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  1. And so he did. See page 1, my post, under "Ian Curtis".
  2. Fuck yes. Phorward and Drop are two of my all time favourite albums, and In Gorbachev We Trust isn't that far behind.
  3. Second best. *coff*zipstick*coff* I love paddles. Get two sets and three mates round for warlords; you'll be throwing furniture about faster than an england fan on holiday. Adventure on the 2600 is my favourite game of all time, as reflected on the trusted traders site.
  4. Ian Curtis. Jeff Buckley.
  5. Nah, would have to be the Death Star's superlaser.
  6. Sorry, missed this reply - you're right; i've still got my elvis-impersonator adorned copy. At the time I couldn't afford the album, so had to make do with the Vegas single. Revisiting Smart for the first time in years a couple of months ago shocked me - it's really, really, really badly recorded, mixed and mastered. The hiss at the back of Amuse is criminal.
  7. A+++ Would read again!!
  8. Suizid

    Best bassist ever?

    And his head turns into a huge red tomato when he plays. That man has one serious blood pressure problem. How many guitarists does it take to change a light bulb? 20. One to do it, and 19 to stand behind him and say they could do it better.
  9. Another vote from me. Watched them live in Manchester on Friday; amazering, though the sound system was terrible. As a younger man (and worse guitarist), I was playing on a guitar I had no intention of buying in a guitar shop in leeds; Marr came in to see his mate (the owner) just as I was murdering "what difference does it make?". And they both giggled at me. Oh, the heat of the shame still burns! Edit: from the modern stable, my nomination would have to be Matt Bellamy from Muse - a great blend of classical and modern.
  10. Oooh, don't forget "Poor Flying Man". Though Vegas is what hooked me in the first place. Someone once said that the Sleeper sounded fantastic for the first four bars of a song...
  11. Ooh, now I feel old. Bitmap Brothers game with a soundtrack by Boo.
  12. Suizid

    Your own music

    Trust me, it can be a big help - switch cleaner is basically just acetone, which evaporates very quickly leaving your electrics nice and clean. Taking the tops off your controls will expose a route into the pots, which the little nozzle on a can of switch cleaner will be able to spray into; spraying into the jack slot will take care of the connection there. If the jack feels loose and crackles when you jiggle it, take the nut off the outside of it and pull it out; there's a flimsy piece of metal which makes contact with the inner core of your 1/4'' lead that you can adjust to make the connection more solid.
  13. Suizid

    Your own music

    Take the controls off, slather every orifice leading to the innards with switch cleaner, wait a minute, then roger it with the 1/4'' jack. And pray to the deity of your choice.
  14. Suizid

    Your own music

    Eeee, goth bastard!
  15. Suizid

    Your own music

    Guitarist/Engineers of the world, unite - ditch those CRTs! Flatpanels are the way to go for noiseless recording (unless you go out and buy a Variax, like me )
  16. Magic Pockets have anything to do with that? I have this irrational love of Bomb The Bass' Megablast. For similar reasons. Plus "Sleeper". Everyone hates Louise Werner's voice, but it doesn't affect me in the slightest... it's the only "Britpop" band I still cling on to. Apart from Pulp, but i've been collecting their stuff since the eighties, so they don't count.
  17. Suizid

    Your own music

    £300 well spent for the four disks in the XL version. And it's worth every damn penny. I resent your Yarrcusations. Edit: though with them asking for another £165 from me to upgrade to version 2, I was tempted. The cads!
  18. Suizid

    Your own music

    Sampletank takes the title of best VSTi for me. So many usable sounds.
  19. To everyone asking for RCR: have none of you seen River City Ransom EX yet, then? Barf!
  20. One man, one vote: Spy Vs Spy.
  21. Just posting to say I've been playing the Star Wars Galaxies free 14-day trial for four days now, and it has none of the charm, dynamics or accesibility of City of Heroes. And that's a damning testimony from a huge Star Wars fan. If I had to equate both to being sent to prison, then SWG would be a dreary life sentence for tax fraud; CoH on the other hand would be a weeks community service for cheekily pinching knickers from a washing line.
  22. I think that a moustache would be acceptable when posting an altogether more sinister fact or diabolical plan.
  23. Ah, but from the point of view of sheer compression/l33t coding skillz to get it all in 2 discs, it's still a tidy feat today. Though my mate keeps sending me 64K PC demos which are incredible for the size (and take 10 mins to unpack before they even start!)
  24. More lines, in no particular order... What is your quest? The miracle stone. ...Incredible! The crystal plane, the crystal plane. ...Incredible! Bring me, bring me blood. I want to go home. Ending: It's a locked door. Ok, now what? It's a door key... I don't understand. Jesus on E's: best demo evar oneoneone.
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