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  1. If I ever have children, and I catch any of them saying "Mummy, why does Daddy drink?" in a sad little voice, I will sit them down in a Clockwork Orange-style arresting chair doohickey to watch a random selection of 1995-2012+ Liverpool matches. At least I'll have a drinking partner for the next match. Even if they're only six.
  2. Do you know what, I hadn't realised that until you pointed it now. This third guy shooter has substances.
  3. A shadow gun order max payne 3 work of his beyond, the former policeman is all drunk and will depend on painkillers.
  4. No matter which store you go in, Game almost always smells of slightly sweaty trumps, which is why shopping on the internet is a far better option for people with even a mild aversion to excitable unwashed teens.
  5. Nah, as stupid as it sounds Archery is judged as a warrior stone skill. So your assassin should head for the lover's stone ASAP. (I recommend the... ...if you're a freshly minted hero).
  6. "Nope... nothing."
  7. Great thread. Not sure where I'm at with my positive feedbacks but I must be running out Earlier today I replaced the failed HDD in my mum's modded xbox(!) and filled it back full of MD, SNES and Amiga games. Tested each to, erm, make sure they worked... three hours later I've still not worked out what happened to games that I would create lovingly detailed maps for - even today - over the linear-with-insignificant-distractions progression of modern games. I'm by no means a hoarder so I'd have ruthlessly thrown these maps away years ago, but I did feel insanely strong pangs of nostalgia and loss over them. Games just aren't as epic as they used to be: Turrican... Hammerfist... Myth. The thoughts of even the stuff lovingly assembled in the day's mags as part of their cheat/guide sections also made me feel a little pang of sadness! It's not entirely rose-tinted either; I've got a few scribbled minecraft maps from last year somewhere. I'm just not sure kids these days will ever make a game map again...
  8. Sorry for the bump, but do we have any NGCD owners here?
  9. Sent off today. Sort the postage at your leisure sir (though I admit I'm a bit worried about the "when I get it / then I will send the money" when I was being alturistic! :S)
  10. If you'll cover postage (should be cheap) then I'll send you a working MD2, Sega RF cable, Sega UK PSU and three games for it (Revenge of Shinobi, Madden 94, Moonwalker (lulz)) for nowt as long as it's going to a good home. x
  11. John and Ste have reached the final - I tried the competition and it's awful - a terrible excuse for a hangman game - so in the name of JUSTICE I'm appealing for votes on their behalf. Please vote here! It takes exactly three seconds and you can do it every day. http://appmadness.net/?p=1200
  12. Amazing! Check this out (Chrome/Firefox only, most likely). http://www.chromeexperiments.com/detail/canvas-cycle/ Erm, back on topic: there's a whole world of PD demoscene work which defines the very envelope of Amiga graphics. Equinox, Red Sector, Spaceballs... a lot of the work of their artists was exemplary. As for iconic images: the boing ball and the various "insert workbench" boot logos are the final word to me! My homage to the original kickstart logo is below (2011, obsidian and wool gouache on seaboard)...
  13. I think I know the one you mean... hateful shits, the lot of them.
  14. Hallo, Doc Rosno!

  15. Apologies for this question - I'm sure it's in the thread somewhere but I can't find the answer - but what's the deal with region locking?
  16. Where the fuck is my 3D AR pictochat? I want to graffiti a cock onto somebody's head and send it to them without having to staple an AR card to their nose.
  17. Just checking in - sorry, been busy gigging and rehearsing recently! Awesome work with the pig farm and TNT tower, gutted that I missed that going up
  18. I love your paths. I've been trying to make the stadium road a bit more interesting by building stuff (big and small) off of it, but in such a way that it's unobtrusive (sorry, didn't have much say in the Workbench logo when I realised how big it'd be!). It's a lovely walk down to the stadium, sad that most people just port there
  19. Awesome work. Apologies for not being around to help - I was gigging on Saturday and a whole load of rehearsal time came at once.
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