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  1. There was definitely some lens chat a little while back... was it @Eighthours who took the plunge?
  2. Reynard

    The Bookies

    Heard some risible pushback across various media and industry defenders. Guardian live blog update: "In delaying the race, these animal rights activists are forcing the horses to walk endlessly around the paddock as the sun beats down on their backs." Yeah, Aintree in early April at around 14 degrees is dangerous to the horses. ITV pundit: “Come and see the way these horses are looked after. Come and see the six star luxury they live in and the love with which they are treated.” Reminds me if the same chat you see about how wonderfully some animals are looked after in a green meadow, before going to have their throat slit. Ex-jockey pundit: “They don’t deserve it, they actually do not deserve any justification. Horses have a purpose in life, just like us all. Unfortunately when people go to work, sometimes bad things happen that you don’t want to happen. A hundred years ago, everybody had a horse, it was how they got around. They were working horses. “Let’s bring out 20 horses and give them one each and see how they get on. What are they going to do? Bring them home and put them in their garden?” Breeding horses to run for money, risking life and limb is just necessary, just their purpose... Followed by the usual "But what would happen to all of the current animals if we just ended the abusive practices overnight?" idiocy.
  3. Reynard

    The Bookies

    C'mon protesters.
  4. Pedant: Surely for that date format to be wrong, you would have said "9th June?!".
  5. Ah, very pleased for you that you sorted it. Felt sorry when reading you spent all that time yesterday f'ing around, after looking forward to spending your Saturday playing with it.
  6. Anecdotally, in this thread alone, how many are we up to now who've had issues, 4? Couple of DoAs, one not tracking correctly and a dead pixel unit.
  7. Either run around like a loon or barricade yourself in a building. It's time based I think.
  8. Ah, I was completely off. This is what I was thinking of:
  9. Is that the scrolling beat 'em up? If so, yeah, I bought it on sale a while back, but bounced off it - played it once and never went back.
  10. Never mind the PSVR2, check out that outdoor pool.🤽‍♂️
  11. Doubt it if the remake's going to be fully playable in VR.
  12. Yeah, Astrobot uses the light bar a fair bit doesn't it. I'd forgotten about that actually, so it would make porting to PSVR2 a little trickier, but still doable I'd imagine, perhaps without requiring the original team, if they're working on the next thing. Edit: I should've checked the State of Play thread, as there's recent chat about it there.
  13. This soothing ointment eases the pain.
  14. That is key - never try and power through, always stop when you feel the weirdness.
  15. Did you explain why your partner would be so angry if a delivery you thought wasn't going to arrive today did in fact arrive?
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