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  1. It's Yars' Revenge, you clods.
  2. There's a wolf note or something resonating in the background on there GK. How's the rhythm recorded? If there was a mic involved - was there an acoustic or a drum in the room at the time? If a DI from an amp - check the cab (especially the reverb unit) isn't sympathetically resonating. If an amp sim - I've heard similar before on certain bits of software. I can try to isolate it if you need an example, but it's not musical so needs removing!
  3. Not to this extent. I'll go back and make sure it's not rose tinted, but it's always been something that has impressed me about the Halo games - with the first one I remember it being the only game since HL1 to make you feel like you've just kicked something off when you engage from distance. That's the kind of thing I'm talking about. Glad it's not just me! You two are old hats at Halo; am I being unfair to suggest this is a new thing?
  4. Not sure if I'll get flamed for this, but: is it just me or has the AI been, for want of a better phrase, fucked over? Granted I'm not on Legendary - I chose Heroic as I'm not a complete masochist (or that skilled) - but if you engage anything at long range that hasn't been activated by your presence then there's a noticeable lag before it reacts to being shot/its friends react to being shot. It's something that is so flawlessly executed in the other games that it's glaring for me at the moment. Good bits: I really like the new graphics. Melee attacks feel meaty rather than floaty for a change. Bad bits: magnum sounds like a pea shooter. Voice of the chief has gone from actor to video game actor. LOL QTE WTF BBQ. Unsure of this at the moment, but the MP sounds promising.
  5. The internet has given voice to a huge amount of hilarious mentals, but prankster is a shining beacon of insanity in a lunatic galaxy. May his star never burn out.
  6. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Retrolink-USB-Nintendo-NES-Controller-NEW-PC-MAC-/380473075663#vi-content
  7. Gloriously silly. That just convinced me to pick this up...
  8. Totally against the spirit of sandbox gaming we've become accustomed to
  9. Putty Squad on the A1200 was the one I lamented the most after rinsing the demo until the disk stopped working. Any news on the Vita/PS3 versions?
  10. Suizid


    Fuck, they have Shogo. I still have my big box version, but the disc died years ago. When you mention Monolith that's the first thing that springs to mind - utterly amazing multiplayer, with a humans-versus-one-human-in-a-thirty-storey-mech mod. Epic.
  11. Do you know, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about any of my tunes. It's first-take stuff on the (out of tune, I know) guitars and bass, and I think I spent an entire weekend going slowly mad doing the drums - but they were the important bit. Still not happy with any of it, but it's a demo more than anything... I need to care less and just stick stuff out! I've decided to transfer all of the stuff I did years ago off of minidisc and upload it. What's the worst that can happen aside from the mental cringing I'm going through just thinking about it? Tony, try layering another guitar on the choruses (or switching it out for another sound) and pan them 3:00 / 9:00 (maybe with a tiny chorus or flange to thicken it) - it'll add dynamism without very much effort! Cheers GK.
  12. Joinerated, sorry for the late response GK!
  13. The profile suggest you've made it to Inferno (Act 1 to be precise). People aren't creating about that - they're moaning about the options way after that point, to see Act 3 or 4: either sink hundreds and hundreds of hours into possibly getting some lucky drops/rolls (or gold farming), or spending on the RMAH. It's not a leap in skill as you suggest - I'm on Act 3 Inferno, does that make me teh l33tz above you? Of course not; in all likelihood, I was just luckier with drops. I can farm ~500,000 gold an hour - but with the Act 3+ items on the gold AH approaching 50mil+, that's 100 hours per item. It's the world's most cynical gear check, and they want you to pay cold, hard cash for it. How can you not see that?
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