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  1. Well, Westwood has ensured that the US won't get to 20 points, so that's good. Edit - Ha! it says a lot that we both considered that moral victory in the midst of a right hammering to be worth posting about.
  2. Yeah, I wasn't trying to claim that the US have been lucky overall, far from it - they've been incredibly good. They've been by far the better team and played much better golf. That's not to say that Europe have flopped, either. What could they have done against this performance? The future doesn't look rosey for Europe. This is a young USA team, and the core members could easily make up the US teams for the next 8-10 years! Meanwhile Europe put their faith in veterans like Poulter, Westwood, and Sergio - Ryder Cup legends but past their best. I can see the thinking, that maybe the wealth of experience could have overcome the US talent, but it wasn't to be. Who is there waiting in the wings for Europe? Where is the next generation of Ryder Cup players? What is the next team going to look like?
  3. When you're getting thrashed and trying to fight for every point, it doesn't help when your opponents seem to get every break. Lowrey's putt to win a hole does a 360 round the lip and stays out, the grass on the edge of the lake somehow defies the laws of physics and stops Scheffler's ball that appeared to be steaming into the water, and now whoever's working the scoreboard has given a hole McIlroy won to his opponent. At least the last one seems to have been rectified, but at the moment I wouldn't be surprised if there was an update saying that Sergio Garcia had been eaten by a T-Rex or Westwood's house had burnt down. This is looking like a record margin of victory, frankly, which befits arguably the best Ryder Cup side ever assembled.
  4. Honestly, if you're selling on ebay and getting more than they would go for unpainted, you're doing well. Most of the time, if you put paint on a model, you're decreasing the value. If you're making a profit, you can count yourself as a good painter. Don't even mention hourly rates though. This has popped up on instagram - it's the Mortarion I painted a while ago, but in rotating video form with dramatic music. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUKXQz3DE_g/
  5. Are you selling painted stuff? If so you can claim to be a Pro Painter. I think that's how it works.
  6. Was that the drop ball at the end? That was hilarious. The ref drops the ball, the West Ham player (sensing a loophole) just looks at it and refuses to touch it. After a while, Fernandes runs off with the ball and puts it in the net before complaining vociferously when it was called back. John Moss was terrible, but not because he's biased. No-one in the Man Utd thread was saying he was biased. We were just complaining that he's crap. He is crap. He's consistently rubbish and seemed to get every decision wrong on Wednesday, but we're not going to complain about the ones he got wrong in our favour, are we? Him and Kevin Friend are among the worst referees I've ever seen.
  7. I don't really know how any factions actually play, but from a lore and aesthetic point of view my favorites are: Adeptus Mechanicus because they have a fantastic look, lots of great models, and they are crazy worshippers of technology they don't fully understand, and have made themselves into grotesque cyborgs to be closer to the "machine god." Harlequins because they are enigmatic graceful clowns. They consider the universe to be a stage for their "plays" and worship a laughing god. They also might be the only guys who actually know what's going on, and the only ones who might be able to defeat chaos. They're quite a frightening prospect to paint as they are covered in diamond patterns. Drukhari because they have amazing pointy models including goths on jetbikes, elvish samirai/ninja guys with huge swords, sleek fighter planes and cool skiffs. Their lore is batshit - they have to take slaves and torture captaves to survive, and they are not unhappy with this situation. and Custodes because they're the ultimate elite fighters. Every model is like a hero character from any other faction. An "army" of them might include 15 guys. They wear the most bling gold armour and ostentatious hats. The fact that the hats stand out even amongst the hat-centric world of Warhammer tells you just how over the top these hats are. In Age of Sigmar, I like: Sylvaneth because they are sinister living trees. Like ents, but nastier, angrier, much more hasty. They're also sort of good guys, as they are the faction of life. Their leader is a large woman who rides a gigantic beetle and is one of the best models GW have ever produced. Gloomspite gits because they are sheer comedy. They're goblins, trolls, and squigs. It is possible to have a giant with them as well, but it is stipulated in the rules that he is drunk and might tread on some goblins or fall over. The goblins tend to have arrows through their hats, or mushrooms growing out of them. I'm pretty sure some of the models are picking their nose. They have a kit - the fanatics - which are a squad of five goblins swinging spiked ball-and-chains around. The squad number is five, but you get six in a box - five normal models, and one who is already dead before you even build him. Squigs, by the way, are round balls on two legs with a huge mouth. They're about 30% teeth. The goblins ride them into battle.
  8. That was frustrating. How come the John Moss let them take two whole minutes over a drop ball (some of which was down to Bruno of course) and then blew up on the 4 minutes of injury time on the dot? I kind of think a supercut of all of Moss' shit decisions would somehow be longer than 90 minutes.
  9. Bruno has been too frantic since he came on. We need to keep getting the ball to Sancho and Greenwood. They're the ones who look like creating something.
  10. Haha De Gea 2 Mark Noble 0 Edit - FFS it's Henderson tonight idiot.
  11. Good for him. I hope he gets on and plays well.
  12. There's a good chance fans of funny faces could be in for a treat tonight, as Phil Jones is in the matchday squad for Man Utd. I hope he starts, plays a blinder, and scores. Nobody deserves what that poor bastard has gone through in the past couple of years.
  13. Yeah, in my opinion it should have been two penalties for each team.
  14. They really have, haven't they? They missed three clear penalties (the Wan-Bisakka one should have been a pen too, bias fans) and in fact Martin Atkinson missed all four because he gave a corner after Luke Shaw's handball! Astonishingly crap.
  15. I think ManLikeChuChu's failure to notice your obvious self-aware joke is one of my favorite things to happen in this thread. I feel pretty sorry for Mark Nobel, but his touch map is funny.
  16. Pfft, if you take the stridently moronic opinions out of football discussion, then where would we be? Graham Souness would be out of a job for a start.
  17. Anyway I'm getting confused. Which one is the second one? There was the one where Ronaldo went past the defender, and the defender put his leg right across him to block him. Ronaldo was changing direction away from the defender but was unable to avoid him. The defender blocked him and stopped him getting to the ball, making no attempt to play the ball, the contact was not initiated by Ronaldo. It was a nailed on penalty and certainly not a dive. Then there was the one where Ronaldo went for a cross he probably wasn't going to get anyway, the defender grabbed his arm for a second and Ronaldo threw himself to the floor. There wasn't enough to give a penalty, but there wasn't any justification for Ronaldo being booked either as the defender had grabbed him, and referees have created a situation where no fouls are ever given if a player stays on their feet. If a player feels they have been fouled they're justified in going down these days. I don't like it, but that's the reality of football now. A booking for diving has to be where the attacker knows there's no foul and tries to con the referee. And there's the last one, where even the most blinkered of opposition fans admits Ronaldo was brought down and it should have been a penalty. Your "serves him right" (presumably for playing for Man Utd) justification is pretty embarrassing. Were there other ones? Am I misremembering the order of events? @Fry Crayola I like your idea, but good luck finding anyone who is genuinely unbiased on a match involving any of the big clubs, particularly Man Utd and Liverpool.
  18. Hell of a result away from home that, against a team that have been one of the six or seven best in the league over the last couple of seasons. We still lack control in the middle, as @GamesGamesGames says, but we've got about eight players who can produce goals out of nothing.
  19. Justice really. Not because it shouldn't have been a penalty, but because of the two clear ones before. Surprising that West Ham didn't learn from England's mistake in the Euros. Never send a guy on specifically to take a penalty.
  20. Goal-saving tackle from Scotty there. Ronaldo could have had three penalties. Did he run over the referee's dog on the way to the game?
  21. Yes Lingard! Brilliant goal. Their keeper slipped, I think.
  22. I think Lingard is playing on the right. His assist for Ronaldo's goal was great, but Bruno has been terrible this half.
  23. I mean, Ronaldo had beaten the defender, who just puts his leg across Ronny's path after the ball had gone past him. It's a bizarre decision. They can't believe Ronaldo initiated the contact - he changed direction away from the defender. FFS
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