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  1. Don't think I got one with mine. EDIT: Obviously didn't look hard enough!
  2. Here comes the second wave. Enjoy your day of driver tracking and curtain twitching! Great day to receive your new console. Single digit weather outside and the start of the weekend.
  3. Copies of Mario Kart and extra controllers, depending on how much you complained. Think it was a reduction of £100 about three months after release, so a lot of pissed off early adopters!
  4. And just after seeing your post I had mine dropped off, by a bloke in a white van. Confirmed PS5, not dog food, either.
  5. Still....waiting....already has gone beyond today's estimated time. Man, I know this might sound entitled/spoilt, but this experience is really dampening my enthusiasm for it. Like finally getting it will just be relief that I'm finally free of the terrible service and that I haven't been scammed.
  6. No reply to my GAME complaint at all, unsurprisingly. Royal Mail have at least reappeared after their weekend off to say I should be getting my delivery today. It's also now showing as being at my local delivery centre, so looking promising. Would've obviously preferred to have got it on my first day off of three, rather than the last, but here we are. Next worry will be if it's a bag of rice or cat food.
  7. Submitted a ticket via their site: https://helps.game.co.uk/support/tickets/new EDIT: My complaint (not posting as I think it great prose or anything, more to give others an angle if they decide to do likewise):
  8. I've complained (via email) and I have requested that they refund me the £10 they charged for delivery. It's the principle - I can understand the shitshow going on out there at the moment, but I'm not paying £10 to wait 4-5 days for a delivery.
  9. Yeah, I was more talking about the worst service - those Amazon cases are straight up theft.
  10. Mine shows no progress since the original status: still just saying that it has arrived at South West DC. Which is a little concerning, as I would've expected it to show by now as being out for delivery if it supposed to come today before 3pm. Edit: Thinking about how automated all this stuff is, with the items getting scanned along the way and such, maybe it's not going to show today either. Jeez, this GAME (incompetence) and RM (overstretched) combo looks to be the worst of the lot.
  11. Did they though? I might've mentioned it in the other thread, but I tried the first code (as I thought it would be £30 off a £35 copy of Control), but it only gave me a £5 discount. Looking again at the email, I don't even understand the wording of it: £30 Launch Offer. It certainly would suggest a £30 discount, but I think it might be more a case where the discount might allow you to get some stuff on there *for* £30. Haven't checked the other one, as I was put off by the first one. Update for @HarryBizzle - I also got an email from RM. There is a link o
  12. Well, considering I was a few hours ahead of you guys yesterday for getting a dispatch mail, I'd expect a RM text at some point this afternoon.
  13. Yeah, GAME look to have been the worst retailer over this launch. As I had, though, I think you will get a tracking number once RM send you a text.
  14. No, just this: Thursday 19 November 02:13pm Sender despatching item Updated on: Thursday 19 November 11:28pm Item Received South West DC
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