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  1. Aah, my apologies. Those sounds still irriatate me, but at least they aren't waluigi. Grrr.
  2. Que? What about all the "Mama Mia", "It's'a me, Mario", "Woohoo!" (on the triple leap thingy) etc?
  3. The thing you fought outside was Babbage, the clockwork king's right hand bot... the Clockwork King is the last indoor mission on the Synapse TF (about 2 missions away from Babbage). Babbage also makes an appearance on the Positron TF.
  4. Thank you for that valuable contribution to the thread. Downloading now. Hooray, tanky-tanky.
  5. Going on now as Tigra. Shout me if you want protection.
  6. Nothing. Anarchy roolz! *fetches bovver boots* Saying that, i'm not sure if there's a limit to the number of innocents you can kill; though my little murder spree has so far gone unpunished.
  7. He's a pain in the arse anyway - tells you "watch out for... ah, forget it". etc... and you can't get anything out of him. So I slotted him too
  8. The moment in your spoiler block was nearly as good as the mirror My favourite bit so far however was [spoiler - BIT FURTHER AHEAD THAN MOST PEOPLE HAVE PLAYED] you stumble across a man trapped in a machine chamber, and have the option of unlocking the doors or activating the machine. Activating the machine brings a huge tube down on top of him; when the cycle completes, you see his wobbly skeleton fall to the floor a few moments after the tube lifts. Lols abound!.
  9. Like I say, if you lot team up, i'll bring my L21 empathy defender along - without teaming myself, you'll get a shedload of experience taking on things much higher than you, and I'll easily keep you alive with my healing aura. Should be 14 in no time.
  10. Hey, I was fighting their corner! I did a medicinal chemistry degree. Erk.
  11. Yes indeedy, i've just been talking about that bit with a work colleague. Aieee! Edit: Choddo, try revisiting the gents bathroom after the shit has hit the fan, not that long after the start. You'll see what he's talking about.
  12. Hmm, maybe if you're playing it on "Normal". I like my FPS'es as hardcore as they come.
  13. That's always baffled me. Directors in TV are no different, even though they too get zero recognition outside the industry. What got me whilst working at MerseyTV was the amount of recognition Phil Redmond gets for his "creations" - he literally wrote one episode of Grange Hill (the first) and came up with the format for the show, rinsed and repeated this for Brookside and Hollyoaks, and voila - he's a multi millionaire.
  14. You'll need more than level 12s to have a good chance at positron - a team of 5 is ideal, but they should be at least L14. The next TF is much nicer to play (against the clockwork king - sweet as hell!) but harder still
  15. Uh-oh. Neuromancer bought the action figures.
  16. Understatement of the year. I love the "one wrong move and you're buggered" aspect of the switch puzzles; the perfect mix of rewarding (when you got them right) and infuriating (when you summoned six two-legged blobby monsters and a couple of harpies). Screech! P.S. Yes it was.
  17. To be fair, nearly everyone in half-life is a socially retarded physicist, so you can't really expect excitement from that camp. Zool: Good call. Fuck your crappy ninja of the nth dimension inertia.
  18. You forgot the scripted "have things fall on you/blow up/crawl out the wall" bits. I totally agree with you; the imps take two solid shotgun blasts to go down, and the reload time on that thing is atrocious. By the time the rifle/chaingun/plasmagun come along, the enemies are ramped up accordingly, and it still only takes two imps to corner you and you're stuffed.
  19. But there's where my issue lies; it's not a balls-out shooter, or a hit-and-hide noncefest - it's floundering somewhere in between. It's split between trying to be a story-driven FPS, as established by HL (and Halo to a lesser extent), and staying true to the Doom gib-em-up roots. For the first 40 minutes, the game has a stunning atmosphere, excellent I-know-what's-coming-but-I-still-need-new-pants storyline and a nice meaty feel to things, but the pace and edge disappeared somewhere along the line, and things turned into seen one demon, seen 'em all.
  20. Thread winnar. Also: *does the doo* Sadly, I don't think "Into the Wonderful", "War has never been so much fun" or "You're a goal-scoring superstar hero" - that is, real game music, and not piggybacking on chart successes - wouldn't do quite as well.
  21. Urgh, agreed. The main character is perfect fodder for my "Least favourite game character" thread - the transition from sad loser to cocky prick was too much to bear.
  22. McGee designed such classic Doom II levels as "Underhalls", "The Gauntlet" and "Dead Simple", before releasing "American McGee's Alice" and becoming a right pretentious twat. So now you know.
  23. Well, i'm now through the whole of the alpha section, and unfortunately the polish has faded It's scripted sequence hell - and after the shock of these wears off over the first couple of hours, you find yourself playing it as you would the original Doom; that is, charge into a room all guns blazing, knowing there's armour and medpacks aplenty to come. It's lost that half-life touch and has descended into Serious Sam, sans humour and adrenaline. But the start was so damn good!
  24. Jesus. I didn't know that existed.
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