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  1. Things can change quickly in the Championship though. Look at Forest - not very long ago they looked like a depressing shambles, and now they've motored up the table and are looking quite menacing.
  2. To be fair, the tactical switch to play Bruno deeper in the second half changed the game. Over the past few months, Bruno has drifted further and further forward. He's given a free role, as our creative fulcrum, but for a while he's interpreted that as playing up front. I think that might come from Ole, who said before the match that we were playing 4-2-4 (which is pretty crazy in the modern game.) From deeper, he was able to influence things, and we were much more cohesive. Bruno is actually really good when he is able to almost play as a second striker, but if we're playing Ronaldo up top and Rashford running in behind, he needs to be deeper to put the balls in. He was very good in the second half. (Scholes just now - "We've watched Van Gaal teams, Mourinho teams - boring. Fu- erm, boring." Jake Humphrey - "You worried me for a second there." ) I think Ronaldo proved that he is still capable of working hard. That was his best performance since he came back. The defending from him in the last ten minutes was very encouraging.
  3. Scholesy's right. It's great fun having these rollercoaster matches, not much beats a 3-2 win coming back from 2-0 down. If you can't enjoy that perhaps football isn't for you. This has been joyful. But if your team seems to be built around this sort of game you're not going to win anything.
  4. Sorry about the string of posts. This has been a long eight minutes.
  5. Matic and Pogba in central midfield now. What could go wrong?
  6. Ronny and Cavani tracked all the way back there. 37 and 34 years old.
  7. It's exhausting supporting Man Utd these days.
  8. We've gone ahead too early. 3-3 incoming.
  9. Why the fuck don't we get crosses in towards him all day? Headers like that are what he does these days.
  10. Particularly from a standing start. He'd just be reaching top speed now.
  11. Maguire! Another layer of paper over those huge cracks!
  12. Jesus we nearly paid for the attacking subs there. Well done, Dave. We've handed the momentum back.
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