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  1. Makes little sense. Why let you log in? Why let you start a download? Why let it waste all of that bandwidth on the server side, just to fail it at the end? And IPs are an incredibly shaky way of telling what region somebody is connecting from.
  2. I gave up - tried again from scratch, same problem as superstarbeejay. SSBJ, what's your console? 120GB elite here, couple of weeks old.
  3. Gah... I'm at 100%, then I get told the download can't complete, then I restart and it counts from 96... 97... 98... 99... can't complete. Any idea how to break this vicious circle?
  4. Slow going, but it's getting there. Thanks! I'll update once done.
  5. Yes please, you lovely people. Edit: is this on PSN too? If so I'll grab it there so's I don't clog the queue.
  6. Suizid

    Left 4 Dead (PC)

    Alan Steam id: Suizid? Suiz? I can never remember. Times: God knows. Tonight is good though.
  7. Every time I read a comment like this I age a year.
  8. A high five for you mister. SC2 is all but abandoned
  9. Vib Ribbon's on there. Read the article! No sequels. No games which aren't true rhythm actioners (ie. those which use rhythm for control but not as the engine, only changing the underlying music). No Patapon for that very reason I suspect. Bust a groove is on there. Click "list". How about Boom Boom Rocket, gozaimas?
  10. Samba de Amigo. Edit: my apologies, that diagram is clunky! Daigasso! Band Brothers.
  11. I've made six starts on this. You and your fucking needles.
  12. They did with the ethernet adaptors. There's only so much you can do with USB devices and keep the cost down.
  13. Someone will find something that works I guess.
  14. I liked the start of The Force Unleashed for this reason. I was all ready for a lengthy "here's Vader's bitch" storyline, and it took me a good 10 seconds to realise that Vader wasn't moving because it was expecting me to take control. A very forgiving intro to the controls - ace.
  15. Ah, thought I was missing something. Ta.
  16. My missus has just had a wisdom tooth removed, so I'm not getting any singing out of her any time soon I'm afraid. Finished tweaking the track now (at least until the vocals go on there).
  17. Nicely done, you two. Approaching the finished article now, just got to get the vocals recorded and then I can see if it needs any more. It's been fun and sounds utterly nothing like anything I've ever made before. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing...
  18. Should be finished tomorrow, Mooserator.
  19. Utterly adored the . Has the perfect weighting of difficulty to fun, and gives a true feeling of being a clever clogs when you're done. One of the best Castlevania moments ever for me.
  20. Is this worth picking up a PS Eye for, then?
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