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  1. I don't think I be available tonight lads, sorry.
  2. Andy 1 - 2 xyz xyz 2 - 0 Andy Cheers for the games mate.
  3. I'll be on Andy if you still want to play?
  4. I can play mate, what time? Also; come on Steely you need to come and beat Jamin twice so I have a chance!!
  5. No injuries for the games mentioned Wincho
  6. Mardigan 5 - 2 xyzgames xyzgames 4 - 2 Mardigan Cary 1 - 5 xyzgames xyzgames 6 - 1 Cary Tomox 1 - 3 xyzgames xyzgames 2 - 0 Tomox Cheers for the games lads
  7. I will be around all day for the lads who I haven't played yet. Just give me a shout!
  8. I've been randomly disconnected from Xbox Live and I can't sign back in. Fucks sake. Sorry
  9. I should be on tonight lads, I'm looking forward to getting started
  10. Graham, Steely, Pants. You available anytime this evening\tonight?
  11. I will be on til about half 6 today if that is any good? If not I should be on tomorrow Do injuries from the league carry over to these games?
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