready for the next season where I’ll try out a melee character. Love this game, IMO better than Diablo 3 and mind boggling that it’s an FTP. Do yourself a favour and give it a try
  2. SuperBrother

    Path of Exile

    I played the bone version a while back but got sidetracked with other stuff and moved on. Now this is on PS4 I’m back into it again and trying to get to grips. Up to act 3 as a lightning based witch and it’s great fun. Huge thank you to @Siri for the hints and tips above, I’ve gone and spaffed on the extra tabs and that even though I have no idea what I’m doing. [edit] tabs make sense now, currency is a godsend and I think I understand selling gear
  3. You can learn new moves which do more damage but there’s no real depth to the combat at all, it’s akin to Double Dragon so far
  4. So this is a little belter (pardon the pun) https://youtu.be/d7XJxI0RZNo I usually ignore indie stuff on the Switch as there’s too much trash on there, however, Kotaku gave this a good write up so I gave it a go. Imagine a mash up between River City Ransom and Persona and you’re pretty much there. Something about the lo-fi hip hop soundtrack which sounds like Nujabes’ stuff, RPG lite elements and the relative lack of handholding really appeal to me. There’s loads of little touches like the R button making your dude act tough when not in combat, you can spark up a smoke, walk around with hands in pockets and talk shit to people. So far around 3 hours in and loving it. Only £13 and well worth a go. [edit - sorry, no idea how to embed YouTube vids on the iPad interface...]
  5. SuperBrother


    Lazy Easter weekend update. I have sat in my pj’s and watched Madoka Magica (tv) straight through today. A great series albeit it took a few episodes to get going, I’ve had the Blu Ray for ages as I had heard it’s a classic but never got around to it, partly owing to the cutesy styling and character design. No no no, this is very dark and twisty. Thoroughly enjoyable. Now to find something else with a decent story, I’m getting fed up with trash shonen shows on Crunchyroll and hankering for stuff with more depth.
  6. Probably day 1 for me if the PS4 backcompat is comprehensive. I can work through my existing pile of shame with better performance and hopefully get a bump in VR performance too. Sony need to address cooling and noise though as my launch PS4 was stupidly loud and my pro spins up the fans a fair bit, external PSU and stop faffing with style over function please.
  7. SuperBrother


    Pretty decent day at Brum Comic con yesterday. Amongst other tat I got the remaster GITS SAC blu rays and Beck which I’ve wanted to see for a while.
  8. SuperBrother


    This has popped up on Prime now, pretty good so far 2 eps in.
  9. SuperBrother

    Sony definitely not buying Take Two

    They're utterly reliant upon third party cross platform games, taking several top selling ones away would be damaging. Not that this will actually happen of course.
  10. SuperBrother

    Sony definitely not buying Take Two

    If true MS would be (even more) fucked.
  11. No, they do a thing called my Cineworld plus. £5 per year for about £2 discount per ticket and some money off vouchers for food. I only go about 3 times a year (Marvel & Star Wars) so it just about makes it worth having.
  12. Cineworld. I have the £5 annual membership thing which makes tickets a little cheaper so 4x adults at £16 plus booking fee.
  13. Took the fam last night (£65 for 4 IMAX ticks!!) Very good as far as MCU introduction stories go, will be interesting to see if she sticks around and becomes a full time fixture in the avengers. Probably lined up to replace Stark or Cap?
  14. SuperBrother

    Anthem - 1.10 released 23 April: Will There Be Loot? (no)

    Wow, I try not to be too negative about stuff nowadays but this is a total stinker. Thankfully I still have EA access for some reason (just cancelled that as well) so I got the 10 hour free trial. It took less than 3 to reach for the uninstall button. It runs like utter dreck on the basic bone with smeary textures akin to suffering from cataracts. The setup and story is pure generic sci-fi channel hokum. The mission design makes Destiny seem like a first party Nintendo title in comparison. To add insult to injury it then forced me to play with some fucking randos. Big nope! It’s a real shame BioWare are wasting time on this when they have such a great heritage and existing IP to draw from.

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