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  1. Ok, we now have a RLLMUK supergroup. Motto: "Bummed in the gob. FOR JUSTICE." Shout if you'd like to join.
  2. Steady on now, I think this thread is becoming pretty derailed... I don't hate them by any means, but i'd hesitate to use "The most beautful songs" and "Jamiroquai"/"Out of Space" in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence.
  3. Nah, not really... only Firefox and mozilla out of all the browsers from the past five years will show it blinking. I quite like it - it reminds me of when I first touched HTML, many many years ago I'll grab the tracks tonight when I get in.
  4. That's not an excuse - so am I! (But don't tell the IT policy people )
  5. The <blink> html tags have been deprecated (dropped from the HTML standard) for years, but some clever sod decided to leave support for them in Firefox. So we can see that text flashing, and you of the inferior browsers cannot. Pfft! Here's the proof from the page: <center> <font size="2" face="Courier New,Courier,Monaco" color="white"><blink><i><b>"Moody, smouldering, pure dynamite!" </b></i>Dave Berry, MTV</blink></font> <p><font size="2" face="Courier New,Courier,Monaco" color="white"><blink><i><b>"Explosive live performance!"</b></i><b> </b>Hugh Cornwell, ex Stranglers</blink></font></p> <p><font size="2" face="Courier New,Courier,Monaco" color="white"><blink><i><b>"Cutting edge psychedelia. Superb!"</b></i> Chris Difford, Squeeze</blink></font></p> <p><font size="2" face="Courier New,Courier,Monaco" color="white"><blink><i><b>"Coruscating sounds from south Lonndon's psych sucessors to The Creation" </b></i>The Guardian</blink></font></p> </center>
  6. I couldn't find one, but didn't let it put me off. It's really nice, and though i've tried UO and Everquest before, i'm not a fan of MMORPGS. Just like Mr. Monkey said, you can nip on for half an hour and have a good laugh, then leave it for the rest of the week - as long as you don't go in for that "race to be first to level 50" nonsense, there's no rush to quickly level up
  7. If you've not heard the version with the string quartet (the brodsky quartet? something like that) then you're in for a treat. The most beautiful version of the song by far.
  8. You're a god amongst men; i'll grab them from you tonight hopefully. PS. PM incoming.
  9. It was a combination of birthday money, inheritence, christmas money, and working for my dad every weekend. And even then he had to chip in and pay the petrol, gawd bless 'im. I can't remember where in London it was, only that the man told us to come back in five hours, and we found an arcade somewhere. He paid for that, too. My old man is tops. Anyway, here's the story of when I got my first Amiga (an A500 Batman pack): I had a C64 that I loved dearly - "Creatures" (not related to the shitty PC one) hardly ever left my tape drive (and when it did, impossible mission took up 98% of the remaining play time). One day I came home from school to find my parents looking all serious. "Oh shit", I thought, though in much nicer language then as I wasn't allowed to think "shit". "Alan", they said, "business has been terrible recently [they're antiques dealers] so sadly we're going to have to sell your computer". I burst into tears, like any self-respecting ten year old saddo would, and ran to my room, only to have them shout "oh, stop it you daft bugger, there's an Amiga behind the couch for you". I wouldn't cheer up until they'd assured me they didn't have to sell the C64 too.
  10. My 1200 boots workbench without me having to insert a floppy drive - I had a 320 MEG hard disk fitted to it. And had to go down to London to get it done with my Dad. And it cost me an ungodly amount of money. Still worth it though.
  11. Never been tempted with one of the "modern" ones? I thought about it for a bit... but only a bit.
  12. Sorry, that's what I said in my post, though I suppose it wasn't really obvious given the amount of muso rambling you had to wade through On top of that, the YM2149 (OPL1? 2?) sounds terrible today. Imagine the worst PC soundcard MIDI you've ever heard; that's OPL3. Now imagine what it's younger brothers sound like. So that bit of my post was supposed to be tongue in cheek, but a smiley wouldn't have gone amiss I suppose. Cubase really was an amazing bit of kit, but without the external MIDI module, it was next to useless. Except the Amiga didn't come with any Anyway, all in all, poor posting from the man Suizid. 3/10, see me. Apologies to anyone actually struggling to read them, my mind's shot today. (And once upon a time, we used MIDI ports for joysticks! )
  13. Thanks for the technical explanation... i've never looked into it (what was quoted was just taken as read from my friend's dad who coded for Ocean - in hindsight, not exactly the best man to speak to for authority on the subject, but hey, I was only 12). Muso rant removed to protect the sane
  14. Pfft! CU Amiga? It was Amiga Power - twice; they had a special edition made up by the original developers for a christmas issue (I think). Drip was excellent too - you played a drip with shades on I recall, and had to rust a load of pipes...? Edit: ^^^ this man is a Man Who Knows. Edit edit: I found a pic!
  15. This is actually very enjoyable - if anyone would like to meet up for a couple of missions, give me a shout.
  16. Second best PD game EVER. After Gravity Force. Thanks for the link!
  17. Yup, Rob's right... it was never really all that bad, but when things like arcade games got the usual round of conversions plastered to all the systems, the ST always suffered from poor graphics performance (through sloppy code more than anything, but apparently it was a bit of a bitch to port to). Amiga users tended to point this out in a loud voice (probably to drown out the superior sound eminating from the atari boxes).
  18. Fair enough; horses for courses etc...
  19. You're getting old, son; too comfy with these next-gen ways. A man can dream, can't he? Edit: and the ST sound chip was (and still is!) top notch. *coff*scrolling*coff*
  20. Obligatory "lol scrolling lol" comment on an ST post
  21. I agree that the first game suffered from this, but still can't see the issue with the second... As for the cancellation of thornado - read that link I posted (it's newer news (?) than the latest issue of gamestm, and though not confirmation that it's been resurrected, it's a good sign that there's still life there).
  22. Sing it, brother. After posting this tirade of nostalgic nonsense, I realised that exact same thing - nothing for years has captured my imagination like these old classics. To everyone appreciating Turrican here - don't try T2002 or T4F for windows like I did yesterday; they're sad, pale imitations of the real thing. Plus it just doesn't feel right without a zipstick.
  23. Likes List ====== Turrican Turrican 2 Egg, Soss & Rat Creatures for the C64 Dislikes list ======== Robert Hazelby, harbringer of doom Edit: EAT THAT HAZELBY
  24. My fingers are not only crossed but broken and glued into shape over thornado. Please please please be good. I'm glad noone has mentioned the travesty that was "universal soldier". Urge to kill... rising. Sorry waddie, for me it added a feeling of freedom seldom acheived in games. There was always a pretty obvious route to the exit, but if you wanted to go off and explore, you could.
  25. "Games i'd be gay for" #1 in a series of 43,237 Turrican 2 (and to a slightly lesser extent, the original on the C64) was amazing. Huge levels; immense, jaw-dropping bosses; incredible numbers of secrets. Tons of ways to dispatch enemies, including squishing them, shooting them with the weapon of your choice, wafting at them with your "hold-the-button-and-direct-the-stream, point-it-down-and-it-looks-like-he's-weeing" laser; wall-like "surround" laser blasts, turning into the gyroscope and slicing them up, dropping mines, and that mega-gyro blast thingy. Vibrant colours, slick animation, vocals, and music that I could still hum to you now, even though i've not played it in years. An entire world of levels as a side scrolling shooter, which could've stood up to being a game in it's own right. Oh, and an unfathomable storyline. As you can probably tell from that gush of verbal jizz, I like this game a awful lot. It has style unmatched by any platform shooter before or after; if you don't know it, go play it. Shoo.
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