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  1. I somewhat doubt there would be much made of this. Damn, did the Astros even have to cheat? they were favourites and they are still favourites for 2020.
  2. Been waiting for this to hit streaming for a while. Just rewatching the Pilot for the first time in almost a decade perhaps? I forgot how much the kids characters change through the series. Only Lyla feel basically the same, Tyra and Smash feel almost unrecognisable from what I remember.
  3. Overall pretty good, but I thought the last couple of episodes were rushed and probably a twist too many for the season. For the plot they wanted to do, they could have done with 10 or 12 episodes. About the finale:
  4. It was with the collect in-store pre-order discount, I don't know when the cut off point is but I ordered a few weeks ago. The £5 off is there for other pre-orders Links Awakening, Pokemon and Luigi Mansion if you live near a Smyths.
  5. This will be my first Fire Emblem, always been more into Advance Wars but feel that this one might be a good point to jump in. Pre-ordered from Smyths for £37.
  6. It might just be me, but I'm replaying the first Phoenix Wright on Switch at the moment and with the fifth case, I get a strong Jurgen Klopp vibe from this character Damon Gant, the chief of police. He kinda looks a bit like him, the way he speaks, his teeth, the way he laughes things off, how he calls other characters "Wrighty" and "Worthy"... It's uncanny, or maybe I think too much about Liverpool.
  7. I was going to write about how much I enjoyed the London series, but the news about Tyler Skaggs is a real gut punch. He just pitched on Saturday and just 27... RIP
  8. I had Tropical Freeze on my watch list and Nintendo reminded me that it was on sale. But for £35 I went into the shop and ended up getting Civ VI instead.
  9. What’s with England fans booing VVD?
  10. I really enjoyed it. I think the effort behind the scenes have been very much appreciated. At the same time, I can’t shake the feeling that it’s a bit of a shame to see so many people working so hard and doing their job well, but having to put their trust in a leadership that don’t seem to be anywhere as committed to the end of the show and ultimately disappointed so many. A lot of the crew and cast come across incredibly well in this. It’s nice seeing them get along.
  11. If the gap to the rest is the same as this year, then you would be talking about the ‘Top 2’ and it’ll be much like a lot of other European leagues. I guess that’s his point, Man U fans care about Liverpool not winning, not celebrating what City achieved. Same with the 13/14 season, people remember that for Gerrard’s slip more than anything. That first win over United with the last minute goal was a truly great moment but City haven’t managed to manufacture a proper sporting narrative, even with their Amazon series.
  12. Turns out to be a relatively boring season across most leagues at the end. The richest clubs win, hey ho.
  13. It would be just as much of a shock to then have the disappeared to suddenly come back into a world that has fallen apart. The housing stock certainly doesn't look like it could cope. The world would be classified into those who have disappeared and those who remained and certainly some of those who come back would be resented by those who were moving on.
  14. Great that I just signed up to Now on a 3 month deal for GoT. About just enough time for a rewatch before end of May. I guess the delay between the States and here isn’t that long for HBO shows usually, right?
  15. Son will be suspended first leg against Ajax?
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