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  1. Parksey

    Destiny 2 - Mysterious Handcannon Quest 29 January

    The self-danage seems to be to stop people popping off Blade Barrage when surprised at close corners. The problem is, this is invariably a massive waste. I've done it more than a few times in PVP in a desperate attempt to stay alive, but you usually only get one kill. It's much better to use it with some semblance of foresight and planning. I do think it gets a lot of unjustified complaining against it and, yeah, it often seems to be from the other two classes. It's powerful and can be triggered without much warning. But it's offset by being over in a second. Titan Hammers and Titan Smash are more deadly, as they can tank damage and move through a team. And Nova Warp is ridiculously powerful.
  2. Parksey

    Nioh - Feudal Souls

    Just to add some more info on icon A - the green shrine means there are, I'm, shrines in the level. Some levels are basically just a big fight which you do from beginning to end. Others are more like stages you progress through with shrines. The torii gate means it's available "online" - you can summon for help if you need to. Most regular stages you can summon, but some side missions with big fights or boss fights, you can't. I have no idea what icon E is. To be honest, even more so than with Dark Souls, there is a lot of stuff in Nioh I either was ignorant of or just never even considered. As mentioned before, the blacksmith was one such thing. I got midway through NG+ too.
  3. Parksey

    Nioh - Feudal Souls

    I heard the opposite - you'll always get amrita from enemies so it's best to use break down anything that isn't common (maybe blue or purple or above) at the blacksmiths for materials. Saying that, I didn't craft anything at the blacksmith once, and I completed the game and got a third of the way through NG+. Like you said,it's quite a mess in terms of how it's explained. A lot of the game is, actually. It's way more complex than Dark Souls and I only felt like I knew the bare minimum. I wouldn't worry about crafting or min-maxing unless you're putting serious hours into the game. Likewise, I think a lot of the side missions just reward materials. If you're enjoying the game, like I was, I'd do them though. Some do reward new living weapons or have kodama there. A lot are just retreads through previous levels, mind. That's probably my number one complaint with the game- the recycled content. I'm fine with it having self-contained levels rather than a big overworked like Dark Souls as it did allow them to set it right across Japan, but you will likely play through each level three times or so, across various missions and sub-missions. Likewise, after about a third of the way through the game, you've probably seen all the enemies you're likely to see, bar the bosses (which remain excellent until the very end of the game, thankfully). I think Nioh starts out harder than a Souls game - like many others, that first boss gave me some trouble, though you do then later fight it about 20 times across the game so it becomes a lot easier to learn it early on. But towards the end of the game, you're still often battling the same humans and oni that you did in the first few levels. They only really pose a threat in numbers or if you're impatient.
  4. Parksey

    Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again

    Yeah at the moment none of the areas have stood out. I've done Forest of Galen Giants, Heide's Tower of Flame, No Man's Wharf and just got to Lost Bastille. Majula is pretty another, as was Heide's I guess, though that wasn't a particularly big area. I read back through the thread and people praised the Forest, but it felt sort of genericy Soulsy to me now. Similar to the opening areas of Dark Souls or World 1 of Demon's. And No Man's Wharf was just a dark cave. Still very early on though, and I think Dark Soul's levels got away with a lot due to that famous corkscrew design. These are more like self-contained levels and, thanks to the fast travel, they tend to a linear path. It sort of constantly feel like that linear descent to Blighttown in the first game.
  5. Parksey

    Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again

    So I started this yesterday. Despite being the black sheep, it's still definitely Dark Souls and as others have said, this automatically makes it better than 90% of other games. Despite this, there is a nagging sensation in the back of my head that it just feels a little differently. Like they've changed a few percentages and it's affected how the game feels in your hands. Part of me suspects that I think this simply because I know that this is how the game was received. That I know it's the "B Team" so I project that knowledge on to the game. Still, like I said, it's very good. It's classic Dark Souls and the gameplay loop is as addictive as ever. I've just nearly been late for a train due to attempting a boss one more time. I was successful though so that last attempt would have been totally worth it. It's definitely a hell of a lot easier when you've played a few Souls games already. Normally I find the early game the hardest, before I bump my stats up, upgrade my weapons and get into the groove. But none of the four or five bosses have given me trouble. I read somewhere that the Pursuer was this game's Father Gascoigne in terms of punishing and teaching impatient players, but it was a breeze. Slightly offset by this is probably that the general gameplay outside of boss arenas is harder. This is largely due to health items being scarce (only just got to 3 Estus flasks and have depleted my lifegems), healing taking longer and Hollowing. Hollowing is an absolutely awful mechanic and annoys the hell out of me. I understand what they were getting at - the fact you lose part of yourself every time you the cycle of death and rebirth repeats, just like other characters and the game world itself. But it doesn't work so well from a gameplay perspective. You're already getting punished in quite a few ways when you die - progress through a stage, your souls, any finite items you've used - that they didn't need to impact your next run by sapping your health. It'll likely get negated later on as I get better at the game and as my stats and HP get biffed, but in the early game it must be tremendously punishing for less experienced players.
  6. Parksey

    Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again

    I'm definitely not going to skip 2 - I've had a Soulsborne game each year since 2015 so I'm going to be depressed once I've finished them all and not got any lined up (though there's Nioh 2 coming up). I was just wondering if playing 3 first would make 2 seem worse, maybe older or clunkier. But also I've heard that 2 has a bit of bullshittery at times and that's it harder, so if it is the worst in the series I wouldn't want it to make me less enthusiastic about playing 3.
  7. Parksey

    Dark Souls II - Prepare to Die, Again

    So, I have been slowly working my way through the Soulsborne series, doing about one a year. I have owned DS2 for a while and it's about time to start a new one. However I notice that DS3 is only a tenner on the PS store. Isn't that generally held to be the much better game? I have £25 PSN credit just sitting in my wallet, and it's tempting me. So I'm wondering, should I play DS2 first, which I already own, or go buy DS3 for a tenner and play that? Is there a suggested order? I know 2 is a bit of a black sheep in that sense whereas 3 ties in to the first more.
  8. Parksey

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    So currently Diablo 3 is about £33. Do the full price games ever really god cheaper than this? This is the Nintendo eShop we are talking about. If not, are there are download codes cheaper than this? I actually own the game on the PS4 so not interested whilst it's expensive, but the lower it drops in price, the more enticing a prospect having it portable is.
  9. This is a Nintendo first party game, so it'll get significantly cheap around the time we experience the heat death of the universe. Anyway, I've experienced a weird bug. You know the two trainers who give you Bulbasaur or Charmander if you've captured something like 30/50 monsters? Well I've been below that both times I've ran in to them, but they've proudly proclaimed I've caught 111 and 115 Pokémon respectively when I talked to them. Anyone else experienced that? I was wondering if linking it to Go has done it, though I've caught 143 Kanto Pokémon (maybe it's what I currently have in my Go Pokebox, though I tried to keep a Living Pokédex as much as possible there...). Weirdly none of that is conveyed in Let's Go's Pokédex though, which still says I have about 26 caught.
  10. Parksey

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    You progress through the Great Rifts by beating the previous level within 15 mins? Also, I stuck the DH set on and changed my skills up and the difference was noticeable. Though I have a question - is it wise to reroll stats on these seasonal sets or does that negate the whole point of getting them? For example, I think one of them has a buff to Impale, but another buffs Rain of Vengeance of something. I don't actually have room for Impale in my skill shots, so is it fine to reroll that one until I get a buff that matches what I am using? I normally reroll other pieces, but I don't want to ruin a set by messing with its synergy. Especially as I still only have four out of the 6 pieces.
  11. Parksey

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    I'll digest that post above later, it'll probably take me some time to understand a lot of it, but I'm sure it'll be a big help, thanks. I've just grabbed the set from my inventory and it seems to be the "Unhallowed Essence" set. The Four Piece bonus gives me 60% increased damage if no enemy is within 10 yards. That's definitely not how I've been playing. I've been using the Strafe with the ice thing to freeze opponents. Got Fan of Knives to hit them close, and the Chakram to whirl around them. My hatred spenders slow enemies tok. Got bonus to do more damage to frozen and slow enemies on top of that. EDIT - Any unneeded legendaries, should I just be extracting their power for the cube?
  12. Parksey

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    Should I have four pieces already? I'll be honest and say that I forgot all about the set, and that it's still languishing in my inventory unopened. When I get back home I'll finally hope it and take a peak. I was going to say I was waiting until level 70 to open it, but given one of the Chapter 2 requirements was to be level 70, I'm pretty sure that's just a lie in telling myself. I'm a Demon Hunter by the way.
  13. Parksey

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    So I'm up to level 70 and seasonal chapter 4, so almost have the set, right? Torment 1 is fine and I can get through easily enough (albeit not quick enough to do rifts within 15 mins). The problem is, Torment IV, which a lot of the Chapter 4 milestones require, is a massive slog and takes ages, with more than a few deaths to elites. So what should my plan of action be in order to improve my build? I have Kanai's cube but don't really know what I'm doing with it (at the moment, I'm extracting the power of legendaries I don't need). I've done a few rifts and two or three Greater Rift, but the drop rate of items which improve me is quite low. I've got two legendary gems and when I lowered the difficulty to Hard and did a rift quickly, I was able to level them up too. Not sure where I should be focusing my efforts, or if I should be changing my build and tactics, which have basically been the same for ages now.
  14. How did they handle abilities there? I'm guessing Pokémon Bank will be made available sometime around the release of the next mainline game. I just pray that, given Nintendo's approach to online stuff, that your 3DS account and sub are cross-system and the whole thing is done seamless. You'll probably have to mail your Switch and 3DS off for a month while they manual extract each monster with tweezers or something though.
  15. One caveat about whether these Let's Go monsters will be transferable in the future - as I was planning on catching a Living Dex to transfer to Gen 8 next year - is that these monsters don't have abilities. Not sure if that automatically discounts from any future-proofing, but wasn't that one of the reasons why there was no transfering between the 2nd and 3rd generations?

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