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  1. the ref has had an absolute brainfart there. he must be the only person in the stadium, regardless of allegiance, who saw that as a red card.
  2. i know it's only been a few minutes, but since the goal went in we've retreated into our penalty area. it might be down to a bit more urgency from Real, but it's not a good sign. it's going to be squeaky bum sort of half now, i think. heheh to be fair, he did take it well.
  3. anyone else having problems with GOG's downloader? it doesn't download anything for me - first it didn't add the game to the list, and then it just went to a perpetual "preparing" on the extras. i seem to remember having problems with it before.
  4. yes, the ref was shocking. weird moment on Sky just now - Souness described Ramos as a "squid," precipitating a full minute of awkward chucking from Redknapp and Schmeichal.
  5. it's a good, but not great result. Mourinho is giving a very fair interview right now. he reckons it's 50-50, and that it's not a bad result for them, as they can certainly score an away goal to even that up. they're an excellent counter-attacking team, and i'm not sure we can afford to put a man-marker on Ronaldo again. the team deserves a hell of a lot of credit, though. many good performances, but particularly De Gea.
  6. i finished this last night. i played it until past 1am (which is way past my bedtime,) watched the credits (and listened to the magnificent 1983..) to the end then looked up the other endings on youtube. this morning, i have read through an entire thread about it on The Society of Gamesplaying Gentlemen and Womenfolk forum for a second time, watched the Zero Punctuation review (in which i think he missed the point very slightly - it's not a game about the horrors of war - The Line bears no resemblance to actual war - it's a game about war games) and spent the morning and early afternoon thinking about the game. it is a masterpiece of the medium, certainly. the fact that mechanically it is very much a standard military shooter ends up adding to the game. i'm sure it wasn't completely a deliberate choice - no doubt the use of the Unreal engine was primarily a financial/practical choice, but it ends up being a positive thing, as it helps "disguise" Spec Ops as just another war shooter. in order to tear down the genre from within, it is necessary to position ones self within the genre. it is then elevated beyond the average by the art, the plot, and particularly the theme. magnificent.) the games The Line reminded me of most were Bioshock for the examination of player choice, and Shadow of the Colossus for the sense of unease, and the way it portrays the way evil deeds are generally carried out by people who think they're doing the right thing. those are two of my favorite games of all time. Spec Ops: The Line joins them.
  7. it appears to be my post that made you feel you had to call for a truce, so i feel i should say i meant no insult, just a bit of a joke. it struck me as amusing to see you vociferously agreeing with yourself, that's all. i hope i haven't insulted anyone in the thread (except Chu Chu Chris, that was deliberate - and he immediately threatened me with physical violence, which was a bit of a result!) i will continue to disagree with posts i believe are wrong. i do tend to disagree with you a lot, Jon, but then you do have a certain tendency towards wrongness, or at least overstatement of minor flaws. i'll disagree with anyone else who's wrong too. but you're right, i'll steer clear of insults and bickering. to be fair to the scouse fans, by the way, they don't tend to bicker amongst themselves - they tend to all agree as one mind - "Saurez was framed" "We are a big club" "Carragher is a competent centre-half" etc.
  8. i think he gets fouled doesn't he? he does lose the ball a few times, which is strange for a youtube video. anyone can look good on youtube. i've seen videos of Ji Sung Park made by South Koreans that make him appear to be a Messi-esque dribbler who beats four players every time he gets the ball. JSP is a good player, but he's not that kind of good player. Zaha does look like he has potential, though. skill pace and imagination appear to be his main attributes at the moment. what United need to do is add some purpose and end-product, without stifling him. yeah, it could be interesting! not really fair on him to be expecting him to turn out like Ronaldo, though.
  9. really? all the clips? you do realise that passing to a teammate, or indeed putting the ball in the net doesn't count as losing the ball, right? i agree he seems a strange purchase though. he's supposed to replace Nani, i suppose, but he's not in that class yet. he might never be in that class, in fact. i guess we'll be seeing that irritating Ronaldo sideways heel flick thing at Old Trafford again, so there's nostalgia value. we need a left back, a central midfielder, and a world-class centre-back who's actually in his prime, if you ask me. we've already got some wingers.
  10. i think we can probably all agree that if the ballboy had tried that shit on Eric Cantona, he'd be dead.
  11. like a Roberto Carlos free kick? having seen the gif, i'd say the ball was there to be won, he was entitled to go for it. i can't wait to see what all the Cardiff fans in work make of this - it will have made their year. some of them would probably take a Swansea ballboy getting a hoofing over promotion.
  12. damn i wish there had been just a little less traffic. sounds like i missed the most amazing event of the season by about two minutes.
  13. i just got in from work and turned the game on. did Eden Hazard just get sent off for kicking a ballboy?
  14. we can all look back on the penalty incident and say, "well if that had been given... we'd all be looking back on another vital penalty miss."
  15. not really. he's won a corner or two, he's found teammates, and a couple of times his cross has been cut out. you can't expect to find a teammate every time from the wing. i can remember one time he's been genuinely wasteful out there - when he should have cut the ball back to Kagawa. that's not bad considering how much good work he's done. he doesn't just run about all match - he plays with his head up and uses his close control and pace well. he holds the ball well and looks for a sensible pass. he's a decent player. out of our four strikers, i'd put him fourth, because he doesn't score enough goals, but he's also the youngest, and developing well so far. he needs first team experience, and when he gets it he doesn't let us down, despite whatever it is you seem to see. i dunno, i think sometimes you take against a player and end up only seeing the bad things they do. edit - 1-1. balls. well, we can't say it wasn't coming.
  16. we do need a second. this game has 1-1 written all over it at the moment. it would have been already, but for an amazing save by De Gea with his right foot. Jon - surely you can see how well Welbeck is playing today? he gave the ball away three times in the first 20 minutes, but not since then. what about his play down the left wing just now? several times he's been on his own out there, outnumbered by the Spurs defence, and managed to create something. at this stage in his career he's lacking an end product, but then that's the case for a lot of players his age who went on to be world class. you can't fault his overall play today. edit - another guy who's playing very well is Carrick. the commentators are sucking his balls a lot, but fair play to him he deserves it. he's always done a lot of work unnoticed, and come away with bone dry balls. i'm glad they're getting a bit of a tonguing at last.
  17. he's given the ball away a few times, but one reason for that is how much he's been involved. he's also instigated some nice moves, and been the fulcrum of the team for long periods today. his close control has been good, and he's been looking to make things happen. excellent save from De Gea there. rode his luck, but pretty good to keep out a shot that took a deflection that close to him.
  18. good goal - nice play from Welbeck, excellent cross from Cleverley, and a good header from RVP. Welbeck is playing well.
  19. i don't think Messi really scores many 30-yard screamers, does he? he's not known for having a particularly powerful shot. Ronaldo is certainly better at that sort of thing than him. however, several of those Messi goals from inside the box were preceded by a mazy run past four defenders, so it evens out. a map of Ronaldo's goals would be interesting. i bet at least half of them would be from that same spot in the inside left channel. he's deadly from there.
  20. yes, it's a shame he plays for such an obscure, low-profile club as Chelsea.
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