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  1. I think it’s pretty crucial to know the details of the Manson killings and the effect on Hollywood they had, to get the most out of this film. For anyone interested who doesn’t know the history, the series of podcasts done by You Must Remember This (podcast) on the subject were fantastic.
  2. You not splitting Kill Bill? I know Tarantino counts them as one, but they feel like very different films.
  3. Maybe I should clarify. I mean that it’s tighter than it initially seems on first viewing when armed with the knowledge of why the characters are being developed through the shown scenes, rather than being a tight film in general.
  4. Watched it for a second time today, and now love it even more. Seeing it when knowing where everything is going you realise that not a single scene is wasted. What felt like quite loose story telling the first time round actually comes across as tight on a second viewing. The way it cuts between the storylines of Dalton/Booth/Tate in the middle section of the film is superbly balanced. My updated Tarantino ranking 1 Kill Bill Vol 1 2 Pulp Fiction 3 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 4 Inglorious Basterds 5 Jackie Brown 6 Hateful Eight 7 Reservoir Dogs 8 Kill Bill Vol 2 9 Django Unchained 10 Death Proof
  5. Forgot to mention Burning in my list. Would feature very high up as well.
  6. Favourite so far would be Vox Lux other highlights Prospect Us Wild Rose Alita Battle Angel High Life Once Upon A Time In Hollywood In Fabic Midsommar Very strong year so far.
  7. That’s a great review. Robbie Collin is by far my favourite film critic.
  8. Edith Bowman’s soundtracking podcast features QT this week talking about the music in the film, and is a great listen. Can’t stop thinking about this film. Going to see it again Monday, so will see how it sits on a second viewing, but I think this is going to end up very high on my ranking of Tarantino films.
  9. The other guy is Jack Howard, whom he podcasts with occasionally, and is annoying as fuck. Would have been far more interesting to do it with someone more pro Tarantino (Robbie Collin maybe) to counter his arguments, rather than Howard who just laughs and agrees with most things Kermode says.
  10. My mind went straight back to this post when I watched it tonight. Goose absolutely wins. Loved the film as well.
  11. Just got round to catching up with season three. Absolutely fantastic stuff. Season 2 largely lost me, and I struggled to follow the plot (probably down to my own lack of attention), but back to loving it now. Really want to go back and watch season 1 & 2 again now.
  12. Would’ve been great to have more, but it works well as a stand alone one off series. Already thinking of watching it all again.
  13. I've watched this quite a few times now, and I really like it. Maybe I'm carrying over my love of the manga a bit, but it really works for me.
  14. Bazjam

    Ad Astra

    Think it looks great. I really liked Lost City Of Z, so I’m in for this one.
  15. It's the emotional heart of the whole show, and the one part that kinda pulls it all together. If they fuck it up, it makes the whole thing pretty pointless. Been going on for a while now though. Whenever its revived on stage the usually bring in some celeb to turn up and belt out that song rather than getting a good actor.
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