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  1. On The Rocks - 4/5 A gentle slow burn gem of a film. Loved it. Can see myself rewatching it many times
  2. I really enjoyed Rebecca. Haven’t read the book, or seen the Hitchcock film, so was all new to me and worked great.
  3. Bazjam

    Apple TV +

    Apple TV has been my favourite streaming service this year (for new content). Thoroughly enjoyed The Servant The Morning Show Beasties doc Ted Lasso (this one really took me by surprise, as I usually like my comedy cynical. Just fell n love with the characters) Long Way Up pleasantly surprised all in all as all the initial trailers I saw left me cold. Yes, they need to build up more content, but it’s a very promising start. I’ve kept my subscription going on this a lot longer than I did for Disney Plus. Really looking to On The Rocks as well.
  4. The official podcast with Ed Gamble is really good. On last week's pod, Alex said that Richard wanted to win more than any other contestant they've ever had.
  5. That’s amazing. I’ve owned this for a year and had no idea that was there.
  6. I got this set about a year ago and watched them all. They’re fantastic. I was previously only aware of them through Shogun Assassin, but the originals are every bit as good. And the quality doesn’t dip throughout. Had a blast with all of them.
  7. Max Richter’s Sleep - 4.5/5 A documentary film following performances of Max Richter’s 8 hour long music piece entitled Sleep, where the audience are supplied with beds and invited to sleep if they wish. The film cuts between the concerts, and interviews with Max and his wife talking about the struggles they faced to create their art. Admittedly, not for everyone. But I’m a huge fan of Richter having discovered his music through his incredible score for The Leftovers. Found this both beautiful and hypnotic.
  8. Watched Graveyard Of Honour on the back of your recommendation. Despite being a Miike fan, I hadn't heard of this one (he really is the gift that keeps giving). Brilliant film. As often with his films, I had no idea where it was going, which is always an exciting prospect, and the downward spiral of violence and hopelessness didn't disappoint. 4/5
  9. I know it’s not the greatest of shows, but I quite enjoyed Not Going Out in its early days. It ended up shitting the bed in many ways, but top of those was the two leads getting together. It wasn’t funny, or particularly believable, and ruined the whole structure of the show.
  10. I’m very reluctant to because of my love of the film. How do you think it compares (if you’ve seen it that is)?
  11. Little Women 3.5/5 Like the other Greta Gerwig films I’ve seen, for me this was very over hyped. It’s fine. Some very good performances, but it’s pretty standard costume drama fare. Local Hero 3.5/5 I very much enjoyed this, but I guess because of its lofty reputation I was expecting more. Will definitely watch it again some time, and can easily imagine my score going up with repeat viewings. Raise The Red Lantern 5/5 This was right up my street. A fascinating tale of four scheming wife’s of a powerful lord in 1920’s China. I was onl
  12. Brilliant. Got one ordered with very. Can now close all those tabs I’ve been refreshing for 13 hours.
  13. Managed to get it in my trolley once, but showed as sold out after I put my card number in.
  14. Synecdoche, New York 5/5 watched this after really loving I’m Thinking Of Ending Things. Always been put off giving it a go in the past, as people say how it’s impenetrable of difficult to understand. I didn’t find that at all. It’s certainly complex and has many layers, but I was with the film the whole way, utterly mesmerised with the path it took me on. No doubt many rewatches lie ahead to fully appreciate it. Stunning filmmaking.
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