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  1. If anyone is struggling and would like a little power levelling (Gasp! the cheating cad!), I have a L21 empathy defender and can look after you if you'd like to hunt Man O'Wars at the lake in perez. All on Victory: Tigra - L21 Emp Def Suizid - L15 Tech Blaster Also, does anyone think they'd have about 5 hours to spare to do the Positron task force with Suizid?
  2. Sometimes character designers make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes make you want to kill. And sometimes they make perfectly lovable characters, damned for all eternity due to god-awful AI. So my question to you this morning is thus: which characters, after all the emotional cutscenes, dramatic plotlines, cute winking anime eyes, speech samples from a californian surfer duuude, and heart-wrenching dead parent backgrounds, make you want to slit their virtual throats? First, I'd like to nominate Wakka from FFX for having at least three of the above, hey? I now have a very healthy hatred for Blitzball, and never want to go near FFX again. The fucking ginge. Yuna comes close in terms of simple-in-the-headness, but at least her voice is bearable. Secondly, I pick Rayman. Wobbly, unconnected hands + pixel perfect ledge-grabbing = so many murdered controllers. Plus my mum loves it, so i'm forced to get her through the difficult bits. In fact, stick Crash Bandicoot in there too, as that's her second favourite game. And Spyro. Finally, i'd like to proton torpedo every moaning bastard NPC from Rogue Squadron II. "Red leader, Where are you???!"... I'm raining fucking TIE parts on you. Shut up and I might not fly in the opposite direction screaming "FINE, DIE THEN, SHIT HEAD". Special mentions must go to Raiden from MGS2, Slippy from any starfox game, and Blinx, the "face" of the XBox. Hah!
  3. Me and Purple Tentacle will be up for it. My main is now 21, but my blaster (Suizid) is 15 and Purple Tentacle is a 14 scrapper. I'll have to ask PT first if he fancies it, but i'm pretty sure he's free.
  4. Ooh, Killer Klowns from Outer Space! Sorry. Nostalgia attack.
  5. Suizid


    No no no! Squeaky voices and metal guitars = teh win!
  6. From just before they went rubbish again (i'm not a fan of the first album). Great album, and fantastic live at the time (from what I remember of it - I concussed myself by walking into a lamp post ten minutes before we got to the T&C in Leeds).
  7. Whenever I hear her sing, I think she sounds like she's enjoying a really long yawn.
  8. Mew - Am I Wry? Led Zep - Immigrant Song Ash still win this thread.
  9. Wooo, I had Oh! Mummy on the Tatung Einstein. That and "Bootman" were fantastic. I had nightmares about scary boots.
  10. Peter Andre? Big Fun? Bucks Fizz?
  11. Awww, that's not nearly as bad as it could have been. Which track was it?
  12. My zipstick outlived Daley Thompson's Decathalon on the C64, where my Comp Pro died on it's arse. The buttons on them were prone to catching under the round surround , too - no chance of that with the Quickjoy Zipstick. And lols to all you with the cruiser - campest joystick ever (underlined by its name). Also, comedy "Cheetah Bug" option.
  13. Suizid


    Triple quoted for added emphasis. Also, The Light 3000 by SchneiderTM is the best smiths cover ever.
  14. Sigur Ros at glasto last year were fantastic; huge sounding, loads of people on stage, intricately layered and the most chilled out atmosphere i've ever experienced. And now i'm putting my foot down on the matter. See? It's going... going... it's down.
  15. I'll so some homework and get back to you. Could be that some of them were real musicians mixed to sound like a poor 80s MIDI module I'll also email my friend and ask him which I took the piss out of the most back then. The Michael Angelo tracks available from his site suffer from this for sure. Johnson was really interesting to watch (yes, I actually went to an E3 once ) and listen to - he can produce tones from a guitar i'd never heard before.
  16. Yup yup, let me make it clear that i'm not setting out to troll or offend anyone. It's more Satriani/Michael Angelo/Malmsteem than Vai who are the main offenders, so maybe I should've targeted Satch over Vai (who by all accounts is melodic more often than not), but i've definitely heard stuff from him with naff midi backing (one of my best friends is grade 7 classical/electric, and used to own a metric shit ton of these albums).
  17. Urgh. Though I respect the fact that people have an infinitely wide taste in music that will never be the same as my own, you have to wonder why people like Vai have whole albums made of them playing to MIDI tracks. Edit: that's not to say that my own musical tastes are in any way "better". That looked a bit cunty. Sorry.
  18. Post pix plz ...you've got to tell us now. Come on. There's worse dirty laundry on this forum. Edit: and just to play fair: 1 - NIN: The Great Below to piss off my workmate while he's playing matchbox fucking 20. 2 - Super Furry Animals - Wherever I lay my phone (that's my home) insane. ia! 3 - RHCP - Blood Sugar Sex Magik Not the best track in the world. 4 - Grandaddy - Yeah is what we had Lovely live at glasto last year. 5 - The Breeders - Invisible man Ever buy an album for just one track? Me too. And it wasn't this one. 6 - The melee - chip One of my own songs. Oh, the burning shame! Plus, it's rubbish. 7 - Paul McCartney - No More Lonely Nights Beat that, patriot. 8 - Depeche Mode - The Things You Said Music for the masses is a great album. 9 - Arrested Development - Mr. Wendal "I had to take the brother out for being rude". Quality. 10 - Stiltskin - Inside Oh, god. Why couldn't it have been number 11, showing off my avant garde jazz tastes? Or one of the forty thousand radiohead bsides on here? But no. Fucking stiltskin. My computer hates me.
  19. Suizid

    Best bassist ever?

    Anyone else here like the look of Entwistle's "Buzzard" bass? No? Just me and my parker fly, then. Why did god make me like ugly instruments?
  20. Suizid

    Best bassist ever?

    In no particular order: basslines that make my hips dance of their own accord. A Town Called Malice (The Jam) This Charming Man (The Smiths) I Want You Back (Jackson 5) Myxomatosis/Where I End And You Begin (Radiohead) Under Pressure (Queen) Hysteria (Muse) The Lemon Song (Led Zep) Thriller (Michael Jackson) You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simon) ...I could go on all day.
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