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  1. Brilliant. Got one ordered with very. Can now close all those tabs I’ve been refreshing for 13 hours.
  2. Managed to get it in my trolley once, but showed as sold out after I put my card number in.
  3. Synecdoche, New York 5/5 watched this after really loving I’m Thinking Of Ending Things. Always been put off giving it a go in the past, as people say how it’s impenetrable of difficult to understand. I didn’t find that at all. It’s certainly complex and has many layers, but I was with the film the whole way, utterly mesmerised with the path it took me on. No doubt many rewatches lie ahead to fully appreciate it. Stunning filmmaking.
  4. L’Immortale is now available to watch on Sky. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Basically a two hour episode of Gomorrah, which is fine by me.
  5. I plan to rectify this tomorrow. Looking forward to it.
  6. I love Predestination. A very under appreciated film.
  7. I know there’s not many Peter Bradshaw fans on here, but I really liked this line from his review. “You can spend up to an hour wondering uneasily when this film is going to start, while also realising that you have been on the edge of your seat.”
  8. I'm listening to it later today. Not criticising his review, just making a comment about how his reviews sometimes feel tainted
  9. Yeah, Kermode tweeted about that in a stroppy way (for a critic he’s very touchy about criticism). And there was the very frosty interview between them when Kaufman was on the show talking about Anomalisa.
  10. I need to watch that. It’s the only Kaufman I haven’t seen.
  11. I’m Thinking Of Ending Things 5/5 Watched this last night and loved it. Woke up this morning and can’t get it out of my head. May have to spend the weekend reading theories and giving it at least one rewatch. It’s not that it’s hard to follow, more that there’s so much to unpack. All the cast are superb, but the standout (as always) is Jessie Buckley. She really is the best around at the moment. I’m a bit up and down when it comes to Kaufman, but this may well be my fave of his. Saying that I haven’t seen Synecdoche, New York.
  12. I haven’t read the book, but thought the last half hour was sublime. Absolutely loved this film. As for Kermode. I find that I agree with him less and less as the years go by. Haven’t listened to his review yet, but he does have beef with Kaufman, and he does seem to be swayed by his like or dislike of a director.
  13. Ah ok. Every time I heard it mentioned people kept referring to it as a podcast, and as audible do podcasts I assumed that’s how it would be released. Annoyingly I told my wife that she could have this month’s audible credit.
  14. I thought podcasts were meant to be free to audible subscribers? They’re asking for a credit for this as if it was an audio book. Robbing Bastards.
  15. Yeah, episode 3 was miles better. It turned me right around on this show.
  16. A Hidden Life has definitely stayed in my mind since I watched it. Will definitely give it another try sometime now I know what I’m in for. Need to watch more Malick really. Will try Thin Red Line next.
  17. I adore this film. Easily in my all time top ten. Have you seen that Sofia Coppola has just made another film with Bill Murray called On The Rocks, which is released on Apple TV in October. Very excited for that one.
  18. Massively disappointed in this. The whole tone of it just feels way off. I’m not overly knowledgeable when it comes to Lovecraft, but from what I recall it always had a creeping sense of terror about it, which this completely lacks. Just not scary at all, and instead plays out like a mediocre Resident Evil cut scene that’s been stretched out for an hour. Wasn’t even that impressed with episode one, as even when dealing with racism the tone felt off and heavy handed.
  19. I really hope so. I have to shield due to my wife’s health, so I’ve no chance of going to the cinema for a long time. I’m a big Nolan fan, so having to miss this is killing me.
  20. Irma Vep 4/5 Big thanks to @Minion for recommending this one. Wasn’t sure with this at first as so many of the French filmmakers in this come across as pretentious arses, but then you realise that’s kinda the point. Maggie Cheung is (as always) fantastic as a foreigner out of place in an industry that’s lost its way. Such a shame that Cheung retired young from acting. She really was one of the best.
  21. Cheers for that. Will definitely track down Carlos and Irma Vep.
  22. All currently on MUBI The Truth 4/5 Came to this a little reticent as reviews had been Luke warm, but being a big Kore-eda fan I just had to watch his first attempt at making a film outside Japan. Catherine Deneuve is fantastic as an ageing actress coming to terms with how her career has gone. Great support from Juliette Binoche and Ethan Hawke. Really enjoyed this. Clouds Of Silas Maria 4/5 Juliette Binoche again. And again a film about an ageing actress unfulfilled by her career (these two would make a great double bill). Having loved Personal Shopper,
  23. What exactly were you expecting? Of course there's no audience and has acceptance speeches online. No other way to do it at the moment. Thought they did alright all things considered. Richard Ayoade was perfect for this. I thought the weirdest thing was that they put it on at 7 o'clock.
  24. Bazjam


    I enjoy it, but it’s deeply flawed. Snyder seems to completely misunderstand the book by trying his hardest to make them all look cool.
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