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  1. I really can't stand the trend these days of film reviewers saying that if your film deals with a certain matter then it has to follow certain rules. Fuck that, since when did art have to follow such rules? I really like Kermode and Robbie Collin, but they're both very guilty of this.
  2. It’s gentle ribbing at best though. And no historical figure should be treated as a sacred cow that’s beyond a bit of parody. Tarantino said that he had read interviews with Bruce Lee where he came across as a bit of an arrogant Hollywood type, so why not have some fun with that.
  3. I've watched Shadow a couple of times, it's great, a real return to form.
  4. That's a pretty solid list for best film. I'll mainly be cheering on The Irishman, but would fucking love it if Parasite won. Critics moaning on Twitter about this and Bafta, seems to get worse every year. Sure there's films I'd love to see get more attention (Vox Lux, The Lighthouse), but as a broad scope of the year I think they're not to far off.
  5. Jojo Rabbit 5/5 It was great. Those critics who gave it one star need their bloody heads examined.
  6. I get what you're saying. I do think the film has moments like that though. The heatbreaking look her mum gives her when she says to her kid "you can have my wish" speaks volumes of the relationship between mother and daughter over the years.
  7. My son says that to me on a weekly basis, so pretty realistic dialogue in my experience
  8. I don't agree that this was over hyped. It is sleight, and maybe doesn't have the greatest depth, but I don't think its trying to be anything other than what it is. A simply told feel good movie whith an emotional wallop. Definitely had me in tears.
  9. The best song and dance ending to a film has to be Zatoichi.
  10. I simply don’t go to the cinema if I can’t get an aisle seat. Which is another reason I don’t like intervals. Pain in the arse letting people in and out of the row.
  11. They should play the audio from the film in the nearest toilet so you get an idea of what’s happening while you’re gone.
  12. It's not a bad film, and indeed has some great moments, but obviously not a patch on the first two. I see it as an optional add on you can watch, rather than part of a trilogy. After all, part two ended perfectly.
  13. The Leftovers ends beautifully. As for films, Inception is my favourite ending. The collective gasp in the cinema on that final shot was a great cinema going moment.
  14. I always have a couple of beers at my local cinema before the film. Pee before I leave the house, two beers, pee last minute before the film, run for the toilets as soon as the credits start to roll. Even got through The Irishman this way.
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