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  1. I guess that is the point when Tony Gilroy was brought on to save the movie.
  2. I kinda want them to redo Rogue One, maybe recut or just cover it with a different perspective. I imagine it with a futurama Jurassic Bark ending on B2.
  3. I don’t think Gilroy’s way of doing things have no space for Jedi or the force. As you say, it can just be from the same prism, the Jedi, Vader etc are thing 99.99% of people in the galaxy would only hear rumours about, something people pin their hope and faith on. And if you see them, even from a distance it should feel incredible. We saw a bit of that with Donnie Yen in Rogue One.
  4. Watching the lighthouse episode, now having seen this project before, it is a bit of a tragic cross between Linklater’s Boyhood and Dave Eggers’ Lighthouse. A classic story really. Now some other rich people will get to enjoy it and make money off it.
  5. So surreal seeing the Barbican front and centre on Star Wars.
  6. Showrunner is Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton, wrote the Bourne movies) and also his brothers as editor me writer (Dan Gilroy who did nightcrawler). He did Rogue One as well, it only took over after Gareth Edward’s ran into trouble with the project, I imagine it would have been better if it was his project for, the start. The heist is better in Andor than in the movie IMO,and the escape sequence only second to Top Gun Maverick’s this year.
  7. It scratches a Wire kind of itch, I’ve missed cops talking about sucking the stats, making up the numbers and interdepartmental politics.
  8. Just finished it over a week and a half of commutes. I enjoyed it, it’s good but perhaps as great as I’d hoped from the reviews. Perhaps, I wanted to get into this as much as I did chabon’s Kavaloer and Clay back in the day, but it didn’t quite pull me in in the same way. I appreciate what the mixed race and asian protagonists and some exploration of the third culture identity. On the other hand I also wish the grandparents and their relationship with Sam got a bit more. I know it’s not trying to be Pachinko but it felt like an absence in the story. The author says it’s a book about work, but it feels like she’s to quite confident in concept of making games by itself that there had to be a lot other things added in for drama. I don’t mind the references to games and the errors in them, but I wish the story was a bit more focused on the creative partnership without the tropes that made the main characters feel a bit less real and distracted from the central relationship. They story evokes for me both the standalone episode from season 1 of Mythic Quest - “A Dark Quiet Death”, which is an obvious comparison, and also the second season pair of “Backstory!” and “Peter” in terms of the relationship between the protagonists. I know there will likely be a movie adaptation of this, but I think those short episodes of Mythic Quest were more poetic in many ways.
  9. Maybe I watched the episodes when I was too tired at the end of the work week last night, but I couldn’t really get into it. Galadriel makes all these massive decisions but I’m not sure I an feel what makes her tick, since we never really get to know her and her brother while he was in the war, what was driving him and how that passed onto her and all of that was covered in one minute montage. The mysteries are ok, but as a non book reader, I feel I know how it’s going to go overall., Lott was never about surprise twists. Elrond with the dwarves is probably my favourite part.
  10. I appreciated the little redemption dev got. And… “This is an engineering problem. We are engineers. Shall we begin?” You knew it was coming. It’s cheesy but pretty much sums up the best parts of the show, with heist movies like scenes. And the Danny & Ed stuff were a little better this episode. I expect it to be a little bit more like the Expanse next season.
  11. I don’t think it’s that they lack passion or inspiration, given Turning Red that came just months ago was pretty wildly loved and is quite different from the Pixar movies that came before in many aspects. Their hit rate might be a bit more normal now, instead of straight home runs for almost two decades that you don’t get anywhere else. You can’t really say hey are just churning out films for Disney+ When their last 4 were originals that just ended up in the pandemic. I guess the worry is that this will be where they end up given who is leading Disney now and how they might misread all this. I do agree about the weird glee some people have about Lightyear not doing well because it’s a ‘cash grab’ and at is happy that Minions is doing better.
  12. I don’t know, I didn’t think Danny dominated that much up until this episode, you could easily pretend he died in episode 1 and cut him from the rest of the show and it would still make sense. As for the sense of exploration, I think it was still there but makes sense that it changes as things go on. It became a race and it was about winning, and people start to get greedy and take things for granted. It’s another step towards Alien space truckers. I mean, that was pretty much the Expanse right? Discover any new frontier and petty human squabbles follow.
  13. Some HBO cross promotion there with number of times “Succession” came up as well, now I imagine that cast as Targaryens.
  14. Hong Kong cinema has be on the wane since handover 25 years ago, but there has been interesting film still from time to time. In the last few years though, Hong Kong as a whole has lost a lot of freedoms very quickly and films are part of that. Back in the days films like Infernal Affairs would get endings for Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese versions because of censors in China, and you can get films like Johnnie To’s Election that uses triads to make a comment about HK politics. Now censorship also applies to Hong Kong, but the red line is very vague. I am not sure if you can have Axe Gang on Kung Fu Hustle without the police stepping in and arresting everybody at some point in the film. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-59047633.amp https://hongkongfp.com/2022/06/22/hong-kong-director-pulls-film-from-screening-after-authorities-say-it-could-incite-hatred-of-government/
  15. Everything everywhere all at once reminded me a bit of this movie and a Stephen Chow in general. It’s a real shame that HK cinema has been killed off, but it’s nice to have call backs like this.
  16. Fingers crossed. The Guardian article about the puppetry is a bit more in-depth, they visited the workshop and spoke to Twist, so spoilers warning. They sound like they know what they are doing and are just being secretive. Muppet power! RSC uses puppet legends for My Neighbour Totoro extravaganza
  17. Really curious about the designs since they’ve sold a lot of tickets without showing any of it or reveal anything about the cast. Either they’re not ready or they are keeping things under wraps, confident with the concept. I guess it might be the later, since Saturday matinees are pretty sold out through the run. I hope it’s good, spent quite a bit of money on this.
  18. I know no one watched Lightyear, but watching this show is a bit like Buzz going through time dilation and missing years from people he cares about every time he takes his spaceship out for a spin. the good side is that as unbearable as Danny might be, at least we know it’ll probably wrap up this season and the next would be a bit more of a clean slate.
  19. I want a crossover with Turning Red, those two would hit it off.
  20. Sure. Within 5 minutes and before the intro they have
  21. I am hoping Jurassic World doesn’t take away all the big screens, Lightyear will also be IMAX after that. I will want to see Maverick again. This is a perfectly executed take on the heist movie. From what I understand, Empire/ Cineworld Leicester Sq is the best IMAX now with the laser dual 4k projections though not as big. Would like to check out 4DX and Screen X as well for the novelty.
  22. https://slate.com/culture/2022/05/top-gun-maverick-enemy-country-rogue-state-revealed.html Conclusion:
  23. It sounds like Cruise has tried to make this the ultimate immersive cinema experience to bring people back to theatres with all the shot in IMAX scenes, extra 50 mins of Srcreen X content and great 4DX support as well. I wish they could just combine all these things.
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