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  1. I changed the dead zone to zero and it’s helped a lot but it’s still tricky. I think at least part of it is getting used to handling etc but the defaults were wild - was like a dodgem.
  2. Is anyone else using a Ps5 controller for this? I find it incredibly difficult to control - have you changed the settings around to make it handle better? I seem to be going ok and then I’ll lurch to one side before massively over correcting. When I can control the car it’s good fun. I think this is the first rally gane I’ve played since Rallisport on the Xbox. The career mode also throws you in at the deep end a wee bit. A lot of info to take in.
  3. This was still broken for me this morning, nothing would download. After a bit of googling I found reports of a different error related to stuck download queues - seemed similar enough. Followed the recommended fix for that - booting in safe mode and rebuilding the database has fixed the issue for now.
  4. Thanks! Have turned it off and will try again later.
  5. I can't download anything on my ps5 today. From the store it shows the progress indicator on the "download" button but never starts the download. From the library it's even better. A big "please wait" modal comes over the screen and never goes away. I have to hard reset the PS5 and reboot at which point it admonishes me for not shutting down correctly and rebuilds my external drive. Anyone else having issues - PSN status page says no issues... I did see that apparently PS3 patches have stopped downloading and wondered if theeres actually a more general serve
  6. I had loads of problems with my PS4 Pro - black screen etc. I got one of these and haven’t had a single issue since Monoprice Certified Premium High Speed HDMI Cable, HDR, 10ft - Black https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01GCGKK82/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_F2DYS69F78PFRKR4CVXG?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Of course, you are quite correct you shouldn’t have to spend a fiver on a cable to replace the one that comes with your £450 device!
  7. I got one on Amazon, add to basket wouldn’t work at all but I had one saved from previously. I moved that from save for later to my basket and just checked out. Might be worth adding one to saved items if you can for next time. Good luck!
  8. Honestly have no idea how these things work, just thought I'd let you know in case it was a problem Looking forward to it.
  9. It's taking forever to download for me (looks like it may be at least 15-20. minutes). Not that big a deal as I never leave the house now but just incase there is something up? It's def not my connection or phone! edit: I've just set it to stream, will hopefully get to listen later in the week
  10. Alshie


    Thanks! Will update tonight
  11. Alshie


    Thanks! There was bit of chat in the Switch thread about a lack of a decent list so I decided to just get one going. I haven't really done any promotion of it but it seems to have spread by word of mouth pretty well. The New York Times linked to it from some sort of geek gift guide over Xmas which was pretty cool. Crimson Clover is simply wonderful. Put a lot of hours into whilst I was off work at the end of last year - I had a bit of competition going with a friend where we were swapping tips and scores.
  12. Alshie


    Hey folks, not sure if I have mentioned in this thread before but I set up a site listing games that are compatible with the flip grip a while ago. Obviously I try to keep it up to date with anything that comes out but I haven't picked up anything on Switch personally since Crimson Clover. Does Missile Dancer have tate mode and rotate the right way for the flip grip? Anything else I've missed? Also, does anybody mind if I periodically ask this - would love to keep the site up to date but often reviews and eshop listings don't mention a tate mode at all.
  13. Finally got Hitman 1 levels working! When I went on store today the GOTY access pass now showed as “owned” for me instead of 24.99 However it would not install, when I tried to install all it only installed one of the two items and levels still did not show. Going to “manage” nothing showed as installable at all. Eventually I went to the Xbox website and did a remote install and both files downloaded and now all content is there! Hope that helps anyone else. Edit: I say working, now I’m just getting server errors but I think in th
  14. nothing beyond “investigating a fix with Microsoft”. They have an FAQ on the site which has the process - it’s different for each console and digital/disc but seems like some people aren’t getting levels regardless.
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