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  1. Yeah, what's with all these movies with new characters and roles in them. Just get your existing characters to act everything out. Let's go one further and have Harris playing loads of characters, like Eddie Murphy in Coming To America. She can do funny voices and have prosthetic make up and everything. And you'll only have to pay her once too. They already have a Black British female in there, can't they just conflate the two roles and save everyone a whole lot of town and effort, the greedy bastards. At a push, I would imagine the reason they aren't getting Harris to play the role is that she's been playing a different role for the past two films, and that the new role is going to serve a different narrative function that can't really be served by simply sticking Harris in the role and parting her hair on the said. Anyway, what's with all these new villians in Bond movies? Can't they just get that guy with the metal arm, the guy with the boomerang hat or Sharpe back? And this one has two fucking villians in it, what's all that about? I think they just need to scrap the whole thing and force dancing monkey Daniel Craig to partition the final part of his soul into his cash Horcruxes and act the entire thing out as a one man show, with various costume changes, action sequences (a one man fistfight!) and comedy accents. "Do you expect me to talk?" "Why yes, Mr Bond, for 120 minutes actually". Etc. etc. Now that we would all pay to see.
  2. Yep, I'm started this last night and I'm two hours in. A bit dismayed that I still have another two to go before the game starts. It's absolutely glacial. It's a shame, as the atmosphere and set up is pretty interesting. But it's basically just a visual novel at this moment. When does it start to open up? I've just beaten:
  3. Yeah, you can also hit the minotaurs once too as you dodge to the side and they move past you. You have to be careful not to push your luck when they are dazed but I got the hang of them pretty quickly. I can not get the hang over the red dragons though. I've unlocked the training room so I'll give that a go. Yet to beat Zone 1's boss too. The Death Metal one seems easier than the Conga one so far.
  4. Yeah I'm not saying I expect games to be priced that cheaply. I was saying how intend to avoid paying full price for games on launch and usually just wait for most to inevitably drop to a much lower price point. It's not even that long to wait nowadays, with a lot of AAA games getting as low as £20 within 12 months. I'm saying my perception of value has shifted due to indie games. I pick them up often for less than a tenner and I can stick upwards of 50 hours into them if they are a never ending roguelike or something I can pick up and play for eternity. This makes spending £50 for a finite experience less enticing. For me, I'd much rather pick up two or three indie titles for £20, then pay twice that for a game at launch. I did also say the exception was often Nintendo's own software which tends to not drop in price and hold its value. So it's more cost effective just to buy it as soon as possible and get your money's worth. I'm not saying these AAA games aren't worth £50. I bought RDR2 on launch, albeit through some eshop shenanigans which reduced it's price, and that was definitely worth the money. But by and large, I'd rather just wait and pick them up further down the line. So it's not that the games aren't worth it at full price, more that my buying habits have shifted.
  5. You want to go into the controller test functions in the settings and test your inputs just in case. If everything's fine, it's probably not the controller or game missing inputs, but the fact that you're trying to move off the beat. I was getting these missed inputs and sticky button presses too, but it's likely because you're trying to move a fraction early.
  6. Which iteration was it that only gave you two mushrooms? I only really got in to time trialling on Double Dash, but it was something I always wanted to devote more time to.
  7. What would I want for Mario Kart 9? Honestly? I think I'd want it to not exist. It doesn't look like this will now be the case, but I would have been happy with them updating MK8 with some more DLC, maybe some new tracks and some more remixed old ones added (it's still annoying that each version now gets different remixed ones and they come and go). I half-hoped that the Deluxe version on the Switch would mean we got some more but I doubt that will happen now. Bar new tracks, I don't really want MK9 anytime soon. Before 8, each MK brought something new to the table, but always had some slight niggles so that you couldn't really say which was the best in the series. But I felt like MK8 was comfortably the best in the series, and it's tracks were largely awesome. It didn't even seem to have as many duffers as usual. And this was bolstered by excellent DLC. I think MK8 is definitively the best in the series and I would have liked it to remain "current" and updated for longer yet.
  8. Yeah I felt using the analogue stick might be more comfortable and stop me button mashing, but hearing that even developers themselves stick a prompt in saying "Use the D-pad you idiot" if you use the stick made give it a swerve. Also I think Cadence must be even better, due to the Zelda-style trappings. I'll earmark that for a future purchase sometime down the line. The originals levels are probably the one visual sore point, being (so far) not that interesting to look at. Having the Hyrule theme must really help it out.
  9. I'm in the same boat, having just picked it up too. As I mentioned in the Hyrule thread, I'm terrible at the game, though I do feel like I am not quite as hopelessly terrible as I was an hour or two ago when I first started. I was tempted to play the Bard, but I didn't know if this would just sort of be a quick fix around one of the game's key components (moving to the best) and that it would make learning the game more drawn out in the long run. But it would be useful to get a handle on the enemies. I'm struggling with the minotaur one too, and the dragons can OHKO me if I'm in a crowded room.
  10. So I yielded and bought the original (don't know if there's a thread for it so I'll post my thoughts here). And, as predicted, I am absolute arse at the game. I can get to the second song (not sure how many levels are in each zone) and that's about it. And the song changes each level too which means I have to have more than one in my repertoire. This is going to be a big ask for someone who doesn't even have one dance in his repertoire. I sort of wish I'd stumped up for the Zelda one, as I think the stylings would have carried me through these opening hours better. Though £3/£22 is quite a big jump for something I feel I am not going to be great at. I am enjoying it though, just that it is a little maddening. More frustrated with my own lack of skill than the game. I'm find certain enemies or enemy-filled rooms a real mindfuck. It's hard when even the act of moving is such a challenge and something I constantly need to be thinking about. I think I'm trying to move a little to fast when really I have half a second longer. Especially with attacking, as I'm pressing the button perhaps before I have to. Also, is this the game doing this, as my D-pad keeps "sticking"? I've checked the controller inputs on the Switch and there are no problems there, but sometimes one button press won't register and I'll stop momentarily. Is this me missing a beat or pressing too soon? And the game sort of "freezes" you or stops your movement for a split second? I think it is accompanied by "missed" or "beat skipped" so I'm presuming it's the game and me messing up movement. Not even sure what is different between missed and beat skipped. So yeah, I'm horrendous at this. But enjoying it so far. The track on the first level alone is super-catchy. Love the operatic shop keeper joining in too. EDIT - Jesus, I am dense. I thought you could move whenever but moving with the beat kept your multiplier up and in sync with enemies. But you can only move WITH the beat. I guess that is the D-pad "lag" then?
  11. For me, Indie games and digital sales really show up how outlandish it is to keep paying £50 for a brand new game. Indie games are often absolutely fantastic value - over the past year or so I've picked Stardew, Shovel Knight, Yooka Laylee, Fez, Steamworld Dig, Darkest Dungeon Gungeon and Binding of Isaac. And only the last one on that list cost more than a tenner. Most of them last a decent chunk too, especially if they are a roguelike. I've just picked up Necrodancer for £3.50 and am tempted by Hollow Knight for a fiver. They are probably at least another 40 hours of gameplay. And while graphically these games are generally basic or retro-styled, they often have quite distilled, pure gameplay. Minimum fuss, pick-up-and-play and usually addictive. I think the only game I've bought on release recently was RDR, and even that was only £30 or so due to some eshop shenanigans and picking it up from the Indonesian PS store. To be fair, that game ended up being pretty good value for money too. But more often than not, I'm happy to wait, play games from a year or so ago or some indie stuff and then get 2019's releases when they inevitably go down to £15 in 12 months or so. The exception, of course, is Nintendo software. I'm not necessarily happy to be paying £50 for them on release though often the fact that the games tend to be top quality eases the pain somewhat, and the fact that they tend to hover around full price years later too. Their first party stuff on the Switch isn't really dropping in price and even in digital sales tends to go no longer than £33.
  12. Yeah at first I was a little miffed by that news, but then I realised that it was largely the lack of a National Dex again that annoyed me. I missed having it in Sun/Moon and having it shifted to Bank just made it a bit of a faff, having to pop in and out to see what you needed. But yeah, there has been a really big backlash to this on Reddit at the like - people wanting the director to go or for Gamefreak to not have the franchise anymore. And now I think that it's quite an entitled response. I think it's fine that you aren't just allowed to use your old favourites or old team. I liked Black/White because it wiped the slate and restricted upon to "only" 150 brand new monsters, which forced you to learn new types and come up with a completely new team. Though going by Reddit, people didn't like Black/White either because of that. I'm fine with them restricting what Pokémon you can use. Forces people to try new monsters and new stuff, plus Pokémon Home is there for you to send your collection forward too. I think it's fine if, for one generation, you don't bloody use Metacross or Dragonige or something. Yeah, it's nice that you've had it since 2003, but using some other monsters is fine too. Saying that, I'm attached to my collection (working my way towards a living Dex slowly, having owned all the previous gens) but for each new generation I always try and use six brand new monsters anyway. To be honest, I think it's fine if a brand new game doesn't let you use the old monsters you've already played with six times over. I'd have liked to use the game to store them and have the National Dex, but I'm fine with not using any old stuff. Even so, some old Pokémon are going to be in the Galar dex so you'll be able to use some of your collection just not wholesale. For me it seems weird that the big draw of a new game are the new monsters, but people don't want to use these new monsters and instead go get their Blastoise and plough through the game with minimum surprise or fuss. The only downside I guess is going to be the competitive scene. But if they balance the new Dex then even that could end up being fine.
  13. I'm guessing Necrodancer is well worth the £4? I really like Roguelikes and am not averse to difficulty, but I'm wondering if the rhythm action concept might be a bit off-putting and be a bit beyond me seeing as I am cack-handed, don't have the quickest reactions and am not a massive purveyor of rhythm action games. But £4 is about the price of a pint. I've noticed Cuphead is £14 too. Has it been cheaper than that yet? I'm hoping the boss battles may scratch a Dark Souls-esque itch and have addictive "one more go" qualities. Though again, I'm wondering if it might be too bastard hard for me. I've had my eye on it for a while though due to that gorgeous art style.
  14. For those worried about the social aspect of the raiding, haven't they confirmed that A.I. players will fill in for human ones if you don't have a full set? Also Pokémon has, for better or worse, always had a tacked on social aspect. This is all much more accessible than having to have a friend with the opposite version and looks of link cables. Plus you've got the GTS too. Most people have the internet so I'd be all got them adding more social elements to the game, as long as you could do it with randoms. At it's core, the series has never been an experience for a solitary player.
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