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  1. I'll be getting the game on launch and I'm sure it's great, but Deep Cut are no Off the Hook.
  2. It rarely gets discounted too, and isn't cheaper than £17 either. I picked it up physically from them rather than waiting for it to go on sale. Of course it then went on sale immediately afterwards, but still...
  3. Slightly hijacking the thread with this question, but is the physical copy of XB2 Torna rare? Going through the first game now and very early on, but have an ambition to play through the entire series. I'm away I can get Torna and the DLC digitally, but have found a physical copy for £50 on Amazon. Seems expensive, but heard that it was a small print run and quite rare, so could be a decent investment even at that price.
  4. I see Neo: The World Ends With You is only £20 on Prime Day right now. Might be something that doesn't go this cheap in the future. Is it going to be suitable for someone who hasn't played the first game?
  5. Seasons don't seem to work with account sharing. A friend and I split expansions and PS Plus, but ever since they started the Season Pass purchasable with silver, they've never been sharable. The person who didn't buy the Deluxe pack with seasons included has always had to spend the £8 or so each time to get them. Same with the Duality dungeon this season as well by the looks of it My mate has WQ Deluxe on his account, but I had to get the dungeon separately.
  6. I can't remember the last time I bought a physical game for a Sony or MS console. Living abroad probably helped the move to digital, as I was still able to access the UK store and English language games. With the Switch, as it was region free and largely had English on the Japanese copy of games, I tended to pick them up physically. Helpfully, Nintendo stuff tends to hold its value, so I tend to go for physical games for that as I know I'll probably be able to get a decent chunk of cash back even years later. They also don't go down in price as much as Sony/MS stuff - digital sales don't drop past £33 usually for first party title games. This also makes me much more likely to pick things up at launch too.
  7. Look, I'm getting old and I'm just one step away from calling everything "my Nintendo".
  8. What do people reckon regarding giving Paper Mario 64 a whirl on the SNES online thingmy, or splashing out on Origami King for £25? Been trying to flesh out my Switch first party collection, having been abroad for years and neglecting it, but am aware that the series has had diminishing returns for a while. I've only actually played Thousand Year Door on the GC (which was amazing, as everyone rightly knows).
  9. Picked this up in the Trading Folder here and, while it's good, it does make me wonder why Other M got such a hard time of it a decade ago. It had a bit of a pants story, but I always thought it was a very modern 2D Metroid. So for me, this doesn't feel as long awaited as someone who's been hankering for one since Fusion. Using missiles is fiddly as well, especially in the heat of a boss battle. The controls in general are like that, which is a shame as Seamus is very fluid and fast overall.
  10. Balance to the force, innit. He wasn't a very good Good Jedi, and he's not been a very good Bad Jedi. Perfect balance. Probably doesn't help that he was basically an angry man child until he found out about Luke. Like making a teenager CEO of an evil empire.
  11. Yeah I've been quite torn on the series as a whole and it's been very wonky. It definitely needed shoring up in certain areas. I'm always a bit wary of squeezing in loads of existing characters having yet another adventure of a lifetime between their other adventure of a lifetime, but the core of Obi Wan's PTSD, Vader's vengeance and then both coming to terms with things was ultimately worth it. But it has some really shoddy parts. The opening was fine, and the ending was good. But the middle was mediocre. It felt very much like a TV show, like 24 or something, where you have a set up situation, some conflict and an escape for a good guy/bad guy and a cliffhanger to set up a conflict for next week. Episodes 2+4 just felt like Obi Wan being chased to another planet, having an encounter with the enemy and then getting away to another planet, where it happened all over again. It would have definitely worked better as a film. You'd have had the Leia rescue tied up in the second third, probably bump Reva off as the opening to the final bit and then the Obi Wan/Vader fight and their character development as the end. I'd probably keep Episode 1 and 6, and then chop the end of 2 with the end of 5 and Reva getting bumped. The writing has been poor and while I know that on the internet we pick holes in some banal shit, but stuff should have been a lot tighter. It's felt weird at times too, though maybe this is because it's my first SW TV series and I'm watching actors in roles I'm used to seeing in movies. But the direction has been awkward and scenes have felt off - like Obi Wan being chased round a quarry, which had a weird feel to it. Again, the whole structure of most of the episodes as a chase sequence lessened it I think. I've enjoyed seeing the actors in their roles, ultimately I've felt it's got a core story with merit in telling. It's messed with canon a little bit but, true to the original canon-fuck in ESB, it's sort of done it in a way that you can make it fit and take a somewhat logical suspension of disbelief. It's had terrible moments. It's got stuff that should have been cut. It should have had at least another pass. It's something that I think I could have probably edited and changed to be a bit tighter. Ironically then, that the whole series feels a bit like the prequels to me.
  12. Oh one thing I do absolutely hate, is games asking you to pick the difficulty setting as soon as you start the game. How are you supposed to judge this, when you've just pressed start and are yet to engage with the game on any meaningful level?
  13. Ironic that this is a difficult one to answer I believe every game should be accessible. Everyone should be able to play every game. Should everyone be able to complete every game? I'm not sure. I can definitely understand the logic that every game should be able to access all the content. But I think there is room in the medium for difficult, obscure games that don't compromise. If we consider games as art, then an equivalent might be Joyce's Ulysses (yeah, I'm going there). Is it the responsibility of the creator to make a work accessible to all? Ulysses is a massive text that is a slog to work though. It's awkward, it's hard to understand, it's deliberately messy and challenging. Should Joyce have put in a few lines at the end to sum things up? Should there have been a plot synopsis so readers could all get to the end? Should he have included a glossary for the myriad of random references? I think developers should be allowed to make difficult, uncompromising games. And then we have the right to engage with those and criticise them. Ultimately, not every game is going to be for everyone. Not everyone needs to be able to complete every game. Then there's the whole idea that we place too much importance on "completing" games.
  14. Cadence of Hyrule has finally come back round in sale. Not sure if the base game for £15 is the better option, or with the DLC for about £24. What's the extra stuff like? And how much does the physical release usually go for? EDIT - Seems like it's £18 at the Game Collection with the DLC included. Is it just a code in a box or a cart?
  15. The game in general is in a weird place difficulty-wise. 99% of the game is really easy, with almost everything bar raids being impossible to fail. But then there's a big jump from that to the 1% super-hard stuff where you need to properly tailor your build. I do feel like there's a bit of a middle ground between the two. Raids sort of hit that, but require communication and decent teammates. The WQ campaign was a step in the right direction. There's also a point to be made that a lot of the hard content tends to be made difficult but just upping how obtuse an enemy's health or by making them one shot you.
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