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  1. I agree with you that it's different, but I wouldn't say the emotional connection would automatically be less if ones lives further away. I mean, I have met working class guys from Asia who having to regularly wake up in the middle of the night to catch some games and had to save for years to make it to one game to see their team once in their lifetime. Televised games have be around for long enough for it to be a generational thing too. It's not the same as it was I wouldn't assume it means less for them on a personal level.
  2. Due 2021. I think you can see the money on screen and they also stole Jared Harris from the Expanse.
  3. I’m not clear on who is paying who to have these products in the games. Is it manufacturers paying games companies like with movie product placements or the other way round?
  4. Man, people are streaming the game on twitch already.
  5. Hopefully Nintendo got some plans for the rest of the year because there seem to be nothing of interest for these next gen launches.
  6. This is my first Animals Crossing so this might be a stupid question, but does Nintendo ever add shops or buildings in the seasonal updates/events? I know they added the art gallery already, but that's still in the museum, I'm just wondering if you ever need to leave some space the future additions when planning the island?
  7. Yes! Finally getting KK to visit. I have to say I don't think the island that that great yet but it jumped from 1 to 3 stars today. It must have been getting more animals to move to the island that did it. I'm still a bit too embarrassed by the island to get Nintendo online and open it up for visitors. I guess it must be the turnip stuff where get a lot of bells quickly. I don't really feel like doing turnips trading really and I'm not really free on sunday mornings to play the game, but I guess things will just take longer without getting bells that way.
  8. Timbuktu

    Edge #345

    Mine has arrived as well. Ordered it on the 23rd April and an issue of Empire magazine on the same day, which arrived two days later. Just having it here does kind of make me "feel better".
  9. Each episode starts with focusing on a person on the team, but then quickly loses that focus and seem to go all over the place. It kinda of reminds me of watching the Watchmen series. I am enjoying it and I guess we only know at the end of the series whether it’s building something more substantial with all this layering and shifting of focus. I would like to see what could happen if you give all this material to someone like Asif Kapadia to make a succinct documentary in the vein of his Senna, Amy, and Diego Maradona.
  10. I’m gradually finding myself getting over levelled now and the games is getting easier. I know I can just turn up the difficulty, but that just stretches each set out. Is there a way to turn down your levelling up so that the clothes and smoothies mean something again?
  11. Rewatching this recently did feel a bit different. The quality is still unmatched really, but I remember most of the actors apart from David Schwimmer being so fresh at the time, you just see them as these soldiers. Now I just keep noticing actors I know from elsewhere turning up randomly. It is kind of crazy how an whole generation of male English actors seem to have emerged from BoB.
  12. Saw this elsewhere and it kind of blew my mind that the actress who plays Lady Aelswith is 26 years old and the same age as the one playing her daughter Aethelflaed. She would have been only 20 -21 when she started in that role.
  13. I guess those must be the episodes Evans directed.
  14. Finished season 6 of Bosch last weekend and I think this has been one of the best seasons, I definitely enjoyed it a lot more than season 5. I think this has been one of the best seasons, I definitely enjoyed it a lot more than season 5. The criminals are usually the least interesting parts to Bosch in my opinion, the only one I really remember from before was Jeri Ryan; so I am happy for them to take a back seat to all the main cast's parallel and intersecting storylines. It's been a good comfort watch. The show is cartoonish, I mean, characters like Honey Chandler could have come straight out of a Phoenix Wright game. At the same time but it also feel grounded, like people just getting on with mundane daily life. Sometimes cases just end randomly in ways that feel quite real. One loose end that I never felt resolved was the whole triad plot from a couple of seasons back and how Reggie just disappeared to HK, it didn't feel like something Bosch would just let lie. One final season to go.
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