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  1. But high energy is all he does. He can tackle, but he can't pass, can't run with the ball, doesn't break forward into the box. He offers absolutely nothing going forward. With his height he should at least win the odd header from set pieces but he doesn't even do that. Pereira has been even more of a disappointment. He spends games hiding from the ball. With his ability, he should be able to create chances, but he very rarely does. Our entire midfield today got schooled by Declan Rice.
  2. I disagree. Rashford is a top player. His movement is underrated. There's huge potential there, with two areas he needs to improve - he needs to be more clinical, and he needs to make good decisions more consistently. Martial is a good finisher, and needs to work on his movement if he plays up front. James has been excellent. Greenwood is going to be a star player. Between them they've scored all our goals this season. The midfield is packed with bang average players. McTominay is not good enough, and never will be. Pereira likewise. Matic is past it and thinks he's better than he is. Mata struggles to effect games these days. Fred doesn't even look like a footballer. I feel sorry for Pogba having to play alongside these stiffs and getting all the blame every week. Good second goal by West Ham.
  3. @JPL Rashford was our only decent attacking player. He consistently made the right runs but the slow, sluggish midfield failed to make the right pass time and time again. I'd love to know how what's happening out there is Rashford's fault. What is your reasoning for saying him and Martial are the problem, and not the midfield?
  4. Really? I was lied to by the internet.
  5. That goal has been coming, and I can't see us getting back into the game considering how we're playing.
  6. Working on the assumption that he weighs around 13 stone, that apparently means he's worth about £250,000. We paid 200 times that for him. Having said that, he's definitely worth it - he's absolutely brilliant. If you're not watching the match, the fact that I've spent time looking that up rather than paying attention to it might tell you how entertaining it's been so far.
  7. Is he STILL concussed? Poor guy.
  8. Smith out for 23! We've finally figured out a way to get him out - leg slip trap. Shame it's a bit late.
  9. Yeah, how the hell are we 4th?
  10. All Chelsea's goals this season have been scored by academy graduates. They're weirdly in danger of becoming a likable team.
  11. That's brilliant. I'm putting that on so many whatsapp groups.
  12. England are doing well here. The Australian bowlers seem intent on making sure Joe Denly doesn't add to his overnight total of two children, and have hit him right in the knob twice already.
  13. It's up there. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Knight-Gallant-2017
  14. It probably is a 450 pitch, it's just that neither of these teams has a 450 batting line-up. We need to find a way to fit Sam Curran into this team more often. Difficult because Anderson is yet to come back into the team. Woakes' place is probably the most at risk at the moment. Broad is still a class act, Archer is rightly undroppable. A lot depends on whether Anderson keeps going or retires. I hope he keeps going. The likes of Federer and Ronaldo show that these days, with modern sports science, the notion that athletes always decline as soon as they hit 30, and are finished by 34 is not necessarily true.
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