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  1. I might just make a new character on there and say hello.
  2. I've been able to log in on Draenor once since the expansion was released. I have a bunch of characters on Alonsus, on the Alliance side, and there hasn't been any queues there for the past couple of days. I've played a bit on there.
  3. Meanwhile, I'm still in that queue.
  4. Good win and a good performance. Van Der Beek was excellent. Ole let them back in with his substitutions. That period when we were under pressure, we had James, Cavani, Greenwood, and Martial on the pitch and were playing 4-2-4. As soon as Matic came on and we went back to 4-2-3-1 with a midfielder in the number 10 position we went back to being in control. I liked that line-up. Cavani as a proper centre forward with Martial and Rashford either side worked well. Rashford was effective on the right, to such a degree that it makes me wonder why we've been so obsessed with considerin
  5. That was good from Daniel James. A little flash of the Dan James who plays for Wales. I meant his run, but great to see him score as well.
  6. Maguire wins so many headers from corners and free kicks. It's amazing how he never seems to score. The way he wins those balls he should score 10-15 goals a season.
  7. Van Der Beek looks such a quality player.
  8. Bruno! What a goal! We're such a one man team.
  9. I think we should do a double substitution at some point and bring on both the sub keepers. It's the last thing they'll be expecting!
  10. There's an hour-long queue to log in.
  11. Vitória de Guimarães? Isn't that the team we signed Bebe from? Hmm.
  12. That's a good point they've made on BT Sport just now regarding the West Brom penalty. While it looks to me like Bruno got the ball first, it's not obvious enough to overturn the original decision. If it hadn't been given as a penalty on the pitch and then reviewed, it shouldn't be overturned, and the same is true this way round. Once it was given it should have stood. Really weird game. Objectively I'm glad we won, but I don't feel good about it at all. They're showing other things we got away with - a red card for Maguire, and a foul in the build up to our goal. We were so
  13. He's having the game of his life. Some incredible saves.
  14. Well this is a fucking rollercoaster. Great save. Oh Jesus a retake. In fairness he was an absolute mile off his line. Edit - Oh my god the sheepish look on Ole's face!
  15. Haha now we've got one of those bloody stupid handball penalties. Fans of narrative are going to love this.
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