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  1. I've got an S and it doesn't seem that hot. Wonder if it's the disc drive, or the fact I'm generally playing last gen games on Gamepass.
  2. I liked Sunshine back in 2002 and still liked it last year when I played it. It might be nice to think of our current selves as being more knowledgeable or enlightened than our past selves, and to view gaming as having moved on immeasurably since "back then", but I don't necessarily think simply now being in "the future" (or as we now call it, "the present") automatically reveals loads of hidden truths about past games. The truth is, these games were flawed but enjoyable on release. Games nowadays are also quite often flawed and enjoyable. The things that blight Sunshine and Skyward Sword are still evident in gaming - padding, repetition, awkward controls etc. Whilst it's true that no amount of time will fix those flaws, I think a lot of people back in 2002/2011 were aware of them and enjoyed the game despite them. And the flaws that marred them haven't exactly been erased by time. Repetition and padding is still a thing. Linearity hasn't been completely exorcised from modern gaming. Skyward Sword still has a lot going for it, and those plus points were around back in 2011 too. It's got arguably the best 3D dungeons, it's got quite a few unique items and gadgets, it had one of the best Zelda towns in Skyloft and it had a good plot with likeable characters. I thought the motion controls were great too and finally made Zelda combat interesting. I'm not surprised to see Skyward Sword receiving 7 or 8 out of 10, because that sort of lines up with what I thought of it. It's got some of the most obvious flaws in a 3D Zelda game, but it's enjoyable and accomplished in other areas nonetheless. Those flaws aren't just surfacing now in 2020 as they were basically obvious from the moment we all played it nearly ten years ago.
  3. It's the Ninte do Switch "family", but this OLED is like when your Dad makes you call his best mate "Uncle" and there's a sense that his presence at any gatherings is somewhat resented by everyone else.
  4. I was more worried by some threads on Reddit saying the last quarter of LAD basically spoils the plot of every other game in the series. I do plan on playing 0 anyway as I've got Gamepass, but the unusual JRPG-ness of LAD intrigues me.
  5. How much of it is actual golf? I watched a video review or two of it and it seemed like the RPG part of it was fairly prominent, and that there wasn't as much golf as I thought. I was thinking it was basically Mario Golf GBC but without the Nintendo-y theme.
  6. Another sale, another set of banal queries from me. How's Obra Dinn on the Switch? Didn't even know it was on the Switch until it popped up here. Might finally try Golf Story and/or West of Loathing, if anyone has any opinions on those.
  7. I'm going to post this question despite the thread title, but is Yakuza 0 still the best place to start the series? Got them all on Gamepass and fancy starting one, but the RPG nature of LAD piques my interest, as well as it being the newest. 0 obviously is the start, but I then wonder if I'll feel obligated to play right through to the end of 6 before getting round to LAD, which is going to takes ages and/or leave me with burnout (not the game Burnout, not sure how that would happen).
  8. I find that the starting weapon (for the Marine at least) is easily good enough until Floor 3 and I try to only use that. Even then, for regular enemies you can probably use it all the way until the Floor 3 boss. Obviously, bust out your special stuff for an early boss if you need to.
  9. My problem always seems to be that I seem to reach a natural wall around Level 4 (sometimes on the Level 3 boss too) and I just can't seem to progress no matter what guns I get. A lot of this was before the updates so I might go back and see if they've tilted it towards the player's favour a little. With Isaac, you'd sometimes just get ridiculous combinations of power ups that would care you to the end regardless of skill. Always felt like I would need that to finish Gungeon with just one character, let alone all the other stuff.
  10. I've already got Necrodancer and, yeah, it's possibly a touch too hard for me and a little slow with meaningful permanent upgrades to allow me to brute force it. I do really like it, but I'm terrible at it and it's not a game that is suited to pick up and play sessions here and there like, say, Gungeon is or Isaac is. I forget how to play it every time I take a break. This does make me confident I'll like Cadence though. It'll have more of a core story mode, more sense of progression and upgrades and is meant to be easier. Just that it might lose a bit of that roguelike infinite replayability. Saying that, I think I could be playing Necrodancer until the end of all time and never get to the end of all the unlockables and stuff.
  11. The Game Collection currently has it for £19.95. If the physical edition isn't that rare or expensive, I might just wait and get that. It's £24 in the eshop, and what was prompting me to get it this time is that, for some bizarre reason, it's never been on sale once since release. Made me feel like I had to take my chance and get it now, though I'd already earmarked Hades for my guilty sale purchase.
  12. What was the general opinion of Cadence of Hyrule and its DLC? Heard it's a bit on the short side compared to other roguelikes and quite easy. But also that the DLC might make it longer and more replayable. There's a lot in the sale and trying to limit my spending, but Hades for £15 and Cadence and the Season pass for £25 are tempting me. Though I think you can get Cadence physically for £20? It's not massively rare is it? And includes all the DLC as far as I can tell.
  13. For me, I've enjoyed getting back aboard the Xbox infrastructure and Gamepass to the degree that I'll probably want the premium option later, as I'm going to get the use out of it. However, rather than give in to my inner demon asking for an X, I reckon it'll be much more sensible to wait for the inevitable mid-gen upgrade. Going from S to X-2 in a few years is more logical now. Plus, people talking about the lower power option dragging things down need to realise there X is probably going to be a lower power option in a few years anyway. That's just how it works now.
  14. Yep, I've got friends that gamed when they were teenagers/early twentysomethings, but have lapsed since graduating, getting a proper job, moving in with a wife or girlfriend, having kids etc, and they've picked up an S. Admittedly I might have nudged them towards it. But it's really well suited to that market. They wouldn't probably be able to justify the effort and cost of tracking down a PS5 or Series X. Then you add £70 games on, which are a bit more for an impulse purchase and a part-time hobby. I think it's elitist to say it's not for any serious gamers as well. I sat out the Xbox last gen due to the direction they went in and the rarity of the console here in Japan making it infeasible. Didn't have an Xbox on my radar this time until they came out with a lower priced version that made a third console possible. And had Gamepass which gave me a massive back catalogue for a relative pittance.
  15. That's exactly how I feel. I enjoy the concept of the game being open, mysterious, stuck in an engaging time loop, but the movement is so... drifty and imprecise. I'm sure some people can do amazing things with the flight and jetpack controls, but I'd rather it was all a bit more standard so I could engage with the gameplay a bit more, rather than wrestle with moving upwards, forwards or landing. Most of my deaths have been from messing up the movement rather than the timeloop expiring.
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