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    how long until we all have to admit that Ramsey isn't just in great form - he actually is that good? i remember years ago talking to Cardiff's then youth physio about this amazing player they had in their youth set-up, who was definitely going to be world class. that was Ramsey, obviously. it's great to see him fulfilling his potential.
  2. Young on the wing, "winning penalties." I'm starting to suspect he suffers from chronic narcolepsy.
  3. No, no, an own goal waiting to happen. He's not a particularly dirty player, not at all. At United we've got a few red cards waiting to happen ourselves, with Fellaini the prime example. Last night's red was the first of many, I suspect. I think Baines or Vertonghen are decent shouts at left back. No-ones really stood out a mile. Sorry for accusing you of being an Arsenal fan, Timmo! By the way, what about a calamity XI? We'd have a few United players in that.
  4. Funny that, considering it's being put together by a couple of Arsenal fans.Gibbs has been ok, but done nothing to warrant inclusion in a team of the season so far. You'd have to be mad to include koscielny. He's given away two stupid penalties, and consistently looks like an own goal waiting to happen. In the spirit of just picking players from our own teams, what about De Gea for keeper? Incidentally, my phone autocorrects De Gea to Dr Tea. I quite like that. As a holding midfielder, Sandro is good but hasn't been consistent throughout. You could go for Gary Medel, who has been outstanding for Cardiff. His pass completion rate in the derby against Swansea was something like 95%, and his defensive work is excellent. He's a class act.
  5. You missed another example of Ashley Young's terrible affliction. The poor guy seems completely incapable of running without falling over. What is it that causes this? An inner-ear problem that effects his balance? Narcolepsy perhaps?
  6. Yeah, for half an hour in a game that's drifting into oblivion. Having said that, he's already started making things happen. rofl classic Young there. The man has no shame. Edit - missed anyway!
  7. Shocking miss from Hernandez. This is a terrible game. I feel like I'm wasting my evening watching it.
  8. i assume that's Giggs in the center and Kagawa on the left.
  9. isn't the beauty pageant thing just ripped off from Little Miss Sunshine, though?
  10. ok, this is a hell of a weird thread. Hughes is right - i can't stand Game personally, but they aren't marginalising the Wii-U out of some kind of vendetta against poor downtrodden Nintendo. they're marginalising it because the bloody thing has been a huge clanging failure so far. no-one wants to buy a Wii-U, no-one wants to buy games for the Wii-U. why should Game sacrifice valuable shelf space for something that makes them no money? they are driven by the market. the shuffling of the Wii-U towards the rear corner of the store is a reflection of the console's unpopularity, nothing else. a Nintendo store is a ridiculous idea. maybe one or two little flagship stores which would lose money but advertise the brand or act as a kind of Mecca for their rabid fans would be viable, but you guys seem to be imagining stores all over the country (or world) like Disney stores. videogame retailers can barely keep their heads above water when they stock games from all the consoles, never mind ditching the most popular ones and hoping you can shore up the turnover with fucking Yoshi plushes.
  11. the only thing that could salvage this week is if my three Everton players do something against Spurs. i have Dawson as well, but if he gets a clean sheet, that means Lukaku has failed. hopefully it'll be 7-3 to Everton. hat-tricks from Baines and Lukaku, plus one off the bench for Barkley. a hat-trick from Dawson in response. that's possible, isn't it? i'm consistently terrible at picking my captain. the reason Van Persie's form has picked up in the last two games is that i took the armband away from him. i don't know who to curse with the thing next. perhaps Ozil or Ramsey, in the hope that it will cause them to play shit against United. my team is We Play Naked by the way. i have a hard time working our which team belongs to who in this league.
  12. ah right. too much to hope for a bit of tactical innovation, i suppose. i don't see why we couldn't have played three at the back - Vidic with Evra and Smalling either side. especially as Jones could sit in front of them.
  13. i didn't see the game, but i've just had a look at the BBC sport page. what happened with those substitutions? did Fellaini play in defence, or did we go to three at the back?
  14. this doesn't look good. Norwich's Robert Snodgrass has been down for several minutes. both sets of medical teams seem to be working on him quite frantically.
  15. does anyone know where i might find a decent stream of tonight's game?
  16. so is Rafael fit or not? and if he is fit, why isn't he our first-choice right-back every week? good to see Zaha getting a start, and it looks like a 4-2-3-1 formation too. Januzaj behind Hernandez? interesting.
  17. gotta love this ringing endorsement!
  18. argh! i really want to play this, but the baby is asleep in the living room so i can't. i'm having no luck with this game.
  19. hooking up the surround sound worked wonders! as a result, i've been playing this for the past three hours, and can report that it is fantastic. it took me a little while to understand the weird way the game communicates which notes and frets to play. now i've got it, it does largely make sense, although the colour-coding is kind of a memory exercise. if i'm playing predominantly the E A and D strings, then the G or B is suddenly thrown in, i always miss it due to not remembering what colour represents which string. i'll get it eventually, i'm sure. i'm completely self-taught on the guitar, so the game has spent some time pointing out all the stuff i do that is slightly unorthodox. apparently i hold my plectrum (or bit of credit-card in my case) differently to how you're supposed to. well, i can't change now. anyway, as it happens the proper way wouldn't work for me, as i have a gimpy little finger on my right hand, a result of a very bad break a few years ago. jumping in to play some songs, i realised that i had picked the wrong difficulty setting, and was stuck with some faintly insulting single-note versions of songs. fortunately, these did serve to ease me into the Rocksmith version of the Rock Band notation guide. i found some weird inconsistencies relating to how well the game picked up what i was playing though. sometimes the game refused to pick up chords i was playing. this was most noticeable in the chords 101 lesson, where during the section where you strum the open strings the game insisted i had some strings held down. i'm not sure what was happening to make it think this. i then had some trouble with Everlong, a song i could already play. i was playing the whole thing all the way through, both their truncated version and the more full version i imagine will appear when i unlock the higher difficulties, but it didn't like it, and wouldn't give me more than 10% mastery. the session thing looked interesting, and a good way of learning some different types of scales. i'm pretty ignorant on this side of things, shamefully. i've always made it up as i went along. i used to be in a band, but tended to rely on guesswork. it'll be nice to finally learn some proper scales. i still don't know what pentatonic actually means, though. it's all great fun, despite the problems i had. if nothing else, it's prompted me to pick up my guitar again, something i don't think i had done more than half a dozen times since my son was born six months ago. he seemed really impressed, by the way, but then he's impressed by anything - stuffed toys, fart noises, colours, cricket...
  20. yeah the problem seems to be if i'm outputting the sound through the TV at all. i'll dig out the surround sound and see if that works, otherwise i'll buy a little amp for £20ish and connect my stereo speakers to it. hopefully i'll have some success with one method or the other. they're what that leaflet that comes with the game recommends. it's annoying that i bought the game yesterday evening to cheer myself up after a shite week at work and haven't been able to play it yet! i didn't find any plectrums by the way - i made one by cutting up my wife's old credit card.
  21. that would be great! thanks spaceyjase! by the way, how do you calibrate this to get rid of input lag? i seem to be getting some at the moment. edit - sadly this is going to be unplayable for me until i can get a little amp and some speakers to connect to it. that's pretty disappointing. i was getting something like half a second lag, so hitting the notes to play it as a game was pretty difficult, but more to the point it made it unplayable as a musician. you rely on what you hear, and i found i couldn't play Come As You are, for example. the lag was such that i would be playing one note and hearing the last one i played, which threw me every time and has actually given me a sharp pain in the left side of my head! i have an old surround sound somewhere, i might try to hook that up later. would that do the job?
  22. you can't fault him for the way he made that comeback happen though. at the end we had RVP, Rooney, Hernandez, Kagawa, Januzaj and Valencia all on the pitch. he went for it with the substitutions and we turned it around, with the winner scored by one of the subs. Moyes deserves some credit again. i think he seems to be groping his way gradually towards a decent line-up, as well. give the man time.
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