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  1. This was bothering me towards the end of normal time, but why was everyone surprised that the Netherlands went long-ball towards the end? Van Gaal is their manager, and he used to revert to long-ball football a lot when he was Man Utd manager.
  2. I think the best two teams left in the tournament are France and Portugal, personally. At least now that Portugal have solved the Ronaldo problem by dropping him. Without Ronaldo, you suddenly realise that they have a lot of amazing players, such as Fernandes, Silva and Felix. I can see the final being an Argentina Vs Portugal dive-fest.
  3. I can't think of any keeper in the world I'd rather have in a shoot out than Martinez.
  4. That is true, but have they seen their record in shoot-outs?
  5. I think all the yellows get cleared after this round just to ensure someone doesn't get booked in a semi final and miss the final because they got booked in the first match of the group stage.
  6. I don't understand the Netherlands' approach to extra time. They've just shrunk from a position of strength.
  7. The Netherlands are shit at penalties, remember. They will probably need to score again.
  8. That goal is even funnier than the one Croatia scored earlier.
  9. That's a brilliant free-kick. Goal of the tournament.
  10. There were more than that in each half of England Vs Iran.
  11. I'm pretty disappointed that there weren't four or five red cards as a result of that melee.
  12. My god they're a dirty team, Argentina. This ref is a weird one. He's one of those refs who wants to make himself the focus of attention. So he's booking subs and stuff, but I can't really argue with any of the decisions on the field. I just wonder if he's going to pull out a controversial decision in the second half.
  13. Mark Chapman wonders how Brazil can look so good last game and so average this match. Well it's because last game they were playing South Korea, and South Korea are shit.
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