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  1. 1 The Leftovers As much as I love The Wire, this takes top spot for me as it’s not only superbly made but it also moves me more than any other show. A faultless examination of grief that’s wrapped up in some bat shit crazy storytelling that keeps you hooked right up to that perfect ending. A true original. 2 The Wire 3 Twin Peaks The Return 4 Dark 5 Succession 6 Game Of Thrones Don’t care what anyone says, loved this from start to finish (yeah I said finish). 7 Inside No 9 Constantly inventive/creepy/hilarious, and responsible for some of the all time best 30 minutes of TV (12 Days Of Christine, A Quite Night In, Bernie Clifton’s Dressing Room). 8 Friday Night Lights 9 Too Old To Die Young 10 Borgen 11 Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex 12 Mare Of Easttown 13 The Trip 14 Detectorists 15 The Killing (The original obvs) 16 Mad Men 17 Watchmen Achieved the impossible. Made a show that no one wanted, based on an untouchable IP, and absolutely knocked it out of the park. 18 Attack On Titan 19 Treme 20 Breaking Bad
  2. 24 hours after watching it and I still can’t stop laughing to myself every time I think of
  3. The whole cast are truly excellent. I was so excited to see Michelle Yeoh in this, that I hadn’t really paid attention to who else was in it, but it’s such a great ensemble film.
  4. Just superb. I knew that the craziness, and all things Michelle Yeoh, were going to be right up my street, but its also the heart and humour which elevate this to greatness. Can't wait to watch it again.
  5. Not a bad list, but Inside No 9 and Dark should be much higher. Probably time to update the rllmuk list, as it must be a fair few years back now, and there’s so much good telly these days.
  6. I re watched it just the other night, and it's aged brilliantly. In fact I'd forgotten just how good it is.
  7. I hate it when podcast host read their own ads. They usually try and put a personalised spin on it, either to highlight how much they like the product in an effort to mask their embarrassment at doing ads, or attempt humour (probably for the same reason). Either way it just makes the ads longer. Just play a quick ad recorded by professionals that us listeners can zone out of until the show continues. Adam Buxton is the obvious exception to this grumble.
  8. There are a few exceptions, Jock O’Connell being another, but they are few and far between. It seems to be even worse for female actors.
  9. Exactly. Someone who broke through over two decades ago.
  10. I think it’s a very real problem within our arts at the moment. Good elocution often gets mistaken for good acting these days, and Tom Hiddleston is a prime example of that. Working class actors so rarely break through these days.
  11. Yeah, more of the same. About half way through, but may stop there to spare myself from Tom Hiddleston.
  12. That’s great casting. He definitely has that mysterious look about him.
  13. Yep, Millennium Actress. Fantastic film.
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