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  1. Ive seen it in GAME a few times.
  2. Of course, but a game with a dark story line about the world being taken over by evil doesnt work well when its all bright and breezy and happy. Mario sunshine wouldnt work with a dark story line and neither would sonic as they are all about happy and cheery things with little story behind them. I just feel zelda with its dark undertones needs a dark atmosphere to convey them and thats why i feel OoT is better than TWW.
  3. They are always fun as long as they dont stop you playing the game or messing up your saves. Goldeneye had some great ones when the cheats were turned on, 4 faced monsters or double bodied people. Being able to hold two different guns at a time was a neat trick too. My fav has to be on Mario Kart 64 however, DK's jungle park and the top of the sky scraper level. Both these levels played fine in single player but turn to multiplayer and they ran twice as fast as the other levels. Skin outs were quick, racing was quicker, it was extreamly deadly on the skyscraper level due to the lack of sides. Add in a turbo boost and you was dead. (as a side note anyone know why only these two levels ran faster?)
  4. Sorry to drag up an old topic but after buying this yesterday (selling my original copy due to getting a panny Q and at the time freeloader wasnt out) and it's brought back all kinds of memories. Im sure i unlocked more than ive got though, i thought i had luigi but it appears i dont. >_< I love all the little touches in it, such as the Fzero track and all the cars wizzing by in the background, or the slightly reworked music. The graphics are top notch, theres something about the characters, they look like they are made out of clay or plastic, really nicely done. Theres also the super fast loading times, you go between levels faster than a curry through your arse hole. And the levels where you have 6 characters on screen at once fighting you, just loverly as you smash 5 of them at once into the air.
  5. Atmosphere. Something TWW was missing. Starting out everything felt magical and like a fairy tale. Each land had its own unique atmosphere, wether it was in the desert or at the lake. Everything just felt right. You felt scared, everything felt dark. The story line too always kept me interested, you'd chat to the same people and get to know them and make new friends, you never felt alone or if the people were just nothing more than trees that talk. The cut scenes and the way the world changed too are what make it truely great. I would make a more detailed post with pictures but right now i cant be bothered, just wanted to point out why i feel OoT is great and why it is the reason TWW is laking.
  6. DJ Sack

    Zelda: TWW

    Okay so i finally got around to finishing this. The ending 20 minutes was brilliant, some top notch graphics effects and the cut scenes were wonderful, why couldnt they have had more of them throughout the game, would have kept me more entertained. The final battels were very lazy, lots of reusing old bosses, it bored me to be honest, gannon was great how ever. But if only they made the story that little bit better, apart from seeing gannon right at the start you never see him or his effects till the very end which ruined the game for me. Still it was worth it but i will never be coming back to this game again sadly, it just didnt keep me interested.
  7. A demo was made for the ps2 version you know.
  8. Give us more than a days warning and id play it!
  9. Not a great picture but im sure it'll bring back memories.
  10. As kryptonian how many copies of halo he has...
  11. Paper Mario is not THAT rare. You can find it about for around 30 pounds if you look in GS and places like that. Never ever go by ebay prices. Banjo Tooie is hard to get hold of but not rare, 20-30 pounds is what you should be paying for it.
  12. Super Puzzel fighter 2 for 3 pounds, loverly condition if crubby, a quick clean will make it look nice again. 3 pounds!!! Its worth lots right? And i hear its an excellent game too boot too?
  13. Atari's problem is they say Enter the matrix/driver 3 must sell 3 million to break even, no other company works that way, 250,000 is a profit for most.
  14. GC wreckless doesnt use any graphics filters, like the ps2 version its very sharp and clean, which i find nicer than the xbox versions fuzz-o-vision.
  15. Well maybe not revelations but well heres what i found out today. The Good: All preowned will be done by the till, that means what ever GAME store you go in, you should get the same trade in price. Although some stores are slow on this uptake, one store offered me 20 pounds for SP:PT, while the one with the new system offered me 14, a fair price id say seeing as GS sell it preowned for 16.99. But 20 pounds was better for me. They also give cash to you now as well, although obviously not as much as a part exchange value. The Bad: Magazines have disappeared from ALL stores. This means it'll be harder to find GAMEStm and Edge except for smiths and GS now, surly not a good thing as id assume most games mags are bought at GAME. The reason is because of GAME's own magazine they launched recently, it costs 2 pounds and is full of previews and reviews (although not having read it i'll guess its probably biased to great review scores) and also contains a page full of vouchers. And as such management decided they didnt need to bother selling any other games magazines.
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