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  1. I could fucking hug you, Mike. Hooray, tanky-tanky! Hooray, tanky-tanky!
  2. My guild in Etrian Odyssey II is called "Pissflaps". You can have up to 30 characters in it, all nameable. I've spent longer in the registration screen than in game so far. If the game is going to constantly refer to your character by name in a half-arsed attempt at immersion, you may as well name it something funny.
  3. You laughed at me for calling all my characters Cocko and Twunty!
  4. I say that to my missus sometimes when we get in the car. She gives me funny looks.
  5. God, that amazing remix... It's a skull. It's a skull, It's a, It's a, It's a skull. It's a skull, I'm scared, It's a, It's a skull. WHAT IS YOUR QUEST. Iiiincredible. BRING ME BRING ME BLOOD. Edit: Ace, I just found a download. Now for a MED player... Edit edit: I should probably explain that it's from an amazingly shit Amiga game (Valhalla) that somebody sampled and turned into a dodgy dance track.
  6. Need a narrator's voice? Get Booger involved. If you've never heard his Radio voice, I can guarantee you will not regret it.
  7. Suizid

    It's finished!

    Seconded. Make it a struggle and you'll put people off, and one of those might have had a commission/wodge of cash for you. Does look lovely though Edit: optimise your images Loz, they'll still look as nice but will take less than half the time to download.
  8. Lasted me an evening. Lovely, but really - the hardest puzzles?!
  9. Anyone ever been to Raleigh (or for that matter, North Carolina)? I've spent weeks of my life there and this story is less surprising than getting a fucking crocodile from a Kinder Egg.
  10. Fair dos. I know it's a baggy arse of bugs, but i've got a level 80 character and one fast approaching that. Not sure why I still play, but they did something right as even with as much choice as WoW gives you for a 2nd run through I never felt any compunction to do it. Just wondered what it'd done so wrong to you!
  11. I thought he quit it with a big change of heart? Why are you so obsessed with rubbishing Conan, Troy? A trite question, but I'll ask it anyway: have you even played it?
  12. Suizid

    FNMDCSP Redux

    Tonight? Tonight I am free. Though Dave, you've got to fix me up with maps plx.
  13. Says in the email, read it again.
  14. Any date on the open beta yet? Summer my arse.
  15. I'll hit 75 tonight; account probably for sale at 80 (I hate raiding anyway). What can I say? I had fun all the way (apart from a few bits of grinding) and got my money's worth - just like I did with WoW. Next!
  16. I didn't even need to click that one, and I know it'll be in my head all day. The guiro has never sounded so perfect.
  17. Well, naturally. But I stood near some folk who didn't applaud anything from HttT or newer. That's a bit weird.
  18. No probs sir! I'd hate them to be doing the same thing as 12 years ago. My tastes have changed, and happily the direction they've gone in has if nor paralleled them then at least headed in vaguely the same direction. It baffles me a bit when (not singling anyone out!) people say they wish they played more older stuff, as it reminds me of my sister, who kind of stopped liking new (and different!) music around the time of Ned's, PWEI and Carter. I hope it never happens to me!
  19. Conan certainly didn't arrive as polished as WoW was from the off. Still, for me, it's got something that WoW hasn't, and that's kept me hooked to level 60. Hope the grind from hell has been wallpapered over when I get up the top end, though...
  20. I just think they've changed (moved on?) so much since Pablo Honey/The Bends that they'd struggle to come up with a setlist which didn't sound utterly disjointed. Unless they played it album by album like true rock legends. And did a costume change between each.
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