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  1. Astro Bot is £7.99 at Argos.
  2. No app really stays functional for that long. Anything 'side loaded' which needs updating will sometimes tell you that it needs it. Others just stop working. Within kodi, stuff stops working one day quite frequently. Just giving a firestick to a friend or relative who doesn't stay on top of that stuff will inevitably end up with it "not working anymore".
  3. Even if those sort of people were given a fully loaded firestick, maintaining it (dumping old, non-working apps and installing new ones) would be beyond them.
  4. Beyond Thunderdome is the threequel.
  5. Chip Shop in Liverpool, who were pretty big importers. Bought one used for £150 I think. Maybe mid nineties. They stocked used games too (obvs) and I eventually bought Samuari Shodown and Art of Fighting. Don't think I could afford to buy a game when I bought the console!
  6. I really should go and visit that attic... Really didn't like FF2/3, so never bothered with those. I remember my copy of FFG still had the Blockbuster sticker on it - had a mate get it for me on a visit to the States. I probably have three Street Fighters - Jap copy of 2, US copy of Turbo and I'm not sure which of Super. There's also an AES there somewhere with Art of Fighting and Samurai Shodown (but with a knackered scart lead, from what I recall).
  7. Final Fight Guy? Ouch. Think I still have that in the attic at my mum's.
  8. Reynard

    Superhot VR

    I'd wait until you sober up first.
  9. Reynard

    Superhot VR

    That is quite the revelation. Cheers! I must've glanced at that part of the tutorial and assumed it was the trigger. Strange button to stick it on.
  10. Reynard

    Superhot VR

    I didn't try and restart, but when I played Superhot, I couldn't throw anything. Didn't matter if I made a throwing motion and pressed or released the trigger at the point I wanted to throw. Just never let me. Also, it's currently too hot to play Superhot.
  11. Reynard

    Superhot VR

    The state of the PSVR version is why I was holding back on the Superhot pre-order, just in case that was nobbled as well. That was until @murray dropped in with the good news. Might buy AS if they release a patch which sorts the issues.
  12. Reynard

    Superhot VR

    I just thought that the VR game was the same, just in VR. That's not the case. You're correct, @spatular: it's the original version. Found some blurb: I'm definitely in for the VR version. Don't know how much of a saving the pre-order price is, though, or is the offer just for PS+ members (and it's always going to be 19.99)? EDIT: Signed up for 14 day PS+ trial and got it for £15.99 (and yes, have set a reminder on my phone to cancel it before it auto-renews!).
  13. Reynard

    Superhot VR

    Don't think it's Aim-compatible, is it? What does the 'Mind us Software' give you over the vanilla version?
  14. I was totally expecting a 'yep' at the end there. I assume that I could just create any old FB profile to 'like' CD Keys? How does it work?
  15. I think you're looking at around £42-£45 at the supermarkets. Tesco is £42. If I bought 2x £35 PSN credit from CD Keys for £63.78, I'd save just over six quid. However, the digital game is £50. @Gorf King I'm not on FB and I'm *assuming* the Tesco pre-order price of £42 would be the in-store price. I would have to drive there, though.
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