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  1. Ah crap, November 29th even. Didn't matter anyway, my dithering waiting for Amazon Japan to stick theirs up, meant even the S has gone out of stock. Surely it just means they have few units here as they can't be that popular. To be honest, it's nearly 1am, I'm tired and had to do it all in Japanese so who knows what date it actually said. Probably nearly ordered the original Xbox knowing my luck.
  2. Got an S sitting in my basket.on the Japanese MS Store (Amazon are late puttng theirs up and the X has gone already). It says the estimated delivery date is September 29th. Did they say this for the UK preorders too? Do they not ship for launch day, or have my Japanese reading skills fucked up and I've fudged the form entry. Yet to place the order, but it seems pointless if it's going to be 2 weeks affer launch for a console that may not sell out here.
  3. I'm a tech-noob, but is there any difference in SSD for the Series S and X? Part of the draw of getting one is as a cheap next-gen Destiny machine, and when you play that game, you need to start loading it up yesterday as it takes that long. Tempted towards an S (I have 17 minutes to decide, before preorders open here) but I'm dithering. Much faster load times would push me towards an X. I am looking at moving back to the UK soon though, and whereas the S would neatly fit in my case or hand luggage, I am bit worried I'll need to put the Series X in a bassinet and carry it on to th
  4. Does New Light, or whatever they call the base "free" version of D2, not come with all Y1 content anyway, therefore Curse and Warmind? By my reckoning, that means all of D2's content should be "free" on Gamepass? How does purchasing the seasonal pass work? I know Silver is tied to one platform - the one which purchases it - but stuff bought with silver is cross-platform. I presume this means I can buy the silver and then the seasonal pass on my PS4 and it'll be unlocked on my Xbox? I won't need to shell out another £8 will I?
  5. This shouldn't be a problem, as a Destiny-playing mate and I account share, so a PS4 purchase of Beyond Light is going to happen regardless, I assume. And then I think all of D2's expansion, including Beyond Light, are going to be on Gamepass right? The only downside being if they bloody remove some of it at some point, it's going to be a right pain. I've heard about differences playing this-gen games on the Series S as opposed to the more powerful Series X. Anything that's going to be particularly noticeable? Probably setting myself up for disappointment anyway expec
  6. How does cross-save on consoles work then? I'm very tempted by the £250 Series S, and Beyond Light on Gamepass. It's saying something when the thought of "next-gen" Destiny is the largest selling point but there you go. The PS5 sold out and was a bit more expensive to a launch day purchase. I'll get one eventually and then it'll probably be my "main" console. At the moment I'm playing D2 on the PS4, which is where my clan and IRL friends play. None are going to get an Xbox. I'm presuming cross-play isn't a thing still? How about cross-save? I
  7. Yes, like cows getting fat before the slaughter, we know an eventual blood debt has to be paid, probably in the form of limited time-releases, baffling restrictions or an online infrastructure that is literally made up of potatoes with wires in them, but for now, let's enjoy the good times.
  8. No, if I wanted a 30cm view of my apartment, I'd get a cat and sellotape a Go Pro to its head. Mario Kart's handling model is generally really tight and satisfying to drive, but I'm not sure how much staying power this pack will have for us "regular" gamers. My apartment is many things, but I've never looked around my living room floor and it's terrible carpet and thought, "Phwoar, this would make a cracking race course". MK's courses are often visually spectacular and really tight racing circuits. I doubt a figure-8 around my coffee table is going to create the same wacky excitem
  9. This is such a typically Nintendo move. Something that should be unequivocally A Good Thing has to bundle with Of Course Some Boggling Caveats. Firstly the cost is probably a little too high, especially given the lack of enhancements. Nintendo are never going to head into the realm of dream-fulfilment and just stick most of their back catalogue up as a subscription PS Now-esque online retro museum to last until the heat death of the universe. Not when they can bundle three together and sell them for £50. The most Nintendo move from Nintendo this time has to be to the s
  10. Nah, it cant be that. I'm on my first character too, and haven't played the event in previous years, as Solstice normally coincides with my mid-year break before coming back for the autumn expansion. I got increased progress on the blue armour too, though the purple set seems to be progressing at regular speed. To be honest, the grind hasn't been too bad, given I read a lot of scare stories about it. I think the problem is that Solstice always come in the months where there's generally malaise about the game and a bit of a lull. I split my play between the "core" modes a decent am
  11. So I subbed for a month of ESO Plus at the end of May, played the game a lot but then drifted away, so went to cancel it at the end of this month. I looked up how to do it, and the advice from the official site said go to Account Management, Subscriptions and then if it's there, cancel the auto renew. I did this on the console and it wasn't there, so I thought maybe auto-renew wasn't on. Then yesterday I get an automatic email saying I've been charged for this next month. It turns out that it doesn't show your sub on your console subscription page when you access it t
  12. Parksey


    The opening is pretty slow and basic, to be honest. I'd say it's charm starts coming through more in the second area/chapter - a lot more characters, stories and quirks crop up. Though I will say I didn't really love it, certainly to the degree that some do. I only played it once too, unfortunately yielding to hints and guides sometimes. If you really want to engage with it, I'd say avoid those and maybe also commit yourself to more than one playthrough, with your first being natural and without any prior knowledge or aid.
  13. It's still showing up as £35 for me on Shopto? I dunno if that's because I live outside the UK and it's doing some jiggery-pokery, but it's displayed in pounds too. If it's anything like the last few Pokémon games, it won't ever get *that* cheap unfortunately. They hold their value. The Let's Go games are the same price on ShopTo and a year older. Ultra Sun/Moon seems to hover around £30 as well.
  14. It's not a bundle, but Shopto has the base game for £35, and the link above is the download code for the expansion for £20. https://www.shopto.net/en/swpo21-pokemon-shield-p62260/ The download code for the base game is £39 too.
  15. Yeah once you get past the disappiontment of the shabby frills and lack of improvements, it's still quite compelling just filling up your pokedex. I've refrained from just copying all my old ones over (got to pay for a Bank pass and a Home pass to get a them from Pokemon Sun, properly grasping stuff from Nintendo just to have the "privilege" of keeping your monsters in storage) so I'm going for a living Dex again. Haven't even started the "story". I'll likely easily stick another dozen or so hours in so it'll be worth the tenner. It's good for TV gaming, given the foot
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