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  1. I'm only half paying attention to Chelsea-Spurs, but did Spurs just bring on Ringo Starr?
  2. That's a peach of a goal by Ziyech. He's an underrated player.
  3. Yeah, that job sounds a decent way to dip your toe into the water. To determine a price, considering realistically how many hours it will take, and pay yourself something like £10 per hour for it. Then bear in mind it will take longer than you thought it would because everything in life does. If I were you I'd consider your reasons for going into commission painting @Davros sock drawer. Do you need to, or are you doing it for the fame, kudos, and women? Those things are all very well, but there are downsides, and it sounds as if you're doing well painting whatever you feel like and selling it on eBay. I think you'd do well in commission painting because your stuff looks great, and you seem to have a solid, replicable, and efficient method. This is more important than being able to paint the irises and pupils on every model (not that I think you couldn't do this!) Doing well in commission painting doesn't really compare financially to doing average in a proper job though. Painting for the hobby, keeping your best work to display and selling other pieces for a bit of spare cash is a good way to do it in my opinion. If you paint commissions, you don't get to choose what you paint, what colours you paint them, and you might find you don't have time to paint your own stuff. For example, I've found myself energised with an urge to do a new army - I want to do an all dragons Age of Sigmar army. I don't know if I'll be able to though, because instead I have to paint 50 virtually identical Space Marines in a pretty generic paint scheme. Still, at least I have the fame, kudos, and women.
  4. @Davros sock drawer I'm just impressed that you managed to ship Lady Olynder and it apparently arrived in one piece! That's genuinely astonishing.
  5. McTominay Cavani is such a leader for the team. He's an inspiration.
  6. It was actually onside by about six inches then. It just goes to show that the pictures can be slightly deceptive as the brain assumes it's seeing things lined up from exactly level with the players. You could sort of tell it was probably onside by looking at the mow lines on the grass, but the camera being slightly behind Cavani messes with how you see it. If the camera had been a couple of feet to the left he would have looked miles onside. It's weird.
  7. Just deploy Fred, tell him to practice his shooting. No drone would survive ten minutes of that, no matter how high it was flying.
  8. Stick that up your arses Rashford haters. Edit - and Martial haters, for that matter. How the fuck are we fourth? Conte's going to make sure that's short-lived, no doubt.
  9. I wouldn't trust Arteta to have understood the situation anyway. These suspensions are supposed to be for Covid outbreaks, not injuries. The reason being that we don't want Covid spreading from team to team. It's a safety issue, not something to make it easier for teams to win games. What do MRI scans have to do with Covid? I'm not a doctor, but I don't think muscle strains and call-ups to the African Cup of Nations are contagious. It's scandalous that Arsenal managed to get a suspension for injuries with no (or was it just one player, from memory?) Covid cases. If you could get suspensions for injuries, how come Leeds and Leicester haven't had most of their games suspended? How come Liverpool had to play half of last season with no recognised central defenders? This is one of the reasons that youth players don't have to be registered in the Premier League squad to play. Arsenal should have picked a couple of youth players and got on with it. I don't particularly blame Arsenal - they just made the request. I blame the Premier League for accepting it. It has undermined the whole process and set a precedent that teams who are missing a few key players for a big match can get them postponed.
  10. Great result, but it disguised a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde performance. We scored three really lovely goals though. Bruno's two assists following his two goals against Villa are the biggest thing for me. We need that man to play well or the team doesn't create anything. His attempted chip at the end was a bit embarrassing though. Fred from Angel MOTM.
  11. FFS grow up Ronaldo. It's a tactical sub, you aren't going to play as one of two split strikers.
  12. Looks like we're going to a back three to hold onto this. I can't help but think we should have done that against Villa, but at least we're learning.
  13. I was just going to post the same thing. It was like looking into a parallel dimension where our players work together and don't just shoot whenever they get a sight of goal.
  14. That's a fantastic goal.
  15. Fred with the assist. What timing. Lovely goal, delighted for Elanga, who is taking his chance in this crappy situation.
  16. I get the feeling you generally don't like Fred. Hang on... Oh, that's from 2006 and is talking about the old Brazillian striker Fred, and is in the context of Football Manager. The only other mention of Fred is talking in positive terms about Fred from Angel. I largely argee with that. Sorry to get all CGMF on you, compiling this has been the closest thing to entertainment I've had while watching this game.
  17. You always complain about Fred though. He's got out of a few tight areas, he's been hamstrung on occasion by his teammates hiding and not wanting to be passed the ball. He's been far from shocking, especially when considered in comparison with how bad every other outfield player has been for us. What a depressing half. Have we created a chance? Meanwhile Brentford should have scored six. Fucking hell.
  18. When was the last time Greenwood touched the ball?
  19. Fred is playing okay. He looks good on the ball. The back four are so disorganised. Isn't Verane capable of organising them? I remember at the end of last season when Maguire got injured and we suddenly conceded several chances in a row because no-one was telling them what to do. We suddenly saw what Maguire actually brought to the back four.
  20. Yeah, it's specifically Shaw I'm talking about. AWB is a talented young player who needs some coaching and guidance. The less said about Maguire the better. But Shaw does everything Telles does, only considerably better. The difference between the two of them defensively in particular is stark. And I like Telles as a player. De Gea is keeping us in this, as usual. Perhaps ditching three of what used to be our first choice back four in favour of three guys who all have the same habit of losing concentration isn't particularly wise.
  21. That's absolute batshit if true.
  22. I'm not sure how we're not 1-0 down. The save from De Gea from the first chance was excellent, but I can't believe he didn't put it in. And they've had three more good chances while I've been typing this.
  23. It would be strange. Shaw's arguably the best left-back in the league. He has been very good in his last couple of games, as well. Arguably, Robinson fans. Arguably.
  24. Yeah, it probably is a bit harsh. I'd love him to succeed at the club, but I'm not sure we have seen a huge amount of intelligent football from him on the majority of his appearances. More to the point, he's never looked like fitting in with the team. He's looking to play little one-twos, but he lays it off to a fellow attacking player who stops, looks up, and shoots from 25 yards themselves. That's not Donny's fault, of course. My irritation is with the idea that has been floating around social media that if only he played everything would be alright. Relying on the young players will only work if they finally start getting properly coached. Rashford and Greenwood are crying out for it. They have such gifts, but they don't know how to use them. They're capable of things only a few players in the world can do, but when the blockbusters aren't working they seem unsure of what to do. A lot of coaching is giving players a set of behaviours to fall back on and they don't seem to have that. Unless they're being coached to try to dribble through impossible crowded areas, or shoot from improbable ranges and angles. Does Rangnick take the training sessions? And if so is he teaching them anything more complex than just running around and closing down opponents? We are wasting these guys.
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