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  1. Just getting into this - had a wee go of R4 on duckstation and it is fantastic. Have not dug into Retroarch yet - is there a particular mame romset I should look for?
  2. As if any normal person reads that tweet and thinks "How did he get his green card in Spain"? They seem like proper baddies.
  3. Still nothing shipped from Amazon and now it just says they will email me when it’s available. Prob going to order from Funstock instead - waiting to see if they do a Boxing Day discount code now though!
  4. I wish you could subscribe to get each cart as it comes out. I keep forgetting to look and now I have a few I need to catch up on.
  5. To be fair, reading that makes me wish I had claimed the back now The point about them factoring it in to costs is valid, maybe I’ve just got used to it. Oh well, paid now!
  6. https://ask.fedex.com/help/en-gb/account-payments/FBO-disagree-invoice
  7. Yes it is - £12 Fedex disbursement I know all the arguments for not paying them this etc - but at the end of the day they got me my thing quicker than if I had to deal with customs direct etc I also expected VAT to be much higher so just paid it in the hope they never check! Charging the thing just now, not played yet. It looks great though.
  8. £69.14 in fees total for shipment of console, dock, screen protector & case. I expected worse!
  9. Took one for the team on RR6. You were all correct - it does not work so something different must happen with 360 titles. Bought it ok from us store - I had enough credit sitting. Installed it ok on the Series X - won't boot, says I need the disc I will need to get from the Xbox store. Looks like I need to get up in the loft for the disc.
  10. Do 360 titles work differently from regular Xbox one titles? I have the M2 Battle Garegga which isn't available on Uk store but works fine on my Xbox after I bought on the US store - I can't do the same with RR6? I actually still have my disc but I would be willing to pay for digital for convenience and to save 3 hours going though boxes in my loft...
  11. Magic, thanks. Will get cracking tonight
  12. Thanks! Guess the easiest thing to do is try Gamepass and check the files are accessible.
  13. If I start this on Gamepass can I just swap to Steam later? I will end up buying in Steam, just wondering if I can delay that for a month or two!
  14. Yeah, think I’ll try that.
  15. Finding easy has me at the front with no sign of any other cars. Medium has me screwed if I make one mistake.
  16. yeah! I first played Virtua Fighter here - I can’t really remember what else they had but I distinctly remember waiting for a shot of VF when it was new.
  17. Mine's arriving tomorrow from Curry's! I'm going away for a week, if I get lucky and it arrives before I leave will there be any issues if I play Metroid on it for a week and then transfer everything when I get back? I already have a primary switch (kids lite) and a secondary switch (my current switch), can I log into a 3rd switch, will it just be another secondary?
  18. Was really hoping they might have done a 60fps update for Wildlands as the surprise.
  19. Has anyone ordered from Currys? Does your order say anything other than “order received”. They initially said they would deliver mine last Saturday (which I knew was bullshit) then emailed to say it was delayed. Now I have no idea when it’s coming and we go away for a week on Friday night. Not sure if I should just cancel it and try and get one when we come back.
  20. I just pre-ordered one from Curry's for delivery tomorrow! Then they immediately emailed to say they wouldn't be able to deliver it as soon as they said and they'll call me to explain... I was really just hoping to get one on release day but now I wonder if it will even make that.
  21. You need to make sure you are also redeeming the quest - it's not enough to just open the app.
  22. It was the weapon! I had forgotten about being able to reclaim stuff from collections. It’s been a long time… thanks tho. Have now got a new one
  23. So I was transferring an exotic from one character to another via the iOS app - which crashed in the process. And now said exotic is nowhere to be found. Not on any character or in vault? Is it gone for good? It was the first one you get from the season Haven’t played any Destiny 2 since the very early days of Lost Light. Is there anywhere I can catch up on what I’ve missed both lore and mechanics?
  24. its now showing as redeemed for me - took a few days though! It does always seem hit or miss
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