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  1. boilingpoint

    Now You See Me - Action-Thriller with a Magic Twist

    Has everyone seen that amazing interview Jesse Eisenberg did recently?
  2. boilingpoint

    House of Cards (US) (Netflix)

    I think he's referring to Robin Wright(-Penn).
  3. boilingpoint


    Here's the trailer for other people looking for it:
  4. boilingpoint

    David Fincher's The Social Network

    There's an early review up on SlashFilm.
  5. boilingpoint

    Big Love

    Cheers - I'll give it a try then!
  6. boilingpoint

    Big Love

    Well you guys have convinced me - I'm going to try it with a couple of friends at the weekend! One question - is it girl-friendly, and does it have much nudity (one friend isn't keen on that)?
  7. boilingpoint

    Consolevania Series 4!

    You can subscribe to this YouTube feed if you want to see whenever there's a new video.
  8. boilingpoint

    Super Mario Bros.

  9. boilingpoint

    It's snowing! - beautiful snow in games

    Is that Transport Tycoon? I had that game and I swear I've never seen snow in it! Well I never!
  10. boilingpoint

    GTA:IV Official Thread

    Um, surely that's concept art? Look at it full size - looks like it's painted!
  11. boilingpoint

    New O2 Advert

    Cheers! Tis getting a bit long in the tooth though!
  12. boilingpoint

    New O2 Advert

    Still doesn't make sense - I'm guessing valid numbers are approximately 01000 000000 to 09999 999999. That's 9 billion.
  13. boilingpoint

    New O2 Advert

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_OX-VJ3kSs What? There are HOW many 11-digit numbers? Am I being stupid? Any O2 customers - I wouldn't trust O2 with your bills if I were you...
  14. boilingpoint

    Game music

    Funnily enough, the guy that composed most of the Mario Galaxy music (not Koji Kondo) mentioned in an interview that he had trouble pinning down exactly what Mario music should sound like. I like the Galaxy music myself - it's also much more varied than Sunshine's was.
  15. boilingpoint

    Big Microsoft 1st party title cancelled?

    I'm not sure they ever had a section for Banjo, but it was mentioned in a recent-ish Q&A: http://www.rareware.com/extras/scribes/30aug07/index.html Edit: It was brought up in a recent interview too: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=174110

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