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  1. Have you seen Raw? For me that’s the stand out horror film of the last decade.
  2. I’ll definitely watch it. Solely for the reason of supporting Rebellion. If it’s good that will be a welcome bonus.
  3. Cheers for that. Will definitely check a few of those out.
  4. It’s the only one I hadn’t seen before, and I wrote that post straight after watching it. It’s definitely stayed in my mind since then, and I’ll no doubt watch it again before too long. The more I think back on it, the more it grows on me. Pretty sure my score will end up being higher after more viewings.
  5. Collateral 4/5 1st time rewatching this since seeing it at the cinema. Absolutely brilliant for about three quarters of the movie, but unfortunately in the last half hour it turns into a disappointingly generic Hollywood thriller. Still lots to love though, and definitely one of my favourite Michael Mann films. Available on iPlayer, as well as quite a few great films at the moment. Well worth checking out. Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert 3/5 By far the worst thing about this is the audience it was filled in front of. They spend the whole t
  6. Yeah, even the weaker films have plenty to admire about them.
  7. I’ve spent the last few weeks rewatching all of Paul Thomas Anderson’s films, many of which I hadn’t seen since their cinema release. Learnt two things. Firstly, I’d really under appreciated how much I love this mans work. Just one of the very best. And secondly, it really hit home what a monumental loss Philip Seymour Hoffman is to the world of cinema. I rank his films as below. Phantom Thread 5/5 There Will Be Blood 5/5 Boogie Nights 5/5 Punch Drunk Love 4.5/5 Magnolia 4/5 Hard Eight 4/5 Inherent Vice 3.5/5 The Master 3/5
  8. I watched my first Sion Sono film the last night, Love Exposure, and blimey it was some ride. The thought of him working with Cage is pretty damn awesome.
  9. Absolutely fantastic. Wasn’t sure what to expect going in, judging by the length of the book, and the fact that Clarke basically knocked it out to help with her writer’s block (I know her problems are far more serious than that), but this beautifully told tight story was pretty much perfect for me. I read most of it in one day, as I simply couldn’t put it down. It’s been many many years since I last did that. Now reading The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories, as for some unknown reason I never got round to it at the time, and just started a rewatch of the brilliant BBC adapt
  10. Me and my wife both really enjoyed it. The story progresses really well and definitely hooks you in. I preferred Big Little Lies, but this ain’t far behind.
  11. They’ve had plenty of good originals over the last few years. They just seem to be more under a microscope as people have their knives out for them due to their distribution method. I bet if you compared them like for like with individual Hollywood studios they’d hold their own.
  12. Bazjam

    Apple TV +

    Yeah, the 30m length is perfect for Servant. Glad you’re enjoying it. If anything, it gets better towards the end in my opinion.
  13. I watched it for the third time this week. Liked it with reservations on my first watch. Two watches later, and I now absolutely love it.
  14. Bazjam

    Apple TV +

    Morning Show, Servant, and Beasties doc, are all excellent.
  15. Going to add lots of these shows to my watch list as I’ve been wanting to get into some more Korean shows but it’s difficult to know where to start. Think I’ll try Stranger first. Surprised with what you say about their censorship though. The one Korean show I have watched (and loved) was Bad Guys Vile City, which was pretty much non stop violence.
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