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  1. 50 and my partner is at 22 Fuck her, she's rubbish and annoying.
  2. Sudeki isn't that bad an hour in (Yarr). I'll be getting the full thing at this rate. Though the voices are really getting on my tits now; you come across a geordie guard, a scouse guard, a poor scottish accented guard, a cornish guard, a cockney guard, a texan guard and an australian guard in the space of five minutes. I'm all for equal opportunity hiring policies, but still...
  3. Ooh, thanks for the warning. It was going on this week (the MSDN disc arrived today).
  4. See you at half eight then Edit: online, and added.
  5. I'll be going on at half past eight tonight as Tigra (Level 21 defender) - if anyone would like sidekicking for a wee tour of some missions with baddies you've likely not seen yet, send me a tell.
  6. Not really... you can get away with it if you're teaming with someone with enhancement buffs (enhance metabolism is a common one, but the defender's Recovery Aura is amazing, and there are others)... but for soloing, there's not much more you can do other than cart around a load of catch a breaths/take a breathers/second winds.
  7. My tip for porters: aim to get stamina (fitness pool) at level 20. Truly lovely when enhanced.
  8. Good man. I hate the fact that most people think the shamen started at Boss Drum. Same with Pulp and His 'n' Hers.
  9. The Shamen - Phorward (EP) The Shamen - Drop Before Will Sinnott left us, and before Mr. Fucking C. Marquis Du Trent & The Bonnie Prince Billy - Get On Jolly Superb.
  10. Suizid

    The A-Team

  11. If you can make it 7-7:30pm, i'm in. Going watching "The Village" at 4:30, though. If you're on and not in a TF by then, send Suizid a tell.
  12. Suizid will be there. Name the time. Edit: Suizid's missus says otherwise! Evil Suizid's missus! Edit Edit: Though Sunday would be cool. Unless she sees me type this too.
  13. Ding ding ding. Any "The", "The amazing" etc doesn't count to the full name.
  14. Suizid

    Punk Rock

    Well, we had rehearsals from 4, and he arrived around 9, when he promptly shouted his songs at his (rehearsing) band from offstage, and called them all cunts. Then he sat and got pissed, finally rehearsing around 10pm, an hour before the (live) show. When we went live, he stayed firmly seated for the entirety of their first song, letting the band play it instrumentally. We thought he'd do the same for the second, but he got up half way through and started singing. Which is round about when I realised that I still liked them.
  15. Suizid

    Punk Rock

    We had The Fall on "Made In The Northwest". Mark E Smith is a scabby cock end of the highest order.
  16. Suizid Tigra - Level 21 Empathy/Dark Defender Suizid - Level 15 Rifle/Devices Blaster (from well before people started slagging them about)
  17. Riiight. You can really hear the Def Jam influence in there!!!!111eleventyone Just listened to it again. Rating: Musical trainwreck.
  18. It's called Icon, and at level 20 you can get a mission from Serge the tailor to take out some tsoo. If you do this for him, he'll give you an extra costume slot - my Emp Def, Tigra, can swap between both slots at will.
  19. What really, really pisses me off about this song is the lyric "Threw some chords together, the combination DEF". The chords underlying that point are actually DEF#. The musical tard. Yes, I am exactly that pedantic.
  20. We started with 6 people, finished it with 4 after the drops and someone leaving, and it took about 4 1/2 hours. The first time I did it it took about 7 hours, but everyone in the group was new to the TF so didn't know the shortcuts (such as sending teleporters to do the patrol jobs, and knowing what missions were next and so having people strategically positioned to complete them instantly).
  21. Marion Best Score: -18 Average: 60.0 Best Drive: 238.0 y Av. Drive: 226.0 y Fairway Hits: 94.7 % Av. Putts: 1.0 Pars Saved: 100.0 % Palms Best Score: -15 Average: 57.0 Best Drive: 295.0 y Av. Drive: 270.0 y Fairway Hits: 94.7 % Av. Putts: 1.1 Pars Saved: 95.0 % Dunes Best Score: -14 Average: 58.0 Best Drive: 308.0 y Av. Drive: 295.1 y Fairway Hits: 73.6 % Av. Putts: 1.0 Pars Saved: 100.0 % Links Best Score: -6 (lols! bloody wind) Average: 66.0 Best Drive: 259.0 y Av. Drive: 245.3 y Fairway Hits: 66.6 % Av. Putts: 1.0 Pars Saved: 88.8 % Mushroom Best Score: -8 Average: 64.0 Best Drive: 291.0 y Av. Drive: 266.0 y Fairway Hits: 55.1 % (christ) Av. Putts: 1.0 Pars Saved: 82.7 % However, all the above is irrelevant when faced with Elf's short course. Which took a good couple of days, but in the end I completed both the 9 and 18 hole version, and had many satisfying dreams of murdering the pointy eared buffoon.
  22. The next TF is synapse, in skyway (near mynx). Did it again last night, and it's a lot of fun (much more enjoyable than positrons, anyway). L16-21 for that one.
  23. Aah, my apologies. Those sounds still irriatate me, but at least they aren't waluigi. Grrr.
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