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  1. Still Walking (2008) 5/5 Still yet to watch a Kore-eda film I didn’t absolutely love. A beautiful and unflinching examination of family relations. For anyone interested, I got this as part of a new blu ray box set collecting 4 of his earlier films called Of Flesh And Blood. Well worth getting, as is the other box set that came out last year Family Values.
  2. If anyone else was doing this I’d be as cynical as hell. But due to my love of The Leftovers, I can’t bleeding wait for this. I see they’re doing that GOT thing of showing it at 2am Sunday night on Sky Atlantic.
  3. “Danny Boyle brings back the X Men In X2” ??? But great post as always @Ork1927. Always look forward to these.
  4. This section ha proved incredibly difficult. It illustrates for me why cinema has never been in a better place than it is in the 21st century. 2005 1. Serenity - I could re watch this endlessly. Gives you that warm familiar feeling of meeting up with old friends. 2. Brokeback Mountain - fantastic use of time jumps, and made us all realise what a fantastic actor Heath Ledger was. 3. The Decent - with the UK ending obvs. Narrowly missing out - Lady Vengeance, Sin City, A History Of Violence, A Bittersweet Life. 2006 1. Pans Labyrinth - Just perfection. 2. The Fall - any other year this would be my number one. An often overlooked modern classic. 3, Paprika - only just watched this for the first time last week, but know it’s one I’ll return to time and time again. Up there with my favourite anime movies. Narrowly missing out - 300, The Prestige, This Is England, Children Of Men, Inland Empire 2007 1. There Will Be Blood - my second favourite PTA film (after Phantom Thread) 2. The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford - didn’t get the fuss when I first saw this on its initial release. What a fool I was. Re watched it last year and was blown away. 3. Hot Fuzz - a film that you always seem to get something more from on a repeat viewing. Which is handy as it’s repeated all the bloody time. Narrowly missing out - Once, 30 Days Of Night, The Mist, Ratatouille. 2008 1. In Bruges - the razor sharp dialogue is wonderful, but it’s the emotion in Farrell’s performance that gets me every time. 2. Hellboy 2 - possibly my favourite comic book adaptation of all time. It’s Del Toro’s genuine love of the weird and fantastical that makes this film shine. 3. The Dark Knight - after the promising start of Begins, it finally felt like superhero films were back on track. Narrowly missing out - The Wrestler, Let The Right One In. 2009 1. Where The Wild Things Are - always leaves me in floods of tears by the end. A beautiful ode to the passing of childhood. 2. Moon - a perfectly self contained slice of Sci Fi. 3. Up - yes the opening is beyond perfect. But the whole film continually gets me in the feels. Pixar at its very best. Narrowly missing out - Inglorious Basterds, District 9
  5. Just popped into my local independent art house cinema, and they confirmed that they been offered, and will be showing this. So I guess this is going to get a wider release than originally planned.
  6. I like this film a lot. Seems to have flown under the radar this year but well worth checking out.
  7. Really glad you liked it. I have a week off work this week so going to get round to a second viewing which I’m really looking forward to.
  8. You’ve got some really great stuff to catch up on. Dead Mans Shoes, This Is England and Room For Romeo Brass are Particular highlights.
  9. A very well deserved top three. Watched all three of them many times over.
  10. Paprika - 5/5 Don't know why it's taken me so long to watch this as I really like some of the directors other films. Just brilliant.
  11. Bazjam


    I recently became addicted to watching Firefly reunion panels on YouTube. They’re all good fun, and the cast obviously love each other. This one is probably my favourite.
  12. Bazjam


    The films great.
  13. Bazjam


    Is someone going to break the news to him?
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