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  1. I don't care what happens as long as you can swim.
  2. rirons

    Donkey Konga

    I've just played it for a couple of hours and been laughing my head off - it's great fun. But on some of the songs I really don't feel like it's "rhythm action". More like a shoot-em-up, in fact I've turned the sound off on a couple of them because to get a "good" you have to actually be slightly off time somewhere, and when the drum beats the rhythm of the melody rather than the actual underlying rhythm I find myself hitting on the beat rather than on triplets etc. I find DDR etc much easier, because it's all about the beat in those games, so I end up getting "perfect" on every step. In this it's all about the melody. The jury is out on whether I approve of this or not...
  3. Another Tiger Woods one - I can't help making a "whoosing" noise when I'm pumping the white button to get some boost on the shot.
  4. £60 for a 10 gig HDD? Yeah right, I got my 120GB one for £70 inc vat, and I bought ONE. They are buying them in the hundreds of thousands - I would say about a fiver per drive.
  5. rirons

    Ambient Ai

    I think the cheat menu/level select should be available from the start. I wouldn't use it, but it would be great for my brother who's handicapped and approaches games as "playgrounds" rather than "challenges". The first thing I have to do when he gets a new game is either find the cheats online or complete the game for him so he can choose a level.
  6. I would really like it if all the policemen in the city didn't magically know where you were all the time just because you had 3 stars. Hang on a minute, Tommy Vercetti was in jail - maybe he had a chip put in him...
  7. I just noticed that I can't play Tiger Woods without thrusting my head forward at the same time as I do so with my thumb on a drive. edit: The reason I noticed is because I did it too hard and hurt my neck, and now even though I've tried to stop, I just hurt my neck on every drive.
  8. If my car gets stolen in GTA, I will HUNT THEM DOWN. I will grab the nearest vehicle and go after them. When I do get them, either by blowing up the car, ramming it into the sea, or getting them out and beating them to death (my favourite as you can keep kicking them after they're dead) I will usually be shouting "steal my fucking car would you you motherfucker? Well that's the last mistake you'lll ever make you cunting twatbitch, do you like that, huh? FUCK YOU!" I usually repeat the FUCK YOU and the kicking until I get arrested or bored. Usually the former, as the latter takes a LONG time. I have also lost count of the number of times on the "platforming" level of Buffy 1 where I have shouted at the screen "If I wanted to play Mario, I'd have fucking bought Mario"
  9. I would just like to point out that the scores given by GamesTM this month do not exactly match my personal opinions of those games.
  10. Yep, it's working, I am laughing like a spaz.
  11. I love the fact that Captain Blue says to him: (weighty voice) say the word...... HENSHIN! And Joe tries it out by saying "Henshin a go-go, baby!"
  12. Threads about this sort of stuff always make me laugh - can't remember who it was that gave us examples of the things he shouted when playing certain games, but I remember Zelda was "Lock on, you stupid elf! LOCK ON!" Then we had someone else proclaiming "I am a f****** robot" during Gitaroo Man And now we have the "inventing your own lyrics to game music thread" which is cracking me up. So please post any miscellaneous stupid stuff you do while playing games, for my own personal amusement. The stuff I do isn't usually very funny. Stringing together huge swear combos when I die usually. Or gloating idiotically when I win. When I was trying to get through PS1 Tekken on "Stupidly Hard" or whatever the top difficulty was, I remember getting so annoyed with the "YOU LOSE" message that in the end I simply turned off the console. I then shouted "YOU LOSE NOW, EH PAL?" Good job I was on the uk, as saying "YOU LOSE NOW, EH NTSC" wouldn't have been anywhere near as satisfing.
  13. When I first played Viewtiful Joe I ended up with: Pink bin woman Pink bin woman Is it better there, pink bin woman? Is it better there, is it? IS IT?
  14. This thread is the results of the vote - the thread where we voted was the one where we gave our own opinions. Obviously the voters as a whole think you're wrong. I agree, FWIW. [edit: I mean I agree with you!] Depends what your criteria for voting were. I voted on how much I enjoyed the games, there were probably some people who voted based on technical merits, and maybe some people voted on sentimental value.
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