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  1. ...but a smile is something versatile My friend has it, so i'll go round and listen before splashing out on it.
  2. I'm just about to buy that other stabiliser. Top marks so far.
  3. Jesus, i'm with you on that one. I nearly shat.
  4. Suizid

    Your own music

    Has he got a tic? Geddit? It's ok, i've still got me coat on. *leaves*
  5. Suizid

    Your own music

    Bass players. Is there nothing they can't do? (Oh yeah, keep time. I knew it was something. )
  6. I'll dig out the demo that got the offer and send it to you. The band is long dead, so I doubt they'll be worried about getting paid for it. That was exactly his reasoning - by the time we'd forgone uni, booked a studio, bought the new gear we needed and made the bloody thing, we'd've been well out of pocket. I just wanted to be a rock star though P.S. You worked with Hugh Cornwell. Git. P.P.S. A bloke I work with was in Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Where's your stranglers now, eh! Eh? eh.
  7. Suizid

    Anyone else excited?

    No comment Though I do find myself strangely attracted to the sounds of Mr. Bungle.
  8. That's excellent news... all the best with it! My old band were nearly signed to Beggar's Banquet (I kid ye not) but our money-savvy lead guitarist (I was but a pup at the time) decided they were trying to shaft us. So we didn't. That's a really shit claim to fame, isn't it?
  9. Suizid

    Anyone else excited?

    Anyone ever hear that Mike Patton album where every noise on the album is his voice? Shite.
  10. Ah, but it's that hammering of the right trigger to lock on and shouting of "ARGH YOU BASTARD" that makes the game for me.
  11. Run, Neuromancer; i'll hold him off. Though I can't guarantee I won't shoot you in the back on your way out.
  12. Excellent choice. SheSpider could happily be in there too, but I had to stop myself at two tracks. And don't call me shirley.
  13. Bestest ninja robot game evar. Hang on, were there any others? Don't forget Shadow Warriors/Ninja Gaiden either, or i'll spirally-throw-thing you into a phone box.
  14. Absolutely crackers; she must be really pissed at it by now. Metroid Pi: Samus misplaces her equipment in her purse! "Fuckfuckfuck, I know I had that Ice missile two minutes ago"... *rummage rummage*
  15. Suizid

    Your own music

    http://themelee.com/new/pages/mp3.htm More rough mixes than the female cast of eastenders in a blender.
  16. Snow Brigade and/or Am I Wry? by Mew. Thanks again, Jumble Jumble!
  17. A man after my own heart. I fucking hate them for never releasing this. Best. Online game. Evar. One one et-fucking-c.
  18. I'll see your Hey Baby and raise you a Little Wing.
  19. I've been praying for an announcement on a new Castlevania game. I've finished capturing souls three times over, and my lovely furniture collection is now gathering dust.
  20. Bloody hell, a new album!?!?! Age of Panic: rock gold.
  21. Suizid


    Ooh, #243. Gotta catch em all, wanna trade?
  22. Suizid


    *Shrug* I was only saying.
  23. Suizid


  24. I would've agreed three years ago - before working at Brookside, and having them play it in every single fucking scene that included anthony murray. He murdered that fat ugly bully, but I could've murdered the entire production team.
  25. Suizid

    Road Trip

    Jurrassic 5 - Quality Control. We wus sittin' out on the step.
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