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  1. Had a day off today as it was my birthday over the weekend and I had loads of holiday still to use on account of my manager not approving any of my previous holiday because she is too lazy / inept, so I take it off anyway but it gets readded to my account and I can use it again. Anyway, had a day off today so I walked to my favourite game in Wardour Street. I forgot this was even out and I’m still furiously rimming Mario Maker 2 as hard as I can whilst trying to fit in bouts of Link’s Awakening during the sad times when I can’t string together a 20 streak Expert Endless run, so it wasn’t exactly front of mind. Besides, I watched this mad adaptation of The Island of Dr. Moreau with Burt Lancaster in it for Halloween so I wasn’t stuck for things to consume on that particular night (it was terrible and horrifically sexist and incredibly disappointing given the excellent source material). Anyway, had a day off today so I picked this up earlier and whilst I was paying I noticed someone at the counter next to me telling the guy packing discs up all the best YouTube creators he should have been following and I can’t tell what he was recommending but it sounded absolutely hilarious and he said “gamergate” about four times and the member of staff was visibly uncomfortable and we made eye contact and I swear I saw pure darkness in there. So yeah, looking forward to getting this on later, nice one.
  2. Luck, checking in next week to see how his topic went.
  3. lol I fucken loved these dudes and I remember reading the blurb in the game that the two of them "worked in perfect harmony" to pilot their ship and it blew me away at the time, I was like woah, two people working in absolute sync at the speed of sound to control a ship like that, "MUM! have you seen this? These two control the ship TOGETHER it's unbelievable!!" and I got so into it I forgot it was a fucking game and none of it was real.
  4. Correct answer. Although @ZOK is also correct and anyone not choosing Shy Guy on MK8 is an idiot and charlatan (I prefer the black version).
  5. I'll be heading to Soho for what is becoming an increasingly regular pint and trip to GAME this Friday lunchtime. I haven't played this for at least 20 years, although yet again I am absolutely furious that I'll have another game preventing me from making better progress on FFVII. Also, I still haven't finished that conservatory I started in Minecraft.
  6. When you get to Lower Brinstar and the music drops and the beat is straight colder than a motherfucker and you realise Nintendo invented trap music in like 1994.
  7. Super proud of this one. The middle of my thumb has a new piece of armour on it tonight thanks to that.
  8. One screen puzzles are the new Sunday crossword. This one took me about five hours; four last night, then another one this morning before the last bit clicked into place. It's a completely different kind of challenge as most of them don't require dextrous Mario skills at all. You just need to know a bit about how the items affect each other, how the enemies work, and work backwards from the goal as best as you can. And remember: nothing in the level is there unless it needs to be. It's actually incredibly relaxing just sitting down with some wine and working through the logic of each section slowly. 2C6 TYX XJF
  9. Superb, again. Had a genuine time of it working this one out the first time through.
  10. This is fantastic. Had a great back and forth for the world record with someone this evening on it as well. Here's what the current record looks like; I'm sure it'll be stolen back again soon!
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