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  1. Thanks! That's good to know. Yeah I'll have a wee look 2nd hand. I'm leaning towards just getting the Pro (he has birthday money but was just trying to save a bit of cash)
  2. Is anybody using the Mayflash usb adaptor for the Switch? Is it any good? My kids JoyCons are drifting like mad and I'm constantly spraying them with contact cleaner, it works for a wee while and then it starts again. We were considering getting a Pro Controller for him, but I wondered if the Mayflash with an Xbox controller might work just as well ( we have several spare Xbox one controllers) and save a bit of cash. if the Mayflash isn't great though I'd prob end up buying the controller in a few months anyway so wondering if I'm just delaying the inevitabl
  3. Alshie


    Thanks, that's annoying, however it's given me the idea to add a "source" attribute so people can see where I'm basing the info on.
  4. Alshie


    Does anybody have Shikhondo: Soul Eater on Switch? Could you confirm if it has a Tate mode or not? I had added it to https://www.doesitflip.com/ on basis of this article saying it did https://switcher.co/features/vertical-flip-grip-switch-games/ but I have someone reporting that it does not actually support it Thanks in advance
  5. From Polygon: Good Job! also supports same-system co-op for two players. The game plays exactly the same way, but having a second character with a second set of hands means you can solve puzzles slightly faster, assuming everyone is on the same page. Which, if you’ve ever played a physics-based co-op game, is a hard no. And yet, even when things go very poorly, Good Job!’s raucous calamities remain infinitely entertaining. The game is often at it’s best when your attempts are at their worst. I haven't got yet but might grab it later.
  6. I have been looking for one for a couple of months with no success! If I see any I will let you know.
  7. Do you only do Doncaster or do you also sell at other markets/online? Just curious! I’ve considered travelling down from Scotland for one if these but never sure it’s worth the effort. Looks like some good stuff tho! Only thing I am aware of here is Play Expo Glasgow, grabbed a few bits there last year.
  8. https://www.analogue.co/editions/nt-mini-noir/ In case anyone is interested and has not had an email.
  9. cheers, wouldn’t have thought to look there
  10. I've been enjoying your videos! Not seen the Bubble Bobble one yet but have loved them all so far.
  11. Anyone recommend a good place to pick up an RGB modded N64 in the UK or is ebay the best bet? I had bookmarked https://www.oldskoolconsoles.com/product-page/rgb-modded-n64-grey-ntsc-t-w-n64rgb-with-deblur ages ago but they seem to be out of stock on everything.
  12. this is the most bizarre thing. It’s like they haven’t seen a map before. Some of the segments that flash to indicate the general area you are in are massive. loving this game though.
  13. I’m hoping to have a go on the C64 version at some point this week also.
  14. Had a few goes on the Xbox Live Arcade version of this today and whilst it’s hard, it’s not as bad as I remember it. That said, I still can’t get past Stage 2 - though I don’t think I ever actually made it that far before. I would agree that a reasonable part of the difficulty comes from the controls. Up to jump is just such a weird anachronism these days and it takes a fair bit of getting used to. The jumping guys killed me the first few times at end of first stage and then I died to another new enemy type (paratrooper) middle of stage 2. I’ll have another crack
  15. I’d throw Fifa in for the Mega Drive. It’s easy to forget how revolutionary it felt when it first came out. And the SNES version was a mess when it eventually came out.
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