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  1. Yeah for me it's sort of a weird situation in that most of my overall backlog is overwhelming on physical media, confined to old consoles. But the stuff I'm actively trying to clear is all digital apart from two 3DS games. If some of these games were physical (I'm looking at you, Final Fantasy 15) I think I would have cleared the decks in a more brutal fashion and just traded some stuff in. I am going to have a big retro clear out when I move back to the UK, as I think j have realised that, with the best will in the world, I'm never going to get around to them, and they are basically just piles of stuff eternally sitting somewhere. The 360 has a lot of digital stuff on it that's barely played, as I really didn't show much restrained back then.
  2. So today is a momentous day for me. I have managed to get my backlog down to 10 games and that's probably going to go down to 9 in the next few days as well. Having monitored my backlog in an Excel spreadsheet for a while, using How Long to Beat's times as guide, I've also finally got my total play time down to sub-400 hours. I set out what to play each month to clear it and if all goes to plan, I'll only have three games left to play around May or so. Admittedly these will be fairly substantial games - Fallout 4, FFXV and Dark Dungeon, and probably account for close to 200 hours of my total time. Though out of my backlog I've only got those last two completely unplayed. I've not got that much on my plate in terms of future purchases in the first half of the year, so I shouldn't get distracted. So I'm wondering, for all the talk of our backlogs and masses of titles, has anyone ever managed this? If so, how? Did you have a big clear-out and get rid of games that way? Did you outright refuse to buy any new games until it was finished? Did you lesser your criteria for "finished" or just give up on titles you didn't want to play anymore? However, I do have a confession. If I do finish my backlog, it will be because of quite generous terms a to what my backlog "is". It's only my catalogue of games and systems here in Japan. If I go back to the UK, I'll have to either stick to "current gen" backlogged titles, or include games from the GBA, Xbox 360, GC, DS, Wii, Wii U, PS3 etc. I am quite tempted to sell a lot of them on as I'll be moving house, but if not, Backloggery has my total backlog at about 60 games. But even that is small fry compared to some people and their Steam libraries. So has anyone actually turned round the crashing tides of a mahoosive backlog? If so, how did you do it? A definitive, exhaustive effort or slightly skimping things like I have? And what happened next? Did you celebrate with a glass of champagne, or by going out and spending £500 on Steam and beginning the whole cycle anew?
  3. So the first Witcher book was 99p in the sale and I'm quite enjoying it (despite not realising that the first book at least, is a collection of short stories). I'm not a massive fantasy reader, but find this to be fairly light-hearded and not humourlessly po-faced like a lot of it. I might watch the show and pick up the other books. At what point in the books is it safe to watch the first season of the show without spoiling anything?
  4. Yeah it's just really uninspiring, and not great motivation for going back to old areas to get 100%. The life/force upgrades are fine, but unlike Metroid with its bomb/middle upgrades not being compulsory but making life a little easier, the cosmetic upgrades have no effect on your power or ablities. And, like I said, you can't see anything bar the colour change unless you're on the workbench. Makes the Metroidvania aspect feel a little unexciting and flat.
  5. The first Witcher book seems to be 0.99p as well. I also picked up the fourth volume in Peter Ackroyd's history of England series, titled "Revolution", if you're into that sort of thing.
  6. I'm find this to be good, but to have a curious lack of something that would make it truly great. Something is lacking that just stops me completely engaging with it, in the same way I would, say, Dark Souls or Metroid Prime. It could be that it's a classic mix of loads of genres and ripping off more than few titles, and not quite doing anything as well as them. I'm only up to the third planet and still have powers left to find, so it might pick up a bit. The combat tries to ape Dark Souls, but doesn't feel as precisely or as satisfying. It's like a Souls game, but with all the timings, animations and movements being off for a fraction of a second. Exploration is like Uncharted, though, again, isn't quite as engrossing. So far it's been consigned indoors to rather dull, dark corridors. There's only been one big room so far, and there wasn't that much clambering about. It seems to be a little reliant on swinging ropes, climbable walls with the same texture everywhere and those bloody slides, to provide navigation. The slides are annoying as they are basically a replacement for good level design, just ferrying the player downwards with no way up, without coming up with something that feels logical or natural. Coincidentally I don't think it's as good at exploration as Metroid Prime. I find the levels to be quite linear, with a lot of featureless, bland corridors. It's quite hard to get a mental map of places and to piece areas together in your head. The worlds themselves, so far, aren't massively interesting as well. The enemies are a mixed back - mercilessly killing the basic stormtroopers is fun, but the others tend to just be difficult due to them being able to block your attacks. And the animal enemies are nowhere near as fun to engage. Likewise, the scannables and secret items aren't really that engaging for me. They give some backstory bit I'm not desperate to hunt them out. Maybe it's just me, but lightsaber modifiers that change a tiny component of your sabre and are invisible in normal gameplay, and poncho upgrades are not particularly compelling to root out. It all feels like a solid 6 or 7/10. The license and setting elevates it at times, but it's a very videogamey videogame. It all feels very artificially constructed and very obvious.
  7. So someone's basically going to get me a PSN game for Christmas, and looking at the sale that's on, I'm currently looking at Resi 2, Spiderman or AC: Odyssey. Difficult to decide as I have played all previous AC games (and really liked Origins, despite it being basically quite a clichéd open world game with all the bloat and content), liked the Arkham City open world superhero concept (if there even similar to Spiderman) and I like the Resi series, especially Resi 1 and 4. It's a real Christmas conundrum, and obviously something that can only really be solved by asking a group of random people on the Internet.
  8. Yeah, was just about to post the same thing, as that's the impression that I got too. I thought that (ROS guesses): The whole thing's been a mess, really.
  9. Yeah, Finn is basically Rey's sidekick in that movie. He has a bit of an arc, I guess, but it's more that he becomes loyal to Rey than loyal to the Resistance. I can see what they were trying to do with Finn in The Last Jedi, and while he's physically separated from the other two main characters, in theory what this allows him to do is step out of Rey's shadow and get his own development. However, while I think TLJ nails it's core trio of Rey/Luke/Kylo, I think the other two big development arcs in Poe and Finn are more clumsily handled. Finn probably does get the rawest deal out if the them all. Not so much in the idea behind it, but how it was written and executed. It'll be interesting to see what I think about TLJ when j watch it again for the second time this week. I felt quite flat after watching it in the cinema, but it's a movie I've watched and read analysis of and thought about since, and come to get an appreciation for the choices the movie made. I wonder if that will translate in to more enjoyment this time, as I quite like how the film plays out "on paper" now. It'll also be interesting to see the reaction towards Rise of Skywalker. If it'll be divisive or not, and if it is divisive, if this time it'll be the TLJ side that dislikes JJ reverting to things back to type or if those sickened off by Episode 8 just bin the whole thing off.
  10. Regarding that "Resistance Reborn" bit (haven't read it, but a few stray thoughts):
  11. They really need to give you some encouragement to play Crucible and Gambit. There's not really any need to, bar XP from bounties and the pinnacle each season. The ranks also mean absolutely nothing too, so why not give out a pinnacle reward or that ascendant shardy thing, when you reset your rank? I like playing Gambit and Crucible just for fun, but when the game has other parts which are grindy, laden with loot, quests or items each season, it's very easy to put them to one side and do stuff which has "progress".
  12. I've got to preface this post with the fact I'm not a massive fan of Ghostbusters, though the second movie certainly was a favourite of mine when I was very young (not sure why it was 2 rather than 1 that got stuck on repeat, blame my parents). But when I watched the trailer I just felt the whole tone was a little off, and coming here and reading some other opinions made me realise why. It's the reverence in that trailer. Whoever said that it was treating the original foursome as mythical Jedi-like figures, and their proton packs akin to holy relics like a lightsabe is spot on. They talk about the ghostbusters in hushed towns, sort of how Han Solo talked about the Jedi in the first few Force Awakens trailer ("it's true... all of it"). It struck me as weird for a number of reasons. Firstly is the real world context, and that the plot of both movies happens in the 80s. To the kids in this new iteration, yeah, it might feel like absolutely ages away, but it's not some mysterious event from the annals of time, being pieced together from fossils and ancient texts. Presumably what happened in NYC in those movies wouldn't be treated like some religious event but rather like something like Live Aid, or the Berlin Wall coming down. To go back to the TFA comparisons, heck even the reveal of Ecto-1 at the end mirrors the Falcon cropping up at the end of that first TFA trailer. But the Falcon formerly has a reputation as a super-fast ship. "In-Universe", the Ecto-1 has no such reverence, right? It's an old ambulance they've knocked up. The reverence here is coming from the those making the film, driven by a need for callbacks and nostalgia. We will have to see how it pans out in the final film. The second problem is with the tone of the other two movies. The Ghostbusters weren't revered heroes, they were losers. They were everyman losers, misfits in society, down on their luck or hopeless quacks. A lot of the comedy came from the fact they were losers who, miraculously, had a crackpot scheme that actually paid off. But even at the end of the movies, they were losers. The heroes of the first film are put out of business and sued in the second (almost like they had to revert to the status quo of them being at a low ebb for the sequel). This plucky underdog trope is fairly classic comedy ground. It's obviously satisfying for the audience at the end if they come out on top, but they can't permanently be on that pedestal. The first two films don't treat it's main quartet with any reverence so why does this trailer? To me, that feels like fandom wish fulfillment rather than Ghostbuster-y. And that third problem is sort of tied up in how the franchise is revered in this way. I despair at fandom sticking "lore" and "canon" in where it's not needed. Ghostbusters doesn't need lore - the first film, at it's heart, is quite a basic, classic comedy set up, as I previously said. You have four losers who can't do get anything right, who have a crazy idea that some how hits lucky. It's simple and feels like a comedy sketch, most probably due to the franchise's SNL roots. The set up itself has legs, the script helps it along, but what elevates it is the chemistry of the cast. The "lore" and reverence has come afterwards, a lot of it driven by fans. I feel like a lot of this reverence is from nostalgia for "Old Good Things" and it's partially from fans and, more specifically, fostered and encouraged by studios who want to get this fans to see their latest offerings. It's the same with Star Wars, with these self-aware callbacks, winks and nods, repetitions and rehashes etc. So yeah, the tone feels really weird for me. It could just be this first trailer, designed to milk that nostalgia. The mystical reverence could be largely contained within that granddaughter character/the younger cast, and maybe Paul Rudd's obsessive fan.The old cast are involved so it'll be interesting to see how they are brought back. I want the original three to be losers. If Egon is involved due to CGI wizardry, I don't want him to be a wise old Obi Wan-style force ghost. I want him to be a loser; Egon was a loser.
  13. Is it the language of your game/Switch that sets the region? I have my game in English and my Switch in English, but both are Japanese. Dunno if that counts. I haven't caught a Ditto yet, but if so I'll nab some spares when I do.
  14. Yeah, and you can't seem to select all of the "tweets" on the feed too, only a select few like the Max Raid ones. Seems a bit weird that when someone I offering to swap their League Card, you can't select that and trade with them.
  15. I'm finding Momentum Control too difficult to make any meaningful progress. Seem to get killed myself before I can fire and detonate the grenades, often at a distance due to the amount of scout rifle users there. I often don't survive long enough to get the medals. And despite progress in the other two categories, I still have 0 double kills. That's going to be the sticking point.
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