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  1. Ooh, you've just reminded me to use my old edge signature. It'll be on in a sec.
  2. Sing it, brother. Edit: In fact, that'd be pretty hard, so you don't have to.
  3. I just read out the topic to my missus, and she replied "because he can't sing for fuck". This is why i'm marrying this woman.
  4. Open Heart Zoo by Martin Grech still gives me shivers, though doesn't compete with the whole body sneeze of Hallelujah. Pity half the album is really weak.
  5. Suizid

    Acoustic songs

    Sorry... i'll have to have a listen to that!
  6. Suizid

    Acoustic songs

    Track 9, Led Zep III. Not that I know that off by heart or anything It's great fun to play, and you can be as sloppy as you like. Talking of Big Love, if I put up a recording of me playing it, can someone with a pair of good lugs tell me where i'm going wrong? Plus Buckingham's tab would be lovely
  7. I'm taking you up on that. Edit: Very nice. Sigur Ros discover the joys of electronic drums, suddenly learn english and take up female hormone therapy. Now on order from amazon. Electronica tennis: have a listen to Frogtoise (or The Light 3000, a ridiculously unique smiths cover) by schneider tm.
  8. Makes no difference... it's the clacky pick noise I was commenting on (And half my collection has the exact same problem ) Edit: That sounded wanky. "Collection"==4 guitars.
  9. What beautiful microphonic pickups you have
  10. Aren't these pretty well known now? We had them on our first episode of "Made In The North West" when I was still working for telly. I was sat behind them controlling the projectors, and they were class live. Can I add: Will Oldham - Get On Jolly f'in superb. Edit: I should mention that it's down as by Bonny Prince Billy and the Marquis Du Tren, and adapted from Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjal. Which is poetry, apparently. And here's the lyrics to one of the best tracks. Edit 2: this thread needs more love for SchneiderTM. How many songs do you know about cutting up a turtle and a frog, then planting the top of the turtle on the frog's base?
  11. Suizid

    Embedding Lua

    Looks at first glance like a slightly higher-level wrapper for C (it itself being pure ANSI C)... that alone can take a lot of pain out of coding (especially by removing types, and taking the pain out of arrays by offering their custom "table" datatype). Am I missing anything else? (no time to do anything other than skim the manual - i'm fighing that bitch Yunalesca in FFX!).
  12. 2004 recommendation: http://www.dirtyloop.com/MH230.html
  13. I used to be lead programmer/webmaster for Mersey TV. And I wish that was an april fools joke.
  14. Quick summary: Near arcade perfect, zero slowdown, pain to play on the jag pad (but what isn't!).
  15. Boo, I thought our mature discussion on the relative merits of old miggy mags neatly circumvented the troll.
  16. I'd pay a gazillion pounds for one more issue of AP. Hooray, tanky-tanky. Edit: Ben Isaacs, shame on you. AP's Gravity Force>Zero>Fast RAM>Skidmarks>Growing pumpkins>Talking about the price of fish. Er, edge.
  17. The-The-There's a whole lot more coming. (yeah. yeah.)
  18. Kempton or Sinclair Interface compatible
  19. http://www.c64gg.com/Images/U/Uridium.ss.gif Mmmn. Gaming goodness.
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