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  1. I do really like the empire parts, Lee Pace and Laura Birn are great and the concepts are interesting. Perhaps it would have been a better for a show to just be focused from the empire perspectives. It would be a clearer departure from the books, just based on the universe rather than an adaptation, without that expectations and perhaps a smaller budget. A a sci fi i, Claudius but with the fall of empire could be decent and a show built around Lee Pace could have pulled it off. they have made more errors on the foundations side of things, but it’s not impossible for it to better. The Expanse took a while to get going too. Hopefully they realise where the show’s strengths are.
  2. I don’t know if it’s just me noticing these things more but I feel there are a lot more nuclear sub news since I started watching Vigil. Firstly Aukus, then the American sub bumping into something in the South China Sea; then now an American couple arrested for selling nuclear sub secrets. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58863678
  3. I am liking it, but mostly for the Empire side, while the Foundation itself is a bit lacking, which feels strange since the empire part is the show invention, I guess it’ll have to stick around for a while.
  4. Pleasantly surprised that I can watch these with Cantonese dub in the UK, as well as a Japanese. For most other things including What if… only European languages are available. I like the Kurosawa one, but Mando also had a couple of episode that was quite like this so it’s did not feel as fresh an idea as it could have.
  5. I wonder if this is why there is less football this season, must be tough and expensive to do any scenes with a crowd. And when I think of a age, I feel sorry for whoever has to clean these mirrors in all these places he visits, disgusting.
  6. Yeah. It would have been much better at half the length and kept entirely on Vigil.
  7. It’s still quite silly, but I am enjoying the silliness. Weird watching this and reading about the UK getting involved with more nuclear sins at the same time. I’m not sure I need all the backstory flashbacks, would have been fine if they kept it claustrophobic and stayed on the sub. The ending was nightmare fuel.
  8. Just realised that all three of Liverpool’s scorers yesterday would be away at AFCON when they play Palace again.
  9. So how much of that was in Beard’s head then? I enjoyed Henry as his inner voice, “Roid Kent” and the boatload of movie references. This seems like a marmite episode, which is fair enough given how far it deviates from the mood we expect from the show, but I think it still fits in terms of themes. The show is so good at showing everyone with these quiet personal battles. We don’t even know if this was a particularly downward spiral for Beard or he have these nights from time to time. Out of everyone, perhaps he is the one that is most stuck and it won’t be resolved this season.
  10. Happy for McLaren, must be the Raducanu effect!
  11. Timbuktu


    The prize money is going to be dwarfed very quickly, she already had a Vogue photoshoot before all this. Hope she gets to enjoy F1 tomorrow and McLaren might even get a podium .
  12. Timbuktu


    Even in an Olympic year, Emma will probably get the SPOTY. That was a fantastic match and thank goodness Emma won when she did, got to get up early to drive tomorrow, can’t do another late night.
  13. Timbuktu


    The women side of US Open feels like one of those sport anime this year.
  14. I was still holding out hope that John Wick 4 and this movie are one and the same.
  15. Timbuktu


    Really feels like a new era coming through.
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