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  1. An absolute treat to watch that episode again.
  2. Portrait Of A Lady On Fire I’ve been wanting to see this for a few weeks now, but my personal situation has made going to the cinema something I have to avoid. I’m not exactly self isolating, but my wife has cancer so I need to stay away from unnecessarily enclosed/crowded spaces. But I was delighted to see that this was on Curzon Home Cinema, and gave it a watch tonight. Its a truly stunning film. Beautifully shot, incredibly moving use of music, and superbly acted. It sits in probably my favourite sub genre of film, relationships thwarted by time and circumstance. See also Lost In Translation, Brokeback Mountain, In The Mood For Love, Shoplifters & Before Sunrise. Early front runner for film of the year. 5/5
  3. I've heard him say in interview that he is making them. Really hope he gets to.
  4. I’ve watched this twice now, and I really love it. Definitely has an 80s horror vibe going on which works really well. And it looks great. Especially considering that it must have had quite a small budget. So good to have Richard Stanley back. I re watched the Lost Soul documentary the other night, he’s such an interesting and likeable guy.
  5. Some really great films in this period. 17/18/19 were all particularly strong years. 2015 1. Mad Max: Fury Road 2. When Marnie Was There 3. Ex Machina Honourable mentions - The Martian, The Assassin, Love & Mercy, A Most Violent Year, Victoria. 2016 1. Raw 2. Arrival 3, The Handmaiden Honourable mentions - La La Land, Midnight Special, Elle, Hunt For The Wilderpeople. 2017 1. Phantom Thread 2. Blade Runner 2049 3. The Last Jedi Honourable mentions - Three Billboard’s Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Shape Of Water, Good Time, Logan, Dunkirk 2018 1. Shoplifters 2. Climax 3. Mandy Honourable mentions - Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, Annihilation, Hereditary, Mute. 2019 1. The Irishman 2. Vox Lux 3. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood --------------------------------------Extra for 2019 Top Ten list (not compulsory - doesn't have to be 10 can be less) 4. Ash Is The Purest White 5. Color Out Of Space 6. Prospect 7. Midsommer 8. Parasite 9. Burning 10. Diego Maradona
  6. It’s on iTunes and Amazon to buy (available to rent from next week I think). Avoid Amazon though, I bought it on there and about half way through the subtitles go out of sync. I should’ve known better as it’s happened to me before with them, and searching online it seems a common problem with subtitled films on there.
  7. They confirm and explain in the podcast that
  8. Mother is definitely worth a watch. It’s on MUBI this month, along with The Host, In The Mood For Love and 2046. A great selection of Asian films well worth a month’s subscription (or the seven day free trial).
  9. First Love - 4/5 Miike's 103rd film, and he's on fine form. Madcap, violent & romantic.
  10. Really wasn’t expecting them to do that. An absolute treat.
  11. Hardware (1990) 5/5 Have not watched this since the year it came out, but having loved Color Out Of Space so much, I thought I’d revisit it. Such an absolute classic of its genre. I’d totally forgotten just how good it was. So sad that Richard Stanley went so long without making films.
  12. No matter what the role, whenever I see Daniel Kaluuya appear on screen I can’t help saying to myself “Ah Tealeaf”.
  13. Overjoyed by this winning. Stayed up till 5 in the morning watching the Oscars last night. Best director and best film, were real punch the air moments. I really wish Memories Of Murder would come to one of the streaming sites. So hard to find on dvd/blu ray, and always overpriced when you do.
  14. Definitely one of the more comedic episodes. Had some cracking lines in it.
  15. Reece and Steve are doing a companion podcast for every episode on BBC Sounds.
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