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  1. That's great, thanks. Just the sort of thing I was looking for. Fortunately a lot of the stuff that has been on there for 1-3 years doesn't interest me, though the big one that does is Yakuza 0. It won't force me to play through it as if it's some homework with a deadline, but when I've cleared the few games I'm using GP for at the moment (and, erm, Destiny, which I am back in the midst off. Again), then it'll maybe make the agonising decision of what to play next from the 60 games I have on my list easier. I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing over getting in to Yakuza for a
  2. He's a vague question that, quite possibly, no-one will know the answer to - what games are likely to leave Gamepass imminently? That is, what non-MS games have been on the service for ages and would be potentially due a rotation out? I've only had the service since last November, so I'm unaware what's been on there since Day 1. There's so much on the service that it's almost impossible to pick what to play. I'd rather not waste time (can't really call it that, but for want of a better word) on something that's going to be around for a while yet, when other top stuff
  3. Looks like they are still there if you do what Kevvy said. Was very tempted, but got an S and live abroad at the moment, so not the time for a needless bulky upgrade. Maybe around Christmas.
  4. Recently I've been fancying something turn based which I can play whilst watching TV, or while my partner watches TV etc., and initially earmarked a JRPG to fill that role. Not really a genre I play a lot of but for some reason I fancied it. Problem is, the two I have in mind - FFXII and DQ11 are not on sale and I have them for free on Gamepass. So been looking at a strategy game instead, specifically XCom 2 for £15 or Civ 6 base game for £14, possibly topped up with the Rise and Fall/Gathering Storm DLC for another £11. Anyone got any impressions on them? Firstly, I
  5. Well, they are replacements for the weekly bounties so best just to think of them as that, rather than as special quests or tasks. I much prefer them to the old system, and having them doable at any time in the season means you can leave something like Gambit for when there's a bunch of challenges to do at once. Though I'd probably rather the Crucible ones were just generic rather tied to the rotating game mode, as I've got to wait for Mayhem to show up now. Should have just been super kills or something like that.
  6. I don't know why they don't just run a lottery system. It's what most retailers are doing over here (a lot of physical stores are making you have a store card too, from what I gather). They are going to know when the next batch of stock is coming in, and how many consoles they are getting. Even if they advertised it at extremely late notice - like the day before - they'd get interest. Presumably (I'm not a web developer) someone entering their email will be less intensive on the site than the process of accessing a product, adding stuff to a basket and going to the checkout. The w
  7. A lot of stock gets added in the early hours of the morning. I wonder if this is a) an automated system we've just never had reason to notice before or b) something underhand, ensuring bots and scalpers are much more likely to get the consoles, leaving regular customers still wanting your stock and visiting your site. People say something should be done about bots/scalpers - and obviously something should be done - but looking at such measures coming from retailers is a bit naive. Amazon, John Lewis, Very etc. don't care if it's a regular person or scalper getting stock, as they g
  8. Surely a Zelda Anniversary direct must be coming? Did they mention it with the Skyward Sword HD reveal? Saying that, in 2011 for the 25th anniversary we got Skyward Sword and that was about it, right? So the 35th anniversary passing with just an arbitrary mention and a £50 "remaster" of SS would probably be the most Nintendo thing anything. I thought it was an average direct, but I'm someone who buys a couple of Switch first party games a year, and missed out on most of the Wii U stuff that came out after 2014. It's cyclical, innit. When Nintendo are at the
  9. I realise I said "z-axis" which suggests Conker was a revolutionary title that somehow extended from the TV directly into my brain. I could probably push through and try and erase my muscle memory, but in another reckless move, I just went and paid a tenner for the Xbox remake which I seem to remember being quite good. A quick player does suggest it doesn't have the nostalgic charm of the N64 version - the graphics are quite nice still, but it's the colour palette and expressions - but obviously quite a lot of jumps towards modernity were done between 2001 and 2005. I
  10. How dare you say that. I am sure I'll get at least an hour in before the little nostalgia I have for the game wears off and I realise that it was only ever average at best, and I'm not willing to stick 79 hours into a genre I don't often dabble in and in which I'd be better served playing FF12 or DQ11 on Gamepass. How dare you!
  11. Unfortunately, a quick dabble on the app before I left the house seemed to suggest it's only the Y-axis you can change? My main problem with Conker is that the camera isn't inverted on the z-axis like every modern game.
  12. @SteveH So you download this accessories app and remap controls there? And it'll stick the controls in Conker's BFD on Rare Replay to be the "right" way round? Might not need to go play the OG Xbox version (which I just bought in protest) now...
  13. I'm replaying Conker's BFD on Rare Replay and this is doing my head in. It's like learning how to walk again. But someone's switched your arms and legs. Not only is the X axis inverted, but first person aiming is on the left stick and also inverted compared to what I'm used to. And they didn't change this back in 2016 when RR was released, or patch it in like they did with Jet Force Gemini. I quite liked Blue Dragon back in 2008 or whenever, when I picked it up for a tenner during my uni days. Never did get anywhere near finishing it though. I might pick it up for £3
  14. This was me. I now own the first two games and their DLC on Xbox (having bought them for PS4), so can play the past levels on my spangly copy of Hitman 3. Obi Wan's My failure is complete. I've bought everything I already own and have it all on a next gen console now. To be fair, by getting H3 from that Turkish MS store company and getting the previous two when they were cheap, I think it's cost me just shy of £60 to get them all on the Xbox. That's just about the price of a full game normally. That's how I'm getting to sleep at night. Almost caught up wi
  15. Started playing this tonight, and it immediately grabbed me. I set off solo, after the Maiden Voyage, and spent roughly about three hours just doing the first Hoarders quest. My first obstacle came when I simply couldn't find the treasure map island for the life of me on the world map. The game got tired of this and named it for me, and then I realised the island I had been searching for was immediatey north. So I set off, with the wind at my back. And then at my side. And then at my front. As basically a short journey due north turned into me doing sever
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