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  1. It's the comparison shots that really made it apparent - straight on, you can see the dark one has a body and wings; the white one looks 2D.
  2. I know this'll be unpopular - sorry - but it seems the middle of Owen's statue was cobbles with stone outsides to me. Can we replace the middle (just a facade would be good) of the white angel with sand or something for contrast?
  3. Great minds, revlob! Just doing the same now, but I think this one will be a bit tidier when I'm done as it'll have some shading too (bearing in mind MC's current limitations). We'll see!
  4. Thanks guys - it'd be nice to have everyone contribute, even just a little bit.
  5. Already resolved to build therev's MLB/Pac Man avatar later in the style of the WB image. Might have to double up the pixels to make it visible from space.
  6. *Whistles* I'd outline him in black (Obsidian) and you can then lose the glass blocks shoring up the sand.
  7. I swear I'll make it to that stadium yet. Just need to stop getting distracted by mountains that inspire me to piss about for hours...
  8. Can't make it travel any faster. Went off when I said it did.
  9. Yep, it was Infamous I was thinking of. Must have been the comparisons made at the time of the first trailer which led me to remember it as a sequel. No more laudanum for me!
  10. Left my hands yesterday afternoon and went to the great god POSTSACK.
  11. I thought they were doing something similar, but much darker, as a semi-sequel anyway? Did I dream that? Edit: google thinks so! Hmm. What am I thinking of? Very similar look, trailer with darkened skies and some evil bloke, he jumps and smashes his fist into the street and cracks it iirc?
  12. I was rubbish, but now i'm not. I was also in foreign parts, sorry. Though I am now bookless, so someone hasn't sent me theirs.
  13. In hindsight I should have made it rotate.
  14. Pretty much all of the above aren't exclusive (so not for Tier 1 and 3) bar Kung Fu Chaos, which I've already mentioned. By SSBJ's rules, tier 2 titles have to have ports which are "significantly inferior" - so barring Mashed's easy-access to 4 players (the alternative was the PS2) I can't see where any of the above count. Though LB's question is a good one - why the tiers?
  15. Aah, sorry - I thought you meant on the original xbox. No, 50Hz only I'm afraid. Tell you what, I'll get you a key cut and you can play it at mine when I'm out.
  16. Better still, it's backwards compatible
  17. Tier 3: Kung Fu Chaos Rainbow Six 3 wasn't exclusive at all, and the PC version was far better. Crazy Taxi 3 was released on PC too, though I don't know how good it was. I reckon that if you want to stick to your rules on "enduring quality" - ie. they should be the definitive games of the genre - you should take a much harder look at what you've got listed there. Are you seriously suggesting that Orta is the best on-rails shooter (even if you restrict them to dragon-based ones)? And that RSII is the best rally game ever? The others set themselves apart I guess - SB through gimickery, Otogi through having a distinct feel to it (even if that feel is "weird as fuck"), and I've not played Oddworld though it sounds unique enough, but the former two should be tier 3. Edit: Tier 3 Quantum Redshift (I think I'm the only person in the world who hammered this) Brute Force Tier Z Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus
  18. I've got HL2:EP1 if you want it Daniel-san. HL2 too. Too.
  19. Like I'm rising to that. Troll.
  20. Just more proof that Rllmuk could summon an impassioned 10 page argument over the relative merits of square vs triangular spotty paper. I really should make that thread one day. Square spotty paper is a pile of broken shit obviously.
  21. Man up. You knew the risks when you got into sausage. Edit: Meet me in Tescos in five minutes. I'll bring the cricket bats.
  22. Not only not sensible, but not plausible. Just routed through an anonymous JP proxy and got the same result (failing to extract).
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