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  1. Yeah I really liked that about the first game. Can't remember exactly how it was structured - I don't think it was quite as freeform as Crackdown's "all the targets are alive and accessible somehow in the game world at the start" - but it was definitely more interesting and involving than the scripted, linear assassinations the series eventually peddled. Now the series has gone back to a big open world, there's no reason why they can't do something similar again. With Origins and Odyssey having members of a cult for you to hunt down, some of which are perennially in the game world for you to find and others you unmask with clues, there's definitely a way to bake this all in. You have all the targets in the game world from the start and theoretically available to kill. You can play through story missions that will direct you to them via clues - revealing names, locations, weak points in their fortifications etc - and these let you make a more measured, planned approach. At its best, the first game made you feel like a more acrobatic, parkour-y version of Hitman and you felt like you were conducting your own kill, rather than following the game's strict framework on what you should do.
  2. I'm having this dilemma now. I do think that the handheld format would be better for an hour or so of random battles whilst the TV is on, but I am loath to spend £25 when I've got it for "free" on Gamepass. It'd also be 60fps as opposed to 30fps too (providing you have a Series X not S). Still, I'm getting tempted by the Switch version. I can justify 80 hours easier in handheld these days, whereas on the TV I don't seem to get that time to sit down and play so intensely. There is a free Switch demo if I remember correctly, and you get to keep your progress if you do purchase the game (I think).
  3. Monster Hunter Generations is on sale for £13 - how is that going to play for someone who started with World and Rise? I did have MH3 on the Wii U, but basically didn't really put the time in to learn it. I reckon I'd fair a bit better now, as long as Generations isn't completely archaic. I can take it feeling a bit more obtuse and less hand-holdy; I don't really want it to feel like a PS2 game. The main issue is probably going to be how slow and cumbersome the game might feel after Rose's wirebugs and doggo.
  4. Has anyone upgraded from a Series S to a Series X? I bought a Series S as a second console and when I had a fairly mediocre TV. I've bought a new mid-range TV that is apparently great for gaming and capable of 4K at 120fps. Coincidentally, this is about the time that the Series X has been in stock in Amazon and readily available for a number of days now. My head thinks that upgrading to a Series X is a superfluous £450 purchase. My heart is saying that I'd like the best visuals possible (having not been bothered about them before, but now wanting to take advantage of the TV) and that the increase in performance in older games might be worth it, as the Series S gets the old Xbox One S versions. I was originally going to just get the mid-gen upgrade for the Xbox to cover the fact I got the Series S at first, but I am now casting glances towards the Series X as something that is a bit more futureproofed and for the "now". Has anyone also used a Series S on a decent modern TV? Can't get to the console now so can't check how it looks compared to my PS5 on the same set.
  5. Paris Promenade definitely looks the most like the original tracks. Well, out of the four I've played, as I've not tried the second lot yet The others seem to have the colour turned up to 11 and a more cartoony look, compared to the base game's more muted palate and "realistic" textures. They've definitely had work done though, as Choco Mountain is more than just a port (of the original retro track anyway, not sure what it's like in Tour). Hopefully the added time might mean they get a touch more ambitious - I'd like anti grav and some underwater bits added, so they are more surprises - but they are definitely a good addition. The game is basically going to double in size and have an absurd amount of tracks, so I can forgive the slight jarring of art styles.
  6. Not sure whether to start a new character as I'm only two hours in and given I replied Bloodborne and Nioh 2 recently, a melee character feels a bit samey. I went for warrior with two swords, but what's the option for a newbie to magic characters, maybe with a bit of melee DPS to fall back on.
  7. Not sure whether to start a new character as I'm only two hours in and given I replied Bloodborne and Nioh 2 recently, a melee character feels a bit samey. I went for warrior with two swords, but what's the option for a newbie to magic characters, maybe with a bit of melee DPS to fall back on.
  8. First games of the year finished. Admittedly these were titles I played at the start of my Covid isolation just before Christmas and could pour in loads of play time. Should finish Ratchet and Clank soon-ish as that was another one I started before Christmas, and Inside and Katamari are both fairly short. Bought Nothing... yet. Currently Playing/Progress Ratchet and Clank Inside Monster Hunter Rise Katamari Damacy Reroll Fallout 4 - 30 hours in Zelda BOTW: 80 hours in, one Divine Beast down Stardew Valley - up to Year 2 Darkest Dungeon - up to first DD stage Nioh 2 - up to third region Completed Skyward Sword HD Pokémon Shining Pearl Guacamelee 2 The Dirty Backlog An asterix denotes something unplayed PS4/5 Fallout 4 Nioh 2 Spiderman UE* Ratchet and Clank Resi 2* Resi 3* Elden Ring* (pre-purchased last year) Switch Breath of the Wild Darkest Dungeon Stardew Valley Monster Hunter Rise Obra Dinn Inside Into the Breach* Civ 6 Xbox Hitman 1-3 Anyone wanted to check out my pile o' shame on Backlogged, and see how my initial good intentions to clear it throughout the year fall apart around May amidst a deluge of cheap sale purchases, can find my profile here: https://www.backloggd.com/u/Parksey/
  9. I picked this issue and last month's. - my first copies of Edge since about 2012 I reckon - in two separate branches of WHSmiths. Probably a good bet that your local branch will have it in stock. I found supermarkets weren't stocking it though.
  10. What's this half price sub sale? Picked up the last issue of Edge (thinking it was this issue, as wanted to read about Elden Ring) and missed having a gaming mag after being out of the country for so long. Also feels like I need to support them while they are still around. I've had a look at Readly as well for the trial - can you get back issues as well through that?
  11. Yep, this is what I've been trying to do. Even if I'm currently playing something else, if I buy something I try to play it that day and continue playing it, though it often means just sticking in 30 mins here and there. Ideally I'd get to the point where I am playing a Gamepass game with nothing on my paid backlog, and just pursuing the sales. That's the 2022 dream.
  12. Okay, I'll give this a go. My problem tends not to be launch games but more the FOMO in sales and stuff. Checking Deku Deals and Hot UK Deals doesn't help either. This year, I've got 1) Pokémon Legends Arceus 2) Elden Ring 3) BOTW 2 4) Splatoon 3 5) Pokémon Gen 9 (if it launches to schedule, 3 years after the last gen) As almost certain launch purchases. Arceus does depend on me finishing Shining Pearl and clearing a few other Switch games off the backlog though, and for it not to get absolutely terribly reviews (I have a feeling it's going to be a bit of rush job with typical GameFreak design decisions). The rest of the big ones this year - stuff like God of War and Horizon - well, I still haven't played their last entries, so I should be okay missing out. Now just to avoid all the indie sales on the Switch... My backlog isn't actually that shameful, so I may abandon the idea should I clear most of it. Even then, though, there's all that stuff on Gamepass I should really try before spending money, as well as a few titles I've always been meaning to replay but haven't yet found the time to.
  13. Hollow Knight is on my radar. It's on Gamepass though, albeit I do think it's going to be something I refer on the switch and in handheld. Guacamelee 2 was also on Gamepass, I had it downloaded for a while, but then it left the service without me playing it. Then I go pick it up on this eshop sale and end up playing it in bed that same evening. Just not sure if I can handle another Metroidvania alongside Guaca, and I'm also replying Bloodborne so not sure about another brutally hard game. That's the same reason I didn't ask about Blasphemous too as that was also one I was toying with. Indies are just flat out better on the Switch (as they were on my PS Vita half a dozen years ago). There have been a few on Gamepass - Slay the Spire, Celeste, Dicey Dungeons - that I really should play "for free" but instead I'm probably going to be getting them for £7 in an eshop sale, simply because I enjoy playing them in handheld so much. Especially roguelikes, which I always fire up on long train or plane journeys. Now I'm sitting here thinking that, if this is the case, I should maybe think about the OLED model next year, as the Vita's screen was amazing. It's just a typically half-arsed, expensive Nintendo upgrade that I want to sort of avoid it on principle.
  14. Got £6 to spend on the eshop. Tempted by a few Into the Breach, or using some points to get Hyper Light Drifter for £8.99. Anyone got strong feelings regarding either?
  15. Rift Apart and Spiderman Ultimate Edition are both £28 on the Turkish PSN store and I fancy finally partaking in my first PS5 game. Which do people reckon I should go for? I haven't played 2018 Spiderman as well so obviously that is going to edge it in terms of hours of content.
  16. Yeah for me the open world shine has worn off quite quickly. It's just not that interesting. It's icons on a map and earning Valor. Valor is used to unlock weapons, vehicles and different marines, but weaponry is lying around absolutely everywhere. The grapple is fun but it's just used to scale bland rockfaces. The open world isn't massively interesting and gets samey quickly. I don't have much incentive to do things bar the OCD need to clear the map of icons. It's not like BOTW where discovery and exploration were organic. The combat is still great but I prefered it in the surroundings of a campaign and being tightly plotted and designed. Taking outposts, saving squads, clearing FOBs falls into the open world trap of just having the same activity copy and pasted. The combat is fun but doesn't push me into doing them. If I go to that icon, I can go have the same combat experience that I can have anywhere else on the map. For me, it's an admirable attempt but doesn't quite hold together in a way that feels cohesive, unique and rewarding. I think I'd rather just have the spectacle of a dozen campaign missions. I am only five missions into the campaign mind, so I might find that the later ones wow me. I liked the first two missions here, but I found the couple after that to just be a bit meh.
  17. Never managed to unlock TT in Diddy Kong Racing. Poured loads of hours into the time trial mode and did them all apart from one track, which I could never quite beat. Think it was called something like Treasure Cavern, in the pirate area.
  18. How are you all accruing that many points so quickly? Admittedly I only got back to the UK in August and a lot of the Rewards stuff didn't work in Japan, but I've only managed 22k points since I got my Series S. I don't do it religiously, mind, just wondering if I'm missing anything.
  19. Wait, there's no way to replay campaign missions after you finish them? That's a pretty glaring oversight. To be honest, a bit of the sheen of the open world has worn off. Largely because I've fallen into the same trap of hoovering up the icons before doing any campaign stuff. I'm finding the combat as great as always, but it's getting a touch repetitive with the armour lockers, Spartan cores and stuff simply a case of going to a point and pressing X, and the FOBs and outposts not really giving desirable rewards (you get Valor and weapon unlocks, but there are weapons scattered everywhere). They've given us a great tool for exploration in the grapple, but simply having points of interest being icons means that exploring feels a little empty.
  20. I had never played Splatoon 1, so got in to 2 when it had that free online beta one weekend before launch. Got it at launch and was absolutely addicted. Part of this is the concept, as others have said, in that you can contribute even when you aren't killing. The paint mechanic is genius as it hits the OCD part of brain that doesn't want bare spots everywhere, whilst also aiding you characters silky movement abilities. The real masterstroke is that it is a visual metaphor for how your team are doing. If you're the purple team and you look up and see vast swathes of it everywhere, you know you are doing well, and can maybe push and be aggressive. You look around and see a sea of yellow, and you know you have work to do and to be cautious around corners etc. The other thing I like are the 3 minute games. In a lot of titles, PVP modes can take ages and just a session of 3-4 games can be a decent commitment in your evening. With Splatoon, 3 mins is short enough that you can easily have "just one more" and short enough that most matches feel quite intense. Sadly, after I got addicted to it for a month or two, inevitably I drifted off. PvP in generally doesn't really hold my attention and I imagine a big single player caught my eye in September 2017. I have quite a few PvP games I want to persist and keep playing (Destiny 2, SFV, this) but it's weird, in that to me, PVP feels more like a time waste. I buy an SP game and I can get to the end, feeling like I've accomplished something by beating it. With PVP, it's the same sort of modes over and over, with the fun being the game itself. It's weird that should feel more like a time waste. I will say though, that Splatoon is a game I did play just for fun. There wasn't really any grind for me. No battle pass and the levelling is pointless. I was just firing it up to play a few games and have fun. Just wish I'd stuck it on a little more over the years, as that intense 90 hours I spent with it around launch were brilliant and probably one of my freshest experiences this gen.
  21. Nerfing the hunter dodge just seems pointless, though admittedly I am Hunter who uses it a lot with Wormhusk so I'm biased. But they need to lean in to the class abilities. They just are never going to get a perfect balance or a perfect meta. They seem reluctant to make the three classes proper classes. In D1 they were basically interchangeable bar the jump. The class ability was the way around this. Titan have protection, Warlocks have healing and hunters have mobility through a dodge. The dodge *is* the best out of the three, but its central to how hunters play. Why create a class that is about dodging, mobility, speed and deftness if you need their class ability that encourages that? Why not buff the other class abilities so they get used more? Lean in to the what the other classes are about. Bungie seem to want customisation and builds - talking about them in TWABs, reworking the classes and introducing fragments. The armour on the stats and the supers and skill trees build in to this, as do exotic armour perks. They seem to want to go down that route, in which case, the class ability is probably key to how these classes operate. I'd, personally, have more distinction between them, as they were very vanilla back in the original game, with not much "feeling" different between characters. But if you want perfect balance, well, Halo Infinite has shown you the way to go - you start everyone off with the same two weapons and armour. I don't think you can unleash a massive toybox and also have perfect balance. I don't think it helps that Hunters are the most played class either, so things seem much more persistent when it's something belonging to them. But Titan and Warlock melee and grenades are so much better than the Hunter's. I can get one-shotted with a Titan shoulder charge or a Warlock void melee. Dawnblade and the Titan fist one put the Hunter's roaming super to shame. A lot of complaints in Crucible are just from people getting beaten by something. And something is going to kill you in there.
  22. I must admit I like the art style better now it's in front of me, in handheld mode. I don't think it'll suit being on the big screen mind, and it definitely tries to ape the Link's Awakening look but manages to come off worse. It doesn't help that, in my eyes, Gen 4 was probably the weakest. Along with Ruby/Sapphire on the GBA, it's when the games started treading old ground and not adding enough bar gimmicks and 100 new monsters. It's when they stopped pushing the boat technically (the original Gameboy games must have been crammed tight on that cart) and they definitely became iterative instead of revolutionary. I remember Pearl looking inferior to a lot of DS games at the time, and that console had loads of great RPGs so it felt a bit flat. Sinnoh never grabbed me either, and the Gen 3 and 4 monsters are my least favourite, I reckon. It's pleasant enough though. It definitely feels like the GBA/DS era titles updated though - it feels retro whereas the Gen 3 remakes felt like they had brought those up to what the current standard was (i.e the X/Y engine). But retro Pokémon isn't too bad, given that the modern games have stripped away some of the difficulty and old school RPG-ness. And like others have said, it's a good game to have on when the TV is playing in the background, or sitting on the sofa while your partner watches something. It's fairly inoffensive in terms of the surprising or innovative things it does, but the main core of catching and training monsters is eternally compelling, no matter if it is something we've done a dozen times now.
  23. I have two months left on my normal Family membership. If I renew this normal one for £22 with a code from CD Keys, how much would it then be for the Expansion Pack upgrade? All the site says is that it would be "discounted".
  24. The problem with the "why not just play this game for fun instead of getting on the Battle Pass trademill" is that they stuck this stuff into the game, so it's hard to ignore. I think most people, if they didn't have the Battle Pass, unlocks, challenges, XP etc, would just play the game for fun. Like people have said, it is what we did back with Halo 2 (I'm sure by the time we got to Reach we had unlocks and XP/leveling though). But because they are there, and because the multiplayer is tied up around them, they are harder to ignore. And your brain expects the rewards due to how familiar we are with gaming. We do a session of 3-4 matches and we expect to level up. The game has all the facets of such a system, but instead we go back and look at our XP bar and it's static. It's not really about playing for fun versus playing to unlock, it's about the pace of their entire XP/levelling/Battle Pass system being painfully and obviously glacial.
  25. This season is the wet season? Is this only in certain areas of the map? Doesn't feel very wet to me.
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