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  1. Really underwhelmed with Hamilton. It’s definitely at its best in the smaller numbers, and when the hip hop influence is more telling, but a lot of it feels very by the numbers musical. And I found the staging and choreography pretty weak throughout. The performances are great though, and there are definitely some good songs in there. But I guess it’s a pretty impossible hype to live up to, and obviously I’m in the minority with my opinions on this.
  2. A Hidden Life 3.5/5 I haven’t seen much Malick, but this one took my fancy so thought I’d give it a go. I’m really not one to complain about film lengths (in fact I often find that criticism tedious), but this is a three hour film, and there is definitely a two hour five star film hiding in there. Some great bits, but it meanders like hell. Rented this in 4K on iTunes, and it’s eye blisteringly beautiful.
  3. I thought this was exceptional. The two leads were just fantastic, and surely will have good careers off the back of this. Reluctantly came to this late, as really didn’t think it would be my cup of tea. I was very wrong. Me and my wife ended up binging it all over three days.
  4. Hoop Dreams 5/5 Hadn’t watched this since it’s original cinema release, and couldn’t really remember much about it. But god knows how I forgot, as its simply fantastic. Surely the greatest sporting documentary film of all time. And a sadly still all too relevant examination of race divide in America. Currently on MUBI for anyone interested.
  5. Bloody hell, this really does fall off a cliff after episode 5. The last couple of episodes are just nonsense. At least Episode 5 was ace though. Would happily watch that again down the line as a stand alone.
  6. MUBI is probably my most watched streaming site for the last couple of months. They’ve has some great films shown recently, and introduced me to some really good new directors.
  7. I know I’m in a massive minority, but I thought Spider-verse was overhyped.
  8. Love Arrival. One of my favourite Sci Fi films of recent years.
  9. That’s one hell of a cast. Can’t wait.
  10. Such a brilliant top two. Have returned to watch both films numerous times and they just get better with each viewing.
  11. Oh I’m a big musicals fan. I live in Cornwall so have never had the chance to see it. When I first heard about it I watched numerous songs from it on YouTube (I guess from this same broadcast) and listened to some of the album, and I just don’t get it. But you’re right, you have to reserve judgment until you’ve watched it as a complete show. No doubt I’ll be back on here in July saying what an idiot I was.
  12. Definitely want to give Hamilton a try as everyone says it’s so great, but every clip I’ve seen on YouTube really makes it look like one of the Simpsons episodes where they do a piss take of musicals.
  13. I had to make a real effort to knuckle down and finish a load of shows over the last week as I just had a ridiculous amount going at the same time. I really need to limit it to two at a time, as even being furloughed there’s just not enough hours in the day. Finished last week, West World The Morning Show Ozark Outlander The Leftovers (rewatch) Still on my plate, about half way through all of them, Sopranos (rewatch) The Servant Ghost In The Shell SAC 2045 The Innocence Files F1 Drive To Survive Gangs Of London Due to start soon (because I don’t learn) The Last Dance After Life
  14. Bazjam

    Apple TV +

    Did the free trial to watch The Beastie Boys story, but ended up getting a sub as both The Morning Show and The Servant are excellent. Had pretty low expectations for both but have been very pleasantly surprised. Will try Defending Jacob next. Getting much more use out of this than I am with Disney+. Just wish it had a PS4 app. Would love to watch these with my wife, but only have access through my iPad.
  15. Been on a John Woo trip this weekend as I noticed these were all on YouTube, and I haven’t watched them in years. A Better Tomorrow 3.5/5 Has some great parts, but is let down by the younger brother character though. He must be the worst cop/husband in cinema history. Lung Ti and Chow Yun-Fat are both fantastic though. Hard Boiled 5/5 Simply one of the best action films ever made, and holds up really well. The Killer 5/5 Still my favourite. John Woo at the peak of his talents. And the perfect role for Chow Yun-Fat.
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