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  1. Marriage Story 4/5 I normally find Baumbach movies a bit too in love with themselves. But for me this is his best by far. Both Driver and Johansson are fantastic and really elevate things, alongside great support from the likes of Dern, Liotta and Alda. Having a couple of Sondheim songs in your film is always a bonus as well.
  2. The look on Tony Pro’s face when he realises the discussion is going south again is just superb. Pacino and Graham really nail those scenes.
  3. I'd say if you're not digging it so far, then don't bother. It's a very different beast from Goodfellas or Casino. It is a lot more slow paced and sombre, as the whole thing is a an exploration on the passing of time. It definitely won't be for everyone, but for me it's a bleeding masterpiece.
  4. Ash Is The Purest White 4.5/5 Found this mesmerising. An incredible performance from Tao Zhao. My top ten of 2019 is getting harder by the minute.
  5. The Company Of Wolves, probably my second favourite horror of all time.
  6. Love that film. Just narrowly missed out my top 3.
  7. Unlike most it seems, I’ve found the 2000s much harder to narrow down. Apart from 1997, that was a hell of a year. 1995 1. Ghost In The Shell 2. Casino 3. Before Sunrise 1996 1. The People Vs. Larry Flynt 2. Trainspotting 3. Jerry Maguire 1997 1. Princess Mononoke 2. Gattaca 3. Lost Highway Narrowly missing out - Jackie Brown, Good Will Hunting, Starship Troopers, Boogie Nights, LA Confidential & Donnie Brasco. 1998 1. American History X 2. He Got Game 3. The Wedding Singer 1999 1. Audition 2. The Virgin Suicides 3. The Straight Story
  8. I really like what they've done so far with Will.
  9. I really love this film. Watched it again last night and it was even better second time around. Haven’t been able to get In The Still Of The Night out of my head all day.
  10. Vox Lux is fantastic. Few films to watch yet before I do my top ten, but it’s currently in my top three. Watched it four times already.
  11. yeah, I'm really enjoying it too. Took me a couple of episodes to acclimatise but I'm there now. I even like LMM. it's certainly a different take on the character, but one that I'm enjoying so far.
  12. Unfortunately not. It’s one of those series that does pop up every so often on Sky box sets though. I bought a digital copy off Amazon when I first watched it.
  13. It’s probably going to be rammed in all showings on its first week. Just leave it as late in the week as you can, and earliest showing possible, which is what I tend to do in general to avoid the hordes. Also if you cinema has online allocated seating you can just click in and out of each showing to see how Well they’re selling.
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