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  1. Okay, against my better judgement...
  2. If we get through that, isn't England's likely quater-final opponent France?
  3. I didn't realise that. Well they'll have to build a team in the Nation's League B. If you look at the ages of the Wales squad, outside of Bale, Ramsey, and Allen they're a very young squad. Ampadu is only 22. Roden and Mepham are 25. Colwill is 20 and he could be good.
  4. Well, they do have some decent young players around. Not world-beaters, but decent. Theoretically, Brennan Johnson is the pick of the bunch, but at the moment is more potential than end product. Then you've got Kieffer Moore, Dan James, Harry Wilson, and Neco Williams. The defence are important, so organised and committed, but to be honest I'm not sure if any of them are likely to retire after the tournament. Some of them seem to have been around forever. I don't know if there are any others coming through at youth level. The big advantage they will have is that the next World Cup is a 48-team tournament, and of course they'll still have their brilliant fans. Edit - Moore is 30! When did that happen? The defence are actually quite young. I don't think the future is glittering, but it's certainly not bleak.
  5. Another lovely goal. Rashford is an absolutely brilliant player. It's crazy the negativity around him.
  6. Audacious attempt at a 20-yard headed own goal from Maguire. Magical.
  7. It's early days, but I reckon England have started this second half a bit better than they looked in the first.
  8. What a goal! Glorious stuff! I meant the first one, but the second is lovely too!
  9. Was that dive by Pickford from Joe Allen's shot sarcastic?
  10. Nice attempt at the old overhead shinner. Rooney taught him that.
  11. Biggest cheer of the night so far has been Henderson celebrating a block by Foden out for a throw-in.
  12. England forgot to include a free-kick taker in the starting line-up. We might as well let Kane take them for the 2016 throwback lols.
  13. Are you? I am surprised considering you've been such a voice of positivity throughout this thread.
  14. Henderson has set up very far forward. He's almost playing off Kane. Didn't Klopp have him doing that in a crucial Champions League match last season? Possibly the final?
  15. I think Wales won the anthems, but we were completely hamstrung by having to sing the worst song in existence not written by Ed Sheeran.
  16. I fear for that protester. I think the various TV companies have done well by putting his face on screen, as Qatar will find it harder to make him disappear if the world has seen his face. The fact that this consideration occurred to me and clearly to them, brings home again what a horrifying mistake it was to give the World Cup to Qatar.
  17. Yeah, the strange territorial war over the penalty spot was hilarious. Uruguay scuffed it up, then three Portuguese players came and stamped it back down and took up defensive positions around the spot.
  18. Nice goal, Bruno. You could see Ronaldo's thought processes as clear as day - "Oh shit I've missed it. Hang on it's gone in! I can claim that."
  19. That would have been an amazing goal if he'd have managed to finish it.
  20. Good bit of rolling around and slapping the floor there.
  21. Portugal Vs Uruguay - you couldn't pick two teams more capable of delivering an absolute shithousary masterclass. It's either going to be unwatchable or hilarious depending on your mindset.
  22. Yeah, it was the correct decision. You'd be hard-pressed to have noticed it in real-time. I was confused! Why was the referee pretty much squaring up to a Switzerland player in that slow-mo sequence they just did? The guy just looked baffled.
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