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  1. It's very odd. Isn't there audio between the VAR and the ref, which is presumably recorded? I wonder if that had any bearing on this decision, or if there's been some kind of relaxation of the rules regarding bringing the game into disrepute. They do say they reviewed "available footage," which would suggest they've checked Luke Shaw's claims in some way. It could be that Stuart Atwell is in some trouble right now. He wouldn't be the first referee to be influenced by outside pressures. They're human beings. Mark Clattenberg recently said that when he was refereeing in the Prem
  2. Norris Maguireter, you mean? Bit complex for a footballer's nickname, Gottersy.
  3. This is what I mean about referees speaking to the media. He could come out and say, "No, I didn't say that. What I actually said was that I was scared that Uncle Kloppo would shout at me" and the whole thing would be cleared up. Do you think Luke Shaw is trying to play mind games? His transformation into a kind of cuddly shithouse is pretty adorable. It has coincided with the best form of his career, so long may it continue I say.
  4. Luke Shaw isn't clever enough to make that up.
  5. According to Luke Shaw, Stuart Atwell said to Harry Maguire that if he gave us a penalty, it would cause a lot of talk. WTF.
  6. No offence taken, don't worry. Yeah, it's more fun, definitely.
  7. How many goals have we scored against our traditional big club rivals this season? The only one I can think of off the top of my head is the early penalty Bruno scored against Spurs. We all know what happened after that, so perhaps that's why we're reluctant to score any more.
  8. It's more of a "I got made redundant from my day job during lockdown" sort of deal. I worked for Debenhams. RIP.
  9. Brilliant save and a brilliant block. Shaw is so good this season.
  10. I think we've looked completely unthreatening. Some tidy football, but Chelsea look more likely, and Giroud looks the only forward on the pitch that's completely awake.
  11. I missed this at the time. I don't think you should have done this. You're still champions, guys.
  12. The rule got changed to stop those penalties when the ball is hit right at a defender's hand, even when they had their hands down by their side they were being given. This situation was different, as Hudson-Odoi had his hand out and sort of took it away from Greenwood (who oddly enough was also trying to handball it) with his hand. I'm sure it wasn't a deliberate handball, but that isn't part of the rules anymore. Intent is not part of handball, apart from when determining whether a player should be booked. After this and the crazy one yesterday in the Brighton game, I would su
  13. Can someone explain to me why that isn't a penalty? CHO played the ball with his hand.
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