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  1. What, no Talk Show Host? /evidentlyStuckIn1996
  2. Edit: I'm assuming that was addressed at me with the "We were utterly spoiled". If not, then ignore me Where did I say I was disappointed? I saw them ten years ago and on every tour since, so no, I don't want that again, and haven't posted anything to suggest I did. The point I was making is that they played a shit version of (imo) a poor song, and played a excellent version of an old song. A greatest hits tour would be awful.
  3. I can only surmise you were receiving a course of EST during The Gloaming. Not one of my favourites on record to be fair, they added utterly nothing to it. Thom wandered about the melody like a pissed-up tramp, Ed's backing was in another key, and Colin added a dissonant bass part. They did it far better at the last gig in Manchester (though my reaction was "meh" then too). I'm a big Autechre fan, so don't think I don't "get it" or something. It was shit. I agree, the front was fine - it was the rest of the crowd. I was stood about 15ft in front of the sound desk and got multiple beer showers from the cockends further back who'd come to drink and shout at each other. It was fucking rammed, wasn't it!
  4. Yes. The audience were complete tosspots. £3.30 a pint and there was more beer over the crowd than anywhere i've ever been. Highlight: Fake Plastic Trees. It was singularly the best rendition I've ever heard them play live (my RH gigs hit double figures a year or two ago. Sad eh). Lowlight: The fucking Gloaming. I've seen avant garde Jazz bands make less of an ugly mess. Thom actually said "You ever get the feeling that politicians are holding out on you? I get that feeling all the time. However, I remain optimistic." *drum crash* "Like that? I've been thinking of that one all night."
  5. COD4 has an utterly amazing scripted death of a main playable character. Don't act like it's a ridiculous notion!
  6. (Serious: there was a rumour of a cow level in Diablo. They it real for DII. There's a "there is no cow level" cheat for Starcraft).
  7. I'll make an alt there. Just got my horse on the other server, though - i'll be along once the joy of not running anywhere wears off!
  8. Cow level. They're going to have an entrance portal in every Tauren's arse.
  9. I'm on Hyrikania or whatever it's called. So alone
  10. Anyone going to Manchester this weekend?
  11. And you dismiss the role of sound in conveying the story? Mental. Though if you still don't get it you won't ever get it, frankly.
  12. Some games have good stories behind them - but if you hand control of pace over to a player who's going to fuck around with the physics for three hours, then even the best will fall flat. Pace is an important part of a good story.
  13. Oh, yes. I keep wishing somebody would remake it with new levels - I can still do the first 80-odd from memory
  14. Suizid


    Took me ages to get why I found the game so satisfying: though utterly contrived in their roles, I actually liked the characters. It was like a cheesy action movie rather than a piss-poor hammed-up video game, and that's a rare thing (for me at least). People bang on about the plot and cutscenes on Halo painting an amazing story, but the dialogue is try-hard and the acting is over the top.
  15. Densha de Go ("go by train").
  16. Aah, they're not available yet. May have to pop out and buy it...
  17. You're a gent. I'll have a look too.
  18. Does anyone have a spare guest pass for this please?
  19. Anyone got a spare guest pass for this?
  20. Don't be - it's not meant to be played; it plays itself. It's a sub-genre of the kaizo stuff IIRC - this guy does his to make rhythms and tunes. It just uses Mario's inertia.
  21. Opinion aside, putting this poll in here and expecting the results to be balanced in any way is one of the most daft things i've seen on here.
  22. The one thing I play RPGs for, even though I hate them: levelling up to a ridiculous degree in order to go back to the newbie bit at the start and kill giant rats in one hit. Naked. With a wooden sword. Yes, me and Oblivion don't get on.
  23. Ooh, count me in at some point. Back in a few weeks though.
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