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  1. Just as a counterpoint to some of this, here is a (highlights) stream from CarlSagan42; microbiologist, speedrunner, and one of the most talented Mario players there is. He's a personal favourite as he does a lot of troll levels and one screen puzzles and I love his methodology and approach to problem solving. He often talks about science, and space, and biology, and more, but this stream in particular is excellent. For over an hour during this Mario Maker session he discusses in a lot of depth issues surrounding mental health and anxiety, including his own experiences, and he answers questions from his audience. I get it; everyone hates the dumb thumbnail clichés, blame YouTube for that.
  2. I don't suppose anyone has a good turnip price this morning? I bought 700,00 worth at 110 but all week I've not been offered anything more than about 80. For some reason this happens every week.
  3. I am liking this but I'm still not sure what the fuck I'm doing most of the time and I only just worked out how to make saplings grow. The biggest question I have is why is everyone on Reddit talking about turnip prices being 500 bells? The most I've ever seen is 140 or something. How do you get those racoon babies to make higher offers? Do you need a certain amount of cash in the bank before you get the big dollars? Also some people are somehow millionaires. How does that happen? I've spent about $450,000 alone moving the shop around. Are millionaire islands destitute of all infrastructure and consist of a single floor lamp and a bed? Also, I swear to God if Scoot doesn't leave soon I'm gonna get mad, I've spent all week hitting him with a net and this morning he gives me some overalls.
  4. I've started mentally preparing for a second playthrough of this (right after I've finished my nail-a-six-pack-and-destroy-everything Undertale second playthrough) but I'm wondering whether to use a 100% guide and fully explore and find everything I missed the first time. I reckon there's billions of shit I missed, even outside of the stuff I know I missed, despite it feeling like a fairly solid first run. Should I do this? I'm definitely going for a character class I wouldn't normally choose, but yeah, thoughts? Also, what do I do after this? I have a Switch and I am hungry for more but I can't see a DS2 remaster on a god damn schedule anywhere.
  5. APM playing through Dark Souls like my parents sitting through an Adam Curtis documentary when I visit them at Christmas.
  6. I’m not too bothered I missed that DLC @Calashnikov. I mean, it was only down to clues fed through here that I managed to get to the secret world in Anor Londo, and I was playing entirely blind. I am 100% going for another play through, with perhaps a difference in approach. With that in mind, some questions. - How much did I miss? Are there like 10 bosses and areas I never even saw? - What happened to my ending? Was that good? - Is it generally considered pointless doing a NG+ play through? I didn’t like it in Zelda either because mobs just ate too much time rather than being more of a challenge, as it were. I feel like I’d benefit more from a standard game with a new class.
  7. Just a quick one to note that I did indeed beat the Bed of Chaos after several more attempts. In hindsight it was super basic, but it's so far removed from every other boss battle in terms of strategy that it took me ages to figure out. After crawling back to Firelink Shrine I did a brief spot of levelling up, then I went underground, and after studying every single item in my inventory and rereading all the god damn descriptions again I finally figured out how to attack the ghosts. Amazing that I could have done this right at the beginning of the game and I just assumed again and again that I wasn't supposed to be here yet until I'd almost beaten the entire thing. And that's where I left it. Although I hate it when status effects are time based, I am looking forward to exploring this area and inevitably finding an item that would have been of massive benefit to me for the entire fucking playthrough.
  8. The Bed of Chaos is a total twat. I don't want hints at all on this because I want to murder him in cold blood on my own terms. But fucking hell. I was quite enjoying Lost Izalith, to be honest. I killed loads of those stupid fire breathing golem things in one shot, picked up some treasures, fell into a horrible pit and got killed about eight times retrieving souls, went back and got the treasure from the pit, then unlocked the shortcut by punishing another one of those one legged lightening pricks into submission. I also killed the sun man and felt horrible for him I don't like murdering my previous travel companions, it's sad. But then I got to Bed of Dicks and now I hate everything. I know what it is; I underestimated it and got overconfident and then I thought I could do it even though I was tired and irritable and I didn't feel good about my attempts. I feel like a reset that put me back in my place is a good thing. So I've managed to fuck up both sides of him and unleash his full bellenderous potential but I can't figure out how to deal damage without taking instant deaths. As I said, I wasn't in the best place to try last night or thinking too clearly but fuck I HATE HIM. I'm very much looking forward to beating this prick.
  9. Are you RedEye?
  10. I really enjoyed The Duke's Archives; I'm pretty sure the death that led to me being locked up was forced, right? Exploring this section was a lot of fun. Where I think I get a lot of satisfaction from this game is in the way it balances linear vs non linear exploration. This place seemed enormous to begin with, but it has a logical path, or series of paths, which seem to funnel the player towards the correct exit. It makes it reassuring for me to know that I've done everything and I'm going the right way without me feeling like I was forced there. Also, the visuals here are stunning, especially when you eventually get to explore outside and head down into the Crystal Cave. I did NOT have a lot of love for the invisible paths but I did kinda enjoy how uncomfortable they made me feel. And fuck the oyster people forever. Pretty sure I got most of the secrets in this area, including the mask that turns my head into a fucking treasure chest; I met the onion man's daughter, I found the key that unlocks the door in the bottom of the prison area, I found the secret hidden path in the cave that leads backwards, and I can't remember what else, but it felt thorough enough. Then I spent ages getting cursed and fucked by the damn boss. Don't know why I had so much trouble with this one. I think it's because the damage I was doing with each hit was quite significant so I kept convincing myself I could beat it with just one more kamikaze style attack. The most difficult enemy in this game is your own impatience and greed. I then spent ONE MORE GO in the New Londo Ruins trying spells and shit but found nothing that works and headed to The Demon Ruins for the last light door. And now I'm sat at a bonfire in a terrifying place called Lost Izalith. The area preceding this didn't cause me too much bother, to be honest, and I think it's because I had already spent hours tackling the enemies here much earlier in the game when I had a pathetic weapon set and I'd already learned a lot of the patterns, so I was able to slash my way through quite easily. One question I do have is what happens to all the shit I'm giving the smiths? I swear I've given Andre and the other two dudes lots of cool embers and stuff that they've promised to do something good with and then I am never sure what becomes of it. Am I getting mugged off?I believe I only have two divine weapons so perhaps I need to be more thorough in checking what is on offer each time I'm visiting. I do kinda love that nothing like this is explained. Actually, one more question; without giving too much away, how much have I completely missed so far, as a percentage? I'm assuming I'll be exploring more after this area is finished, but does it look like I've blindly stumbled past obvious side quests or areas much? I'm already kinda obsessed with the idea of a second playthrough with a different character type using a 100% guide.
  11. Here's how I look at the moment. It'd be interesting to know if there's anything that looks odd to people. I'm playing this blind and all I've had to go on is some subtle prompts in this thread and Rob's tutorials. I definitely don't want to know too much as I am quite enjoying not having a clue what I'm doing, but any vague observations would interest me. Weapons are Silv Knight Str. Sword +4, Black Knight Halberd, and Pyro +3 Attunements are Great Chaos Fireball, Fire Orb, and Poison Mist Rings are Ring of Favor and Protection and Havel's Ring
  12. Last night's session took an unexpected turn. First up, I travelled down to the ruins again to see what would happen this time and despite killing some bloke who was sat next to the bridge who definitely wasn't there before, I managed to get stabbed up proper by the ghosts again and decided not to bother after all. None of the magic I've tried works on them and I had other things I wanted to do so I left it again for the time being. Now what I had planned to do next was head to Anor Londo and find out what lies behind the light there. But I kept thinking about what Cal said about the item he wanted to check I'd got, and I when I read the description again, and realising I was in Anor Londo, I recalled the giant hall with the painting in it. I remember it was suspicious at the time because it had a prompt in front of it, which did nothing, although I can't remember what it said. I forgot about it, and I don't think I even mentioned it during that bit of the playthrough, but now I was curious. Well turns out this shit is on some Super Mario 64 tip and you can go inside (actually, in hindsight, I don't even know if the item made that possible or not as I didn't even "use" it). The entire rest of my playthrough was spent in this beautiful as fuck snowy painting and it was the most ridiculously good side quest fun I've had in the game so far. Really, cool area. Also, there were a LOT of items here so I spent about three hours or so hugging and rolling into walls, searching corners, and making sure I'd covered the entire grounds. I was confused for ages about how to get one particular item but then found a key in the sewer area and that solved that. I also picked up loads of spells (including something that requires 80 attunement slots which doesn't make any sense). I'm going to have to spend longer experimenting with this stuff as all I really have is pyromancy and I have a feeling I need to learn something new to get into the ruins. At this point some mad idiot called Jeremy invaded my shit up and he had a proper badass whip thing with blades in it, but I was on a roll and nothing was going to fuck me up and I despatched him back to his sorry ass world. I also levelled up several times in this section as there were a lot of souls to be had. Then I beat the poison spewing thing on the bridge, and then I found the angel woman at the end of this area who told me to jump straight off a bridge, and figuring I'd collected everything and it was cool, I did. Then I decided I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't do that, so I went back and hit her with my big stick and SHE LOST HER ENTIRE SHIT. Is she supposed to go invisible? I feel like I got lucky because I beat her on my second attempt and it was partially thanks to the enormous reach of the secondary weapon I'm using, and the amount of damage it inflicts, and me spamming the fuck out of the heavy attack button when she was near. So that's it! Massive unexpected side quest which I loved and which I probably wouldn't have found without Cal's inquisitiveness about that item. Now I'm sat at a bonfire in Anor and I can start on that light door. I'll post up my stats and loadout in a bit.
  13. I did get the rusted ring and the item that was in my original cell but I'm not sure about other unusual items. For the next update I'll do a status screen post showing what I'm wielding and wearing and where my levels are.
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