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  1. even nearly 25 years on this is a better aliens game!
  2. The point in the Games Tm review is unfortunatley to true. The enemy Soldiers are actually more of a threat than the aliens due to there weapons pack a punch. It was during the bits were you facing Weyland forces that I found myself dieing NOT when up against aliens (in fact even the Alien boss fights I was able to do on my first go!!) so there we have it in a nut shell an Aliens game were the humans are more of a threat than the Xenos!! Says a lot about the game
  3. Suspose dave the answer is really is there a known day one patch being released to fix some of the bugs if so it might make the game more bearable to play skipping over the story issues and just enjoying a bug hunt
  4. AVP as a game isn’t to bad – it’s a fun romp (though was never a fan of the predator campaign ) – the multiplayer game isn’t to bad either (would still play it on pc and still enjoyable) As for the blu ray box set of aliens. Amazing transfers (esp. the first 2) aliens has never looked better!, and they include both the normal and theatrical cuts of all 4 movies (though 4 only really has an extended start rather than new cut. You can pick it up for around £15 - £20 depending were you look
  5. Alienz could be amazing alien home world large scale open world battles being able to fly drop ships with apcs into battle etc... Dam it some one make (mod) this now!! Actually more akin to dayz could also work base it on the earth war idea. Earth has been over ran few survivors, scavenging to survive. With when it becomes dark the alien threat increase cause we Ll know they mostly come at night, mostly
  6. You know what may work as decent alien game would be something similar is principle to “the ship” 4-6 focused multiplayer game were one persons is selected at the start to be the alien (kinda like the mode in AVP 2011) but with perma death once dead there is no respawn. You wait it out to the end of the round With the peeps on the ship/complex having to band together starting with limited weapons , having to scavenge for parts to make weapons etc. (all randomly spawned each round so that peeps don’t simply run off straight away to get the best parts. give the ship plenty of crawl spaces etc.. so that the alien player also has a chance and you could have the founding for a very tense multiplayer survival game (you could use locations from the movie etc.. to extend the game play each having there own unique points or parts that could be salvaged to make stuff.) throw in a little bit of tower defence (being able to build barricades etc.. ) and you have a game that I would invest.
  7. Strategos I was the same when I started up the game menu came up with the music etc.. I was excited then the game started with a mix of cgi cut scene and in game engine cut scenes ( through out the game) which became a little dis jarring. The one thing they did get right with the game is the soundtrack. James horners original is played through out and it works the music does get you worked up almost enough in some instances to make you forget about the bugs like I said earlier when you first view the egg chamber in the derelict the music swells and you can't help up but get caught up in the moment. It's such a shame that they got one part perfect and the rest not
  8. Not good to hear that then... At least if the game had been pushed tween developers you could have argued it wasn't really Gearboxes fault.... But now it's all on them I think prob the worrying thing is that if this fails we won't see a decent aliens game for ages as sega wont go for it
  9. Another thing that I forgot to mention was the motion tracker..... Never once did I have to use or felt that I needed to mostly because while using it you can't use you weapons. There is a very small one that appears on your HUD that's practically unusable. It would have been far better if they had just stuck a proper one on your HUD like most other alien games so far.
  10. campaign from AVP 2 on the pc. I also have soft spot for the original Aliens arcade game which funnily is how the aliens in this game move!! The thing is they nail the locations – they are spot on to as how they appear in the movies – it seems to be apart the various bugs they didn’t really know how to build a proper story line around it – again they kinda wash over the whole wasn’t the planet nuked from orbit so how come everything is still standing part. Its well known that they have several new types of alien but never bother explaining how they come to being (since we know that as cannon the life cycle of an alien is dictated by its host – and unless there is another version of Aliens floating about that shows hadleys hope had its own zoo – hence the rhino alien im not buying into it.
  11. It's another duke nukes case I think from. Reading the history of it the game has been passed about with gearbox being brought on to salvage what they had - the bugs in the game are bad it feels like an alpha teleporting aliens and ai all over the show. Squad / aliens getting stuck in walls etc... It seems they had an idea for a story and then threw in so many things to see if they stick... The zombie / husk alien section happens with little or no explanation why they are there.... Just a by the way you now have to sneak past these husks for the next 5 minutes that explode if you get to close to them. Also the fact that the story just stops abruptly with no real closure makes me feel that they had run out of ideas or want to try and fleece by bringing out campaign dlc..
  12. Smith I think that's why it prob worse as this was one of my major games of the year I'm a huge alien fan from movies to the dark horse comics to collecting the original McFarland figures with this game I was expecting a true alien game not mired by predators or other addons.... Unfort it's not to be I haven't been this disappointed in a game in ages I can usually find some quality to even the worst of games but this one is so hard because they actually started with a great premise and just blew it
  13. Well I had a chance to play this over the weekend on the 360. I came to this wanting a great Aliens game, I enjoyed AVP 2011 even with its flaws but was hoping that this would give me the buzz that I had when I played the original AVP on pc back in 1998 – ie to be scared shitless with every turn of a corridor. Unfortunately the short answer is no – the game is more akin to Aliens the spoof movie. There are some major spoilers below as I give my thoughts on the 5 hours It takes to complete the single player campaign Before playing, ive been looking at some of the screenshots and trailers of the game. They have really been pushing the CGI cinema trailer - ITS ALL LIES!! none of what you see in that even closely resembles the game. Even the screenshots they have released in advance are LIES!! there's a shot of you in a power loader vs the queen..... its not in the game ... you do use a power loader briefly in one bit to fight a zombified boss type alien about 1/3 the way in but it feels at best like a tutorial rather than a proper bit of the game. i was expecting that for the final fight in the loading bay with the queen... but nope its run hit 4 switch’s (no need to shoot at the queen as it doesn’t effect her) and adios biiiaaatccch. but the story AHHHH way to go to ruin what could have been a possibly great story (direct sequel to aliens). makes no sense at all, and they bring character back from the dead who died in the movie - we know this because we have saw there dead bodies in the movies and yet they try and make a stupid excuse of why they are back! (and they never really explain why the sulluco is back over LV428 when it was last orbiting fury- or why its suddenly full of aliens since when we last saw it there was only one Alien face hugger and it got Ripley at the start of alien 3 the only good thing about the game is the actual level settings - they are impressive and they capture the sets used in the movie - so getting to walk around the sulloco, hadleys hope and the original engineer wreck from alien is actually cool ( especially the wreck as the use of the music in the game is good - esp when you first look apon the vast egg chamber were cain was facehugged in at the start of alien. but it all boils down to the game play and that’s were this game really drags... your "squad" make storm troopers looks like Olympic marks men, The Aliens always ignore them and go straight for you (and so do the enemy troops you face in the game) while your squad stands there and does nothing (which is esp fecked up since they have the smart gun - which you only ONCE get to use in the game and never again!) the Aliens movement is just off - in AVP they nailed the movement perfectly crawling jumping from floor to roof etc... in this game they mostly run on all fours at you, only standing when they get close- sometimes they run across the ceiling but you know they won’t attack you because they only attack you when standing! and then there is the zombie alien section (i kid you not) were you have to make your way past zombie aliens who react only to sound and movement - which is great until you find 2 of the standing in front of the door you have to get past and no other way round them so no matter what you do you will antagonise them!
  14. saw this last night and loved every minute of it - a great balance of action ( a lot of it is OTT but in a good way) and the now usual Tarantino witty dialogue and monologues though none went over long (like in the case with some from inglorious - which is still one of his best movies)
  15. after seeing the love for this game on here - decided to grab it myself - after 2 hours... were has this game been all my life so addictive!!
  16. Been playing this all day simply the best lego yet and possibly the best lotr movie tie in yet as we'll the game perfectly captures lotr as well as adding enough humor to keep it lego. The open world is fantastic and again fully captures middle earth perfectly if abit smaller scale
  17. saw these over on galifrey base - first shots of the new re-designed cybermen i like them more slm lined with a hint of classic cyber about them (the faces are more oval etc..
  18. You know what I'm in actual shock.... I'd been a Star Wars fanboy since I was 4 (now 34) but was ready to put it to bed with Lucas's constant whoring and watering down of the brand.....that was u til an hour ago now I'm right back to 1996 when the phantom meanace was announced excited doesn't even come close!! Please Disney finally make the follow up Star Wars trilogy we have always wanted!,
  19. well that was a major fecking pain - nearly dead as i had ran out of food, just got to star met up with mate was in the process of picking up the vital food that i needed when boom, quantum leap style on an island with all the other players - fecking hacker. then in turn we had the 10 seconds of shit what do we all do when the first shot ran out someone started firing the heli machine gun and mass panic set in as peeps started running and shooting for there lives
  20. Ok I think a mate of mine has come across the first serial killer in this game on the server. He was north of electro in one of the forests when he started to hear noises at first he thought it was maybe a z that had followed another player this far in, but out of the tree's steps another person with an axe who proceeds to make the Kaa Kaa Kaa Friday the 13th noise and starts walking towards my mate. Unfortunately my mate has run out of ammo, so spends the next 15 mins being chased by the axe wielding person all the time while make the Kaa Kaa Kaa noise over voice chat. He manged in the end to hide from him. But he did say it was the best 15 minutes he has played in ages!
  21. been playing with a mate of mine the last couple of nights on a random uk server (135 i think) and this game still is giving plenty of WTF moments. earlier we decided to do a quick hit and run on cherno as we needed some basic supplies (food, water some blood packs etc..) so we split up i hit the fire house to see if i could find some ammo / better weapons and my mate the hospital. so im at the bottom floor just finished picking up things when my mate yells over the headset that he is incoming and bringing a couple of "friends" with him - so i stand at the door ready to shut it as soon as he gets in - what i didnt expect was him to be being chased by 14 z's(from the one i counted there may have been a couple of hoppers behind him) - so i did what any self repecting survivalist would do - i shut the door in his face can someone send me a pm of new server you guys are playing on
  22. thanks paintballer - will head to berizino then and stock up on food later when i log on (and finally get on mumble now that my new headset has arrived)
  23. jumped on for a quick half an hour there ("suposed" to be working from home today) slowly heading up north somewhere outside polana when i logged off - trying to decide now do i head west towards the main airbase to see if i can find any goodies or keep pushing north towards berezino - so far im still to find food anywere from teh various towns ive raided or the discarded camps in the woods im been passing through - so could be papa corpse not to long gracing the woods!!
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