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  1. Where would I find that podcast, Loik? I find Ravel Morrison's story incredibly sad. He could have done anything. He could have won the World Cup for England. He's ended up playing reserve football in Mexico. Now he's at Sheffield United, and much as I hope he finally starts to show what he can do, I suspect that talent is gone, he's squandered the time he should have spent learning the game.
  2. You can get packs of three or four Rum & Bones miniatures. I painted a few pirates a year or so ago. The sculpts are great, but the quality of the actual miniatures is pretty average. They're that rubbery plastic board game minis tend to be. The detail isn't bad, and very good for board game minis, but the material brings it's own problems of unerasable mould lines and bendy swords. You might get little holes, or tgat horrible thing where the mini has been cast in two halves, and the halves don't quite line up. These guys seem to be undead themed - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Asmodee-ubirab05-Bones-Hero-Devil/dp/B014TNNZKK/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?keywords=Rum+and+bones&qid=1563376600&s=gateway&sr=8-4
  3. I don't think any England fan would argue with that though. So many tiny things went our way in that innings. The "six" is just one of the many flukey moments. There was Boult standing on the boundary line, Roy surviving that LBW shout, about a dozen inside edges past the stumps, countless plays and misses, all sorts. Alongside that were moments of sheer brilliance. Stokes' mental toughness, Buttler's innings full of genius (that ramp shot!) Archer's bowling in the super over where he got creamed for six and then came back to nail four perfect deliveries, That diving stop on the boundary by Bairstow that saved one run... You just can't quibble over it (unless you're a bitter husk of an Australian it seems) or think about what ifs. If that six had been a five maybe Stokes would have swung harder at the final ball and edged it for four and we wouldn't have had the super over. Who knows? I'm just happy I witnessed such a match. I'm also a bit sad that even with the memories, even if they release a Blu-Ray of the match or something, we can never watch it for the first time again.
  4. It seems at some point this afternoon my 70-year-old father said, "If we win this I'll jump in the pond" because I've just received a photo of him up to the waist in said pond.
  5. I can't believe Stokes is upset. He's performed a miracle there.
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