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  1. It is strange because it sounded like the critics got three episodes.
  2. I’m not that worried about that. I am liking it so far and I think it’s fine if Marvel is confident enough and have enough in the pipeline now that not everything I’m has to appeal to everyone. Obviously, this wasn’t meant to be the first Marvel series to come out, but I like that it hints that future shows can go in all kind of directions too.
  3. Just rewatched these episodes again and I think my impression of Jellico gets better every time. He was placed in a difficult high stakes situation with whiny department heads and cleaned up the mess the Admiral made sending Picard into a trap. I mean, Sisko would probably be similar in this situation, probably even tougher and got rid of Riker earlier.
  4. I have found Discovery to be quite watchable, but I think I do file it automatically separately from 90s Trek in my mind. It is strange to think that the Star Wars show now has more of the old school episodic structure while making more of an impact. It showed that maybe some audience has grown tired of shows with mystery dragged out over a season. I’m not sure if the stakes always have to be so high in these shows, we are always seeing universe ending, Federation crippling events, when I just want to spend more time with the crew.
  5. I don’t necessarily disagree about the character but I can’t really begrudge them bringing back Kenneth Mitchell, who played Kol and other Klingon characters in the earlier season but was since diagnosed with ALS and is wheelchair bound.
  6. I think a lot of people are like this though, in that they find something to give themselves purpose but are not really obsessed with the art anymore.
  7. I love this. It is probably one of the gentlest Pixar movies, not about big moments of triumph and with no real villains. I think the message not being summed up in one line is fine too, there are too many ways people do and do not find satisfaction in life. The last movie I saw in theatre was Onwards, I liked that too, this feels quite special.
  8. That’s really nice, where is that from, looks like France? There are some In the Mood for Love posters that I really don’t like. I’ve still got this one up, one of my favourite movie poster of all time:
  9. I know it was fan service but it was the one that made the most sense compared with any other Jedi taking Grogu for training. I don’t think the finale made it all about that reveal at all.
  10. I loved Pan as a red Panda, wish he had more to say though, feels like he’s been a bit quieter since Lyra has more dialogue with Will now. Ruth Wilson was great in this.
  11. Havent posted here in a long time. Just did a drawing and reworked it into a family Xmas card. Still figuring out how and whether to colour a pen and ink image in photoshop/ affinity. Do you need something like iPad Pro for that? I’ve always just drawn on paper.
  12. That scene was almost up there at Inglorious Basterds level of tension.
  13. I’m a bit apprehensive about this given it’s not set in HK and will have to got through the censors. I’ve lost a bit of faith in WKW being relevant with new movies given how things are now, but his 90s work really still speak of the mood at the time of the HK I remember growing up in.
  14. It feels a bit strange without Ashes of Time, particularly given that movies connection with Chungking Express. The Grandmaster feels like it belongs in this too with its themes, I would have liked a longer directors cut of that. It also sounds like WKW changed the look of some of these movies and parts of Happy Together were lost in a fire in 2019. I will probably still get this, but it would be easier to justify a purchase if the set was more complete and if Criterion to actual do 4K blu rays.
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