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  1. Akira is set in Japan, so I’d watch the subtitled version. Something like Nausicaä or Mononke though suits English just as well. They often get really good actors doing the dubs.
  2. If it’s set in Japan I watch the original audio track. Set anywhere else I tend to watch the dubs. They’re generally really well done, and all animation is dubbed anyway so don’t see it as that bad a thing.
  3. Finished. Wow, absolutely loved it. It's been a long time since I felt the urge to binge watch a show like I did with this. There's so much great TV around these days that it feels like I always have at least a couple of really good shows on the go at any one time. But this one really stood out. Haven't felt this excited about a show since Twin Peaks The Return. A show to which this shares some similarities, whilst still being very much it's own beast. Really hope we get a sequel. The cast were great too. Particularly Cristina Rodlo. Just couldn't take my eyes off her whenever she was on screen.
  4. Episode 5 is fantastic, but I think 6 may even top it. The way this mixes the blackest of humour with violence and dread is just sublime.
  5. I absolutely adore this film. And what a way to go out for Scott Walker, amazing soundtrack.
  6. I love Climax. My favourite film of last year.
  7. Just finished episode 5 as well. Really loving this. You just never know where it’s going to go at the start of each episode.
  8. Watched episode one, and it didn't disappoint. It's very NWR, so if you don't like his recent films its probably not for you. I love his stuff though so can't wait to watch more now. Most episodes seen to be around 80/90 minutes long, so plenty more brooding, violent, dark, neon goodness to come.
  9. Think I might have to give this a go despite the poor reviews. That ranking mirrors my own, so would be happy if Dark Phoenix fits in there.
  10. Bazjam


    I did quite enjoy this, but was expecting more after all the hype. The two leads were both really good though.
  11. I think this is a great choice. He’s been superb in films like High Life, Good Time & Lost City Of Z.
  12. Loved it. Such a refreshing way of doing a biopic. I was hooked from the scene with young Elton in bed with his torch.
  13. High Life (2019) A father and his daughter struggle to survive in deep space where they live in isolation. With this and Prospect it’s been a good year so far for moody indie Sci Fi, and I’m loving it. This is my first Claire Denis film, and I’m now curious to see more. Robert Pattinson continues to make great career choices and just seems to keep getting better. 4.5/5 This didn’t come to a cinema near me so I bought the blu ray from Amazon France, and annoyingly you can’t turn off the French subtitles.
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